My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World - Chapter 170

By: lennie

Click here for Chapter 170

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Hullo everyone!

Wow, another 30+ chapters before the end of the novel! Have you enjoyed reading it so far?

I’m currently looking for the next project to translate, and am open to suggestions. I do already have a title in mind, but if there’s something else more interesting, I may change my mind 😊

Anyway, do ping me on ISO Discord @lennie101 if you have a suggestion. Some guidelines below:

- Due to the not-so-recent announcement from JJ_WX-C, I prefer to avoid any novels from this platform.

- BL genre, no ABO. The novel I have in mind is apocalyptic survival.

- Preferably something new and untranslated. One or two chapters of a teaser are fine, but no more than that. Anything that has been listed on NU but has links removed may be behind a paywall or password protected, so I won’t consider those either.

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