Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1691 - Riding The Firmament

The main camp of the celestial heavens was in chaos. If the Great Overarching Heaven fell, the destruction it would cause would probably result in heavy casualties!

Countless gods and devils immediately flew up and executed their divine arts to strengthen their corporeal bodies. They transformed into giants that could support heaven and earth, trying to lift up the falling Great Overarching Heaven.

Just as they were about to come into contact with the Great Overarching Heaven, a Dao Flower suddenly appeared. The Dao Flower spun and grew larger, lifting up the falling Great Overarching Heaven.

Tai Chu's face was ashen as he controlled the Dao Tree to fly over. The roots of the Dao Tree stretched out in all directions, stabbing into the two halves of the Great Overarching Heaven, trying to connect them together.

The Great Overarching Heaven was the imprint of the Great Dao in the Ultimate Void. It was the manifestation of the Dao. Qin Mu tried to break his Great Overarching Heaven as soon as possible, but he couldn't break his Dao.

He only needed to combine the broken Great Overarching Heaven and he would be back to his peak state. However, the blow to his Dao heart from Qin Mu was something he couldn't recover in a short time.

He had deliberately schemed against Qin Mu and had long made preparations. However, what he was helpless about was that Qin Mu was no longer the Qin Mu from the Eternal Peace Calamity. No matter if it was wisdom or methods, he had already surpassed him by a lot.

At that time, Qin Mu was at his mercy and was incomparably aggrieved. He was like a muddle-headed boy.

Yet now, everything seemed to be reversed. The plan that he had planned for over twenty years was like a muddle-headed child in front of Qin Mu. Not only was it easily broken, but he was also severely injured.

Suddenly, Great Overarching Heaven split open again, and Tai Chu grunted as a mouthful of blood surged up his throat. He closed his mouth, but fresh blood poured out from his nose.

He was still injured. Not only did Qin Mu take away the soul of the green dragon, he even severely injured him!

"Grand Imperial Sire, if you make any moves in the future, you better inform me in advance."

Emperor Hao Tian came to his back and said indifferently, "Every failure of yours is a blow to the morale of the celestial heavens. Now, the celestial heavens won't allow any more failures."

The muscles on Tai Chu's back tightened. He didn't turn around, nor did he dare to wipe the blood from his nose. He said solemnly, "Your Majesty is right. I understand. However, Celestial Venerable Mu should be injured as well. In order to assassinate me, he had to summon the soul of the green dragon while scheming against me. However, he couldn't protect himself, so he would definitely be severely injured by my divine art!"

Celestial Emperor Hao said with a smile that wasn't a smile, "Do you think he will really be severely injured by your divine art? Grand Imperial Sire, you are still so full of yourself. In the current world, there are no more people who can heavily injure him by scheming against him. You are already old and can't defeat him. What you need to do is to obediently listen to my orders and stop being so full of yourself."

Emperor Hao Tian raised his hand, and boundless magic power poured out to help him stabilize the Great Overarching Heaven that was about to split again. "That set of stuff of yours is already an old thing. You can't deal with him."

Tai Chu fell silent. After a moment, he said, "I think he's also injured."

Emperor Hao Tian didn't say anything else. After helping him fix the Great Overarching Heaven, he turned around and left.

At the same time, Qin Mu summoned the three souls of East Deity Qing Long and sealed them in the dragon scales, handing them over to the soldiers of River Tomb. The soldiers immediately left with the dragon scales and returned to River Tomb through the teleportation gate.

Qin Mu dispersed the sacrificial altar and put away his primordial spirit. He exclaimed in admiration, "Tai Chu is indeed powerful. He has injured me. My estimation of him is still a little lacking. He should have already cultivated to the seventy-two throne halls. His magic power cultivation has risen another level, and he has become even more mature by using strength to achieve the Dao."

Ling Yuxiu went forward and took out some pills to wipe the wound on his knuckles. Her heart ached as she said, "You can't force yourself next time."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "Madam is right. Let Shang Jun block him next time."

