Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1685 - I Have a Dream, The Return of Meng Yungui (Part I)

"Long Xiao is already dead. I can sense that the Pact of Little Earth Count and I have vanished."

Qin Mu listened to Celestial Venerable Yue's zither notes and suddenly said these words. He sighed ruefully. "I had originally hoped that he could lead the Beast World and fight the celestial heavens. He had given me timely help, so this favor must be very great."

Celestial Venerable Yue tilted her head and played a zither tune. Her beautiful hair hung down from the left side of her neck. However, this zither tune was intermittent and not very coherent. She said, "Dragons are avaricious. During the primordial era, he was born by relying on Bo Yang. All life sacrificed to him, and he ate the benefits of Bo Yang and the masters of creation.

"When the masters of creation perished, the dragons couldn't bear to part with their benefits, but they didn't dare to risk their lives. Thus, they faked their deaths and escaped, hiding behind the ancestral court to continue eating the remaining benefits of the masters of creation's era.

"During the era of the ten Celestial Venerables, he relied on the celestial heavens, the Heaven Alliance, and established the Beast World to continue reaping profits. He didn't have to risk his life to protect his position.

"During Emperor Haotian's era, Emperor Haotian conferred him as one of the ten Celestial Venerables. His rule over the Beast World is orthodox, and he continues to reap profits. For such an existence, even if you win in the future and establish a new court, he will still cling to you and continue to reap profits. At that time, how will Celestial Venerable Mu deal with him will probably become a huge problem!"

Celestial Venerable Yue suddenly plucked the strings and said angrily, "This zither score can't be played!"

The zither score that she was playing was given to her by Qin Mu. The zither score was extremely strange. Celestial Venerable Yue was also a master of the zither, and she was a unique expert in music. However, she was never able to play Qin Mu's zither score completely.

"This is a song created by the fourth young master's deceased wife. The four young masters of Miluo Palace often play this song in the long river of chaos. If you want to deal with the fourth young master, you must start with this song."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "Fourth young master has almost no weakness, his only weakness is this song."

Celestial Venerable Yue flipped through the zither score and said, "This song is very difficult to play. The difficulty isn't in the zither score, but in the mood. The mood in the zither melody is extremely profound. The person who left behind the zither score has probably entered the thirty-six heavens of the Dao. Although I have quite some achievements in my music, I haven't cultivated it to this level."

Qin Mu turned to the side and asked, "Yue, when will your loading void form the path?"

Celestial Venerable Yue raised her head and smiled serenely. "I don't feel far."

Qin Mu was very happy and said with a smile, "If you succeed in the path, our chances of victory will be higher."

Celestial Venerable Yue couldn't help but be curious. "Celestial Venerable Mu, what do you think our chances of victory are after I achieve the Dao?"

"One point." Qin Mu raised a finger.

Celestial Venerable Yue rolled her eyes at him and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I only have a chance of winning after I achieve the Dao? If I don't, won't I have no chance of winning at all?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "With a big tree behind you, it's easy to enjoy the shade. With Emperor Hao's back against the big tree in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, he's already in an invincible position. So far, it looks like we can block the attacks of the celestial heavens, but in reality, we don't even have a chance of winning! However, as time goes by, our chances of winning will only grow higher."

His gaze landed on the World Crossing Golden Ship, and his heart burned with passion. If he could hold on for another sixteen years, Founding Emperor's figure would appear on the golden ship, and that would be the time for Eternal Peace to counterattack!

"What do you think of Southern Heaven?"

Celestial Venerable Yue said, "There are a lot of humans in Southern Heaven. A few years ago, Meng Yungui rebelled against the celestial heavens and ordered people to seek help. Emperor Yanfeng sent Dragon Mountain Sanren and Prince You Ming, but the celestial heavens also sent a large number of troops. I'm afraid Southern Heaven won't be able to hold on for this battle."

Qin Mu shook his head. "No matter if it's Eternal Peace or Carefree Village, they don't have the strength to support Southern Heaven. Under such circumstances, Southern Heaven can only rely on itself."

Celestial Venerable Yue stopped talking.

Now that the army of the celestial heavens was attacking continuously, it was about to form a three-sided encirclement around Carefree Village, leaving only a gap that led to Eternal Peace.

Meanwhile, in the South Sea, the two emperors of Crimson Light, Yan'er, South Deity, and Red Deity were attacking the armies of the various departments of the celestial heavens. The battle had yet to die down, so they had no time to come to their aid.

