Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1686 - I Have a Dream, The Return of Meng Yungui (Part 2)

Just as Heavenly King Yi Luo's order was sent out, Meng Yungui didn't retreat but advanced instead, leading the remaining dozens of Ascension Camp soldiers to rush onto the ship!

Heavenly King Yi Luo had a strange expression. Meng Yungui actually dared to rush over at this time!

If he rushed out, he would still have a chance to escape the net. If he rushed towards the ship, he would be walking right into the trap!

In order to save the slaves on the ship, he was willing to sacrifice his own life. This was another extremely foolish action in his eyes.

"A heavenly master of a generation, astonishingly talented and famous throughout the world, yet he repeatedly makes mistakes. His reputation is actually hard to deal with! Meng Yungui, you can die now!"

Heavenly King Yi Luo allowed Meng Yungui to return to the Killing Dao Ship. There was no need for him to do anything as the two armies of gods and devils blocked Meng Yungui and the dozens of soldiers of the Ascension Camp.

The Divine Martial Guards came from behind. This battle had already become a trap to catch a turtle in a jar.

Heavenly King Yi Luo looked at him coldly. He saw that Meng Yungui and the rest were surrounded and were still fighting non-stop, trying to rush to his side.

The remaining dozens of soldiers of the Ascension Camp became fewer, and all of them died one after another. However, they still guarded the left and right of their generals, blocking the divine weapons and divine arts of the celestial heavens' army for him.

If he couldn't block it, he would block it with his corporeal body and his life!

"Strong and brave, admirable."

Heavenly King Yi Luo exclaimed in admiration and clapped his hands. "Meng Yungui, for you to have such a brave warrior following you, you can be considered a hero. What a pity, you are going to die here with these heroes today."

He still didn't make a move and continued to watch coldly as the soldiers beside Meng Yungui collapsed one after another. He watched as more injuries appeared on Meng Yungui's body, and he saw more blood flowing out from his body. His essence, qi, and spirit were becoming weaker.

Heavenly King Yi Luo started to move. As he moved, he grabbed a youth and smiled. "Do you want to protect this kind of human?"

The youth trembled and didn't dare to move.

"Give me a punch and I'll let you go," Heavenly King Yi Luo said to the youth.

The youth opened his mouth, and after a moment, he said with a trembling voice, "Old master…"

Heavenly King Yi Luo opened his mouth and put the youth into his mouth. He laughed and said, "Is this the kind of clansmen you want to protect? They aren't your clansmen, they are just a bunch of livestock! No, even if they are livestock, they have to resist before they are killed. They are even inferior to livestock!"

He grabbed another elder and continued to strike at Meng Yungui's conviction. "The humans of Southern Heaven are maggots. They have no thoughts and no intelligence. They are just a pile of walking meat. Yet you are going to die here for these walking meat! Meng Yungui, do you think it's worth it?"

Meng Yungui slaughtered his way onto the ship, his body dripping with blood. Only a dozen or so soldiers were left beside him.

Heavenly King Yi Luo swallowed the old man in one bite and spread his wings to make the Divine Martial Guards retreat. The armies on both sides also retreated.

Meng Yungui panted heavily. He was like a lamp that had run out of oil and didn't have much strength left. However, he raised his head and stared fiercely at Heavenly King Yi Luo.

Heavenly King Yi Luo clasped his hands behind his back and said indifferently, "Heavenly Teacher Meng, if you can defeat me, I will let the humans on this ship off. Come, make your move."

Meng Yungui roused his spirit and looked at the soldiers beside him who were like oil lamps on the verge of dying.

He was slightly hesitant. These soldiers that accompanied him no longer had the ability to continue fighting.

Suddenly, a plop came from his side, and an old general knelt on the ground with his head hanging down. He was no longer breathing.

Meng Yungui was stunned. He saw that his old subordinate, who had always followed him, was covered in injuries. He had long suffered fatal injuries. His celestial palace divine treasures were already shattered, and his primordial spirit was riddled with holes. Now, he finally couldn't hold on any longer, and his soul had dispersed.

Beside the old general, a young human god's body swayed as he held onto the sword in his hand. He couldn't hold on any longer and grinned. "Heavenly Teacher, I can't continue to follow you…"

His eyes widened, and he suddenly pulled out his sword to wipe his neck, cutting off his own head.

That young god raised his head and smiled. "This general will never drag Heavenly Teacher down!"

"Heavenly Teacher."

Another soldier of the Ascension Camp stabbed the broken spear in his hand onto the deck and pointed the tip of the spear at his chest. "To be able to follow Heavenly Teacher is my fortune! Heavenly Teacher, let us meet again in the next life!"

He crashed forward, and the tip of the spear stabbed into his heart. His body stood upright.

"We don't have the power to fight anymore, so we can only stay by Heavenly Teacher's side. In order to take care of us, Heavenly Teacher won't be able to fight with all your strength!"

