Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1692 - Shameless Imperial Preceptor

East Deity Qing Long took a glance at him and felt that the current Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and the previous Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor both described him as hateful and unpleasant.

Qin Mu had saved him from the Great Overarching Heaven of Tai Chu, and Jiang Baigui had used East Deity divine weapon to revive him. He naturally knew the intentions of these two people. They were just borrowing the power of this powerful ancient god to fight for Eternal Peace.

East Deity Qing Long was an incomparably powerful existence. Jiang Baigui didn't have any methods to defeat Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, so he could only revive him and ask him to help.

But if he didn't give a single soldier, was he going to fight alone?

On the other side, there were sixty marquises, and more than a million celestial troops and generals.

All kinds of heavy weapons, all kinds of formations, and Green Deity of the Eastern Sky rushed forward alone. Was he going to die?

Purple light shone in East Deity's eyes. "Jiang Baigui, what you mean is that you will only give me one horse and let me fight the sixty army marquises of the East Heaven and take the head of Green Deity out of millions of gods and devils?"

Jiang Baigui nodded.

East Deity narrowed his eyes and took in a deep breath. "In that case, when are you going to lead your army to fetch me?"

Jiang Baigui said, "East Deity will be charging forward. When the time comes, I will send my troops."

East Deity stared at the elegant man. "A horse?"

"An exceptional horse."

Jiang Baigui said calmly, "Celestial Venerable Qing Long, your corporeal body, your ancestral land, and your countless descendants are all in the enemy's camp. You can also choose not to fight and abandon everything."

East Deity laughed and turned around.

Jiang Baigui said indifferently, "Celestial Venerable Qing Long, Celestial Venerable Mu has already returned your favor and no longer owes you anything. If you die again in the future, you will really die."

East Deity Qing Long's heart jumped, and he understood what he meant. He turned around and said, "If I let him owe me face again, he will revive me even if I die in the future."

Jiang Baigui smiled and nodded slowly.

East Deity Qing Long continued, "Now, there's a great chance for him to owe me face. As long as I can help Imperial Preceptor defeat the sixty army marquises of the East Heaven, it will be a great merit. Celestial Venerable Mu will definitely be grateful!"

Jiang Baigui nodded with a smile.

East Deity Qing Long's incomparably huge corporeal body shook, and he became smaller. He transformed into a middle-aged emperor with a dragon head and a human body. His divine might shook as he said solemnly, "Bring me my horse!"

Jiang Baigui led the horse forward and handed the reins to him.

East Deity's dragon qi swirled, and the dragon qi tunneled into the body of the red horse.

The old horse neighed, and its mane fluttered in the wind. Scales of dragon scales popped out from its body, and its hooves broke apart. Sharp dragon claws popped out, and its body grew larger. The power of the divine dragon leaked out from its body and transformed into divine flames that floated around it!

Just now, this horse was only a mortal horse, but now it had really become a Flame Dragon Foal!

East Deity sat on his dragon horse and glanced at Jiang Baigui. "You are very bad, you are a bad person." After saying that, he clamped his legs together and leaped into the air. With a majestic cry, he stepped on the sea surface and headed straight for the camp of East Heaven!

The dragon horse sprinted, and East Deity's voice shook the sea surface. He shouted, "Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, do you still remember how I broke you with my bare hands and beat you into a cripple?"

His dragon roar spread throughout the East Sea and everyone could clearly hear it!

"Back then, you were honored as the number one Emperor's Throne divine weapon in the world. However, in front of me, you were forcefully broken by me, shattering your cultivation and all your Dao markings."

East Deity laughed loudly. "I thought you were dead, so I threw you away. I didn't expect you to be so lucky to be able to survive. I don't know where you rooted yourself. The land must be fertile, and yellow soup is everywhere!"

Du du.

In the camp of East Heaven, a bugle horn sounded. Green Deity stood on the city tower, his face ashen. He waved his hand, and East Deity's headless corporeal body was brought over. Green Deity sneered and said, "Splash black dog blood!"

Immediately, soldiers poured basin after basin of black dog blood on East Deity's headless body!

East Deity stopped his dragon horse and laughed. "I'm here to challenge you, one man and one horse. Green Deity, you are still the same gutless person as before, using the black dog's blood to insult my corporeal body! Green Deity, you are only fit to be a firewood stick. If you are caught dancing in someone's hands, you will be useless. A filthy person like you will be used to take advantage of the filth on your buttocks once you are tired of being played!"