In the northern frontier, Wei Suifeng led his old subordinates, the Feathered Forest Guards, and the Eternal Peace Army to fight to the death with the North Night Imperial Pass Army. Wei Suifeng had few troops, so he kept asking Eternal Peace for help.

Only the Eastern Sea's Jiang Baigui's army won all the way, but they just had to run into Green Deity of the Eastern Sky who was known for being cautious. Even though Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui won continuously, they were all small victories and couldn't completely wipe out Green Deity of the Eastern Sky's army.

There were still quite a number of troops in Eternal Peace Empire, but all of the manufacturing factories in Eternal Peace were operating at full power. They needed these gods and devils to continuously create divine weapons and divine artifacts.

On the battlefield, the depletion of divine weapons was extremely fast, and even heavy weapons would be shattered. Hence, a strong logistical ability was needed!

War was about wealth, reserves, and forging ability.

The celestial heavens relied on their foundation and reserves, but their forging ability during the war was far inferior to that of Eternal Peace. Many of Eternal Peace's manufacturing factories were originally for civilian use, but they had all been changed to military use!

When Eternal Peace's war machine was activated, the power that burst forth could be said to be world-shaking!

Thus, the longer this war dragged on, the more beneficial it would be to Eternal Peace. The shorter the time, the more beneficial it would be to the celestial heavens.

"Nantian has been enslaved by Celestial Venerable Huo, and he no longer has the spirit to fight back. In normal times, to change the minds of the humans in Nantian, it would take three to five generations, or even longer. It might take a few hundred years for Nantian to be like Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu's voice was low as he said, "But war is different. Suffering will allow a generation to awaken quickly. Eternal Peace can't help South Heaven. South Heaven is the South Heaven of the people of South Heaven, and they can help themselves…"

Celestial Venerable Yue stopped talking and continued to practice her zither.

South Heaven, Flame Heaven.

Heavenly King Yi Luo and the third heavenly master Bai Yujing led the army to chase after Meng Yungui and his remaining subordinates. Heavenly King Yi Luo ordered countless gods and devils to enter Flame Heaven and fly to various places.

These gods and devils had remarkable abilities and descended to the various villages and cities.

Bai Yujing frowned. Heavenly King Yi Luo's order puzzled her.

The gods and devils descended to the various human gathering points of tomorrow's Flame Heaven. They displayed their abilities, and the awe-inspiring image of the gods and devils intimidated the humans.

Under the command of those gods and devils, people over forty years old walked out from the various villages and cities. They lined up and came to the village entrance or the city gate, boarding the ships that had stopped there.

Divine ships of all sizes took off and flew towards the huge flying ships that were floating in the sky. These ships sent people to the flying ships and spread out in all directions to continue searching for humans.

Bai Yujing was bewildered. "Heavenly King Yi Luo, this is…"

"The billions of gods and devils of the celestial heavens are attacking Carefree Village and Eternal Peace. The soldiers can't go hungry."

Heavenly King Yi Luo said, "His Majesty said that Southern Heaven is the granary of the celestial heavens, and once the food is cooked, we have to harvest it."

Bai Yujing felt a chill down her spine. She stared blankly at the huge flying ships floating in the sky above the tomorrow of Flames. There were ships of all sizes sailing in and out, transporting a ship full of strong humans and old men.

There were already ships filled with slaves that started to sail towards the celestial river.

"The main reason why His Majesty asked me to come wasn't to get rid of the traitor, Meng Yungui, but to guard the granary of the celestial heavens. Of course, getting rid of the traitor, Meng Yungui, is also a great merit!"

Heavenly King Yi Luo said with a smile, "More importantly, Meng Yungui cares about the lives of these lowly commoners. He rebelled because of them. Meng Yungui hid and ran for his life, so it was hard for me to catch them. However, when I caught these lowly commoners, Meng Yungui had no choice but to seize the ship! He knew it was a trap, but he had no choice but to enter."

He suddenly burst into laughter and said, "Heavenly Teacher Bai, are you the heavenly teacher, or am I the heavenly teacher? Ever since we entered South Heaven, I have been the one giving advice. This famous heavenly teacher of yours hasn't even come up with a plan!"

Bai Yujing hurriedly bowed and said, "Not only is Heavenly King Yi Luo's martial power unmatched, but his wisdom is also outstanding. I dare not embarrass myself."

