Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1523 - The Master of Miluo Palace's Tear

There was silence in Miluo Palace.

Qin Mu stood there quietly and didn't say anything for a long time. The master of Miro Palace also didn't continue, as if he was waiting for him to wake up from his shock.


Suddenly, Qin Mu laughed loudly, and his laughter reverberated around Miluo Palace. After a long time, his laughter became softer.

"Dao brother, do you think I will believe you?"

His expression became serious, and he said solemnly, "Tai Yi isn't the real Tai Yi, so what proof do you have? If he isn't the real Tai Yi, why would he take the risk to come and find you? Why would he leave behind a geographical map for me to follow the map to save him? Isn't he afraid that I will meet you here and you will expose his identity? If he is a Dao practitioner that has reached the shore, why would he stop other Dao practitioners from reaching the shore? Why would he guard the World Tree and cut it off, why would he guard there for billions of years?"

The voice of the master of Miluo Palace traveled over, and he said leisurely, "Is there a need for me to lie to you, Celestial Venerable Mu? If I had ill intentions, why would I lie to you? Tai Yi has already been sent to the fourth universe by me, so how could you be stronger than him?"

Qin Mu shut his mouth tightly and pursed his thin lips, not saying a word.

Compared to Tai Yi, he was indeed very weak. There was indeed no need for the master of Miro Palace to lie to him.

If they had ill intentions, they could just get rid of him!

"If you want evidence, go to the mining area at the outermost edge of the World Tree to look for it. Those who have achieved the Dao will use the World Tree to smuggle in, leaving behind a mine pit. Go to the outermost area of the World Tree, where he left the mining pit on the shore."

The master of Miluo Palace said calmly, "As for him taking the risk to come and see me, it was because of the appearance of Miluo Palace that made him realize the danger of his identity being exposed. Therefore, he had to come here no matter what. He only had one goal, and that was to make you not dare to come."

Qin Mu was stunned and said, "But I'm here."

"Even a practitioner of his abilities has fallen here. If it was anyone else, they definitely wouldn't dare to come forward to investigate. He left behind a map for you to follow to save him. If it was anyone else, they would definitely search for the location marked by the map. However, you are different."

The master of Miluo Palace continued, "You are someone he can't see through. He thought you didn't dare to come, but you still came. You even passed through all kinds of dangers to come to me and expose his identity. He didn't expect you to be so bold."

Qin Mu thought about it. Logically speaking, there was indeed such a possibility in what the master of Miro Palace had said.

He walked forward and tried to pass through the incomparably dense primordial qi to get close to the master of Miluo Palace. He wanted to see the person in the purple gas.

Yet no matter how long he walked or how far he walked, he still couldn't get close to the figure in the purple light.

In terms of divine arts, the entire universe, including the ten Celestial Venerables, was inferior to his divine arts. However, he couldn't see what divine art the master of Miro Palace was using.

"It's even simpler for him to stop other people who have achieved the Dao. He has seen the destruction of the universe, and he doesn't want this universe to repeat the same mistake. The more people who have achieved the Dao, the faster the universe will be destroyed. Not only does he want to stop those who have achieved the Dao, he also wants to stop others from achieving the Dao."

The master of Miluo Palace said, "Your universe has already existed for 6.1 billion years. In such a long period of time, other than him, there are no other people who have achieved the Dao. If he really wanted to resist the invasion of the prehistoric successors, why would he need to bitterly guard under the World Tree? He only needs to groom a few people who have achieved the Dao to help him resist the invasion of the prehistoric successors. Has he done it?"

Qin Mu tried his best to move forward and was silent for a moment before shaking his head. "No."

He couldn't help defending Tai Yi and said, "Tai Yi transcends worldly affairs is just and fair. He's an existence that has achieved the Dao, so he won't interfere with worldly affairs! He's just using the perspective of a bystander to see the development of worldly affairs and the changes of the empire…"


The master of Miluo Palace asked, "He really didn't interfere with anything? Then how did the masters of creation go extinct? How did you become the master of the World Tree? How did the eye in the heart of your brows see through the chaos?"

Qin Mu fell silent again.

From these perspectives, Tai Yi had indeed interfered in the affairs of the world and was not that extraordinary.

Tai Yi made the ancient gods of the primordial era think that the Great Dao was trying to get rid of the masters of creation. Thus, the Celestial Emperor of Absolute Beginning started a war against the masters of creation, which led to their destruction.

Among the once incomparably glorious races, only a small number of people had escaped into the Great Void, barely surviving.

Qin Mu had succeeded in growing the World Tree by relying on a bucket of Dao Dew from Tai Yi. Tai Yi had even lent him the Chaotic Axe to chop the tree.

The eye in the heart of his brows relied on the eggshell of Tai Yi and a drop of Dao dew.

The master of Miluo Palace said, "He didn't let the Five Ancient Gods of your universe come into being successfully. If he had let the Grand Primordium, Grand Primordium, Grand Primordium, and Grand Primordium come into being successfully, how could what happened after that have happened? At the very least, you would have five people who have achieved the Dao to protect your universe and prevent the prehistoric Daoists from descending. Did he do it? No."

"The Grand Primordium is crippled, and the Grand Primordium is unable to be born. The Grand Primordium has been refined into a treasure, and the Great Ultimate is hiding everywhere. The four Precelestial Taiyi who had the highest chance of achieving the Dao, none of them were able to achieve the Dao. The Grand Primordium guarded the World Tree bitterly, and what he guarded was only his own life."

He said leisurely, "People who seem to be the most impartial are usually the ones with the most selfish motives."

