Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1525 - The First Rune

Qin Mu ignored her and took out two Dry Kun Mirrors to compare the Dao markings on the palace wall. The trip to Miluo Palace had solved one of his doubts, and that was the Jade Capital Trap.

The Jade Capital Trap wasn't on the Jade Capital Realm, but on the Numinous Sky Realm and Emperor's Throne Realm.

From the layout of Miro Palace's Hall of Treasures, the seventy-two halls also included Numinous Sky Hall, Purple Firmament Hall, Grand Supreme Hall, and other Hall of Treasures. The master of the Numinous Sky Hall of Miro Palace's Numinous Sky Hall used the method of replacing the dead with the dead, making Numinous Sky Hall a ruler and a realm.

The third young master of Miluo Palace purposely led people to the wrong path and used the power of the people to strengthen himself. He tied all strong practitioners of the future universe that had cultivated to the Numinous Sky Realm and the Emperor's Throne Realm to his chariot.

When people cultivated Numinous Sky Realm and Emperor's Throne Realm, the foundation of their paths, skills, and divine arts was his Numinous Sky Hall. Cultivating these two realms would help him cultivate his Great Dao and raise his Dao.

Furthermore, the Numinous Sky Hall was related to the paths, skills, and divine arts of all the strong practitioners on Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne in the world. These strong practitioners had to protect the Numinous Sky Hall and the third young master. They had to stand on the same side as him or else their Dao skills would be lost.

More importantly, the Numinous Sky Hall that cultivated him would be easily killed by him even if they were enemies.

The key person in the Jade Capital Trap was Celestial Emperor Tai Chu.

The true Jade Capital Realm, other than the 72 throne halls, was the Miluo Palace.

The master of Miluo Palace had already transformed into the Dao, which meant that he could replace the Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne Realms into Miluo Palace and avoid the trap.

Qin Mu stayed in Miluo Palace and didn't leave. His goal was to explore this realm.

The seventy-two throne halls were divided up by the ten Celestial Venerables, so it was hard to obtain the complete seventy-two throne halls. Qin Mu had already explored over a dozen of them, so the other throne halls could only be seized by the other Celestial Venerables.

Soon, he was engrossed in the Dao markings of the master of Miro Palace. At this moment, he discovered something marvelous.

When he used the vertical eye in the heart of his brows to look at the dao pattern of the master of Miro Palace, he could actually see the internal structure of the dao pattern clearly. He could even see the primordial qi runes on the deepest layer without using the Dry Kun Mirror!

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he tried to execute the vertical eye at the heart of his brows.

Initially, he had only treated this eye as a divine eye that could see through the qi of primal chaos. He was unable to activate the other effects of this eye because every time he tried to activate it, the Taiyi eggshell that formed the eye would always turn the qi of primal chaos in front of him, making him unable to see anything.

Now, when he executed this vertical eye, the feeling of chaos vanished, and what replaced it was the Dao markings of Miluo Palace becoming incomparably clear. In an instant, he could see all the changes in the Dao markings clearly!

The Dao markings that Wei Suifeng had used Deaf's Dry Kun Mirror to reflect only had the shape. There were no changes to the Dao markings, and everything was fixed.

And now, when Qin Mu looked at it with the eye in the heart of his brows, he instantly saw that this Dao pattern was actually changing at all times!

Dao markings were originally incomparably complicated and contained nearly endless information, making them extremely difficult to comprehend.

Now that Qin Mu saw the changes inside the Dao markings, he was even more astonished.

Every instant of change in the Dao pattern of Miluo Palace meant that the information transmitted by the Dao pattern was several times more than the constant Dao pattern!

The dao pattern reflected by the two dry kun mirrors was only one billionth of the information contained in the dao pattern!

When the vertical eye in the heart of his brows examined the structure of the Dao markings, he could even see the transformation process from Taiji to Tai Su, to Tai Shi, Tai Chu, and Tai Yi!

He couldn't help but feel intoxicated.

The information contained in the master's dao pattern was incomparably huge. A single dao pattern could fill up the boundless space of two Dry Kun Mirrors. Even though it was terrifying, what made him gasp in admiration was the master's attainments.

The cultivation of an existence of this level could no longer be described with words. His knowledge made even a Celestial Venerable like Qin Mu gasp in amazement!

'Strange, my vertical eye originally couldn't see these things, so why can it see them now?'

Qin Mu suddenly thought of that tear and thought to himself, 'Could it be that tear on the Dao Tree of Miluo Palace's master activated the power of my vertical eye?'

He fell silent.

Tai Yi used the Dao Dew to allow the eye in the heart of his brows to see through the chaos, while the tear of the master of Mi Luo Palace allowed him to control the power of this eye.

These two seniors had treated him very well, but the master of Miluo Palace's evaluation of Tai Yi made him unable to let go.

Suddenly, Qin Mu put on a smile. "Miluo Palace's master asked me how many tears I needed, but I foolishly didn't answer. From the looks of it, I should have asked for more."

His state of mind returned to normal, and he didn't continue to struggle about his identity as Tai Yi.

No matter if Tai Yi was a prehistoric cultivator or not, he didn't want to dwell on it anymore. The elders of Disabled Elderly Village had taught him since he was young to understand a person. Other than reading their words, he had to observe their actions.

Don't look at what he says or does.

He couldn't lose his judgment just because of other people's evaluation.

Whether Tai Yi was a prehistoric Daoist or not, what he had done in the past was beneficial to this universe. He had cut down the World Tree and protected the black mountain, preventing prehistoric Daoists from descending or invading. This was good.

