The Deities of Hell

Chapter 14 - The Devil of Wrath Part 2

The monster taking Yua away didn’t seem to have noticed Mizuki escaping the net or about to chase after him.

Mizuki tried to run after them the best he could, but couldn’t keep up with the pace.


He tripped on his foot and fell forward.

On the ground, he saw the notepad Yua had dropped.

“Don’t try to save me. Please live.”

The words were written down shakily.

Then, a devil and an angel appeared in his mind.

“She abandoned us! And she rejected you, right? There is no merit in saving her! Don’t put yourself in danger for nothing!”

The devil said in a good mood.

“Don’t listen to that! Mizuki will be the one regretting it afterward! And if he saves her, she’ll definitely fall in love with him! Face your fears!”

The angel said with a frantic look.

“Shut up! Then you can go be eaten by that monster!”

“It is you who should be quiet! Mizuki isn’t the kind of child who would abandon her!”

“Don’t just decide that on your own! It’s an ironclad rule for humans!”

While the devil and angel were quarreling among each other, Mizuki tied the devil’s handcuff up.

Then, he grabbed the angel’s handcuff and nodded.

“Just like I thought, Mizuki!”

“You idiot!”

“Thank you, Angel, I’m determined now.”

The devil and angel inside Mizuki disappeared.

His doubt disappeared at the same time with them.

“Let’s go after Monkey.”

With Monkey’s monster-like body, it must have reached a place further than he could catch up.

Still, he started running after it once again.

However, Monkey was using its wings to fly while heading for a castle in the distance.

“It’s flying… I have to hurry up.”

After exiting the forest, he continued into the crumpled townscape.

Further ahead, he could see the castle where Monkey lived.

While staying on his guard, he advanced through the crumpled townscape.

On the way, he found a bicycle and used it to go faster toward the castle.

However, while riding it, he saw Monkey leaving the castle.

It was running around the nearby buildings that had been overtaken by a jungle, looking like it was searching for something.

“It noticed that I was gone and came out, huh?”

Monkey was no longer holding Yua.

Still, it seemed to be looking for Mizuki who had disappeared.

Luckily, the are plenty of places to hide here.

Besides, the moon only shone on this neighborhood, so it wasn’t that light.

It wasn’t too hard getting to the castle without Monkey knowing.

“What’s that?”

While pushing the bike next to him, Mizuki quietly walked to the other side of the building, and Monkey’s surroundings immediately lit up.

Looking closer, Monkey was holding a tiny sun in his hand.

It was the same size as those he had found in Snakey’s area.

“A sun!? It looked like it was created out of air.”

Flustered, Mizuki hid behind the building.

When the surroundings were this light, he couldn’t walk around carelessly anymore.

“It’s too bright.”

Monkey walked closer to the building where Mizuki was hiding, and the light shone right into his eyes.

“Hurry and go somewhere else,”

He murmured. He was protected against the direct light from the sun, but it never disappeared.

Growing impatient, he slowly opened his eyes to the dazzling light.


After opening his eyes, he saw Monkey peering into the crevice in the building where he was hiding.

It was looking at him with disagreeing eyes and upside down fur.

“So you were staring at me…”



Flustered, Mizuki straddled the bike and started pedaling along the road to get away.

Going as fast as he could, he escaped Monkey, who was running on wolf-like paws.

There was only a little left until the castle, but Monkey was faster than the bike.


The sun in Monkey’s hand reached the castle at the same time it did.

Again, a star came out of its mouth and it shot toward Mizuki like a bullet.

Mizuki was blown away from the bike and toward the castle from the impact.

“Ouch… I have to hurry.”

He reached the castle in a panic and was putting his hand on the door on the first floor to open it.

However, the castle and its doors were the same size as Monkey.

He didn’t have the time to open the door.


Catching up to Mizuki, Monkey slammed a hand on the door in front of him.

Anyone would probably feel their heart skip from it.

It was an undeniable palpitation.

Yet, Mizuki directed the light from the flashlight in Monkey’s eyes, and it faltered for a moment.

In that instant, he dropped to a basement-like place and tumbled down the stairs.


Monkey became livid and forced itself down the narrow entrance to the basement while reaching for Mizuki.

“Ugh! I have to hide inside…”

Monkey looked like it was entering the basement, but got stuck in the doorway and flailed its arms and legs.

Mizuki used that small space to hide in a shallow river nearby.

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