Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1640 - You Might Die

Shang Pinying's hands and feet turned cold. The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge had suddenly broken, so it was obvious that it wasn't done from the celestial heavens. Eternal Peace didn't have such guts, and no one could create havoc in the celestial heavens.

Eternal Peace started from the other end of the bridge.

The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge required two sacrificial altars to establish the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Passage, making it convenient to come and go.

When these bridges were broken, even existences on Emperor's Throne Realm would need three to five years to reach the other heavens. If they went to the four poles, it would probably take even longer.

Of course, it would take a shorter time to travel from Xuandu to the worlds. However, it would take a long time to travel from the ancestral court to Xuandu!

Eternal Peace had clearly planned for this day for a long time. The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge of the celestial heavens was connected to the thousands of worlds in the heavens, and there were many of them. With so many bridges broken at the same time, they had to come up with a plan and set a time!

"Once the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is broken, even if the celestial heavens can send a large number of gods and devils to the thousands of worlds and heavens in a short period of time, it will still take fifty to a hundred years to rebuild the bridge!"

Cold sweat broke out on Shang Pinying's forehead as he rushed to the Numinous Sky Hall, his mind buzzing. "And with the heavenly coins out of control, without the threat of the celestial heavens, thirty to fifty years is enough to rebel several times!"

Losing contact with the worlds was the most terrifying thing. The celestial heavens relied too much on the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and lost control of the worlds.

Heaven coins were probably going to become useless coins!

When heavenly coins became useless coins, there was only one outcome—chaos in the heavens!

Now, it was hard to suppress the chaos in the thousands of worlds. Without the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, it would definitely be like a volcano erupting, spewing out the anger of the people!

Without the replenishment of the gods and devils of the thousands of worlds, the celestial heavens' conquest of Eternal Peace would become a war of attrition. The number of gods and devils would decrease.

More importantly, resources!

The resources of the celestial heavens came from the tens of thousands of worlds and Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace occupied the majority of the supply of divine weapons!

"Why did all these things explode out at once?"

Shang Pinying almost rushed into the Numinous Sky Hall, only to see that Emperor Hao Tian had already arrived. Many ministers had already arrived, and the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was broken. The important matter had also attracted them over.

Celestial Emperor Hao's expression was dark, and Shang Pinying couldn't help but hesitate for a moment, suppressing the matter of the overflow of heavenly coins. He thought to himself, 'If I say that the system of heavenly coins has disintegrated, I'm afraid I'll be the first to be unlucky. With the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge broken, the disintegration of the heavenly coins isn't that important. It's better to hide this matter… Meng Yungui!'

When he saw Meng Yungui among the officials, his heart trembled, and his gaze landed on Meng Yungui!

Various thoughts popped up in Shang Pinying's mind. 'When he suggested giving out more celestial coins, did he think that Eternal Peace would also spread the celestial coins into the thousands of worlds and heavens? This brat is a human after all, and he might have already joined forces with Celestial Venerable Mu! However, there's no mistake in his algebra equations. He just lacks the data of the flow of the celestial coins in Eternal Peace. Furthermore, the credit for giving out more celestial coins was snatched by me, so it has nothing to do with him…'

Meng Yungui seemed to sense his gaze and turned to look at him. When their gazes met, Shang Pinying shuddered. Meng Yungui was expressionless, and there was no emotion in his eyes. They were as deep as the abyss of the Ruins of End, filled with darkness.

He took a deep breath. If the devaluation of the celestial currency and the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge happened at the same time, he could take the chance to hide this matter.

If it was revealed, Meng Yungui could also shirk his responsibility. Emperor Hao Tian had no reason to punish him, and he would also be punished. The punishment was so great that he would probably have to ascend the God Execution Stage!

Shang Pinying often took a deep breath to stabilize his mind. He looked away from Meng Yungui's gaze as if nothing had happened.

Meng Yungui also retracted his gaze and lowered his head without saying a word.

"Department of Sky Supervision, pass down my orders. Ancestral God King has ordered all the Sun Guardians to head to the various heavens to repair the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge."

Emperor Hao Tian passed down the order, but his voice was still calm as he said, "Let Ancestral God King pacify the rulers of the various heavens. The celestial heavens are still around, and I'm still around. Let them take good care of my empire. After the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is rebuilt, I will greatly reward them."

The heavenly official of the Department of Sky Supervision hesitated for a moment and braced himself to step forward. "Your Majesty, the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge of the celestial heavens was handed over to Eternal Peace by the Patriarch Creation Palace. The manufacturing factories of the celestial heavens don't have the ability to repair the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges of the various heavens. Even if the sun guardians of the various heavens reach the various heavens, they can't repair them…"

Before he could finish, lightning crackled in the imperial court, and Heaven Supervisor hurriedly shut his mouth.

