Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1683 - The Death Of Celestial Venerable Long Xiao

Beside Shang Pinying, less than three out of ten of the Divine Martial Guards were left!

In the past few years, he had led the Divine Martial Guards to fight while retreating. However, even though Eternal Peace had only sent Prince You Ming and the dragon qilin, the dragon qilin was the publicly acknowledged number one Dragon Mountain Sanren who controlled the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

Dragon Mountain Sanren had relied on Meng Yungui's few remaining Divine Generals of the Ascension Battalion to defeat the two top-notch armies of gods and devils, causing heavy casualties!

What was even more terrifying was that Dragon Mountain Sanren's usage of formations had already surpassed that of the past.

Now, both the formations of the celestial heavens and Eternal Peace had improved by leaps and bounds compared to 600,000 years ago. The Glassy Sky Pagoda's formation had long been broken by Yue Tingge, and then by Meng Yungui. It was no longer the number one formation in the world.

However, Dragon Mountain Sanren had returned and improved the various formations in the Glassy Sky Pagoda, making it even more intricate. This made Shang Pinying's research completely useless!

When the first battle broke out, the two Divine Martial Guards and Shang Pingyin had already been defeated. Shang Pingyin had exhausted all his wisdom and was determined to defeat Dragon Mountain Sanren to regain his confidence. However, that defeat had caused the two Divine Martial Guards to lose twenty percent of their strength in the Glassy Sky Formation!

Any one of the Divine Martial Guards was comparable to an Emperor's Throne practitioner who had cultivated eighteen celestial palaces. The Emperor's Throne practitioners of the eighteen celestial palaces were the bottom line of a Celestial Venerable!

Of course, this bottom line was the previous ten Celestial Venerables, not the current ten Celestial Venerables. Ever since Emperor Hao Tian ascended to the throne, the Celestial Venerable's bottom line had been lowered to eight celestial palaces.

After this battle, the devil in Shang Ping Yin Dao's heart flared up again.

He led the remnants of the Divine Martial Guards to escape through the various heavens of Southern Heaven. The dragon qilin led Meng Yungui and the Ascension Camp to chase after and fight fiercely. From time to time, small-scale battles would break out between the two sides.

Shang Pinying didn't dare to fight Dragon Mountain Sanren head-on. While escaping, he continuously sent out small squads to die and allowed the Ascension Camp to swallow them, giving him and his main force a chance to escape.

Not only that, but he also conscripted the divine weapons and divine generals of the various heavens of South Heaven to gather the half-gods of South Heaven to form new armies and a million gods to fight Dragon Mountain Sanren head-on.

However, what awaited him was still defeat!

The army of gods and devils that he had organized in a hurry seemed to have an extremely high number, but they crumbled at the slightest touch and didn't have much battle power.

Just like that, in a few years, only twenty percent of the Divine Martial Guards were left. He had no choice but to flee among the heavens of Southern Heaven, killing and plundering.

However, on this day, Bai Yujing and Heavenly King Yi Luo finally led the army to Southern Heaven.

When the army met, Yi Luo and Bai Yujing looked at the old and gray-haired Shang Pinyin. They felt pity and shock in their hearts. In just a few years, Shang Pinyin was like an old man with half his body in a coffin. It could be seen how ruthless Dragon Mountain Sanren was to him!

"Dragon Mountain Sanren is actually Celestial Venerable Mu's mount, Dragon Pi."

Yi Luo said, "He followed Celestial Venerable Mu back to 600,000 years ago. Coincidentally, the celestial heavens split, and he became famous. The Glassy Sky Pagoda vanished with him. Six hundred thousand years later, Celestial Venerable Mu rose to power, and the Glassy Sky Pagoda reappeared. This has been confirmed. I'm here to assist Heavenly Master Shang. The Celestial Venerable of Taiji gave me a brocade pouch that can break Dragon Mountain Sanren."

Shang Ping Yinmu was stunned, his eyeballs rolling with difficulty: "Brocade sachet?"

Bai Yujing frowned slightly. She hadn't heard anything about the Taiji ancient god giving the brocade pouch to Yiluo, so she had to be alert.

Yi Luo opened the brocade pouch and saw a piece of paper inside. There were only six words written on it.

"Long Pi, Long Xiao's adopted son!"

Yi Luo came to a realization and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Tai Chu is truly clever. With this brocade pouch, we can deal with Dragon Mountain Sanren."

