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Chapter 108: In Front of the Grave

Chapter 108: In Front of the Grave

"I got to see Mom and Dad!" A huge grin split Lu Mingze's face, "Even though it's only through a mirror and they don't know anything, I'm still so happy!"

Xing Ye looked at Lu Mingze's tiny smiling face in the mirror and felt like everything today was worth it.

He knew it was somewhat embarrassing to behave this way, but how else could he get Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu to pick up a razor kit? There was no other way.

"You being happy is all that matters." said Xing Ye, "But we can't bring you here often. It would raise suspicions."

"That's true," Lu Mingze's mood dipped slightly but then brightened again, "I can watch TV! My parents are often on TV. If you give me some recordings, I could watch them for seven days without getting bored. Emmm... Watching my mom wouldn't bore me, but my dad might make me sleepy since he only appears in news and media reports."

Mother Lu, a renowned scholar, frequently lectured at various universities and featured on all kinds of educational platforms. She's known as the most beautiful scholar, inspiring many fans to study hard just to get into the universities where she occasionally taught. Many famous programs and talk shows invited her as a speaker, so there were plenty of Mother Lu's videos online.

Videos of Lu Dong online were all interviews arranged by China Central TV and various economic news channels. There weren't that many, but they were very easy to find.

Photos of Lu Mingze had never been made public; his parents have protected him well, keeping the media at bay.

After returning to the company, Xing Ye instructed his secretary to search for and purchase videos and talk shows related to the Lu Family, to be downloaded onto a laptop.

This way, the mirror could watch videos at night so he wouldn't be lonely.

As soon as the secretary left, Assistant Qi came in with several mirrors.

"This is a bronze mirror from the Western Jin period, said to be unearthed from a noble's tomb. It was auctioned abroad, and I bought it for 28 million," Assistant Qi placed a photo on Xing Ye's desk. "It should arrive in about three days."

Xing Ye: "..."

He glanced at the small mirror on his desk. Sure enough, it read: Dug up from a dead person's tomb?

Xing Ye remained silent. He expected such a reaction. Still, an antique from the Wei and Jin dynasties was worth 28 million.

Assistant Qi noticed the stony expression on Xing Ye's face and quickly added, "The mirror's price was fair. If you don't like it, I can find a broker to resell it to collectors."

This was why he dared to bid on the mirror; not much money would be lost even if Xing Ye didn't like the mirror. Assistant Qi was very effective at his work.

"No need." Xing Ye said, looking at the ancient bronze mirror in the photo, "Just donate it to a museum once it arrives. We can consider it as recovering a historical treasure. It's better to let a professional maintain and restore it."

Xing Ye donated tens to hundreds of millions to charity every year. Donating historical treasures to the country was better than keeping them at home with nobody to appreciate it. The little mirror didn't like this one in any case.

In the mirror, Lu Mingze clapped, giving Xing Ye a thumbs up: "Well done, I'm proud of you! My mom used to work with history scholars and always said that antiques bought should be given to professionals. Only they can restore their former glory."

Although Lu Mingze didn't want this mirror, he greatly approved of Xing Ye's decision. Xing Ye's mood turned better and he dispelled his thoughts of cutting Assistant Qi's bonus.

Assistant Qi then brought out a brilliantly shining mirror, "This is a mirror crafted by a contemporary master artisan. It's made of pure silver, and each step done by the master himself. It's suitable for an office desk or bedside table. It costed 680,000 yuan."

Xing Ye looked at the mirror. It was indeed beautiful, but not suitable for carrying around.

He purposefully placed the mirror in front of Lu Mingze, who clapped and said he liked it. However, if Xing Ye went to meetings, charity events, or met clients, he would have to leave the mirror in his bag and wouldn't be able to bring it in.

"Send this mirror to this medical center in my name." Xing Ye handed Assistant Qi a business card of Lu Mingze's medical center, "Give it to Lu Mingze. Just place it in front of his bed."

Since the little mirror liked it, Xing Ye would give it to him. The mirror did indeed suit him.

Assistant Qi then displayed several more elegant and noble mirrors on the desk, costing several million in total. Xing Ye thought they all looked good, but none of them could be easily carried around and so just had them all sent to Lu Mingze.

As he instructed Assistant Qi, the mirror clapped and cheered. All the mirrors Assistant Qi selected were beautiful and Lu Mingze liked all of them. Lu Mingze secretly nodded to himself: Xing Ye was truly a good person. Once he returned to his body, he'll definitely spend more time with Xing Ye.

Seeing that his boss had donated or given away all the mirrors he chose, Assistant Qi gritted his teeth and resorted to his final option.

He produced a dazzling phone case. "This is a mirror-style phone case, custom-made for you. Although it's less expensive than the other mirrors I showed you, it perfectly fits your phone. It's lightweight, easy to clean, and can be carried around, allowing you to admire... ahem, fix your appearance wherever you go."

Xing Ye: "..."

Xing Ye looked from his custom-made, understated, luxurious metallic gray phone to the blindingly dazzling mirror encased phone case. He fell silent.

He considered telling his assistant to return the phone case and forgo his bonus this month.

