Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1729 - Leaving Love Without Hatred

Shangfu, Shaofu, and the other ministers dragged Celestial Emperor Hao away. Celestial Emperor Hao was in a daze, and he saw the defeated army of the celestial heavens everywhere. The army of the celestial heavens was like a tide, and there were still a lot of them. If they could reorganize their forces at this time, it was hard to say who would win in the battle against Eternal Peace.

However, because of the fall of Xuandu, the morale of the celestial heavens had been lost. They had become dogs that only cared about escaping.

Emperor Hao Tian's heart was filled with sorrow. At this moment, there was still a portion of the celestial heavens' army heading to the other heavens to carry out the blood sacrifice. As long as they delayed for a few days, they would be able to let the Dao successors of the Miro Palace descend.

At that time, it would be time for the celestial heavens to turn defeat into victory!

Qin Mu was heavily injured. With the Celestial Venerable level experts of Eternal Peace, who could stop the practitioners of Miluo Palace?

Unfortunately, the gods and devils of the celestial heavens no longer had the courage to continue fighting!

'The fault of this defeat isn't on me, it's the soldiers of the celestial heavens that are dragging me down!'

Celestial Emperor Hao pushed away the ministers and killed dozens of soldiers. He shouted sternly, "Don't run! Continue fighting!"

If the soldiers of the celestial heavens abandoned the main camp and escaped, the supplies they had brought from the ancestral court would all be thrown away. It was fine if they threw away ordinary divine weapons, but the crucial point was that they had brought numerous sacred grounds, treasures, and other items from the ancestral court. These sacred grounds, treasures, heavenly seas, divine rivers, and so on were too heavy. If they were abandoned here, Eternal Peace's power would be raised!

At that time, there would really be no hope of turning the tables!

Celestial Emperor Hao's eyes were red from killing, but the soldiers that were running for their lives avoided him and continued to run for their lives.

Emperor Hao Tian was furious, and he spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood. He said with a hoarse voice, "Don't run! We haven't lost this battle!"

"Your Majesty!"

Shangfu Shoufu and the rest rushed over again and carried him away while crying, "Youdu and Xuandu have fallen into the hands of the enemy, and our soldiers' lives are in danger. We have already lost! We can't keep our lives—"

"Your Majesty, when we return to the ancestral court, we can still make a comeback! The ancestral court is far more fertile than the Primordial Realm. We can't throw the lives of our soldiers here!"

Celestial Emperor Hao was dispirited, and his strength seemed to have been sucked out. He was held up by a few ministers, and he stumbled out of the celestial heavens' main camp with the army.

In the sky, the suns and moons moved into formation and bombarded the celestial heavens' main camp from the sky. It was a scene of complete chaos. Behind the main camp of the celestial heavens, the battle between the Grand Prime and the two ancient gods of Tai Chi had reached a crucial moment. The three of them executed their accompanying treasures and opened up their Dao Realms, slaughtering their way into the starry sky from the ground!

On the ground and in the sky were the great army of the Beast World led by the dragon qilin, West Deity, and White Tiger. They were fighting the gods of the celestial heavens.

As one of the three masters, the celestial heavens' divine masters had a large number of powerful troops. They were the only army that had preserved their full strength. This army was even larger than the Celestial River Navy at its peak.

This time, the dragon qilin came to take the back route, and both sides had mobilized countless gods and huge beasts. The battle was earth-shattering, mountains collapsed, and void beasts appeared in the sky, sweeping everything before them.

Not only that, West Deity White Tiger pulled his ancestral land over by force and activated the bugle horn. The bugle horn rang out long and loud, causing the qi and blood of the beast world beast army to surge. They were fearless of death.

The dragon qilin was personally in charge of the formation of the Beast World and had experienced the battle of Southern Heaven. He was already a qualified commander, and his battle with the divine masters of the celestial heavens was exceptionally intense.

West Deity White Tiger was brave and skilled in battle, and he was an ancient god of war. He wasn't afraid of death and rushed to the frontlines. The dragon qilin, on the other hand, had learned the strange changes in Qin Mu's formation, but he was also more cautious than Qin Mu. He used Human Rearing Scriptures to control the Beast World, and he had the bearing of a leader, making all the beast kings of the Beast World loyal to him.

The two of them complemented each other perfectly, causing the divine envoys of the celestial heavens to retreat in defeat. However, it was still impossible for them to defeat the divine masters.

The sky was still splitting open, and new primordial behemoths were being summoned from the beast world to join the battle.

