Chapter 107

When the icy blue curtain of light disappeared, Chu Mu Yun knew that he could walk out now.

The two men outside were unleashing all their strongest moves and throwing the world upside down, fighting as if they would not stop unless one of them died.

Rather than rush over to them, Chu Mu Yun frowned and looked blankly ahead.

Why would they be acting if nobody was around? But of course, they did have an audience.

Mo Jiu Shao was waiting for Shen Yun to remember everything, and waiting for him to land the final blow on Xie Qian Lan out of anger.

But it seemed... like the situation in front of him was not as he had imagined.

When the icy blue curtain faded, the man stood there with listless eyes, staring blankly into the distance.

It wasn't that he wasn't thinking about anything, just that there was too much to think about. The thoughts were so messy and chaotic that his mind fell into a self-preservation state, choosing to just forget about everything for now.

Mo Jiu Shao was taken aback for a moment, but then the corners of his lips turned up. "Mr. Shen, have you remembered everything?"

Chu Mu Yun turned his head and looked silently at him.

Mo Jiu Shao was not planning to have him forget everything, so he tried to stimulate him in the most direct way possible. "In the Mortal Realm, it was Shen Shui Yan who was with you. He was the one you loved and raised, but Xie Qian Lan lied to you for four years..."

Upon hearing this, an unconcealable twinge of pain flickered in Chu Mu Yun's eyes. It was not a pain filled with resentment, but regret and unresignation, even a great sense of loss.

Mo Jiu Shao stopped speaking once he had hooked onto his emotions. Thoughts ran through his mind quickly and he understood in an instant.

"It seems... that Mr. Shen truly has developed feelings for Xie Qian Lan."

To have his feelings revealed so suddenly, another flash of panic ran through Chu Mu Yun's unfocused eyes.

Mo Jiu Shao saw it clearly. His brows were furrowed out of concern, but the look in his eyes gradually deepened. "It's just a moment of confusion. Xie Qianlan is most skilled and playing with a person's heart. You have lived with him for a long time, so it's not surprising that you've been fooled by him. But that does not mean that you truly love him."

Despite what he was accusing someone else of, the way he spoke in such a deep and husky voice sounded more like Mo Jiu Shao was the one playing with his feelings.

Chu Mu Yun's thoughts were in complete chaos.

Everything finally fell back in place. He remembered everything.

Who Shen Shui Yan was, who Xie Qian Lan was, his lover, his... enemy. He remembered everything.

However, memorides don't just disappear.

Not a single moment that he spent with Xie Qian Lan disappeared because of this revelation. On the contrary, the memories became even clearer. After all, those memories had been so raw.

Even the heart was made of flesh. What Xie Qian Lan did for him, what he sacrificed, he didn't forget a single thing.

He also couldn't ignore how much he loved Xie Qian Lan, how he entrusted his entire heart to him for the past four years, the way they showed affection for each other, the way their bodies intertwined, none of those were things he could just ignore.

He had practically forgotten about Shen Shui Yan. He could hardly even distinguish who it was that occupied his heart.

He couldn't tell who liked to eat fish, who liked drinking, who would cuddle in his arms like a spoiled child and who would raise a toast to him under the moonlight...

In fact, the memories were clear. It was his feelings that was such a mess.

Mo Jiu Shao could see through his thoughts at a glance, and a corner of his lips raised in amusement. He hinted wickedly, "Mr. Shen, don't be misled. There is only one person in your heart. One person is all one's heart is capable to hold. You cannot love them both, and they cannot accept the presence of another in that position either. That is why you must make a choice. You can only... give one up."

Even Chu Mu Yun's lips paled at hearing these words.

But Mo Jiu Shao continued. "In fact, there's no need to hesitate. Shen Shui Yan is the love of your live. As for Xie Qian Lan... You don't have to feel guilty about him. Yes, the nuptial fruit is a wonderful thing, but Xie Qian Lan's thoughts were not as innocent when he shared that fruit with you. He knew that you would eventually remember everything and return to Shen Shui Yan's side, so is he not just binding you by giving half his life to you? He wishes to force his feelings onto you in this way so that you will never be able to let go of him. What different is that from the Beast of Charm? It's just a different way of controlling you."

It was only cloaked in a shell of love, to make it seem softer, much more well-packaged.

The Beast of Charm was definitely a thorn in Chu Mu Yun's heart, and hearing that name caused his brows to furrow.

Mo Jiu Shao continued on. "If you feel indebted, why don't you return it to him?"

Finally, those words came out. Chu Mu Yun sighed inwardly. At the very least, he hadn't been doing all that acting for nothing.

He turned to look at Mo Jiu Shao with hesitation in his eyes. "...Return it to him?"

Mo Jiu Shao answered, "That's right. You can give him back what he gave you, that way, there's no need for you to feel guilty, and you'll also be able to clear up what you really want."

Chu Mu Yun frowned. "What do I have to do?"

Mo Jiu  Shao smiled. "I can help you."

By the time Chu Mu Yun arrived at the front, the entire Clear Mist Palace had already become a mess.

Faced with the bombardment of their savage fight, the palace, which was as beautiful as a divine palace of the heavens, had debris laying all over the ground.

Only the two men at the center remained with their expressions and their magnificence unchanged, unleashing heaven-destroying and earth-rending spells from their hands as their hatred for each other rose to an extreme.

Practically the moment that Chu Mu Yun appeared, Shen Shui Yan turned around to look at him with a face filled with joy.

Right at that moment, a qin string was plucked, sending a sharp arch over. As Shen Shui Yan was distracted, he wasn't able to react to the attack in time and was hit right in the chest.

How could one be careless when facing Xie Qian Lan's thunderous attack? Even though Shen Shui Yan had raised a shield in time, it was still shattered, and the force remaining in the strike cut through his clothes, exposing his fair skin that was turned bloody in just an instant.

Chu Mu Yun felt his heart wince in pain at the sight. Rushing over, he called out to him with worry and anxiety filling his voice. "Xiao Yan!"

Shen Shui Yan felt the pain seep away from his body the moment he heard those two words. Not even the blood that was seeping out of his wounds could take away the heat in his chest.

Chu Mu Yun held him tightly in his arms, and when he raised his head again, he was looking at Xie Qian Lan with cold eyes of indifference.

The man in red stood atop the ruins, the suspended guqin still and unmoving. Just it like its owner, the colorhad faded, leaving behind only a pale and empty silence.

He looked at Chu Mu Yun without blinking.

There was a flash of pain in the very depths of Chu Mu Yun's eyes, but he still covered it up quickly and said with a cold, hard voice.

Xie Qian Lan, I'll forget what happened in the past, so from now on, there is no longer any favors or grudges between us!"

To do so was more ruthless than simply hating him, but there was nothing Xie Qian Lan could say to refute him. What he had done was just like smashing a mirror. Even if one could restore it, one still could not cover up the cracks.

The more he knew this person, the more he understood his temperament, and understood how cruel and unforgivable it was for him to have used the Beast of Charm to control him, humiliate him, and torment him.

The forbidden art was lifted.

Ah Yun was back.

Those four years have become nothing more than mere dreams for him and him alone.

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