Shang Ping's hidden Dao heart was destroyed, and he couldn't take it anymore. Yi Luo immediately gathered the remaining troops of the Divine Martial Guards into his camp and said to Bai Yujing, "Heavenly Teacher, His Majesty has ordered us to bring the Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court. Once this gate is out, we can suppress the Glassy Sky Pagoda and the enemy. We have eight million gods and devils, but there are only a hundred thousand enemies. With the Glassy Sky Pagoda restrained, Dragon Mountain Sanren will definitely increase his troops."

Bai Yujing understood and said, "Heavenly King Yi Luo means that Dragon Mountain Sanren can only summon primordial behemoths in the world of summoned beasts if he wants to increase his military strength."

Yi Luo said with a smile, "Dragon Mountain Sanren summoned primordial behemoths to fill the Glassy Sky Pagoda. He borrowed the power of the behemoths to fight against our eight million strong army. These behemoths also need to set up formations. The behemoths aren't intelligent, so they need to be mixed with humans and beasts to make it easier for him to push the power of the Glassy Sky Pagoda's formation to the maximum."

Bai Yujing knew his plan like the back of her hand. "Then, the heavenly king summoned Celestial Venerable Long Xiao of the Summoning Realm! Celestial Venerable Long Xiao saw his adopted son becoming enemies with the celestial heavens, so he was bound to get angry and summon Dragon Mountain Sanren and the behemoths of the Beast Realm back. This way, only Meng Yungui and the gods and devils of the Ascension Camp are left in the Glassy Sky Pagoda's array formation. Once the behemoth leaves, the array formation they were maintaining will immediately collapse!"

Yi Luo laughed loudly. "In that case, we can quell Meng Yungui in one battle! White Heaven Master, you are proficient in all kinds of formations, and I'm far inferior to you. Therefore, I need you to deploy the various formations of my army and force Dragon Mountain Sanren to summon a world beast!"

Bai Yujing said solemnly, "I will definitely do my best!"

The two of them came up with a plan. Bai Yujing ordered the army of gods to leave the city, but she was hesitant.

She didn't want to see Meng Yungui die just like that. Heavenly King Yi Luo's plan was extremely sinister. With just Meng Yungui's small army, he couldn't fight against the army of the celestial heavens. If he wanted to fight, he could only fight against the primordial behemoth of the summoned beast world.

However, as long as Celestial Venerable Long Xiao summoned back the behemoths and the dragon qilin, he would take drastic measures to deal with Meng Yunlai. The formation in the Glassy Sky Pagoda couldn't withstand a single blow!

What welcomed Meng Yungui was not only his death, but also the annihilation of his entire army. All the soldiers of the Ascension Camp would be buried with him!

She and Meng Yungui were close friends and close friends.

The two of them were both humans and Heavenly Court heavenly teachers who supported each other. Meng Yungui had once helped her fight against Son of Heaven Yin. She couldn't bear to see him die in front of her.

"However, Heavenly King Yi Luo is right behind me, controlling the Southern Heavenly Gate. If I move, I will definitely die."

Bai Yujing struggled internally. "Senior Brother Meng, why are you rebelling at this critical juncture? You are such a cunning and cautious person. Why are you rebelling now…"

On the other side, when Bai Yujing and Yi Luo led their troops over, the dragon qilin was already prepared for the primordial behemoth of the summoned beast world.

He was the adopted son of Long Xiao, the young master of the beast world. He had managed the beast world for many years and had countless huge beasts under him.

He also had lofty aspirations and thoughts of helping Eternal Peace solve its troubles.

He wanted to turn Southern Heaven into a battlefield to restrain the army of the celestial heavens!

The army of the beast world was his capital.

To do this, he had to drag the army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens to Southern Heaven as much as possible, forcing it to become a place that the celestial heavens couldn't abandon. As a result, the celestial heavens had no choice but to continuously send more troops!

This could reduce the pressure on Eternal Peace.

The dragon qilin had cultivated with Qin Mu for many years and had been sent out by Qin Mu to train. He had already grown into a qualified general.

Although he was known as Dragon Mountain Sanren, the number one heavenly master in the world, he was still inferior to Shang Pinying when it came to deploying troops. Meng Yungui had been secretly helping him control the changes in the formation of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, allowing him to grow rapidly in just a few years. He had a single mind when it came to the use of various battle formations, and the gap between him and the heavenly master was becoming smaller.