Yi Luo laughed loudly and shook his head. "You have an extremely good relationship with Meng Yungui. I think you don't want your friend to die in your hands, right? White Heaven Master, you should know that your life is more useful than your death. At the very least, you can protect the people under your name. Meng Yungui doesn't realize this. His Heaven's Emergence will definitely be purged in the future!"

Bai Yujing shuddered and stopped talking.

Heavenly King Yi Luo's expression turned cold, and he ordered, "Pass down my orders. The soldiers of the celestial heavens are fighting a bitter battle at the frontlines, and they are fighting with their lives on the line. They should be enjoying themselves! The livestock of tomorrow, no matter their age, will be escorted to the ship and sent to the Primordial Realm!"

Bai Yujing's body trembled.

Heavenly King Yi Luo glanced at her, but Bai Yujing didn't move.

Once the order was given, the soldiers of the celestial heavens immediately went to do it. Previously, the people in the various villages and cities didn't want to resist and didn't dare to. Now, the entire village, tribe, and city would become food for the gods and devils. They finally thought of resisting.

Bai Yujing looked down and saw the villagers being suppressed by the gods.

In the village, in the city, cries could be heard as women and children hugged each other. The young people tried their best to protect their wives and children, but to no avail.

They had overcome the servility in their hearts at this moment, but they had no power to resist.

Bai Yujing tried her best to stabilize her state of mind. As she watched everything unfold, she felt that she was just like the numb people of Southern Heaven. She had lost her guts and was only left with a servile nature.

Now, the people of Flame Heaven had overcome the slave nature in their hearts and Celestial Venerable Huo's enslavement education, but the slave nature in her heart couldn't be overcome.

She tried her best to convince herself that she still had the heavens of the human race under her command. If she rebelled against the celestial heavens for the slaves of Southern Heaven, they would lose their lives.

She was merely enduring and trying to compromise. She wasn't hiding a kneeling her in her heart. She had always stood up and never knelt down.

Her conscience told her that she had always been kneeling and never stood up!

Suddenly, terrifying pulses came from the celestial river in the distance. Meng Yungui led over a hundred soldiers of the Ascension Camp to attack the supply ships of the celestial heavens and kill the soldiers of the celestial heavens!

Heavenly King Yi Luo's eyes lit up, and the wings on his back spread out with a swoosh. He laughed and said, "Heavenly Teacher Meng has entered my trap!"

He roared and flew over. At the same time, countless gods and devils flew out from the ships of the celestial heavens and rushed towards the ship where Meng Yungui was!

Heavenly King Yi Luo had long laid an ambush for the troops. These gods and devils of the celestial heavens were all carefully selected fierce generals with profound cultivation. Furthermore, their formations were well organized, and there were many of them!

At the very front were twenty thousand god guards!

The two guards of the Divine Martial Realm were crippled by the dragon qilin, Meng Yungui, and the rest, so there were only twenty thousand people left. Even if they were removed from being crippled, there were still twenty thousand people left.

Yi Luo Commanders were good at integrating the twenty thousand people into one camp, using the Grand Heaven Painting of the celestial heavens as the formation.

The auras of these twenty thousand divine martial guards were connected, and their magic power was connected. Their auras were connected, and they executed the Grand Heaven Painting. One by one, celestial palaces rose from the formation, and they formed a small celestial heavens!

In the small celestial heavens, the primordial spirits of the twenty thousand soldiers of the divine martial guards combined and transformed into an indomitable primordial spirit that looked like God Emperor Lang Xuan. He raised his finger!

One Finger of Divine Essence!

The power of this strike couldn't be compared to a true Celestial Venerable. It was far inferior to God Emperor Lang Xuan, but the power of this strike was also inconceivable!

If the two Divine Martial Guards didn't suffer heavy casualties, this strike would have the power of a Celestial Venerable!

Grand Heaven Painting was also a formation diagram designed by Meng Yungui, but now it was used to kill him. It was truly ironic.

Meng Yungui stood on the ship and formed a small formation with the hundred soldiers of the Ascension Camp behind him. Everyone's vital qi was one as they activated the formation. Meng Yungui had the cultivation of the Emperor's Throne Realm while the other soldiers of the Ascension Camp were much weaker.

Everyone worked together to activate the formation, and it was actually a small-scale Grand Heaven Portrait, Finger of Divine Origin!


