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Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1659 - Small Village Guo, Pig Slaughtering Vegetables

Qin Mu walked towards the first obelisk forest. Not only was there a peculiar smell of blood rust, there was also an extremely heavy murderous aura. Other than that, what made him most uncomfortable was the suppressive force that these obelisks gave off.

These obelisks were created by the young master of Miro Palace to suppress the enemy.

This power suppressed his primordial spirit, preventing him from unleashing the power of his primordial spirit. Not only that, the power of suppression even locked his divine treasures!

Eldest Young Master's cultivation was extremely high, and the forest of obelisks he left behind gradually took effect on the Great Dao he had cultivated, causing his paths, skills, and divine arts to become scattered and silent!

The power of the Great Dao was reflected in the divine arts. If the paths, skills, and divine arts couldn't be executed, their abilities couldn't be unleashed!

This was what Qin Mu was currently facing.

"Big young master cultivates the primordial qi of Miluo Palace's master, and the primordial qi is the foundation of all his paths, skills, and divine arts. If the obelisk forest can even suppress the primordial qi, then he will be suppressed here by the obelisk forest he refined!"

Qin Mu stopped in his tracks. He was still at the outskirts of the forest of obelisks. At this rate, he probably wouldn't be able to go far. His cultivation, skills, and divine arts would all be suppressed.

Even if Tai Yi was suppressed here, he was powerless to save him, so he had to think of a countermeasure.

"In other words, the primordial qi can avoid the suppressive force of the obelisk forest. However, I need to know the sequence of runes used to seal Big Young Master's primordial runes!"

He stopped to study the obelisk carefully. He already had some understanding of the runes on the door. He had been studying the primordial runes and divine arts on the door for the past few years.

However, the door was the door, and the stone tablet was the stone tablet. The primordial divine art contained in the two items was definitely different.

At this moment, Qin Mu suddenly froze and looked at the ground.

Other than his footprints, there were others on the ground!

He examined it in detail and saw that there were footprints on the ground that came from the outside and from the inside. From the size of the footprints, it should be the footprints of the same person.

"This person entered the world behind the door and stopped here. He then immediately turned around and left this place!"

Qin Mu revealed a look of astonishment. From the footprints, this person was clearly not the young master of Milu Palace. This person had barged into the world behind the door, so his aura should be extremely strong. His footprints were deeply imprinted on the ground of the world behind the door!

He came with an invincible momentum and reached the first obelisk in a few steps!

Qin Mu raised his leg and stomped down heavily. However, he only left shallow footprints on the ground. Compared to the footprints left behind by that person, his abilities were clearly much inferior.

"Stronger than me!"

He stood in front of the first obelisk, and that obelisk had already vanished without a trace, leaving only a huge pit. It was obvious that this obelisk had been uprooted by that person!

"However, when his footsteps reached here, he suddenly stopped. After he pulled out this obelisk, he seemed to have encountered something that made him feel extremely terrifying."

Qin Mu stood on the footprints in front of the monument and looked towards the forest of obelisks, but he couldn't see anything wrong.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he saw another door that had been broken into two halves scattered in the forest.

"This door?"

Qin Mu was stunned, but he soon came to a realization. 'There are two doors in this door, so that person must have barged in from outside and blown one of the doors away with a punch! That door was forged by second young master and is incomparably hard. He broke it with a punch, and his abilities are indeed far above mine. The broken door was blown away by him and fell into the monument forest!'

"He used his power to barge into the door, but when he reached here and pulled out the first door, he immediately felt incomparable danger and turned to leave. Thus, when he left, the footprints he left behind became very light, very faint."

Qin Mu turned his head around and looked at the other door of the door. The footsteps that had left were very light and faint. When he came behind the door, he punched the remaining door to vent his anger.

"However, his aura had already leaked out, so he couldn't blast this door into two. He could only blast this door into the abandoned land."

Qin Mu turned around again and examined the forest of obelisks suspiciously. "In that case, what is the danger that this great expert sensed? Is it this murderous aura?"

He shook his head. Even though his killing intent was strong, it wasn't strong enough to scare away such an existence.

'Is it the suppression pressure of the obelisk forest? That's not right, since he could uproot the first obelisk, it means that he isn't afraid of big young master's arrangements and has sufficient confidence to break the formation. In that case, the one who scared him away…'

Qin Mu frowned and had a few guesses in his heart, but he couldn't be sure.

'Forget it, as long as I enter to take a look, I'll know what scared away such a great expert!'

He walked to the next obelisk which was like a mirror. Its surface was incomparably smooth, and it even reflected his organs and his divine treasures.

If one looked carefully, they could even see the composition of Qin Mu's Great Dao, the structure of every particle that formed Qin Mu. They could even see his brain, as well as the electric current that was triggered when his brain's thoughts changed!

If one had an extremely deep understanding of a person's thoughts, then through the mirror of this stone tablet, one could see through all of their thoughts!

"From the surface of the stone tablet, it's impossible for there to be any runes. However, this is the peculiarity of the primordial runes of Miluo Palace's master!"

Qin Mu stood in front of the stone tablet with full confidence.

This was because he knew that the primordial runes had infinite details!

When he was studying the Dao patterns of the Miro Palace, he had discovered this point.

