The Deities of Hell

Chapter 5 - The Devil of Envy Part 4

The tomatoes in the tomato field were mostly rotten, and several fruits had dropped to the ground.

Some looked like worms had eaten them, while others had gone completely bad.

Snakey closely observed each tomato on the field.

There were no traces of Mizuki or Yua there.


Snakey moved to the wheat field next to the tomato field.

Seeing that Snakey had left, Mizuki looked out from the inside of a fallen tomato.

He was smeared with tomato juice.

“It went to the field next to this one. Let’s look for a way to escape.”


With Mizuki’s help, Yua climbed out of the tomato.

Since they had been inside the suffocating tomato, they were out of breath.

The two of them brushed the tomato stain off themselves and stealthily walked in the opposite direction Snakey had gone.

From Snakey’s point of view, the two of them looked tiny, like mice.

It wasn’t hard for them to move in a way so they wouldn’t be detected in the field.

“This is a dead end.”

“This is a house, a building from the world I know. They’re using man-made structures to build fences for the fields.”

Looking at their surroundings, they saw a fence encircling the field.

The fence seemed to be made from human houses and buildings.

There were gaps to go through, but they would probably not survive if the rubble collapsed.

Naturally, it was too high to climb too.

“What should we do? Do we go back to the house?”

Troubled, Mizuki asked Yua.

Yua then wrote, “There must be a door for Snakey to go through” on a note and handed it to him.

The hand that had written those words was still trembling.

“Isn’t it… That one?”

Mizuki pointed at a crooked stone door that slanted diagonally.

It obviously was in Snakey’s colossal size.

It was right in front of the house, the door they had seen to the left.

However, it looked like they wouldn’t be able to open it.

“That won’t open. It has a doorknob you need to turn, and it’s situated too high up.”

“I’ve got a plan. Come on.”

They approached the door and hid a potato field while shifting their focus on Snakey by the wheat field.

“We’ll throw potatoes on the door to lure Snakey to it.”

Reading that on a note he got from Yua, Mizuki checked the distance between them and the door and then shook his head.

“It won’t work. We’re too far to throw things at the door from here. And even if we go closer to throw, Snakey will find us when it gets here. The risk is too high.”

Yua smiled confidently and handed him a second note.

“There will be a lot of crushed potatoes by the door. We’ll hide in those.”

Mizuki nodded nervously.

The two of them lifted a potato and moved it to the door.

“I’ll throw it. You hide, Yua.”

Yua raised her thumb and smiled nervously.

Checking that she had hidden in a potato, Mizuki threw the potato as hard as he could at the door.


Snakey turned its head toward the door.

Since Mizuki and Yua were in a blind spot from the wheat field, it didn’t notice them.

However, using its many hands, it rushed to the door.

Mizuki became flustered and ran toward the potato Yua was hiding in.

However, his feet got stuck in the soil and he fell over.

Still, Yua pulled Mizuki out of it.

She did it by utilizing the function of the handcuffs. By pulling once, the chain pulled Mizuki back with it like a measuring tape.


Being even more impatient than Mizuki, Yua reached for him.

Since the chain closed the range between their handcuffs, Mizuki had to hide in the same potato Yua was hiding in.

Because Yua had jumped in the potato, she couldn’t turn around and see what was happening outside.

Filled with guilt and fear of being discovered, her heart palpitated in her chest.

They were both worried about what would happen, but because Yua was in Mizuki’s embrace, they got distracted.

The inside of the potato was suffocating, and there was a strange firmness and slime.


Oddly enough, Snakey opened the door.

However, there wasn’t anything weird there.

“The door… Is open.”

Yua heard the door being opened.

She drew near Mizuki and look through the gap they had entered through.

She saw Snakey by the opened the door, looking around.

She rolled her body and knocked the potato over, so it rolled out through the door.

Seeing that they had gone through the door, she stopped rolling.

However, because there was a slight slope there, the two of them continued rolling downwards.


Mizuki stiffened, and Yua screamed while flying out of the potato.

The potato stopped rolling at the bottom.


Snakey didn’t stop to notice the potato and closed the door.

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