However, when he summoned the primordial behemoth of the summoned beast world, everything was destined.

It was the ancient gods of taiji who had come up with the plan for Yi Luo. The wisdom of these two ancient gods was extremely high, and they had schemed against each other unintentionally. They had determined the dragon qilin's defeat!

Bai Yujing gave the order, and the army of the celestial heavens surged out. The dragon qilin immediately summoned the primordial behemoth, and the sky of Southern Heaven tore apart. Behemoths descended from the sky and entered the 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda!

Meng Yungui and Prince You Ming immediately helped him disperse the ancient behemoths in the Beast World and enter the formations of the 28 heavens. With the help of the Beast World, they would definitely not lose this battle!

The moment the two armies clashed, flesh and blood flew everywhere. Even the gods and devils that were usually high above were insignificant ants in the current of the battlefield. The instant they clashed, countless gods and devils died!

Right at this moment, the sky suddenly split open, and a huge dragon head popped out from the crack. Its eyes were like blazing suns, emitting astonishing heat and lighting up the vast battlefield!

Heavenly King Yi Luo raised his head and sneered. "Celestial Venerable Long Xiao, are you also planning to rebel?"

The huge dragon head was none other than Long Xiao. His face was dark, and wherever his gaze landed, countless primordial behemoths in the Glassy Sky Pagoda flew up uncontrollably. They entered the cracks in the sky one after another and were forcefully pulled back into the beast world!

The dragon qilin was both furious and sorrowful. He raised his head and shouted, "Godfather—"


Long Xiao's gaze shone over, and the dragon qilin resisted with all his might. However, he still ascended amidst the light and entered the beast world.

The dragon qilin couldn't break free and turned back to look at Meng Yungui and Prince You Ming. He shouted, "Survive! Wait for me to return! I must survive—"

The crack in the sky closed, and the dragon qilin's figure vanished.

"My foster son has sent troops without permission. I will strictly restrain him," Long Xiao's voice boomed. Following that, his huge head retreated back into the Beast World.

Heavenly King Yi Luo laughed and walked out of the city. He looked up and saw that the countless formations in the Glassy Sky Pagoda had lost control. Without the control of the primordial behemoth of the beast world, all the formations couldn't work!

The army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens slaughtered their way into the 28 heavens of the Clear Sky Pagoda, and blood and flesh flew everywhere!

Prince You Ming and Meng Yungui knew that their defeat was certain after the upheavals. Their primordial spirits left their bodies, and they unleashed all kinds of divine arts to fight to the death. They protected thousands of soldiers of the Ascension Camp and tried to break through the Glassy Sky Pagoda to escape to the outside world!

Prince You Ming grabbed the jade pillar and wanted to take back the 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda to take away the treasure. At that moment, Heavenly King Yi Luo activated the Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court. Between the two mountain ranges, blazing fire and Dao runes filled the air. The Southern Heavenly Gate pressed down, causing crackling sounds to come from the corporeal body of the Netherworld Prince.

He roared angrily and raised all his power to the extreme. The primordial spirit of the tortoise snake danced in the air, and the Great Dao light filled the air. However, he still couldn't pull up the Green Sky Pagoda.

He was still trying his best to pull it up when Meng Yungui suddenly flew over and pulled him up. "North Deity Crown Prince, if you don't leave now, you won't be able to leave anymore!"

Just as they left, Heavenly King Yi Luo flapped his wings and missed.

Heavenly King Yi Luo landed on the ground, and countless armies rushed out from both sides of him, forming a formation to attack the remaining survivors of the Ascension Camp.

Heavenly King Yi Luo turned back and looked at Bai Yujing. He said plainly, "Heavenly Teacher Bai, although your formation isn't as good as Meng Yungui's, it shouldn't have such a huge flaw, right? You actually let Meng Yungui and the rebels escape!"

Bai Yujing went forward and said, "Meng Yungui's attainments are far above mine. Even Heavenly Teacher Shang was defeated by him, let alone me. Luckily, we have won this round!"

Heavenly King Yi Luo didn't pursue the matter. He put away the Azure Sky Pagoda and Southern Heavenly Gate and chased after Meng Yungui and Prince You Ming. He said, "Heavenly Teacher Bai, you are a smart person, so you should know which side the general trend is on. With the general trend, anyone who stands in the way will be crushed by the general trend! Meng Yungui is one such example!"