Celestial Venerable Yun stared at the wound on his knuckles and didn't say anything.

When Qin Mu had cast his spell to summon the soul of the green dragon, the divine art of Tai Chu had also attacked him without warning. It was extremely dangerous!

The divine art of Absolute Beginning was to follow the vine to find the melon, and it went straight for the source of Soul Guide. It was indeed hard to guard against. Even Celestial Venerable Yun felt that it was extremely dangerous!

At that moment, Qin Mu unleashed all his methods and stood on the sacrificial altar, unleashing all kinds of divine arts to block the divine arts of the Tai Chu and break them one by one!

The most terrifying thing was that the power of the Tai Chu's divine art couldn't even reach outside the sacrificial altar before it completely disintegrated!

This was what shocked Celestial Venerable Yun the most!

Celestial Venerable Mu's attainments in divine arts were incomprehensible. Celestial Venerable Yun had fought with the Tai Chu numerous times, so he knew the attainments of the Tai Chu divine arts like the back of his hand. He was also extremely impressed by Tai Chu. Although Tai Chu used strength to achieve the Dao, his attainments in First Heaven were extremely high. He could be said to be the number one person in First Heaven!

Similarly, he was also extremely proficient in the Dao of Absolute Beginning. He had also cultivated his Dao Realm to a far-reaching level and cultivated to the twenty over heavens of the Dao Realm.

Yet it was such an existence that under the sneak attack, the power of his divine art couldn't even leave the sacrificial altar!

One had to know that the power of the divine arts of those who had achieved the Dao could probably destroy most of Carefree Village's Grand Pure Land when unleashed. However, such a huge power was actually restricted by Qin Mu on the sacrificial altar!

In the end, Tai Chu's divine art only injured Qin Mu's knuckles. Qin Mu felt that his divine art wasn't perfect, but the shock it gave others was incomparable!

Ling Yuxiu treated the injuries on Qin Mu's knuckles. Qin Mu raised his head to look at the sky and saw Heaven Duke's huge face covering the west. Countless sun guards dragged the sun and gathered under Heaven Duke's face. The army of Xuandu was ready.

"The power of the celestial heavens is simply too great."

He frowned slightly. The celestial heavens had ten times the military power of Carefree Village and Eternal Peace. Now that the celestial heavens' army was blocked by Carefree Village, the battlefield had yet to be laid out. However, as long as the battlefield was laid out, Carefree Village wouldn't be spared!

"At that time, even Celestial Venerables and those who have achieved the Dao will have to go into battle!"

Qin Mu's chest puffed up. The most dangerous place wasn't Carefree Village, but West Earth. West Earth would definitely be lost!

"Before Carefree Village is defeated, we must flatten the forces of the east, south, and north. Otherwise, we will be able to destroy Eternal Peace!"

Eastern Sea.

River Tomb's envoy walked out from the teleportation gate and quickly came to the camp of the Eastern Sea. The envoy passed through the army of Eternal Peace's gods and devils.

Under the tiger tent, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui raised his head and saw him. There was still no emotion in his eyes, but he couldn't help standing up.

The envoy quickly came forward and presented the dragon scales of the green dragon. He said solemnly, "Imperial Preceptor, Celestial Venerable Mu has summoned the three souls of East Deity Qing Long and sealed them in the dragon scales!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took the dragon scale and said, "You have worked hard, go and rest."

"I'm not tired!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at him and revealed a smile. "Alright. When the war starts, follow me to battle. Men, invite Virtuous Earth Sovereign!"

"No need, I'm already here!"

A gentle voice rang out, and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked towards the source of the voice. He saw Virtuous Earth Sovereign, Gongsun, walking forward. He hurriedly turned back and looked in the direction of Eternal Peace's capital city. Only when he saw that the Primordial Tree was still there did he let out a sigh of relief.

Gongsun said, "I left my main body in the capital city and came here with my corporeal body so as not to alarm Green Deity of the Eastern Sky."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor paid his respects and said, "You are right. If you come with your true body, even if Green Emperor hates Green Dragon to the bone, he won't dare to fight. If he doesn't, we won't be able to capture him alive. Listen to my command, reorganize the three armies!"