The remaining soldiers of the Ascension Camp executed their own divine weapons and bowed. Their divine weapons killed their primordial spirits.

The bloody tears in Meng Yungui’s eyes blurred his vision. The eleven figures that had died while standing and the old subordinate that was kneeling on the ground with no breath left his heart full of sorrow, yet he was surprisingly calm.

He blinked hard and squeezed out the blood and tears in his eyes. At this moment, tears and blood would only interfere with his vision.

He wasn't much better than these old subordinates. His divine treasures and celestial palaces were also covered in cracks, and his primordial spirit was on the verge of shattering.

He was also not far from death.

"Everyone, please wait for a moment."

He swayed as he walked towards Heavenly King Yi Luo. At this moment, his aura was intense. His aura mixed with his qi and blood, dyeing the ship scarlet!

At this moment, Heavenly King Yi Luo was slightly moved. Meng Yungui was already an arrow at the end of its flight.

In this state, Meng Yungui couldn't even unleash ten percent of his usual strength!

"The number one, my technique is as well. This method is based on yin and yang, and algebra."

As Meng Yungui walked forward, he muttered, "Yin and Yang, zero and one, two advancement. Heaven, earth, heaven and man, three advancement. Four symbols, four deities, four advance. Five paths, five elements, five advances…"

Heavenly King Yi Luo frowned. What Meng Yungui recited was the most basic incantation of algebra. He had heard and learned these basic incantations before.

It was just that the path of algebra was too complicated. As a half-god, he didn't immerse himself in the Dao of algebra and instead focused on cultivating paths, skills, and divine arts.

Meng Yungui seemed to be chanting these basic algebra incantations without any consciousness as he mobilized his remaining vital qi cultivation. Around him, the vital qi gradually transformed into runes that evolved according to the algebra rules of all kinds of advanced algebra.

Heavenly King Yi Luo's expression turned grave. Even though he didn't know what use it was for Meng Yungui to chant the basic incantations of algebra, he could see that Meng Yungui's runes were transforming into Dao markings!

The Dao markings that surrounded Meng Yungui rapidly assembled and transformed into chains and domains!

The algebra realm around Meng Yungui deepened with each heaven!

In Meng Yungui's current state, he didn't have that much vital qi to execute such a powerful realm. However, this person was continuously extracting the energy from his primordial spirit and corporeal body, forcing his realm to become stronger!

More importantly, Heavenly King Yi Luo could see that Meng Yungui's algebra realm was targeted at his techniques and divine arts. Every Dao pattern and every Dao chain was targeted at his Achilles' heel!

He might die from this strike!

The corners of Heavenly King Yi Luo's eyes twitched, and he quickly deduced that the greatest possibility was that he and Meng Yungui would perish together!

Finally, Meng Yungui took the last step, and his algebra domain was completed. This last strike was like a vast ocean of the algebra Dao, filled with profound algebra marvels!

Right at this moment, Heavenly King Yi Luo took a step back and spread his wings. He swept up the countless humans on the ship that were in Southern Heaven and flew towards Meng Yungui!

The algebra domain suddenly stopped in front of the nose of the first Southern Heaven Human.

Meng Yungui stood there, and his strength was suddenly exhausted. He knelt down with a plop.

Heavenly King Yi Luo let out a long sigh of relief, and the humans that he had grabbed with his wings fell off one by one. His forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he laughed loudly. However, his laughter was trembling.

"Heavenly Teacher Meng, so you are still soft-hearted. You still can't do anything to these animals."

His body trembled slightly, and he said with a smile, "If you don't care about these livestock, you can kill me. Hehe, it's a pity that you care too much about the lives of your people. This is the reason why you humans can never succeed!"

His body stopped trembling, and he walked forward.

Meng Yungui knelt on the ground and lowered his head.

Heavenly King Yi Luo pulled out a feather and transformed into a golden sword, closing in on him.

Heavenly King Yi Luo raised his sword. At this moment, an elder knelt on the ground and crawled to his feet while trembling. He stood in front of Meng Yungui and raised his head. "Old master, don't kill him…"

Heavenly King Yi Luo frowned as he looked at this old farmer who was clearly facing the yellow soil with his back to the sky.

"Say that again?" Heavenly King Yi Luo said indifferently.

The old farmer said, "Old master, don't kill…"


Heavenly King Yi Luo slashed down, and the old farmer's head rolled to the side. Heavenly King Yi Luo kicked his corpse away and continued to raise his sword.

At this moment, a young man stood up and opened his arms to block Meng Yungui. "Old master, don't kill him!"

Heavenly King Yi Luo looked at this young man in astonishment and smiled. "You dare to talk to me while standing?"

"Old master…"

Just as the young man said that, the sword light fell and he became a headless corpse.

Heavenly King Yi Luo looked around and chuckled. "Who else is going to stop me from killing him?"