It was too easy to fix the black mountain and help Qin Mu solve the problem of the World Tree. It helped the people of Eternal Peace gain a foothold in the black mountain and the ancestral court. Until now, they still used the Dao dew on his Dao Tree to fix the cracks in the black mountain. This was good.

This was his kindness to the world.

Qin Mu being able to open the third eye in the heart of his brows and grow a World Tree in his body was also related to him.

This was his favor to Qin Mu.

As repayment for his kindness and for what he had done in the past, Qin Mu would still save him regardless of his true identity.

As for what their standpoint would be after rescuing Tai Yi, they would continue to observe his words and actions.

"If his actions don't conflict with my principles and we still have the same goal, we will still be Dao friends."

Qin Mu smiled calmly and felt that he could finally face all the changes in the future calmly. His heart was at ease, and his Dao heart was clear and bright. 'If his actions conflict with my principles and aims, we will be enemies.'

When he thought through all of this, there was no longer any hesitation in his heart. He continued to study the Dao patterns of the Miluo Palace's owner.

There were too many changes to this Dao pattern, and the information contained within was also incomparably complicated. Qin Mu reckoned that if he stayed here and merely studied one Dao pattern, the time he would spend would probably be calculated in ten thousand years.

"I don't have that much time to waste."

His gaze flickered, and he had an idea. 'If I stay here to observe the changes in the dao pattern, I might as well study its foundation and figure out the primordial qi runes in the deepest layer first. After I understand the primordial qi runes, I can then try to use the lowest layer of transformation to advance and construct the dao pattern.'

The lowest level of transformation was the five great transformations. After observing for so long, he felt that the five great transformations contained in the master's Dao markings should be reversible.

It could evolve from the Tai Chu Vital Qi in the Tai Yi State to the Taiji Vital Qi after experiencing the five transformations. It could also evolve from the Taiji Vital Qi to the Tai Shi Vital Qi.

Qin Mu was already trying to transform his vital qi into taiji vital qi. If he could clear the primordial qi runes, he could try to reverse the five transformations and transform his vital qi into primordial qi.

"After figuring out the five transformations, I can imitate the Dao markings of the master of Miluo Palace and try my best to imitate them exactly. After that, I can deduce the incomparably complicated changes in the interior and obtain the information contained in this rune. This way, it will be countless times faster than sitting here and slowly comprehending!"

Qin Mu knew his own aptitude and comprehension. He wasn't the smartest person in the world and his aptitude wasn't the best.

Xu Shenghua was smarter than him, Jiang Baigui had better comprehension, and Lan Yutian's aptitude was much higher than his.

He couldn't be compared to these people. He could only try his best to slack off and find a shortcut to make up for his lack of intelligence, comprehension, and aptitude.

"Strange, all the Dao markings on the walls of Miluo Palace and the primordial qi runes inside are the same rune!"

Qin Mu observed for a long time, and his expression became weirder. There was only one primordial qi rune, which was strange!

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth in the world had many kinds of basic runes, such as the Dao of Lightning. There were hundreds of types of innate runes, and there were also 324 types of Heavenly Yin Dao runes.

There were also Postcelestial Great Daos like the sword path. There were no runes, but basic sword skills could be treated as runes. There were twenty basic runes of the sword path. This was the development of the sword path, which had yet to reach its peak.

Above the twenty basic sword skills, there might be twenty-one swords and twenty-two swords. It was just that no one had created them yet.

The more basic runes there were, the more changes there would be. This was common sense.

However, there was only one type of primordial energy runes.

A kind of rune evolved from Tai Yi, Tai Chu, Tai Shi, Tai Su, and Taiji. It then evolved from Taiji into the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth evolved into endless transformations!

"The knowledge of the master of Miluo Palace is as vast as the ocean."

Qin Mu sighed in admiration and tried his best to figure out the marvel contained in this primordial rune without any distractions.

Not far from him, the woman in the Dao Fruit was calling out to the Miluo Palace in Dao language, trying to get permission from the master of the Miluo Palace to enter.

However, the gate of Miluo Palace never opened.

A few days later, a Dao Tree sailed over from the long river of chaos and came to Miluo Palace.

Qin Mu was awakened by Celestial Venerable Hao's aura. He looked into the distance and saw Celestial Venerable Hao, Ancestral God King, Celestial Venerable Gong, and the rest walking down from the Dao Tree. God Emperor Lang Xuan was among them.

Clearly, because of Celestial Venerable Xiao's defeat, God Emperor Lang Xuan had no choice but to rely on Celestial Venerable Hao.

"Celestial Venerable Hao's momentum is complete. After leaving the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, it should be time for him to claim the throne and trample all over the world!"

Qin Mu's heart tightened. Celestial Venerable Hao had no more opponents. He had to get the position of Celestial Emperor!

'In that case, which young master of Miluo Palace is behind Celestial Venerable Hao?'

Just as he thought that, he saw Celestial Venerable Hao walking towards Purple Firmament Hall instead of the Numinous Sky Hall!

"Which young master is in Purple Firmament Hall?" Qin Mu asked.

The woman in the Dao Fruit was unable to enter the Miluo Palace and meet the master of the Miluo Palace. She was in a daze and was in a daze. When she heard what he said, she said, "The one in Purple Firmament Hall is the fourth young master."

"Fourth young master? That's the emperor under the tree I met on the river of the Seventh Chaos River! In that case…"

Qin Mu's expression wavered. 'Did Celestial Venerable Hao hook up with the four young masters of Miluo Palace when he crossed the Seventh Chaos River? Did he defeat Celestial Venerable Xiao because of the guidance of this four young masters? Or did they collude long ago?'

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