The Dao patterns of the Miluo Palace had unlimited details, and the foundation of these unlimited details came from the primordial runes.

Therefore, even though the stone tablet seemed flawless and could reflect endless details, he could still see through its composition!

That was because the infinite details reflected on the surface of the stone tablet were actually the unlimited details of the primordial runes when they reflected the person or object in front of the stone tablet mirror through the structure of the person or object!

The primordial runes covered everything. They could transform into all kinds of Daos, skills, and divine arts, evolving all kinds of people or objects.

Qin Mu stood in front of the mirror. It looked like he was looking into a mirror, but it was actually the primordial runes in the stone tablet reconstructing another him.

"The simplest way to make the grandmist rune formation that Eldest Young Master hid in the stone tablet reveal itself is to make it unable to shine on anything!"

Qin Mu released his remaining primordial qi and transformed it into four mirrors that stood around the stone tablet!

His primordial qi transformed into a rune state, and every rune was incomparably fine, making the stone tablet unable to shine on anything else.

Without any reflective objects, the runes in the obelisk appeared one by one.

The main body of the stone tablet was the chaos stone. The primordial runes that the young master had imprinted on the chaos stone presented an incomparably intricate structure. It was like an art, but also like a complicated and intricate mechanical structure that was constantly changing.

Qin Mu was intoxicated as he studied these rune markings. The transformations of the rune markings on the stone tablet showed a kind of algebra structure. Every transformation contained extremely deep algebra logic.

Even though they came from different universes and had different languages and words, the primordial runes were the same. Dao language was also interlinked. More importantly, algebra was also a language that could be communicated with!

Qin Mu's attainments in these three languages were very high, which made his comprehension of the primordial seal divine art like big young master much simpler than he had imagined.

Even so, Qin Mu still took two to three months to fully comprehend the primordial seal on the obelisk.

What he wanted to do wasn't to break the seal formed by the obelisk forest with brute force, but to enter the forest and not be suppressed by the seal.

And the most crucial point was that he needed his vital qi to imitate the sequence of primordial runes on the obelisk, making the seal in the monument forest think that he was the missing stone tablet!

Qin Mu stayed outside the monument forest for a long time, repeatedly deducing and checking his flaws.

When he couldn't find any more mistakes, he walked into the monument forest. At this moment, the suppressive force from the monument forest was no longer able to threaten him. Instead, he was like a fish in water.

The mirrors of the obelisks reflected his figure, but they didn't reflect him. Instead, they reflected a walking obelisk!

This was the most peculiar aspect of the primordial runes.

Qin Mu continued to move forward and gradually went deeper into the forest. However, the murderous aura and bloody smell from the forest also became denser.

'This murderous aura is no small matter. It's even stronger than the baleful qi that Heaven Duke had formed when he died. It's much stronger than the two divine knives on God Execution Stage! Who has such terrifying murderous aura?'

The forest of obelisks was like a maze, and the mirror reflected the other stone monuments, making people dizzy and easily lost.

Qin Mu circled around for a long time and relied on the sun in the sky to determine his location. He gradually walked into the center of the monument forest.

The last layer of the monument forest was arranged in a circular formation, and after passing through it, the scenery in front of him suddenly became beautiful. Green mountains and clear waters, it was like a paradise. What astonished Qin Mu the most was that there was actually a small village Guo inside. Smoke rose from the village Guo, and there was a farmer cooking!

At the village entrance, there was a youth hanging a pig on a tree. He was hanging upside down and was currently slaughtering a pig to let out blood. Below him was a basin filled with pig blood.

Beside the youth was a little girl with a pair of pigtails. She was running around the tree happily and giggling. Her voice was very crisp.

An elder was sitting on a stone block at the village entrance, smoking a water pipe with his eyes narrowed and puffing out smoke.

There was also an old tree behind the stone block, and there were a few caterpillars with cocoons hanging on it.

Qin Mu's gaze passed by this elder and saw a woman sitting beside the old well under the old tree in the village. She was using a wooden stick to wash her clothes while cursing. It was unknown who she was scolding.

An old woman sat under the eaves and basked in the sun. She placed her hands on her tummy and squinted her eyes to take a nap. From time to time, she would secretly open her blurry old eyes to secretly size up the scolding woman.

This small village Guo was peaceful, as though there was only a family of five living here.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and examined it. He didn't walk into the village, but tilted his head to think. He took out the geographical map that Tai Yi had left for him and unfolded it.

The geographical map of Tai Yi was drawn with the Tai Yi crutch, and it was extremely complicated. Wei Suifeng copied it down and handed it to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu unfolded the geographical map and looked at it before scratching his head. When he entered the forest of obelisks earlier, he didn't follow the route marked on the map!

Wei Suifeng had given him many geographical maps, so he basically didn't follow the route and just barged in randomly.

"Looks like I've taken the wrong path."

Qin Mu rolled up the geographical map of Taiyi and turned around. He planned to leave this monument forest and walk around again. He said in annoyance, "If big senior brother knew, he would definitely be furious…"

Suddenly, the elder on the stone block at the village entrance put down his water pipe and said with a smile, "Esteemed guest has come from afar, aren't you going to stay for a meal before leaving? Little Shang has already finished killing the pigs."

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