Green Deity flew into a rage and shouted, "Bring out the dragons of the East Pole and chop their heads off! Serve them at the Dragon Slaying Platform!"

Immediately, quite a number of soldiers escorted the divine dragons of the East Pole up the city wall and made the heirs of East Deity Qing Long kneel down. They stuck their heads out of the city wall, and the executioners raised their divine knives and devil knives, raising their heads!

East Deity was calm and unruffled. He said with a smile, "My descendants are spread throughout the thousands of worlds. How many billions are there? From heavenly dragons to snakes and insects, all of the races have my descendants. You can just kill them. Green Deity, you are only fit to hide in the army of ten thousand. It's despicable. If you go out of the city and fight me, I'll admire your guts. I'll beat you back into your original form and turn you into a wet stick!"

Green Deity couldn't hold it in any longer. He looked at Jiang Baigui's camp and ordered, "I'm going out of the city to kill this guy. You guys guard the main camp. Don't move out. If Jiang Baigui leads his troops to attack, you guys can't come out to save me! Just guard the main camp and don't mess up the formation! As long as the formation isn't messed up, Jiang Baigui can't do anything to us!"

The soldiers received their orders.

Green Deity walked down the city tower alone and grabbed a divine dragon. With a wave of his hand, he whipped the divine dragon back into its original form, and Green Deity rode the dragon out of the city.

East Deity laughed and rushed towards Green Deity.

When enemies met, their eyes would burn with anger. Green Deity roared endlessly, and a celestial palace suddenly appeared behind him. His celestial palace was different from the others, and the buildings in the celestial palace were in the shape of treasure trees!

Countless palaces were built like a precious tree, and there were seven celestial palaces in his celestial palace. The seven precious trees had the same roots!

Because East Deity was an ancient god in the past, even though he had reincarnated and cultivated the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces, his corporeal body was only a divine weapon created by the creation divine weapon, so he didn't execute any techniques.

The ancient gods were innately powerful, and they were born with control over the Great Dao. East Deity's divine weapon was created according to his corporeal body, and it was extremely compatible with his own Great Dao. Therefore, he didn't need to execute his technique!

The moment the two of them collided, the sea boiled. The two of them were actually evenly matched. East Deity smiled and said, "You are still a wet blanket. I have just revived, and I already have the power to fight against you. If I was at my peak, I could crush you like an ant…"

Before he could finish his sentence, countless incomparably thick roots flew behind Green Deity and transformed into wooden fists. Countless punches landed on East Deity's face, causing his face to change shape. Countless dragon teeth fell off!

East Deity was sent flying, and his mind went blank. From the corner of his eyes, he saw countless tentacles flying under Green Deity's feet. Those were his roots.

His roots extended into the sea and weaved under the sea non-stop. They were like wooden dragons that chased after him!

'This fellow is much stronger than the so-called number one Emperor's Throne divine weapon in the world! It's a pity that this corporeal body of mine isn't my true body. It's just a divine weapon that imitates my true body…'

East Deity spat out a mouthful of broken teeth and mobilized the power of his corporeal body. Suddenly, he felt that there were imprints of celestial palaces in the body of this East Deity divine weapon, and he was stunned.

When Eternal Peace was forging East Deity divine weapon, they had actually transformed the Emperor's Throne techniques of the eight dragons into imprints and fused them into the East Deity divine weapon!

This kind of weapon refinement technique was unprecedented, surpassing the celestial heavens and Founding Emperor Era by leaps and bounds!

It was hard to say who could achieve such an unfathomable weapon refinement method. One could imagine that this person's weapon refinement must have been meticulous and close to the level of Dao!

East Deity immediately mobilized the boundless vital qi in his body and circulated it along the imprints of the celestial palaces. Suddenly, an incomparably violent aura gushed out from his body, and the celestial palaces rose into the sky, causing his power to rapidly expand!

East Deity landed on the surface of the sea. He stepped on the sea and stabilized himself. Boom, boom, boom. Violent tremors came from the bottom of the sea. The incomparably thick roots of Green Deity were suppressed by his magic power!

Green Deity rushed forward, and the two top gods of the current era clashed, causing the sky and earth to darken. On both sides, the sound of drums shook the sky, and the soldiers of Eternal Peace and East Heaven beat their drums to assist in the battle!