As his order was passed down, military numbers came from the camps on the sea surface. Duke Wei, General of Heavenly Strategies, King Mount Tai, Qin Feiyue, and the other marquises of the army inspected the army.

On the surface of the sea, the camp was like a city wall that was ten thousand miles long. In the sky, there were flying god cities, and under the sea, there were huge gods and devils lying in ambush. They were in an orderly formation, ready to be on standby at any time.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor calculated the time precisely to a point. He suddenly said solemnly, "Ring the drum and invite East Deity divine weapon!"

He gave a command, and the sound of drums shook the sky. The sea water of the East Sea churned, and waves split the sky. In the overflowing waves, the gate of the camp opened, and an incomparably huge green dragon divine weapon was pushed out by thousands of gods of Eternal Peace.

The green dragon divine weapon sat on the huge platform of the sea, as if East Deity was alive!

The green dragon coiled around, and in front of its claws was a Numinous Treasure Mountain used to grind its teeth!

That was the Numinous Treasure Mountain that East Deity Qing Long had lost to Qin Mu when Qin Mu visited the East Pole!

This green dragon divine weapon was a divine weapon that Eternal Peace's creation divine weapon had forged according to the form of East Deity Qing Long. It was similar to the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu!

However, this divine weapon was made of flesh and blood, and it contained the Great Dao of East Deity Qing Long. It was powerful.

Once East Deity Qing Long's divine weapon was out, he saw that on the opposite side of the camp, there were numerous celestial palaces and divine cities. Green Deity of the Eastern Sky led the sixty army marquises of the Eastern Heavens, and their power was truly boundless. It was as if they had built a glorious land on the sea. In comparison, the River Tomb Formation was extremely small!

Both sides were big and small, and there was a huge disparity in their military power. However, Green Deity of the Eastern Sky guarded his camp with his life. No matter how Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor provoked him, he didn't move.

If Eternal Peace attacked forcefully, they would fall into a disadvantageous situation, so they could only remain in a deadlock.

When River Tomb pushed out this Green Dragon Divine Artifact, the celestial heavens' camp on the opposite side wasn't idle either. The door was opened wide, and a humongous green dragon appeared!

The green dragon was malevolent and fierce. Its corporeal body was vast and boundless, and it was filled with the destiny of the Great Dao unique to the ancient gods. It suppressed the East Sea, but the green dragon didn't have a head. Its head was severed, and it was the corporeal body of East Deity Qing Long!

Tai Chu killed East Deity Qing Long and sealed the head of Celestial Venerable Qing Long in a box to give to Celestial Emperor Hao. However, his corporeal body was left behind for Green Deity of the Eastern Sky!

Eternal Peace's side only had one East Deity divine weapon while the other side had the corporeal body of a green dragon. It was obvious that Green Deity of the Eastern Sky wanted to show off and crush Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's confidence.

Not only that, but the qi and blood in the camp of the Eastern Sky Army was like a heavenly sea hanging upside down. The qi and blood filled the sky above the camp of the sixty army marquises of the celestial heavens, and it was incomparably dense. It was the birthplace of the East Pole's East Deity Qing Long. The ancestral land, the Myriad Dragon Nest, was also moved over!

The qi and blood in the Myriad Dragon Nest were incomparably vigorous and full of vitality. It was enough to protect the countless army of the sixty army marquises from regrowing their limbs. They were not afraid of being injured on the battlefield and were like an incomparably huge creation divine weapon!

Even though his abilities and power were much stronger than that of Eternal Peace, and his treasures were also extraordinary, Green Deity of the Eastern Sky still remained behind closed doors.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Jiang Baigui, waved his hand, and the thousands of gods escorting East Deity's divine weapon retreated back to their camps.

At this moment, a small boat sailed out from the camp. Jiang Baigui stood at the bow of the small boat, and in the center of the small boat stood an old red horse. It drew a straight line on the sea surface and came to the head of East Deity divine weapon.

