After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 12 - Why Didn’t I Wear Leggings?

Wen Ruan followed the sound and looked over.

Three girls in white robes were staring at her with a stunned expression on their faces.

Wen Ruan's expression was complex. She thought she probably knew who these three people were.

Recalling the three people who didn't even have time to finish their lines and were then killed by Mu Zhe, she sighed deeply.

"What a coincidence." Wen Ruan noticed that they had also suppressed their cultivation. After hesitating for a moment, she discreetly reminded them:

"This medicine of yours might not be very effective."

They were discovered by Mu Zhe right after meeting. They were likely deceived by fake medicine.

The three people also probably guessed Wen Ruan's identity, and their expressions varied.

Yu Ya's face didn't look good. She was probably still angry about the previous incident. After hearing Wen Ruan's words, she coldly snorted.

"Pretentious, you don't need to bother."

Another girl chimed in, "Exactly, for the sake of a half-demon, you've completely tarnished the reputation of those on the righteous path."

Wen Ruan silently stood up and moved to a different corner of the wall.

The girl who spoke the least just now followed and squeezed next to her, lowering her voice to ask:

"I am Ping Xian, a disciple of Mingyue Palace. May I ask where you are from, fellow cultivator?"

Wen Ruan shook her head. She didn't really want to reveal her background to her.

Their paths diverged, and just now she had been a bystander, allowing her two junior sisters to humiliate Ah Yan. That already revealed her character.

"My junior is impatient. I apologize for the trouble, fellow cultivator," Ping Xian continued. "We have all come here for the same purpose, we are on the same side, so let's maintain a harmonious atmosphere."

Wen Ruan thought to herself, “We are not here for the same purpose, and I don't have step-sisters.”

She smiled insincerely and replied, "I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you're saying."

Ping Xian stared deeply into her eyes and returned to her group from Mingyue Palace.

"Sister, why did you bother talking to someone like that?"

"Shut up." Ping Xian's face turned cold. "Don't forget why we are here."

Yu Ya bit her lip, still somewhat unwilling, "With our looks, we will definitely be chosen, and then..."

"Junior, sometimes speaking too much is not a good thing." Ping Xian closed her eyes as if pretending to sleep. "I advise you to be prepared to make sacrifices. Everything is for a great cause."

Yu Ya's face turned pale as if drained of color.

The flying ship hovered in the sky for a few days. Whenever it arrived at a city, it would pause for a moment, waiting for the soldiers to bring the reserve consorts of the Demon Lord's harem.

Wen Ruan held a dry steamed bun in her hands, feeling nauseous and dizzy, with an extremely unpleasant complexion.

It turned out that even the advanced technology flying ships in the cultivation world could make people airsick.

Others were not faring any better. After days of fear and anxiety, everyone looked haggard.

With a "click", the swaying flying ship stabilized once again.

This time, someone opened the cabin door and said in a muffled voice, "Everyone, come out."

Wen Ruan regained her spirit. Had they finally arrived at the Demon Domain?

She quickly finished her steamed bun, stood up, and stretched her limbs. Following the crowd, she walked off the flying ship.

It was still the familiar Demon Realm, still the familiar temperature.

Snowflakes fell continuously, and the north wind howled, carrying the snowflakes. Wen Ruan hugged herself tightly, blinked away the tears frozen on her eyelashes, and hurriedly walked with her head down.

Luckily, the path beneath her feet had already been cleared, or her shoes and socks would have been soaked.

She sniffed and suddenly regretted why she hadn't worn leggings when she left.

"Host, would you like to advance some points for a chance to travel back in time?" 996 asked considerately.

To be honest, she was tempted.

"Can I not return the points?"

"In that case, you'll have to endure the cold." 996 went offline once again.

Wen Ruan sighed into the palm of her hand, rubbing it forcefully, feeling the fleeting warmth and feeling a little melancholic.

It was said that the Demon Realm wasn't like this before.

It used to be a normal place, at most with some fierce indigenous people, but the environment was still tolerable.

However, since Mu Zhe took over, a heavy snowfall had lasted for 300 years, turning these ruthless criminals into lifeless Eskimos.

Everyone was forced to abandon their immoral behaviors and longed for a peaceful life with their wives, children, and a warm hearth.

The crime rate in the Demon Realm had reached a new low.

If it weren't for Mu Zhe insisting on fighting against the cultivation world, the atmosphere in the Demon Realm could have been even more peaceful.

"Stand in position."

The leading demon general pointed to a palace. "Form a queue and enter."

It wasn't easy to see Mu Zhe. They had to go through layers of screening. Among the thousands of people present, only 300 could be selected, and then Mu Zhe would personally make the final selection.

The original host had already gone through these processes and successfully reached the end.

Wen Ruan tiptoed and glanced ahead. There was still a long time before it reached her turn. She calmed herself down and boredly played with her fingers.

What she should be worried about now was how to make Mu Zhe interested in her and stay by her side after meeting him.

Since he had lost his memories, this face no longer posed a threat to her. On the contrary, she could make use of it appropriately.

It was said that once someone had an unforgettable first love, no matter who they fall in love with after that, they would see a little of their first love in them.

Although he had lost his memories, his preferences shouldn't have changed much. As long as she made efforts to resemble his first love, she had a great chance of success.

If things didn't go well, she could always use time travel to go back and conveniently put on a pair of leggings.

Everything was planned perfectly, except for one final question.

—Who is this legendary unforgettable first love?

The original book didn't mention this unforgettable first love character at all. Apart from knowing that the two individuals looked alike, she had no further information.

Not many in the cultivation world knew of this existence either. The original host had asked the Sect Master of the Shangyang Sect several times, but was always evaded.

It was as if he deliberately avoided discussing this matter.

A group of people dressed in black walked on the snowy ground. The leading young man frowned when he noticed the crowd not far away.

"What are they doing?"

"My Lord, they are selecting consorts for you."

Mu Zhe looked at the beautiful girls in disdain and sneered, "I don't recall knowing that I needed to select consorts."

During this period, he had been busy recovering from his injuries. After stabilizing his condition, he returned to the Demon Realm with his people.

Who would have expected such a "surprise" right after his return?

"My Lord." The man cautiously glanced at him. "This was what you requested."

Mu Zhe was speechless.

He rubbed his temples. Ever since that secluded meditation session, he had inexplicably lost many memories. In the span of just over 300 years, there were several years of blankness.

He had doubted himself.

The miserable childhood he had endured was deemed impossible to survive, and it was asserted that he would not live to adulthood.

What had happened during those blank years that not only allowed him to survive but also become the Lord of the Demon Realm?

Even his animosity towards the cultivation world seemed to have arisen inexplicably.

Mu Zhe put his hand down and contemplated for a moment. "Let them go..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the procession moved again, and a figure in blue caught his eye.

She seemed frozen, her steps unsteady as she slowly moved forward, taking small, hesitant steps.

Even from a distance, he could easily make out her appearance.

It was that person.

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