"What you mean is that the celestial heavens' Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge can't be built by itself?"

Emperor Hao Tian's expression was dark as he said coldly, "What's the Patriarch Creation Palace for? What's my celestial heavens manufacturing factory for?"

No one in the imperial court dared to speak.

Emperor Hao Tian's chest rose and fell violently, and he gave an angry humph. His tone softened as he said, "In that case, let Ancestral God King pass down orders to the sun guardians in all places. If there are any heavens creating havoc, a natural disaster will descend. Also, Ancestral God King will send a natural disaster to Eternal Peace!"

His expression was grim as he coldly said, "Order the Ghost God to descend into Youdu. Inform Celestial Venerable Xu to exterminate all of Eternal Peace's livestock, leave none alive! Destroy all of Carefree Village's livestock, leave none alive!"

He suddenly stood up and said in a bone-chilling tone, "Celestial Venerable Mu, if you dare to create trouble for me, I will kill everyone you care about!"

Department of Sky Supervision immediately went to the Heavenly Temple of the celestial heavens to offer incense and pray, informing Ancestral God King. On the other side, the ghost gods of the celestial heavens entered Youdu to inform Celestial Venerable Xu.

Emperor Hao Tian sat down and looked around. He said solemnly, "Inform the four deities to mobilize their troops and head to the Primordial Realm. The four great heavenly teachers, all of you will lead your own troops. Seven Duke, Four Chiefs, Three Masters, Two Assistant, Five Emperors, all of you will lead your troops to suppress the Primordial Realm and use the Primordial Realm as a stronghold to deal with the chaos in the thousands of worlds. I will personally mobilize the ten guards of the celestial heavens and personally lead them to conquer the Primordial Realm!"

The four great heavenly teachers frowned.

Shang Pinying hesitated for a moment before stepping out. "Your Majesty, I believe that the Primordial Realm is right there and can't be moved away, and the geniuses of the four poles are a huge problem. To conquer the Primordial Realm, we should first pacify the four poles. If North Deity Xuan Wu, West Deity White Tiger, and the thieves of the Primordial Realm meet up, that would be a headache."

Meng Yungui stepped out and bowed. "Your Majesty, Heavenly Master Shang is right."

Shang Pingyin glanced at him, and Meng Yungui said with a straight face, "In Eternal Peace, Celestial Venerable Xu and Ancestral God King will descend the calamity, and only a small number of people will survive. However, if the four poles are born in chaos, North Deity and West Deity will take advantage of the absence of the celestial heavens and invade it. Attacking the celestial heavens will be their greatest danger! The celestial heavens will change hands, and it will be good for morale…"

Emperor Hao Tian snorted and raised his eyebrows. "Old scoundrel Mu, how can the likes of Xu and Zu be able to deal with him? Celestial Venerable Xu and Ancestral God King might not be able to defeat him, and they might not be able to wipe out Eternal Peace in a short period of time! Therefore, dealing with the Primordial Realm's Eternal Peace and Carefree Village is the first priority!"

Meng Yungui protested, "Your Majesty, please reconsider! Your Majesty, the safest way is to conquer the four poles first!"

Shang Pingyin opened his mouth, wanting to refute him, but what Meng Yungui said was also what he wanted to say, making him unable to refute.

Bai Yujing stepped out and bowed. "Your Majesty, Heavenly Master Meng is right. Your Majesty, please reconsider."

Fourth Heavenly Teacher Zhu Shaoping stepped forward and bowed. "Your Majesty, please reconsider! The plan now is to first stabilize the territory of the celestial heavens, and that would be the ancestral court. As long as the ancestral court exists, the orthodoxy will exist. The ancestral court is incomparably rich and fertile. Your Majesty, our celestial heavens should first stabilize the ancestral court and uproot the foundation of Old Thief Mu in the ancestral court. We should capture all of the Eternal Peace people in the sacred land of Black Mountain and threaten him!"

Shang Pinying also said, "Your Majesty, what the three heavenly teachers said makes sense. Your Majesty should first stabilize the ancestral court. You can attack and defend. After that, you can flatten the four poles and send troops from the four poles to form an encirclement around the Primordial Realm. This way, the situation will be overwhelming, and the Primordial Realm will be at peace!"

Meng Yungui said, "Your Majesty, Thief Mu's weakness is Eternal Peace. The sacred ground of Black Mountain has a large population and is a rare commodity to be found. Using this to threaten Thief Mu is the best move."

