Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1483 - You Are Going To Suffer Heavenly Retribution

After imparting the Dao this time, Qin Mu was still persevering in trying to refine the World Tree. His cultivation had increased greatly, and his magic power was dense. He had shrouded the World Tree in his own realm, but refining it was still extremely difficult.

Two days later, the World Tree once again pierced a huge hole through his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm.

Qin Mu was stunned, and everyone secretly looked over without saying anything.

Qin Mu dispersed the realm and turned to leave.

"Celestial Venerable Mu is probably in despair," everyone said.

Not long later, Qin Mu found Tai Yi who was repairing the black mountain. That Tai Yi was old and frail, trembling as he held the bucket.

Qin Mu bowed and snatched the bucket of water that was for Tai Yi. He took the initiative to help him repair the black mountain that had been shattered last night.

Tai Yi was happy to be free and supervised him from the side.

Qin Mu finished repairing the cracked black mountain and put down the bucket. He smiled at Tai Yi.

Tai Yi put away the bucket and was about to leave when Qin Mu hurriedly stopped him. He smiled apologetically and said, "Dao brother, I think your huge ax is pretty good. How did you forge it?"

"That's my Dao weapon, a precious companion treasure, born from the primordial chaos."

Tai Yi said unhurriedly, "After I was born, I used this treasure to sever the World Tree. If it was any other treasure, they wouldn't be able to do anything to this treasure tree."

Qin Mu opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Tai Yi's beard trembled, and he said resolutely, "I can't give you this treasure."

Qin Mu immediately said, "I'm not asking for yours, I'm borrowing it. Lend it to me and I'll return it to you."

Old Taiyi sized him up and asked suspiciously, "What are you going to do?"

Qin Mu remained silent.

"I can lend it to you."

Tai Yi took out an ax. This ax was extremely small in his hand, but it looked incomparably huge in front of Qin Mu. He said, "You are only allowed to use half a day. In half a day, this ax will fly back to my side."

Qin Mu immediately gave his thanks and dragged the huge ax away. At first, the ax wasn't too heavy, but the farther he went, the heavier it became. In the end, even Qin Mu was panting from exhaustion and had to stop to rest.

'This ax is too heavy. I'm afraid half a day has passed before I reach the edge of the World Tree.'

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought to himself, 'Tai Yi said he would lend me the ax for half a day, could he be coaxing me to play? Can't it be lighter?'

Just as he thought until there, the ax became lighter. Qin Mu was delighted and carried the huge ax as he sprinted towards the World Tree as though he was flying. He thought to himself, 'When I think of being light, it becomes light. Could it be a treasure that will grant any request?'

Just as he was thinking about it, the huge ax became lighter again.

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. He placed the ax in front of him and thought to himself, 'If it's a long knife…'

There were no changes to the huge ax, and Tai Yi's voice came from the ax. "Don't think about it, it's an ax. It's not that you need it, but I'm helping you reduce the weight of the ax."

Qin Mu was resentful.

Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, Light Emperor, and the rest were still comprehending under the World Tree, exchanging what they had learned. After that, they saw Qin Mu rushing over like a meteor, dragging a huge ax with him.

Everyone hurriedly got up and saw Qin Mu dragging his ax to the tree. His corporeal body was expanding continuously, and his muscles were bulging. With a shout, he swung his ax onto the tree!

Everyone was stunned. They saw the giant raise his ax and chop down dozens of times in a row, chopping off nearly half of the body of the World Tree!

Granny Si said with a trembling voice, "Mu'er, stop slashing, you will be struck by lightning!"

Hua Xuanxiu shouted beside her, "Old Cult Master, if you chop down this tree, you will suffer the wrath of heaven!"

The others were also pale from fright, not knowing what to do.

Qin Mu continued to swing his huge ax down, and with a loud crack, the sapling of the World Tree was severed at the waist!

The huge tree trunk fell from the clouds and only crashed into the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains after a long time. The commotion it created could be said to be earth-shattering!

Luckily, the people that had migrated to the ancestral court were all living on the outskirts of the sacred mountain and weren't hit by the fallen World Tree. However, the wind and waves caused by the fall of the World Tree Sapling still blew into their settlement. The violent wind blew for a day and night before stopping.

Beside the World Tree, Qin Mu threw down his huge ax and immediately executed his creation divine art on the tree stump. He tried to use the path of creation to make the tree stump germinate and grow a new World Tree.

Yet no matter how he executed his creation divine art, the tree stump didn't sprout.

Qin Mu was dumbstruck and didn't move for a long time.

The others also didn't move for a long time. The previous one who had cut down the World Tree was Tai Yi. He swung his Chaos Axe and cut down the World Tree, cutting off the path of the existence from the previous universe era to enter this universe.

The World Tree had come back to life because of the breaking of the seal in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. It was Qin Mu who had dissuaded Tai Yi from coming forward to chop the tree again. He didn't expect Qin Mu to fly into a rage out of humiliation after failing to refine the World Tree and borrow Tai Yi's Chaos Axe to chop the World Tree!

"I didn't mean to cut the tree."

Qin Mu suddenly came back to his senses and turned his head back to explain to everyone with a stutter, "I'm not angry out of humiliation. I just wanted to cut off this tree and plant it in my ancestral court divine treasure. I thought this tree could regenerate, so after I cut it off, another one would definitely grow…"

Everyone remained silent.

