My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

My Pet Is a Holy Maiden 80 - From "Food" to "Enemy"

The dragon was hovering in the sky. And at the huge dragon’s compound eyes, Tatsumi swung his sword with all his might.

While doing so, he channeled mana into the sword and activated ‘Mana Strike’.

The sword then struck the flying dragon’s huge compound eye as he intended. However, Tatsumi felt that he just struck a hard rock with the sword.

Although the sword definitely hit it, it hardly flinched.

Tatsumi then invoked “Instant Transition” while grimacing at the unexpected hardness. At the same time he disappeared in the air, he reappeared on the wall next to Calcedonia.

Accompanied by the sound of sparks, Tatsumi once again landed on the city walls.

Tatsumi looked up at the dragon, putting strength to his lower body and set himself up.

“…Damn! The compound eye is too hard!”

Tatsumi, who thought that the sky dragon’s compound eye was soft unlike the rest of its body, aimed at the compound eye.

Certainly, the compound eye must be one of the softest part of the dragon. However, it’s still considerably hard and attacking with an unstable pose in midair didn’t do much damage.

It looked exactly like a dragonfly, and its body’s features were also similar.

However, Tatsumi’s opponent was a dragon. A beast with the title of the strongest in the sky. It was not merely a large Earthly dragonfly.

“You okay, Tatsumi?”

Bugarank[note]Both the translator and the author have trouble getting this name correct. I thought it was Bugarak for a while, and now the author thinks it’s Buragank.[/note] rushed to help Tatsumi. Calcedonia was following right after.

“I’m fine. I think I can go on…”

“Is there a problem?”

Tatsumi nodded and told Bugarank of what he realized earlier.

“…I see. So that’s why it doesn’t use its legs in the air.”

The two of them talked while the dragon watched them from the air.

It began to slowly approach the city.

The two amalgamations of eyes looked down at the defenders and seemed to be evaluating them.

But then again, it was impossible to tell where the compound eyes were looking at.

The dragon would soon enter the range of the defenders’ attacks.

Calcedonia and the others of the restraining group were preparing to attack whenever Bugarank sent his instructions.

“It doesn’t look like ‘Mana Strike’ is doing anything from the first attack. Though it was only the first attack.”

“There’s nothing else we can do… For now, let’s just continue.”

“I understand.”

And at the same time Bugarank answered, Tatsumi disappeared with just those two words left behind.

Tatsumi teleported to the dragon’s eyes once again.

He had a close view of the dragon’s huge eyes, yet he could not read the countless cells at all.

Turning his eyes away from the dragon’s eyes, Tatsumi searched for another spot to attack. And then, he found the place.

──If going for the compound eye doesn’t work, why not go for the simple eye?[note] [/note]

The dragonfly had ocelli, or simple eyes, in addition to compound eyes. And this world’s dragon was the same as an Earthly dragonfly.

There was an ocellus in the middle of its head, right between its two compound eyes.[note][/note]

The Earthly dragonfly had three inner eyes but it seems this world’s dragon only had two.

At this time, Tatsumi’s body had already started to fall. Having calculated the speed of the fall in advance, Tatsumi slashed at the dragon with the momentum from the descent.

But just before Tatsumi’s sword hit, the dragon moved

A dragonfly’s sky-sidestepping that was unthinkable for a normal creature. The huge dragon slipped sideways right before Tatsumi’s eyes.

With the movement of such a large object in the air, there would naturally be a disturbance in the atmosphere.

The sudden gust swallowed Tatsumi without giving him any time to resist.


He was played around by the whirlwinds, and his field of vision was changing faster than an Irelia getting a pentakill.

Even so, Tatsumi frantically tried to get a grasp of his surroundings. In the rapidly spinning world that he was in, he noticed a large black thing.

Before he realized what it was, Tatsumi’s chest was met with an enormous force. He couldn’t breathe because of the shock.

Luckily, he had the beast-material armor, extra armor under those, and a shield placed preemptively. His ribcage didn’t break, but Tatsumi was easily tossed away by the shock.

He was sent flying without being able to brace himself or resist.


On top the city walls, Calcedonia’s pained voiced shouted out

The things that happened up above the city walls were crystal clear to see

The dragon dodged Tatsumi’s sword and created a violent gust. Tatsumi, getting knocked over by the wind, was blown off by the tail.

Tatsumi was tiny compared to the dragon and couldn’t resist being swept away.

The dragon started to chase after Tatsumi after it knocked him away.

With the surprising speeds of the dragon, it wouldn’t even be a minute before Tatsumi was caught by it.

“Don’t do it!!!”

Twang. A steel arrow was shot at the huge insect.

The arrow was fired from Jadokh’s bow, Lyurn’s Strength. That arrow was wreathed in flames.

This was the magic effect of the greatbow. Any arrow that passed through the bow would have the power of fire added to its strength.

However, a normal wooden arrow would just burn out under the flames. That’s why the arrows for the bow were made with steel.

The flaming arrow headed to the dragon, which was flying swiftly

But the dragon was just that kind of peculiar monster. It suddenly halted in the sky and twisted to avoid the arrow with ease.

“Miloulle!!! The next arrow!!!”

“I got it!!!”