Right at this moment, the trend of the celestial heavens' escape spread to the god teachers, and they started to retreat. Soon, the morale of the god teachers of the celestial heavens fell, and they all fled.

West Deity White Tiger was an abnormally brave woman who had inherited the bravery and fighting skills of the female master of creation, Xin Clan. From afar, she saw the flag of Celestial Emperor fluttering in the chaotic army, and she couldn't help but be excited. Without any explanation, she led the army forward and cut through the escaping army of the celestial heavens!

"Don't go!"

When the dragon qilin saw this, his eyes almost popped out. He hurriedly jumped onto the back of the void beast mother and chased after West Deity White Tiger with all his might.

Although West Deity White Tiger was a charming woman, she was a fierce general. Otherwise, she wouldn't have become an ancient god of war. She fought her way to the flag of Celestial Emperor, and suddenly, with a loud boom, West Deity's ancestral land split into pieces!

The dragon qilin's heart turned cold. In the shattered West Deity ancestral land, West Deity White Tiger vomited blood and fell to the ground.

The void beast mother carried him into the void and appeared in front of West Deity White Tiger. However, when she saw that the golden horn of war had already been broken into two pieces, West Deity White Tiger collapsed on his back and stared at him with his eyes wide open. He was barely breathing.

The dragon qilin jumped down from the void and quickly came in front of her. Before West Deity White Tiger could even breathe, Emperor Hao Tian's attack had already destroyed her body, turning her into a congenital qi that dispersed.

If this momentum spread to her primordial spirit, even the black soul sand wouldn't exist.

"Dragon Mountain Sanren, may Celestial Venerable Mu revive me…"

Just as West Deity White Tiger said that, the dragon qilin made a prompt decision. He immediately executed his divine art and killed her primordial spirit, scattering it into the three souls of heaven, earth, and gods. This was to prevent the Dao injuries left behind by Emperor Hao Tian's divine art from destroying her primordial spirit.

The dragon qilin stood up and severed West Deity's head. He brought the head of West Deity to jump onto the back of the void beast mother and left in a flash.

He came to the army of the Beast World and transformed into the dragon qilin's true body. He roared towards the sky, and his voice spread throughout the army of the Beast World. He ordered the army of the Beast World to shrink back and open up a path for the celestial heavens' army to pass through.

If they trapped the army of the celestial heavens at this moment, it would definitely be a trap. The army of the celestial heavens would counterattack, and no matter if it was friend or foe, it would turn into a deathmatch!

At that time, the morale of the celestial heavens would rise with the deathmatch and despair.

If they gave way to escape, the morale of the soldiers of the celestial heavens would be even lower!

Surrounding three and releasing one, this was the art of war.

The dragon qilin controlled the great army of the beast world and attacked continuously from the two wings of the celestial heavens. He surrounded the soldiers of the celestial heavens that had fallen behind and expanded the battle results.

At the same time, in the sky, the Eternal Peace Army led by Jiang Baigui attacked from above. It first rained down a rain of swords, causing the chaos in the army to become even more chaotic. They then started to cut in from the tail of the deserters from the celestial heavens.

The army led by Jiang Baigui was like the pincers of a centipede. With one move and one move, they cut down the army of over a hundred thousand soldiers at the tail of the deserters and surrounded them to annihilate them.

On the other hand, Jiang Baigui stood in the sky and looked at the great army of the beast world. He saw that even though the beast world was filled with primordial behemoths, the formation was strict like a wall. He not only praised, "Dragon Mountain Sanren has the talent of a heavenly master! There's no flaw in the arrangement of the formation."

The two armies continued to encroach on each other, doing their best to catch up to the chaotic army of the celestial heavens. The dragon qilin also noticed Jiang Baigui's formation dispatch and immediately saw through his plan.

"Imperial Preceptor Jiang is chasing from the back. I just need to mobilize the army to surround them from the two sides and split them up. That way, we can surround them three times and release one, causing the celestial heavens to bleed continuously. I don't need to exterminate the soldiers of the celestial heavens that have been separated. Imperial Preceptor Jiang will naturally rush over from the back and eliminate these people."

Even though the two of them didn't communicate, they could see through each other's schemes and worked together seamlessly, forcing the celestial heavens to give up more supplies in order to move quickly. The heavy weapons that were difficult to transport were also thrown down.

After a moment, flames suddenly burst forth, and the army of Eternal Peace rushed out of the main camp of the celestial heavens to pursue them. It was an army led by South Deity Zhu Que and Yan'er.

Another moment later, another group of three-headed and six-armed gods arrived. Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor rushed over.