Emperor Hao Tian snorted and said indifferently, "Before Old Crook Mu entered the palace, he stayed in the ancestral court for more than ten days. What do you think he was doing?"

He sneered and said, "This thief is relocating the sacred ground of Black Mountain! The sacred ground of Black Mountain is now empty!"

The four great heavenly teachers were astonished.

Emperor Hao Tian walked out of the Numinous Sky Hall and looked down at the ancestral court. He saw the lush greenery of the World Tree in the distance. Its branches were lush, and its crown covered the sky.

That place was the sacred ground of the black mountain. However, the speed at which the World Tree was growing was too fast, and it had completely covered the original black mountain. The desolation of the past couldn't be seen.

Outside the Numinous Sky Hall, the divine generals adjusted the Heaven Overseeing Mirror of the celestial heavens and shone it towards the sacred ground of Black Mountain.

After a moment, the light from countless Heaven Overseeing Mirror formed a huge circle in the sky. The circle was like a crystal clear lake, reflecting the details of Black Mountain Holy Land.

Divine cities were everywhere in the sacred grounds of Black Mountain, and there were people of Eternal Peace everywhere. They were bustling with activity as people came and went, and the trade was flourishing.

The manufacturing factories were also producing, and there were also flying ships sailing in the sky. Divine arts practitioners could even be seen helping the people grow crops and rainfall.

There were all kinds of discussions among the ministers of the imperial court. From the sight of the Heaven Overseeing Mirror, the people of Eternal Peace were still around and hadn't been moved away by Qin Mu.

"It's all an illusion!"

Emperor Hao Tian pointed in the direction of the Black Mountain Sacred Ground and sneered, "Old Crook Mu stayed in the black mountain for more than ten days to create this illusion with his consciousness, and he took the chance to move everyone in the black mountain away!"

After a moment, the power of his finger came to the black mountain. The officials of the celestial heavens looked into the mirror and saw a violent wave spreading out from the center of the sacred ground of the black mountain. Wherever it passed, the sacred ground of the black mountain, which was flourishing just a moment ago, instantly trembled and vanished.

In an instant, the Holy Land of Black Mountain was empty and no one could be found.

"Thief Mu is powerful!" The expressions of everyone in the celestial heavens changed.

Emperor Hao Tian sneered and said, "Flattening the four poles will only give Old Crook Mu time. What this old scoundrel lacks is time! Four heavenly teachers, what you said is indeed very reasonable. Flattening the four poles and surrounding the Primordial Realm is an upright way of fighting, but against Old Crook Mu, we can't use such an upright way of fighting! Flattening the four poles will give him twenty more years to catch his breath! No one knows what will happen in these twenty years! Pass down my orders!"

With a flick of his sleeves, his voice spread throughout the celestial heavens. "Gather your army and invade the Primordial Realm!"

"Understood!" The civil and military officials bowed.

Outside the Primordial Realm, Qin Mu walked leisurely. He had rushed back from the ancestral court and didn't use the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Instead, he walked on foot and took a few months to come here from the ancestral court.

The reason he was walking was because he had brought countless people from Eternal Peace with him. The sacred ground of Black Mountain had almost been emptied out by him. If he brought these people to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, it would definitely surpass the limits of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Hence, walking was the safest.

If he let these people live in his divine treasure universe, they could still last for a few months. However, if they stayed for too long, they wouldn't be able to last. They would probably die on a large scale.

Luckily, he was proficient in Celestial Venerable Yue's Extreme Void Scripture and traveled quickly.

In front of him was the Primordial Realm, and he let out a sigh of relief. At this moment, the astronomical phenomenon changed, and the stars faded into the darkness.

Qin Mu stopped and smiled. "Ancestral God King or Grand Imperial Sire?"

He thought for a moment and said with a smile, "It should be Grand Imperial Sire. Letting Ancestral God King deal with me is just sending himself to his death. Only with Grand Imperial Sire's abilities can he go against me. Grand Primordium, show yourself."

The starry sky was bright, and dazzling divine light came from the deepest part of the void. A vast sky appeared out of thin air, and there were lush Dao trees and dazzling Dao flowers.

In the dazzling light, a tall and extraordinary figure walked out from the divine light, becoming clearer.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you don't look like you have lost your Dao heart."

Tai Chu was astonished. He smiled warmly and said, "Hao'er fell into your trap and gave you many years to take a breather. However, he was also very daring. After you signed the contract, he immediately sent me to kill you."

"Tai Chu, how do you know his goal isn't to use me to get rid of you?"

Qin Mu said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "You are old, your spirit has been lost, and you can't fight anymore. From the first time you died, you no longer have the spirit of a founding emperor. If you fight with me, you might die."

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