Among the people of the Southern Heavenly Human Clan, figures stood out silently and stood in front of Meng Yungui. There were elders, women, children, and young men. They were all silent, and none of them knelt on the ground.

More and more people stood in front of Meng Yungui, so many that Heavenly King Yi Luo frowned. The anger in his heart burned higher.

"You maggots! How dare you offend the gods!"

Heavenly King Yi Luo flew into a rage and laughed loudly. "There are so many heavens in Southern Heaven. Even if I kill all of you, there will still be slaves!"

His aura burst forth and smacked all of the Southern Heaven humans that were blocking his path away. Suddenly, these humans that were smacked away by his aura were lifted into the air by a gentle force.

Heavenly King Yi Luo snorted and suddenly raised his head to look at Bai Yujing who was walking over. He said indifferently, "Heavenly Teacher Bai, are you going to rebel for these maggots like Meng Yungui?"

Behind him, the Ancestral Court's Southern Heavenly Gate burst into flames and was filled with boundless Dao might!

Bai Yujing looked straight into Heavenly King Yi Luo's eyes and said softly, "Heavenly King has unrivaled divine arts, subduing the traitor Meng Yungui. Killing Meng Yungui will only dirty Heavenly King's hands, so let me do it. Bandit Meng is proficient in algebra, so it's hard to say if he's hiding something."

Heavenly King Yi Luo raised his eyebrows and said with a smile that was not a smile, "Heavenly Teacher Bai is going to execute thief Meng personally? I heard that you guys are from the Dao Sect and are considered senior brothers and junior sisters. Can you do it?"

Bai Yujing went forward and stood in front of Meng Yungui. She pulled out a divine sword and pressed it against his chest.

When Heavenly King Yi Luo saw that her back was facing him, he became vigilant and quietly retreated to prevent her from suddenly retracting her sword.

He was cautious by nature and was worried about Bai Yujing.

Bai Yujing's gaze landed on Meng Yungui's face. At that moment, he was actually smiling as he looked up at her.

"Senior Brother, why are you betraying the celestial heavens at this time?"

The knuckles of Bai Yujing's right hand that was holding the sword turned white from the force. She lowered her voice and gritted her teeth. "This isn't you! You can't save Southern Heaven!"

"They can be saved. They are standing up."

Meng Yungui coughed up blood again. He reached out to grab her sword and stabbed it into his heart bit by bit. Panting, he said, "They still have hope. Junior Sister, if you kill me, you can gain the trust of Yi Luo. You can protect these awakened clansmen. You have a chance to kill Yi Luo…"


Bai Yujing suppressed her voice as much as possible and pulled her sword out to prevent it from piercing into his heart. She cried, "I can't fight against Southern Heavenly Gate, Senior Brother! I can't fight against the Divine Martial Guards! I can't fight against Heavenly King Yi Luo!"

"You can do it."

One of Meng Yungui's fingers was broken, and he was still using the last of his strength to grab her sword and stab it into his heart. He grinned and said, "You asked me why I betrayed the celestial heavens. Let me tell you, someone told me that he had a dream. In his dream, the human race stood up and no longer knelt down. He said that in his dream, the human race would no longer be slaves or food for the gods and devils. In his dream, the human race would control their own fate. This kind of dream…"

Blood flowed out from his mouth, and there was blood in his mouth. His mouth was slightly unclear as he said, "I had too. When I became a god of the human race and ascended into the celestial heavens, I also carried this kind of dream. Later on, I felt that this kind of thought was very childish and forgot about it. When I reached Southern Heaven and saw everything here, this dream was like the devil in my Dao heart being reborn."

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked up at Bai Yujing with a pleading look in his eyes. "Junior Sister Bai, I only realized just now that this isn't the devil in my Dao heart. In the past, I always thought about how to cultivate the algebra realm, but I couldn't do it. When this dream was reborn, it naturally became one. In the past, my fear was the devil in my heart…"

His adam's apple moved, and he vomited large mouthfuls of blood, suppressing his words.

Far away, Heavenly King Yi Luo sneered. "Heavenly Teacher Bai, what are you waiting for?"

Meng Yungui used his last bit of strength to grab Bai Yujing's sword and stab it into his heart.

Bai Yujing's palm trembled, but she didn't stop him this time.

Meng Yungui sat on the ground calmly and raised a finger to point at the people of Southern Heaven.

A smile appeared on his face, and he muttered, "Where a person doesn't learn, he becomes capable. Where he doesn't worry, he learns, and his conscience is also… a child who knows how to love his own kin… and his longevity, he doesn't know how to respect his brother… kin, benevolence, respect, and honor. Without him, he reaches the world…"

His head tilted and fell to the ground.

Bai Yujing took out her sword from his chest and turned around to look at the people of Southern Heaven.

The last principle that Meng Yungui had taught her before he died was…

Everyone had their own conscience. The people of Southern Heaven weren't incurable.

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