But at that moment, Lu Mingze started clapped enthusiastically: "This is perfect! Next time, just show your phone to my parents and I'll be able to see them! The phone case is so pretty. I want to get a dozen like it and change the case every day. Your assistant is a genius!"

Xing Ye: "..."

It was... indeed... a suitable and convenient mirror.

He was silent for a long time before telling Assistant Qi, "Leave this on my desk and order a few more for me."

He planned on giving them to Lu Mingze.

Assistant Qi silently placed the phone case on the desk and quietly exited Xing Ye's office. The moment the door shut behind him, he made a fist pump and whisper-shouted, "Yes!" He knew the boss would appreciate this phone case. It was the perfect mirror to discreetly admire yourself with. He was indeed a genius!

Both Assistant Qi and Lu Mingze were satisfied. Xing Ye's opinion didn't matter. After all, he wasn't the one living in the mirror. The little mirror's home should be chosen by the little mirror itself.

Xing Ye didn't immediately put the mirror case on his phone. It wasn't like the little mirror could leave the razor kit this week anyways. He would rather delay the inevitable.

The secretary downloaded a comprehensive collection of Lu Dong and Mother Lu's videos. Mrs. Lu's lectures over the years were particularly abundant, enough to entertain the little mirror for a year.

With this arrangement, the little mirror wouldn't be lonely at night. Xing Ye placed the mirror and laptop on the bedside table, turned on the sound, and let the little mirror watch while he slept.

Xing Ye had thought the noise might disturb his sleep, but Mother Lu's voice was gentle and soothing. He quickly fell asleep listening to her, and his long-suppressed emotions gradually began to ease.

Every time he listened to Mother Lu's lectures, Xing Ye thought the Lu couple who had raised a son as optimistic, upright, and warm-hearted as Lu Mingze were truly extraordinary.

It was now the 35th day after Xing Shuo's death and time for Xing Ye to visit his grave with the little mirror. By this time, Xing Ye could already calmly face the tombstone with his little brother's face.

Every seventh day after a person's death, there is a grieving ceremony. This lasts for 7 weeks. The 35th day is the fifth week's grieving ceremony that Xing Ye's taking Lu Mingze to.

The picture showed a young man with glasses that resembled Xing Ye by fifty percent. He was the same age as Lu Mingze and exuded a gentle, elegant temperament.

As they stood in front of Xing Shuo's grave, Lu Mingze asked, "Was Xing Shuo's death really caused by the game? How did it happen? Was he turned into a prop?"

Xing Ye shook his head, "No. Right before I was about to leave on a business trip, Xing Shuo thought about inviting me into the game but didn't want to drag me into it. In the end, he didn't let me scan the QR code. This suggests he was already a high-level player and knew about following fate props. He probably wanted to bind with me.

"He said we can talk about it after my trip, which means he shouldn't have been in danger. He likely still had time before the final level. My trip was around ten days, so it wasn't long. He probably wanted more time to think.

"Xing Shuo's not an idiot. He wouldn't rashly involve somebody he didn't trust in the game. Based on my many years of underst... investigation of him, Xing Shuo didn't have any very close friends. That's why I believe he was waiting for my return to discuss everything.

"Plus, becoming a prop means there will be a period of unconsciousness. That never happened to Xing Shuo. I don't think he turned into a prop- I suspect a player used following fate prop to kill him, like the city lord's son in Puppet City."

After having time to adjust, Xing Ye could now analyze his brother's death rationally.

"But then it'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack." Lu Mingze sighed.

Xing Ye had a grim smile. "Not necessarily. We know the killer is an opposing fate player with a following fate prop in a high-level world. He likely erased the prop's consciousness. Furthermore, he should have an arrogant and disdainful attitude of other players. Once someone crosses the line and starts killing, their perspective on others changes."

"But such people are common among high level worlds." Lu Mingze pointed out.

"I think the system will let me meet him," Xing Ye said, "and it will happen when I'm weaker than him. That way, I'll want to kill him but won't be able to, while he'll face someone who despises him deeply in the game. Both scenarios fit the luck pattern of an opposing fate player."

"But defeating him in the game won't kill him; it'll only make him fail that round. Only following fate props can kill." Lu Mingze looked at his own body, wondering if Xing Ye planned to use him for murder.

"Don't worry," Xing Ye reassured him, touching the razor kit. "I won't use you for murder. Even if I cross the line, I won't involve you."

Lu Mingze should remain kind, carefree, and forever untouched by darkness. He was the only light in Xing Ye's heart; he would never use him for murder.

But then how would Xing Ye seek revenge?

Lu Mingze looked up at Xing Ye. The mirror was too small, so all he could see were Xing Ye's eyes. They were gentle eyes, not consumed by madness or hatred.

"Don't worry, I'll find a solution," Xing Ye comforted him. "I won't stain my hands with blood, but I won't let a murderer roam free either. Trust me, I can do it."

Lu Mingze immediately felt at ease. Yes, Xing Ye always managed to do the impossible. He surely had a way.

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Fun fact: a few thousand yuan is still $400 USD... for a mirror covered phone case. Also... I just realized Lu Dong is supposed to be Director Lu and not his given name... whoops. Too late now.

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