Even though East Deity had discovered the marvel of this divine weapon, he had never cultivated these Emperor's Throne techniques of the dragon race, so he wasn't able to mobilize his magic power easily. He was still suppressed, and he suffered losses time again.

The power of Green Deity was beyond his expectations. Furthermore, his life force was so strong that it was truly terrifying. He could regrow his limbs and even regrow his severed head. Furthermore, the Dao of Creation was also incomparable. Any injuries that were instantly healed were even more profound than his!

East Deity Qing Long was the god of qi and blood. Among all the ancient gods in the world, his qi and blood were the most vigorous. However, even though the qi and blood of this divine weapon was strong, it couldn't be compared to his real body. With this, his defeat was evident.

'If I'm killed by Emperor Qing, will Celestial Venerable Mu revive me?' He was a little terrified.

If he hadn't done anything, would Qin Mu still save him?

'Jiang Baigui, why isn't he deploying his troops?' He became even more terrified, and his divine art gradually became chaotic.

On the shore of Eternal Peace, Jiang Baigui stood on a small boat and looked at the battle on the sea. He didn't give the order to mobilize his troops.

"The beating isn't ruthless enough, I have to be more ruthless."

Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui calculated the injuries of East Deity Qing Long. His calculation was different from Qin Mu's. Qin Mu was more like a deduction, while Jiang Baigui's calculation was to transform all aspects of East Deity Qing Long into data. For example, how much magic power was left, how much divine art was left, how much qi and blood was left, how much battle intent was left, and so on. When all of these were combined, it became an accurate number.

How long was East Deity left before he died?

And now, in his eyes, this number was continuously shrinking.

"If I send troops, Green Deity will definitely abandon East Deity and escape back to the camp of the East Heaven. However, if the temptation is strong enough, he will hesitate and try to kill East Deity before my army arrives."

Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui's gaze flickered. The number of days left for East Deity to die was still shrinking, and he thought to himself, 'When I mobilize my troops, what I need to do is to come to his side before he kills East Deity and capture him! Thus, the distance between us needs to be prepared.'

He was still waiting, and East Deity's injuries were becoming more severe. However, he was still fighting with Green Deity, fighting to the death without retreating, waiting for him to send out his troops.

Numerous numbers jumped in Jiang Baigui's eyes. Suddenly, the numbers in his eyes stopped, and the small boat under his feet instantly shot out like an arrow that had left the bow!

At the same time, gates opened up in the camp of Eternal Peace. Countless gods of Eternal Peace stepped on the sea surface and formed a formation to rush forward!

In the sky, tens of thousands of sails moved at the same time, and flags fluttered in the wind. The ships raised the power of the pill furnaces to the extreme at the same time!

At the same time, there were also huge ships sailing under the sea. Below the sea, the Kun race and the other god races were also advancing. On the seabed, there were also gods and devils stepping on the seabed's surface, pushing forward with all their might!

Jiang Baigui mobilized his wisdom to the extreme. At the same time, he mobilized the formations of the armies in the sky, sea, and seabed, rushing towards the enemy camp!

In the sea, on a strange ship with a glass-like porthole, Virtuous Earth Sovereign Gongsun stood under the porthole with his hands behind his back and looked up.

When Green Deity saw this, his heart trembled. However, seeing East Deity's miserable state, he hesitated.

He suddenly made up his mind. "I can kill Green Dragon before the army of Eternal Peace arrives!"

At the bow of the small boat, Jiang Baigui had his hands behind his back. The speed of the small boat became faster, rushing to the front of the Eternal Peace Army.

"…Six, five, four, three! Virtuous Earth Sovereign, attack!"

Just as he said that, a huge ship broke out of the water and appeared between East Deity and Green Deity. Gongsun stood behind the porthole, facing Green Deity.

She raised her palm and spread her fingers. Suddenly, cracking sounds came from Green Deity's corporeal body. His vital qi quickly turned into wood along with his corporeal body.

An incomparably ancient tree appeared on the surface of the sea. Its roots were rooted in the East Sea, and it was as thick as a dragon. Its trunk was coiled like a dragon, and it looked extremely ancient.

"Earth Mother!"

Green Deity was shocked. His primordial spirit immediately flew out from his corporeal body and brought his huge corporeal body to escape. At that moment, Jiang Baigui's small boat arrived. The thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls opened up and trapped the Green Deity's primordial spirit.

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