The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

29) Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.21


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Qin Yu was maintaining his silence, but his black pupils seemed to have been condensed into an invisible storm. His whole body emitted a heavy pressure that made the soldier that just a moment ago opened his mouth immediately quiet down. The soldier couldn’t help but secretly ponder about his words from just a moment ago. Had he said something that he shouldn’t have, which would’ve made the commander daren’s complexion suddenly change?

Qin Yu’s complexion was ugly for a while, and immediately afterwards he had a feeling that there was something wrong. Even if Li Luo and Liu Ruoyan went out, it was unlikely that they would come back so late. He looked up at the soldier that was standing on the side and said, “You go and get me three squads of patrol soldiers, the sooner the better!”

“Yes!” The soldier that received the command quickly left, he only took a short period of time to bring more than thirty people.

After Qin Yu arranged the task, the more than thirty people dispersed and began to search the city.

Qin Yu didn’t stay there and wait for the news, but with the more than thirty people, he also went looking for Li Luo and Liu Ruoyan that didn’t come back yet.

Although the moon was in the middle of the sky, because of the festival, the streets were still brightly lit, the people were coming and going.

Qin Yu looked at the couples that were walking side by side in the street, as well as the lanterns that they carried in their hands, his original ugly complexion suddenly became even more ugly. He didn’t expect Li Luo would agree to come out with Liu Ruoyan to such a special festival.

Good, very good! Qin Yu thought as he jumped over a roof, while gritting his teeth.

This debt, he would write it down in his heart. Just wait until the time to settle the accounts comes, he would make Mucheng repay each and every one of them properly.

Qin Yu’s heart was anxious and angry, the pace of his footsteps also became faster.


After the more than thirty people investigated almost all of the places in the city in the middle of the night, they finally found Liu Ruoyan inside a small alley leaning against a wall, as her head hung low.

As soon as a soldier with good eyesight saw the state Liu Ruoyan was in, he knew right away that her sleeping acupuncture point was sealed, but there was no one that had found out about it.

After Qin Yu received the notification, as if he had the wind under his feet, with the fastest speed he arrived at the scene.

Liu Ruoyan still had her eyes closed and still in the same posture leaning against the wall—without Qin Yu’s permission, no one dared to go forward to release Liu Ruoyan’s acupuncture point.

Qin Yu reached out one of his fingers and released Liu Ruoyan’s acupuncture points. Seeing as though Liu Ruoyan looked a bit in a daze after she woke up, Qin Yu stepped forward right away and seized Liu Ruoyan’s shoulder. His complexion was heavy as he asked, “Where Mucheng?”

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