Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2688: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 39)

The first time they met, he would never forget that full aura being released.

There was a faint scent of cherry blossoms that had unconsciously made him dazed.

He also didn’t know why he felt this way.  He just knew that the greater this pressure was, the harder it was to endure and he wanted to get closer to her.

“Ke, ke……”  Tan Xiao gave up acting and waved his hand, “Don’t keep laughing at yourself like this, alright?  It’s better to get a complete check, I’ll head over to the young miss’ side first.”

Lu Jue Feng narrowed his eyes to look at Tan Xiao, looking him over.

“Aiyo.”  Tan Xiao’s lips twitched, “Although I don’t have someone in my heart like young master Ling, I don’t believe in love in first sight, alright?”

“Un.  Although it’s in the villa, you have to be careful.”  Lu Jue Feng slightly knitted his brows, “I have to go somewhere else after the checkup, so I’ll be back a bit late.”

Yan Ze heard this and asked, “Wa!  Young master Feng, where are you going injured like this!  I can just take care of whatever you need to do.”

“Ai, you can just come back with us.”  Mo Ling looked up and said, “Young master Feng has his own business to take care of.”

“Un, alright.”


Lu Jue Feng left the hospital after a complete checkup and there was nothing wrong with his checkup.  The only thing was that his shoulder wound was deep, so it would take a long time to recover.

The more it was like this, the more he was certain that this matter was related to Yan Tong.

But if Yan Tong didn’t appear at the hospital after such a long time, there was no need to confirm it anymore.

Royal Empire Hotel.

Other than the Luo Manor, this is where he lived the most.  Yan Tong also had a private VIP room here.

It was past nine when Lu Jue Feng arrived.  After checking at the front desk, he found that Yan Tong was at the hotel as expected.

“Ding dong.”  He changed to a light coloured sweater for the first time and rang Yan Tong’s doorbell.

When the door opened, Yan Tong nervously stood in front of him with the scent of gunpowder on her.

“Young master……”

“Close the door.”  He coldly replied as he had already come to decision.

The light in the room was a bit dim.  Lu Jue Feng sat on the sofa releasing waves of coldness that made people not dare approach.

He raised his right hand and pressed the switch of the light beside the sofa, instantly lighting up the room.

Yan Tong was shocked.  The light suddenly being lit was as terrifying as all of her secrets being exposed under this light.

“Young master……I……”

“Although the result can’t be changed——”  Lu Jue Feng narrowed his cold eyes to look at her, “I just want to hear the truth.”

Yan Tong’s face was already very pale.  Although she was wearing a leather jacket, she could feel the strong fear and nervousness deep inside of her.

“Young master……it was me……”  Yan Tong kneeled down in front of Lu Jue Feng and lowered her head to say, “I couldn’t take care of her last time, so I wanted to do all I could to make up for it this time……”

“Humph.”  Lu Jue Feng gave a cold snort and cut Yan Tong off, “Who gave you the order to make up for it?”

“But young master……”  Yan Tong bit her lip and used another method, “Her appearance will affect mister L’s emotions……”

“I wanted to kill her back then because I wasn’t sure if she was real or not.  There have been dozens if not hundreds that have tried pretending to be the young miss over the years.”  Lu Jue Feng coldly looked at Yan Tong and said, “But now that uncle Nan has already confirmed her identity, did you ask me before trying to kill her?”

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