Knowing that there was an arrow waiting for him, Jadokh reached his arm back.

Miloulle had already taken an arrow out of the quiver, and she placed it on Jadokh’s outstretched hand.

Jadokh’s entire body’s muscles swelled.

He used two of his burly arms to firmly prop the bow into position, and the other two arms to pull back on the drawstring. Little by little, Lyurn’s Strength, a bow that couldn’t be used by an ordinary man, bent back.

Before long, he had stretched the drawstring to its limit. The arrow was fired once again.

The arrow wrapped itself in flames as it shot through the sky. However, this arrow was also dodged by the dragon.

That was fine, though.

A smile appeared on Jadokh’s shapely face.

The dragon avoided the arrow, but it didn’t notice the three spells flying to where it it dodged.

The wide-area attack magic of the Thunder System, Thunderstorm.

The piercing attack magic of the Flame System, Flame Lance.

And, the spell borrowing upon the spirits of the ice, Argentum Tempestate.[note]Will be using Latin for Eru’s magic. She’s from a different world, so “Blizzard” or “Ice and Snow Storm,” which are what the spell would translate to going by the previous naming conventions, doesn’t make sense.[/note]

Calcedonia, Morganeich, and Eru. The powerful attack magics that the three shot all hit the dragon.

It was as if they predicted where the dragon would dodge. Countless bolts of thunder poured into the dragon.

The dragon tried to dodge the thunder too, but Calcedonia’s Thunderstorm’s range was too large.

Flashes of lightning pounded into a part of the dragon’s body─the right side of the wings. An untrained eye would think that the thin, clear wings would be fragile, but it was a wing of a dragon. In fact, the wings were stronger than steel, and they endured the attack from the spell.

However, the wings were not impervious to the attack. The dragon’s agility was temporarily shut down. With that gap, it was Morganeich’s Flame Lance to shine

The dragon frantically tried to regain mobility, but its efforts were in vain. The Flame Lance barreled towards the dragon’s torso, which corresponded to the dragonfly’s thorax, and hit.

The combination wasn’t thought through, yet it produced amazing results. This was Calcedonia’s and Morganeich’s distinctive partnership formed over years of being together.

Feeling some of the drive from their former days, the two looked at each other and smiled.

But as soon as Calcedonia realized what she was doing, she immediately averted her gaze. Morganeich could only bitterly smile.

Although the Flame Lance was specialized in penetration, it still could not penetrate the dragon’s exoskeleton.

Even so, it did not do nothing. A person would still die to pebbles if enough pebbles were thrown.

A storm of snow and ice barraged the dragon that had finally managed to regain its posture.

This spirit-powered magic, Argentum Tempestate, had an even larger range than Calcedonia’s Thunderstorm. Of course, this spell was sent by Eru.

Furious gales of snow shrouded the dragon, and ice pellets relentlessly battered its huge body.

It had the power to end the life of normal beasts, but it could not boast of having the power to take the vitality of a dragon.

Humming its four gargantuan wings, the dragon quickly escaped from the storm formed by Argentum Tempestate.

Small parts of the body, all over the place, were frozen over, but the time spent under the influence of the spell was short. It would not do much to harm the dragon.

However, Tatsumi teleported in the air as his friends were attacking.

When he got back to the wall for the second time, his vision was still spinning.

Bugarank promptly healed Tatsumi.

“You okay?”

“Yes…I-I don’t know how…”

While the patriarch healed Tatsumi, the others were continued to conjure spells at the dragon.

Most of their attacks missed, though some did hit, but their purpose was so that Tatsumi had enough time to recover.

“…They’re amazing.”


“Your friends. They’re hitting way too many spells on the dragon.”

Although Bugarank was healing Tatsumi, his gaze was fixed on the dragon.

Tatsumi knew that the agility of the dragon was really abnormal. Even with such a mobile opponent, his friends were hitting a fair percentage of attacks.

Everything was because of their skill and cooperation. The four in charge of creating a diversion weren’t just sending all their attacks at once. They sent magic and arrows at precise times to capitalize on the others’ attacks.

That’s why their attacks were hard to dodge, even with the dragon’s speed. Nevertheless, over seventy percent of the attacks were evaded.

Even if only a pebble’s amount, the four steadily piled up damage onto the dragon.

Tatsumi hoped that they would eventually deal a fatal blow. As soon as Tatsumi had that thought, the dragon suddenly changed directions.

The dragon, which was only dodging until now, came straight to the section of the wall where the four creating a diversion were at.

Before this, the dragon was only driven by the feeling hunger from the devil that possessed it. However, it started to feel something else.

There were tiny creatures that were scraping it, even though they were insignificant. The feeling of anger broke out towards those insignificant beings.

Though possessed by a devil, the dragon was also a living being. It was natural for it to be angry at those that hurt it: one of the basic emotions that came with being alive.

The hunger that came from the devil and the anger that came from itself. These two combined into one new goal.

To devour all the pesky beings. That was its new goal.

In a sense, that meant that the dragon recognized the tiny creatures─humans─as enemies.

From “food” that existed to be eaten to “enemies” that existed to be defeated.

With its new murderous intent, it attacked the warriors that stood atop the city wall.

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