On the other side, the Eastern Heaven camp was still calm. No one was fighting.

Jiang Baigui's small boat came to a stop. Jiang Baigui took off the crown on his head and placed it on the bow of the boat. He then took off his hairpin and draped it over his shoulders.

He took out his divine sword, the dragon scales of the green dragon, and held it in front of the dragon head to cast his spell.

There was still no movement on the other side.

Green Deity of the Eastern Sky ascended the city tower and sat down calmly. He ordered people to prepare fine wine and delicacies to be served. He looked at this scene from afar and said with a smile, "Eternal Peace's Jiang Baigui is full of tricks, and now he's playing tricks to lure me into battle."

Just as he said that, waves suddenly surged on the surface of the sea, and green light shot out in all directions from the dragon scales. An incomparably huge green dragon rose into the sky from the dragon scales. It was vast and boundless, and for a moment, the sound of dragon roars reverberated endlessly. The sea split open with a crack, and a divine punishment that was countless miles long appeared!

For a moment, in the camp of the East Heaven, countless divine dragon slaves from the East Pole roared endlessly, raising their heads to the sky. The dragon binding chains on their bodies rattled!

Those divine dragons were the divine dragons of the East Pole. After East Deity Qing Long died, Green Deity of the East took over the East Pole and captured all of its descendants. He killed them, imprisoned them, skinned them, and even turned them into a dragon liver banquet!

Those who survived would be demoted to slaves and be chained up with dragon ropes. They would be used as livestock for the army under them to control and use to fight for revenge.

These divine dragons felt the aura of their patriarch and became restless, causing chaos in the army. Countless gods and devils whipped the restless divine dragons, turning them into mush.

However, the qi and blood of countless soldiers of the East Heaven Ancestor and the Myriad Dragon Nest suddenly went into chaos, making them extremely uncomfortable!

Green Deity of the Eastern Sky's expression changed drastically, and the wine cup in his hand exploded with a bang. He suddenly stood up and looked at the green dragon soul that had suddenly appeared on the sea surface!

That dragon soul was incomparably powerful. Under Jiang Baigui's spell, it involuntarily floated towards the East Deity divine weapon and entered its body!


That divine weapon suddenly came to life, and the green dragon stretched its body. Countless green dragon dao pattern runes lit up on its body, and it was incomparably bright. With a loud roar, the cracked sea surface suddenly exploded. Boom, boom, boom. The East Sea split into a cross shape, and it split all the way to the front of the army of the East Heaven Army, causing the god cities to float endlessly!

The green dragon coiled its body, grabbed the Numinous Treasure Mountain, and stuffed it into its mouth to grind its teeth. It ground its teeth until they were shiny, and its voice was incomparably loud. "Azure Supreme Thearch, you dare to humiliate my corpse and my descendants like this? I will fight you to the death! Jiang Baigui!"

The head of the green dragon hung down, and its huge head was like an incomparably huge mountain floating in front of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui. Its breath spewed out, causing Jiang Baigui's clothes to flutter backward. Meanwhile, the date red old horse on the small boat had long been scared to the point of prostrating on the boat and peeing in its pants.

"Jiang Baigui, how many soldiers and horses are you going to give me? I'll slaughter my way into the enemy camp and bring over the head of the Azure Supreme Thearch!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor pulled up the date red old horse and said with a serious expression, "Celestial Venerable Qing Long, a famous general paired with a precious horse, a treasured sword gifted to a hero! This is the Fire Dragon Foal, it's abnormally brave and can assist Celestial Venerable in battle."

Qing Long lowered his head to take a look and saw that this old horse was emaciated. It should only be an ordinary horse, and it was so frightened by his divine might that it had to stretch its legs. It trembled and couldn't stand steadily.

Jiang Baigui was full of passion, and his voice was like thunder as he shouted, "Celestial Venerable, your horse is riding the firmament, and I will cheer you on with my drum. This trip will definitely be a success!"

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