Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1464 - The Dao Heart Decays

Celestial Venerable Huo's magic power overflowed into the sky. After absorbing the power of South Deity Vermillion Bird, his magic power became incomparably powerful, and his comprehension of Dao fire reached the twenty-fourth level of the Heavenly Dao Realm!

This attack of his was bound to burn Lan Yutian, Qin Mu, and Divine King Wo into ashes, causing them to die miserably!

He couldn't tolerate Qin Mu's blasphemy, and he couldn't tolerate Divine King Lang using consciousness illusions to peel open his heart and reveal his ugly and evil side to Lan Yutian.

He couldn't tolerate Lan Yutian personally witnessing his betrayal and seeing him kill Celestial Venerable Yu in the illusion!

Killing these three people didn't make him taller and more imposing, nor did it give him any benefits. However, it would make his heart feel better.

Qin Mu was dead, Lan Yutian was dead, Divine King Wo was dead, so the world wouldn't know his secret or his heart.

To him, it was unbearable to dig out his heart and show it to others!

Just as his palm was about to cover the three of them, celestial palaces suddenly floated behind Divine King Lang Wo's head. His consciousness burst forth, and his powerful consciousness brought Qin Mu and the rest through the thirty-five voids!

Her divine art burst forth, but she didn't attack Celestial Venerable Huo. Instead, she attacked forward!

Just as her consciousness crashed forward, Qin Mu's corporeal body expanded, and his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm expanded outwards. Xuandu rose into the sky, and Youdu sank into the ground. The four poles stood in all directions. Yuandu, the ancestral court, and all the worlds in the heavens appeared one after another!

In an instant, he transformed into the form of four-faced gods. From all directions and from any angle, he was facing them.

His palm was flat, and Divine King Lang Wo was standing in his palm, shrouded by his divine treasure realm.

The divine treasure realm spread out, and Divine King Lang immediately turned into Celestial Venerable Huo. The divine art that she had used to attack the front immediately became the divine art that was used to attack Celestial Venerable Huo!

Celestial Venerable Huo's huge palm opened up layers of void, burning the void until it melted. Dao fire burned furiously, but it wasn't easy to attack Qin Mu and the rest in such a short time.

Lang Wo's divine art came to his chest in an instant and tunneled into his body.

This kind of divine art was consciousness, and consciousness was formless. In addition, Divine King Lang was attacking from the front, so his body blocked the divine art. Therefore, before Celestial Venerable Huo could block it, the consciousness divine art had already rushed into his body!

Looking at divine arts from the front and divine arts from the back were two completely different things. If Divine King Lang Wo was facing Celestial Venerable Huo and executing his consciousness divine art, all the marvels of the divine art would be instantly grasped by Celestial Venerable Huo.

Destroying Lang Wo's divine art wasn't difficult for Celestial Venerable Huo.

However, Lang Wo's divine art had been unleashed in the same direction and had his back facing him, so by the time he reacted, the divine art had already reached his chest.

Consciousness burst forth from Celestial Venerable Huo. Lang Guanxiang was thinking of the four deities of the Four Extreme Heavens. Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise quickly formed inside Celestial Venerable Huo's body. The roars of dragons, tigers, vermillion birds, and high cries of the black tortoise started to destroy his body!

Without Qin Mu's divine treasure realm, Lang Wo wouldn't have been able to reach this step. At most, she could hide in the 35 voids. However, Celestial Venerable Huo was powerful and had overflowing magic power. It wasn't difficult for him to invade the 35 voids and kill her.

With Qin Mu's help, she was like a tiger that had grown wings. The transformation of her paths, skills, and divine arts was raised to another level!

From the moment he met Lan Yutian, Celestial Venerable Huo's Dao heart was deeply affected. Divine King Lang Wo used an illusion to dig into his heart, causing his Dao heart's cultivation to deteriorate rapidly. His reaction was also half a beat slower.

Violent tremors came from Celestial Venerable Huo's body. The vermillion bird that Divine King Lang visualized was the first to tear through Celestial Venerable Huo's chest and bring out a sea of fire from his body. It flapped its wings and flew away!