"I'm really not angry from embarrassment! You guys know how to plant branches, right? Cut a branch and plant it on the ground, then you can plant a new tree. I plan to split the World Tree into two…"

Qin Mu looked at Granny Si helplessly. Granny Si coughed and said, "Mu'er, there's no need to explain. We understand."

Qin Mu's expression turned bitter as he looked at Cripple. Cripple grabbed the goatee under his chin and looked to the side, snorting coldly. "Even thieves have their ways, but we can't fly into a rage out of humiliation just because we can't ask for anything more and forcefully chop down the tree."

Qin Mu was silent. He turned around and walked towards the fallen World Tree. Without its roots, its branches and leaves started to wither.

He put the sapling into his divine treasure realm and tried to plant it in the ancestral court. However, even though he had dug a huge pit and surrounded the sapling with four big mines, the leaf still didn't come to life. The branches and leaves were all dry.

Suddenly, the Primal Chaos Axe whooshed into the air and spun half a circle in the air, splitting the layers of void apart. It then flew into the depths of the void and vanished without a trace.

Clearly, it was time. Tai Yi retracted his ax.

Everyone surrounded the stump of the World Tree, and they could see that there were traces of a huge ax on the incomparably thick stump. The Dao runes of this precious tree were originally long, and the Dao voice lingered around it. Now, all of it had vanished.

Qin Mu took out the crown of the tree and placed it on the stump. He tried to use unchanging divine art to restore the precious tree, but it was completely useless.

The unchanging divine art wasn't omnipotent, and there were also places it couldn't reach.

The huge tree fell to the side, and Qin Mu propped his chin up on the tree stump, staring into space.

"Disperse, disperse!"

Blind drove everyone away and said, "Do what you need to do, don't always gather here."

He knew that Qin Mu had cut down the treasure tree and felt very uncomfortable, so he let everyone leave and gave Qin Mu a chance to be alone.

Soon, the sky gradually darkened.

An incomparably terrifying vibration came from the surroundings of the big black tree. It was a scene of the end of the universe. It was the roar and struggle of the previous universe when it was destroyed.

Qin Mu sat on the stump of the World Tree and muttered, "Tai Yi set the fire. I didn't set fire to it, so how could I die…"

As he sat there, he could faintly see the existence that had achieved the Dao in the previous universe era roaring furiously as he tried his best to climb up the World Tree.

When faced with the great calamity of the destruction of the universe, these existences that had achieved the Dao were like ants. They tried their best to climb up the tree, trying to avoid the great calamity. However, the World Tree was severed, and they were unable to crawl here from the previous universe.

Qin Mu saw them pointing at the sky and drawing the earth, and he cursed endlessly. He cursed the scum who had cut down the World Tree and used his own actions to curse the person who had cut down the tree.

"Hmph, only the weak will curse others…"

Qin Mu shrunk his neck back and muttered again, "I didn't do it on purpose. Besides, Tai Yi did it first. If Tai Yi can, why can't I can't do it…"

He sat there as though he was sitting on pins and needles until the sky gradually lit up. The terrifying sight outside the huge black tree vanished.

At this moment, a familiar vibration came from the underground of Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains. It rumbled as though there were countless monsters stretching their bodies at dawn!

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and the stump under his butt suddenly split open. Two huge green leaves lifted him up and sent him into the air!

He still held his chin and looked down curiously. He saw himself rising higher, and under the two big leaves was a tender green branch!

Qin Mu raised his head and blinked.

His divine treasure realm spread out, and his primordial spirit appeared. The primordial spirits in the celestial palaces immediately started to refine this young sprout of the World Tree that had just grown!

When everyone rushed over after hearing the news, they saw him controlling his spirit embryo in an attempt to merge it into the newly born sprout!

"Mu'er, retract your divine art!" Granny Si, Mute, and the rest advised loudly under the tree.

Qin Mu turned a deaf ear to him and continued to forcefully refine the tender sprout. However, this tender sprout was impervious to him and couldn't be imprinted.

After another dozen days, the young sprout of the World Tree had already grown to the extent of forcefully breaking through his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, growing beyond the heavens.

Only then did Qin Mu jump down from the tree. Everyone watched him leave, their scalps numb. 'Celestial Venerable Mu is going to borrow an ax from Tai Yi again? He still hasn't given up…'

Qin Mu found Tai Yi. At this moment, Tai Yi was a little girl with two braids that reached into the sky. She was currently mending the mountain with snot hanging from her mouth.

"Dao brother!"

Qin Mu snatched the small metal bucket over and diligently helped her repair the black mountain that had split open. The little girl with the pigtails sniffed hard and sucked her snot back into her nostrils before letting it flow out again.

Qin Mu's face was full of smiles. As he busied himself, he smiled apologetically and said, "Dao brother, the water in your bucket can repair the cracked black mountain. The black mountain is the burnt World Tree, right?"

The little girl sucked the snot that was about to reach her mouth and said in an old and experienced manner, "What do you want?"

Qin Mu stopped repairing the black mountain and stared at the water in the bucket. The water in the bucket reflected his face. "In that case, if it's a World Tree without roots, can the water in your bucket be revived? In my divine treasure realm, there's a World Tree without roots…"

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