Who is the Strongest Appraiser?

Who is the Strongest Appraiser?

Translated by: Woe Be Me

A High School Boy, Kugimiya Yuri, was suddenly transported to a different world. He was lost, and while wandering in a dungeon, he ran into some adventurers from the 《Scarlet Lynx》 Clan and they protected him.

When he was transported to this different world, he was bestowed with the strongest appraisal skill, 【God Eye】, but he thought nothing about it! His culinary skill was top notch, and he liked doing trivial household chores, so he happily took care of the cooking in the Clan’s base. Not only did he mesmerized the stomachs of everyone around him, he also crafted items that didn’t exist in this world, and completely waste his cheat-like abilities! He got admonished when he caused trouble, but he is enjoying the slow paced life in a different world!!

Latest Release: Chapter 30

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