Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 198: Indirect kiss


The room turned cold as the two fell silent. Feng Yu Chen is busy cooking up an excuse while Seitenshi's mind short-circuited because she didn't know how to process the situation.

"Feng-nii, are you looking at my Kuma Pantsu? I knew you liked the bear design."

Hina said while showing off her bear-print underwear.


Seitenshi also saw the white one she usually wore laid out on the bed. He must have seen it.

Feng Yu Chen knew this is going to end badly so he decided to slowly inch toward the exit. He also kept a friendly smile on.

"You peeping tom! Die!"

Seitenshi threw her pillows at him. She was blushing furiously, never had she been in a situation such as this.


Feng Yu Chen ran out of the room and closed the door shut. This is bad, Hina-chan shouldn't have done that. She attracted her attention and now Seitenshi is going to peg him as a lech.

"Ugh, seriously..."

He returned to the meeting room.

There is an elderly man in the meeting room. He had a stout build and was close to 7 ft in height. His hair is gray but his vitality is still strong. This man is Kikunojou Tendo, Seitenshi's aide and one of the biggest politicians in this Tokyo Region. He is also responsible for the deaths of Kisara's parents. She swore revenge against him.


Feng Yu Chen sat on the sofa before closing his eyes.

Kikunojou opened his mouth.

"You're working at the Tendo Civil Defense corp?"

"Why do you ask, old man?"

Feng Yu Chen retorted.

"Just asking, they provided me info on you. I was thinking..."

Feng Yu Chen is tired of this old far. He waved his hand.

"She is my temporary creditor. You can think of me as being in her employment for a brief period. However, I choose how to discharge my liabilities."

Kikunojou showed no discernible expressions.


Seitenshi and Hina-chan entered the room. Hina-chan was in a white dress that looked like what Seitenshi would have worn when she was younger. She has a thing for the white stuff.

"Feng-nii, do I look good? Seitenshi gave me her old dress."

Hina-chan presented herself in front of Feng Yu Chen. She also twirled around.

"Oh, looks good. Hina-chan is the cutest girl!"

Feng Yu Chen rubbed her head.

"No, Seitenshi-nee is also beautiful."

Hina-chan grabbed her hand.

"Nn, what an obedient child..."

Seitenshi rubbed Hina-chan's head. Hina felt like a sister to her.

Seitenshi and Feng Yu Chen avoided looking at one another

"Erm, if that is all, I would like to take my leave."

Seitenshi nodded with a light snort.

Feng Yu Chen took Hina-chan before leaving the room.

"I sent my people to investigate the area. All the kills were clean and executed in one clean blow to the critical places. A shooter and a fighter massacred the Gastreas. The Cursed Child near him, in particular, has incredible skills with the gun. Feng Yu Chen also displayed superhuman power. Rough estimates of his blows were measured in hundreds of kilos. We estimate that he is a mechanical soldier in disguise. He is probably a lost relic of the New Human Creation Plan. However, neither Sumire, Ayn, Albrecht, Arthur ever worked on anything like him. Plus, that sword skill of his, was so polished that he couldn't have been anything but a talented and well-trained swordsman in the past."

Kikunojou summarized his files.

Seitenshi couldn't believe her eyes, Feng Yu Chen is probably a top 100 IP ranker. Can she trust him? She wants him to help her with her dream. The law can guarantee protection for Cursed Children and set a way of life where humans can live together with Cursed Children. No longer will these innocent children receive the scorn of society and live like rats. Judging by how he treats Tina-chan like his daughter, he must have a kind heart that is unbiased and open to Cursed Children. Maybe, she can trust him after all.

She has seen her share of civil defense officers who treat their Initiators like tools to dispose of whenever they break down. They always used their Initiators as bait or meat shields during jobs. After that, they would switch Initiators like douchebag promoters. She cannot tolerate such foul practices. For once, she saw someone treating a cursed child like his own kin. No, he treated her like his sister. She has high hopes for this IP pair.

She picked up her cup of tea but it was empty. She only discovered this after sipping from the cup in a futile manner. She just poured it so who could have drunk it? Not Kikunojou so it must be Feng Yu Chen.

Wait, an indirect kiss?

Her head started spinning. That guy did as he pleased. This explains the weird smell on her cup. It was his saliva, that bastard. He is going to get yelled at the next time she sees him.

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