Bai Yujing remained silent and followed him.

She passed down orders one after another, changing the formation to surround and intercept Meng Yungui's remnants.

Beast World, in Celestial Venerable Long Xiao's celestial palace.


The dragon qilin knelt on the ground and kowtowed like garlic. His tears fell like rain. "Why did foster father summon us back? Foster father, you have broken your oath with Cult Master—"


Celestial Venerable Long Xiao sat on the Emperor's Throne of the Numinous Sky Hall, and his nine faces were dark as he shouted, "Pi, I'm saving you! Can't you see the general trend of the world? Celestial Emperor Hao has the support of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court behind him. No matter if it's Eternal Peace or Carefree Village, they will all be crushed into pieces and cease to exist! Even your so-called Cult Master Qin and Celestial Venerable Mu won't be able to withstand a blow from such a general trend! You almost trapped my Beast Realm in destruction!"

The dragon qilin used his head to hit the ground, and the ground was covered in fresh blood. The tears in his eyes turned into blood, and he cried out, "Godfather, I don't want to see you die. You can't defeat Cult Master! If you are loyal to Cult Master, quickly send troops to South Heaven. There's still a way out…"

Celestial Venerable Long Xiao was furious. He got up from the Emperor's Throne and shouted, "Long Pi, you're muddle-headed! What benefits do I get by joining Celestial Venerable Mu? Can he grant me the position of Celestial Venerable? Or can he give me endless wealth and glory? He can't give me anything! And Emperor Hao Tian has already conferred me the title of ten Celestial Venerables! The great power of the Beast World is now in my hands! If Celestial Venerable Mu succeeds, will the power of the Beast World still be in my hands?"

Under his command, a few strong practitioners of the beast world went forward and restrained the dragon qilin.

"Lock him up and let him think about it!"

Celestial Venerable Long Xiao flicked his sleeves. "When this battle is over, release him!"

The dragon qilin was dragged out and cried, "Foster father, have you forgotten the Pact of Little Earth Count you signed with Cult Master? If you break your oath, you will die! You can't defeat Cult Master! Foster father, don't lose your life!"

Long Xiao was furious and shouted. A small thing rolled down from the dragon qilin's ear. It was the small Earth Count with the head of a bull, the body of a tiger, and the body of a bull.

Long Xiao pointed at the tiny Earth Count and said angrily, "The Pact of Little Earth Count you mentioned, is that him? Celestial Venerable Mu is toying with me, and you are toying with me as well!"

He picked up the tiny Earth Count and threw him into the arms of the dragon qilin. "Lock him up, don't let him come out and cause trouble again!"


The dragon qilin was imprisoned in the consciousness cage, and the strong practitioners of the huge beasts were guarding outside. Their consciousnesses sealed the cage.

Not long later, the dragon qilin's children were also thrown in. It was probably because Long Xiao was worried that they would secretly send a letter to Qin Mu.

The dragon qilin's face was ashen. The tiny Earth Count crawled up from his embrace and looked at him solemnly.

The dragon qilin avoided his gaze.

"Moo," the tiny Earth Count said to him solemnly.

The dragon qilin's tears fell uncontrollably. "I know, but I don't want foster father to die like this…"


The tiny Earth Count became even more serious and spat out a contract book.

The dragon qilin raised his hand, wanting to stop it, but he pulled back.

This contract book was a contract between Qin Mu and Long Xiao. It promised that Long Xiao wouldn't betray him or his soul would be taken away by Little Earth Count.

The little Earth Count here wasn't the tiny Earth Count, but Qin Fengqing.

The tiny Earth Count raised his hooves and opened the contract book with difficulty. The two children of the dragon qilin hurriedly went forward to help him open it.

The tiny Earth Count opened his mouth and read the words on the contract.

The dragon qilin closed his eyes, and tears fell uncontrollably.

He knew that the contract book that the tiny Earth Count was talking about was Long Xiao's death warrant. When the tiny Earth Count finished reading the contract book, Qin Fengqing would descend.

This was Qin Mu's backup plan against Long Xiao.

Even though the dragon qilin knew, he couldn't stop him.

"Wherever I stand, Youdu is!"

The tiny Earth Count spoke Youdu Dao language, and his body spun. A small Youdu that was only four feet square appeared in the consciousness cage of the beast world. This Youdu was connected to the Primordial Realm's Youdu.

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