The vermillion bird gave a long cry and swallowed the Dao fire. It stretched out its sharp claws and aimed them at Celestial Venerable Huo's eyes.

Celestial Venerable Huo's heart exploded, and the tiger head of the white tiger stretched out from his back. After it died, its sharp claws tore through Celestial Venerable Huo's back.

At the same time, the Soaring Serpent slithered out of his mouth. Its thousand wings trembled and coiled around his neck, almost severing his head!

The black tortoise was incomparably heavy. It expanded in his stomach and pressed down on his corporeal body!

A dragon roar rang out as the green dragon broke through the top of his head and rose up!

Divine King Lang's consciousness creation was actually so terrifying!

Of course, a lot of the credit went to Eternal Peace.

Dao Ancestor led the Dao Sect of the celestial heavens to deduce the Great Dao of the four deities of the ancient gods from start to finish using macroscopic algebra, establishing the ancient gods' algebra rune system. On the other hand, Dao Master of Eternal Peace's Dao Sect, Lin Xuan, Xu Shenghua, and the rest led the experts of Eternal Peace's algebra to redirect the runes of the ancient gods' Great Dao with microscopic algebra. At this point, the Great Dao rune system became perfect.

Even Dao Ancestor had to go to Eternal Peace to seek knowledge and perfect his paths, skills, and divine arts.

Divine King Lang was more open-minded than the other masters of creation, including Celestial Venerable Gong. She had long been exposed to the cultivation system of Carefree Village, the divine treasures, celestial palaces, paths, and divine arts. She had also absorbed the fruits of Founding Emperor's reform and integrated them into the consciousness cultivation system of the masters of creation.

Now, the masters of creation of the Paramita Void cultivated the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces, transforming consciousness divine arts into runes and Great Dao divine arts.

What she was more open-minded about was the results of merging Eternal Peace's reform earlier than the ten Celestial Venerables. As long as it was beneficial to the masters of creation, she would merge them.

The Great Dao rune system of Eternal Peace was learned by her and used to raise the power of the paths, skills, and divine arts of consciousness.

In the past, when masters of creation visualized, they would try their best to portray the object of their visualization to perfection and not visualize it from the perspective of the Great Dao. However, with the Great Dao rune system of Eternal Peace, the power of their divine arts would increase in a straight line, becoming stronger!

This was especially so for an existence like Divine King Lang. Her incomparably powerful consciousness attainments allowed her to gather terrifying power in an instant and visualize the four deities of the ancient gods!

"I'm not his match."

Divine King Lang Wo succeeded in his attack and severely injured Celestial Venerable Huo. However, his gaze didn't land on Celestial Venerable Huo. Instead, it landed on Celestial Venerable Huo's huge hand that was rushing towards them. He shook his head and said, "We will all die from this strike."

Celestial Venerable Huo's palm grew larger, and under the control of his overflowing magic power, the power of his palm didn't decrease. Instead, it grew stronger!

His magic power couldn't be compared to Celestial Venerable Hong's. Celestial Venerable Hong shattered the 35 voids in one strike and severely injured the enemies there. Although Celestial Venerable Huo couldn't be compared to Celestial Venerable Hong, he wasn't too far off.

"I won't die."

Qin Mu's feet moved, and he utilized the Paramita Divine Boat to cross the void. Celestial Venerable Huo's palm came smashing over, and the thirty-five voids trembled violently. However, the Paramita Divine Boat carried the three of them and barely escaped from the fingertips of the palm.

The Paramita Divine Boat rushed out of the 35 voids and appeared on the surface of the sea. In the distance, Celestial Venerable Huo gave a grunt, and the flaming wheels behind his head swirled, shredding the Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, and White Tiger into pieces. He rose into the sky and leaped into the sky, transforming into a streak of fire that escaped into the distance.

"Why didn't he kill us?" Lan Yutian asked in puzzlement as he watched Celestial Venerable Huo leave.

"His Dao heart has declined."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "He no longer has any confidence after missing a strike. In addition to his injuries, he doesn't dare to let himself get injured. He's worried that if he gets injured, the other Celestial Venerables will take the chance to take his life."

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