The celestial river trembled violently. Behind Meng Yungui, the hundred soldiers of the Ascension Camp were shaken until blood spurted out from their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses. Meng Yungui grunted and staggered backward.

Most of the power of this strike was concentrated on his body, and it almost shattered his primordial spirit. His celestial palace also crumbled, and countless halls were destroyed in an instant.

Cracking sounds came from the divine treasures in his body, and shocking cracks appeared on them. They were incomparably terrifying.

The two Divine Martial Guards attacked, and the other armies surrounded the ship from the front and back.

Meng Yungui suddenly laughed loudly and said sternly, "Crown Prince, at this moment!"

Just as he said that, the celestial river trembled violently, and waves surged forth. Under the celestial river, the huge body of the black tortoise rose up like a landmass, carrying the ships on its back!

Prince You Ming executed his divine art and stirred up trouble. He stirred up the celestial river and carried the slave ships filled with people of Southern Heaven away!

Prince You Ming was the eldest son of Black Tortoise and Deity Xuan Wu. His abilities, cultivation, and magic power were incomparably dense. In addition to his extraordinary talent, he was able to prop up the flying ships and catch the army of gods and devils off guard. Countless people were swallowed by the huge waves and shattered by Prince You Ming's divine arts!

The formations of the other armies were broken, and the formations of the two Divine Martial Guards were also slightly scattered. Meng Yungui immediately saw the advantage and led the remaining troops to charge out from the ship and attack the two Divine Martial Guards, causing the Divine Martial Guards to fall into a complete mess.

Just as he was about to lead everyone out of the encirclement, a beam of light flashed past. With a loud bang, Heavenly King Yi Luo landed on the ship where Meng Yungui was.

Heavenly King Yi Luo spread his wings, and the deck of the ship was lifted up along with the houses, revealing countless shivering people in the hold of the ship. There were people of all ages, women, children, and young.

Meng Yungui stopped in his tracks and turned around. His eyes were bloodshot as he bent over and panted heavily. He stared fiercely at Heavenly King Yi Luo.

Heavenly King Yi Luo smiled and waved his hand. A Southern Heavenly Gate crashed down onto the celestial river.

Prince You Ming sent the flying ships far away and was about to save Meng Yungui when he was pushed down by the Southern Heavenly Gate and almost fell out of the river.

"Crown Prince, escort the ship away first."

Meng Yungui straightened his back and said loudly without turning back, "I will catch up to you!"

Prince You Ming turned around and mobilized the celestial river to escort the flying ships and Southern Heaven people away.

"Kneel," Heavenly King Yi Luo said indifferently.

Behind him, the people on the ship all knelt down. None of them dared to stand up. Some children wanted to cry, but their mothers covered their mouths.

Heavenly King Yi Luo raised his hand and grabbed a woman. He stared at Meng Yungui with a teasing smile. "Heavenly Teacher Meng, they are only slaves, livestock, food for the gods and devils of the celestial heavens. Every year, countless livestock are sacrificed to the half-gods. Back then, why didn't you betray the celestial heavens because of this? Why did you betray the celestial heavens now?"

Meng Yungui's voice was hoarse, and he chuckled. "Back then, I only heard about it and didn't witness it. I didn't see it with my own eyes. Although I'm sad, I can endure it. Now that I've seen it, it has touched my Dao heart, and I want to rebel."

He straightened his back and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. "In the past, the people of Southern Heaven could still live until they were sixty to seventy years old before they could become sacrificial offerings. However, the war between the celestial heavens and Eternal Peace lasted for a long time, and Southern Heaven would probably be eaten up. Not to mention sixty to seventy years old, even an infant would probably be eaten! How could I endure this?"

Bai Yujing flew over and didn't go forward. She stood silently in the distance.

Heavenly King Yi Luo raised his head and swallowed the woman in his hand. He said with a smile that was not a smile, "For them? For these animals that don't know how to resist?"

He laughed loudly and pointed at the people kneeling behind him. "Other than the Celestial Venerables and the Celestial Emperor, who else in this world has more power than you? You rebelled against the celestial heavens for these animals? Heavenly Master Meng!"

He laughed crazily. "All the gods said that you are the number one heavenly master with wisdom that surpasses even Heavenly Teacher Shang. In my opinion, you made the stupidest decision!"

His smile suddenly vanished, and he was incomparably cold. "Kill him."

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