Qin Mu suddenly laughed loudly.

The master of the Miro Palace stopped talking and waited quietly for his laughter to finish.

"I can't refute you, but I won't suspect Tai Yi just because of this! The person I should suspect the most is you!"

Qin Mu continued to walk towards him without giving up, and his voice reverberated throughout the Miluo Palace. He said loudly, "Dao brother, you also seem to be a selfless person. According to your logic, you are also the person with the most selfish motives!"

The master of Miluo Palace was silent for a moment before saying, "You can say that. The universe is fair. When the time is up, all lives will die, and those who have achieved the Dao are no exception. Yet I want to live, but I want to save people. This is indeed selfish."

Qin Mu continued to walk towards him and shook his head. "That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is the sacrificial altar of the ancestral court! The entire ancestral court is a huge sacrificial altar, and you dare to say that it has nothing to do with you? You have been trapped here all this time, and you are also waiting for a chance to come ashore! Thus, you laid down the sacrificial altar!"

The master of Miluo Palace fell silent again. After a moment, his voice came from the incomparably thick purple light. "The ancestral court's sacrificial altar has nothing to do with me, but it is indeed related to Miluo Palace. In these sixteen years, I have witnessed the destruction of sixteen universes, the joys and sorrows of countless living beings, the ambitions and obsessions of countless geniuses, all of them turned into ashes in the apocalypse. I don't want to go ashore anymore, nor do I want to ferry people anymore. However, not everyone in Miluo Palace has the same thoughts as me."

It was hard for Qin Mu to understand the comprehension in his words, and it was also hard for him to differentiate the truth from false.

Logically speaking, there was no need for the master of Miluo Palace to lie to him, but he really didn't want to believe the words of the master.

He didn't want to believe that Tai Yi had been lying to him and using him.

"I still remember Tai Yi telling me that when I gave up on my path, he transformed into a tear at the corner of my eye," Qin Mu muttered.

This moved him greatly, shaking his soul.

"However, tears are the cheapest."

The master of Miluo Palace said, "If this can move you, I can give you more tears. How many tears do you want?"

Qin Mu stubbornly walked forward and said solemnly, "Then let me see your tears!"

He took a step forward, and suddenly, the incomparably thick and heavy purple gas in front of him dispersed. He finally arrived in front of the master of Miluo Palace.

In front of him was a majestic Dao Tree that was like a world tree. It was verdant and lush, and it seemed to be standing in the calamity of the sixteen universes, not being destroyed by the calamity of the universe.

There were sixteen Dao Fruits hanging on that Dao Tree, and each Dao Fruit revealed a different Great Dao. Dao sounds swirled around it, and it was enshrouded by a dense light.

Standing in front of this Dao Tree, Qin Mu felt that he was as tiny as an ant, insignificant.

He tried his best to look under the Dao Tree and saw a majestic figure sitting under it.

That person formed a seal with his hands and sat there in a strange posture as though he had never moved.

It was a skeleton.

Only skeletons were left.

There was no flesh on the body of the master of Miluo Palace. There was no corporeal body, no primordial spirit, no aura of the Great Dao. There was only a skeleton sitting in the palace.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, the tears you want."

On the majestic Dao Tree, Dao fruits swayed, and a drop of Dao dew dripped down from the leaf and landed on the heart of Qin Mu's brows.

"Is this tear enough?"

The voice of the master of Miluo Palace came from the Dao fruit of the Dao Tree. "Or do you need more?"

Qin Mu's mouth was slightly agape. It was hard to describe the shock he felt from this scene.

He had always thought that the master of Miluo Palace was in charge of all of this, the invasion of prehistoric Daoists, the sacrificial altar of the ancestral court, and the Jade Capital Trap!

However, he didn't expect that the master of Miluo Palace was long dead.

He had already transformed into Dao and vanished.

He was only left with this skeleton, this Dao Tree.

He only had his Dao left.

Perhaps, he had died when he realized that he could never save the world.

Qin Mu closed his eyes, and the vertical eye in the heart of his brows also slowly closed.

All along, the one speaking to him wasn't the master of the Miluo Palace, but the Dao that the master of the Miluo Palace had transformed into.

Dao cultivators could lie, but the Dao wouldn't.

After a moment, he opened his eyes and turned around to walk out of the hall.

"I don't believe you."

He muttered, "I definitely don't believe it!"

His legs grew heavier, but he still walked out with strength. "I definitely don't believe that Tai Yi is a prehistoric cultivator. This is just your one-sided statement… So what if he's a prehistoric cultivator? He's protecting this universe after all, he's a good person… He's like a World Tree that supports the blue sky of this universe…"

He walked to the gate of Miluo Palace, and his legs suddenly went limp. He sat on the ground with a lifeless gaze as he muttered, "He is the heaven of this universe… I want to meet him personally and ask him!"

He struggled to get up and held onto the door, trying to push it open.


The door of Miluo Palace slowly opened, revealing a crack.

"You're wrong."

The voice of the master of the Miluo Palace came from behind him. "It's never easy to hold up your universe. Celestial Venerable Mu, the one holding up your universe was the Grand Emperor in the past, then Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, then the ten Celestial Venerables, Celestial Venerable Yun, Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable Ling, Crimson Emperor, Light Emperor, High Emperor, Founding Emperor, Emperor Yanfeng, Emperor Yanxiu, Celestial Venerable Mu, it's you guys!"

"No one has ever helped you to prop up your sky!"

Qin Mu staggered out of Miluo Palace, and the door behind him closed.

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