With the help of these two forces, Jiang Baigui was at ease. The army that he had led had traveled a long distance and flattened the gods and devils of Xuandu. They had also rushed over without stopping to assist him, so they were truly exhausted.

This pursuit was also risking his life!

This day was destined to be the day of darkness for the celestial heavens.

The various armies gave chase, and in the main camp of the celestial heavens, another encirclement was still ongoing. The soldiers of the celestial heavens who didn't manage to escape in time fell into the encirclement. Flames of war were everywhere, and the battlefield was split into pieces.

"Where are the soldiers of Carefree Village?" Ling Yuxiu's divine city came and asked Blind.

Blind immediately flew out of Divine City, and Ling Yuxiu hurriedly instructed the formation experts behind him, "Quickly invite King of Medicine God over!"

In the main camp of the celestial heavens, Heaven Knife Butcher and the rest dispelled the gods and devils of the celestial heavens that were surrounding Carefree Village. Looking at the battlefield, they saw collapsed palaces and buildings everywhere. It was a scene of desolation. Out of the two hundred thousand soldiers of Carefree Village, only two to three thousand people were left. All of them were injured.

Many familiar figures could no longer be seen.

Butcher Heaven Knife put away his knife and walked in the pool of blood. Suddenly, a soldier of Carefree Village stretched out a single arm to grab his pants.

Butcher looked down and saw that the soldier of Carefree Village had been severed at the waist. His other arm was also gone, and he barely had a breath left to hang on to.

"Brother, give me a quick death." That soldier of Carefree Village raised his head and squeezed out a smile on his scarred face.

Butcher took out the medicine on his body and treated his wounds. He said in a low voice, "Don't worry, I was the same as you back then and suffered such heavy injuries. Later on, I also survived. Eternal Peace has Creation Mysterious Technique, so as long as you learn it, what you lost can still grow back… Apothecary! Apothecary, where are you?"

He shouted loudly, but there were simply too many casualties, and there weren't enough apothecaries in Eternal Peace Army.

The soldiers under him took out their own medicine and distributed them to the injured people of Carefree Village. Butcher came to Wen Tiange's side, who shook his head and forced himself to raise his finger. "Save the farmers first…"

Butcher hurriedly went in the direction he was pointing and saw Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha lying on the ground, protecting Yan Yunxi under his body. Butcher pushed Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher away with all his might and saw that the old farmer was already dead, while Yan Yunxi was still breathing.

In the chaos, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher had risked his life to protect Yan Yunxi. Although he had saved her life, he hadn't been able to hold on until victory.

He couldn't care less about the tea and hurriedly applied medicine for Yan Yunxi. Yan Yunxi's eyes were wide open, but she couldn't see anything. Her eyes had been stabbed by the poison needles of Great Sun Sovereign of the celestial heavens.

"Is Guan Cha doing well?" she asked.

Butcher looked at Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's corpse and nodded his head. He then remembered that she couldn't see and said, "He's still fine."

"That's good."

Yan Yunxi revealed a smile. "After this battle, we'll get married and live in seclusion. I told him… Wen Tiange, I don't like you anymore. I have someone I like! You have no human taste, and only then do I know that I don't like you…"

She laughed and coughed up blood.

Qi Xiayu collapsed in Sakra's embrace. The once most handsome man had now become the ugliest Duke of Wrath. However, no matter if it was Qi Xiayu or Sakra, they were both exhausted.

In this battle, Red Deity went through nine nirvanas, and his battle power grew stronger. However, after nine nirvanas, he still exhausted all of his life force.

"Do you still hate me?" She looked at the man she liked and asked.

Duke Ming lowered his head. "Buddha has no hatred."

"Then do you still love me?"

Duke Ming was silent.

Red Deity revealed a smile. "Is the Li Youran I like still here?"

Duke Ming's sinister face gradually changed and gradually returned to the handsome Li Youran from back then. He said with a hoarse voice, "Yes, he's still here…"

Red Deity Qi Xiayu was satisfied and slowly closed her eyes.

"From love comes sorrow, from love comes fear; from love there is no sorrow, where is fear?"

Li Youran hugged her and sat down in a lotus position. He muttered, "It's the old saying don't love for the old, the separation of love becomes bitterness. If there's no love and hatred, there's no restraint on the other side… Unbearing, so difficult. I'm not Sakra, not… If there's a next life…"

"Senior Brother Zhan Kong, Brahma Buddha has passed away," a buddha said to the approaching Zhan Kong.

Zhan Kong Rulai placed his hands together and bowed to Li Youran before turning to save the others.

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