Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1440 - Heavenly Fiend Slaying Heavenly Strength

Only fear was left on Di Qing's face. He raised his head to look at the indescribable huge hand pressing down on the Dao weapons of the Heavenly Dao, pressing down on Tianfang City.

In Tianfang City, no matter if it was Sun Guardian, Moon Guardian, or Star Sovereign, the people, women, or children in the city, they could only raise their heads in a daze to look at this palm that covered the sky.

The palm was getting closer to them, and the sight it created was like the end of the world. It caused the ground of Tian Fang City to continuously split apart, and houses collapsed. All lives turned into powder under the immense pressure.

This indestructible god city had already cracked under this immense power, like shattered porcelain.

This power was peerlessly powerful. Even though it was a heaven overflowing power that gave people a feeling that the Great Dao was an unrivaled force, this power was so exquisite that it was like the spring wind and rain. It accurately grasped the weakness of every Heavenly Dao Dao weapon and suppressed them one by one.

When did the celestial heavens understand the Heavenly Dao so well?

The celestial heavens didn't have a perfect measurement of Heaven Duke's corporeal body. Without perfect algebra runes, even the son of Heaven Duke, Ancestral God King, couldn't grasp all the secrets of the Heavenly Dao!

Di Qing was terrified. Who was this Celestial Venerable Hong?

Even though Celestial Venerable Hong had the most dense magic power in the world, it was impossible for him to accurately grasp the weakness of the Heavenly Dao Dao weapons and defeat them easily!

"Di Qing! Bring them away!"

Someone shouted at him, "Protect the roots of Xuandu and send them away!"

Di Qing looked at the person who had spoken in a daze. He saw the primordial spirits of two to three hundred Sun Guardians appearing to protect numerous citizens of Tian Fang City, resisting the immense pressure from above.

"What are you standing there for?"

Those sun guardians vomited blood from the pressure and shouted, "Send them away!"

The citizens of Tian Fang City were terrified and uneasy. They looked at him with fear and anticipation. Di Qing opened her mouth, but she didn't say anything.


Where to?

If Celestial Venerable Hong made a move, where could they escape to?

One of the primordial spirits of the Sun Guardian exploded, and flames blazed on his body. Soon, he was burned to ashes. Even more of the Sun Guardians vomited blood and burned their primordial spirits, but they still endured the pressure.

Di Qing finally came back to his senses and rushed down from the sky, rushing towards those Sun Guardians that couldn't hold on any longer.

"Do you feel the baleful aura?"

On the way there, Di Qing suddenly saw Tian Shu and the four masked men passing by him. The five of them ignored him and used a strange footwork to rush into the sky to meet the descending hand.

They didn't take Tian Shu, the Mingdu Heavenly King, as their leader. On the contrary, they took the masked young man who had gone against Di Qing as their leader. A unique domain had already formed around the young man. The vast ancestral court burst forth, and the four poles of heaven appeared. Layers of celestial palaces formed the celestial heavens!

When Di Qing passed by them, he saw majestic mountains and rivers rising from the ancestral court. Xuandu rose, and Youdu sank. The Primordial Tree joints in the Primordial Realm rose, propping up the heavens and myriad worlds. It was dazzling.

The one who spoke was also that young man. Celestial Venerable Hong had made a move and caused countless people to die in Xuandu. When these people died, the baleful aura they gave off was incomparably intense.

The planets around Tian Fang City were destroyed, and the grievances of the people who died on the planets merged with Xuandu's Heavenly Dao, forming a Heavenly Dao that wasn't among the 49 Heavenly Daos!

Heaven Emanations!

Di Qing turned around and looked at the masked young man. He saw that the young man was still calm and composed as he formed a strange formation with Tian Shu and the rest. He said in a deep voice, "Heavenly Fiends are also the Heavenly Dao. They are the 50th Heavenly Dao. They gather baleful qi as knives and absorb the baleful qi in Tianfang City. They can make the power of our knife path comparable to the 31st Heavenly Layer. In addition to the power of the Heavenly Dao on our bodies, they can make the power of our knife path reach the 32nd or even 33rd Heavenly Layer."

Di Qing saw the surging baleful aura rushing over. Under the cover of Celestial Venerable Hong's huge hand, the baleful aura was like a blood dragon, frantically tunneling into the bodies of the five people.

'Under the cover of Celestial Venerable Hong's huge hand, it's the perfect time to cover his vision.'

The masked young man said, "We only have one chance. You guys just need to exert your strength, I'll take the knife. Once the knife is broken, we'll take away the Heavenly Dao Armament. As for the other Heavenly Dao weapons, we'll take them away if we can. If we can't, we'll leave immediately and never stay!"

Di Qing passed by them, and he was at a loss. "Who is that young man?"

He didn't have time to think too much. He just came to the side of the Sun Guardians and unleashed his magic power to protect the people of Tianfang City. With a shout, he unleashed his full power!

Tian Fang City crumbled, and a huge piece of land separated from the city under the control of his magic power, flying down rapidly!

"Celestial Venerable Hong ordered the army of the celestial heavens to open up a hole. That's our only chance to escape, our only chance!"

Di Qing quickly said, "Let's leave Xuandu and go to the Primordial Realm…"

Right at this moment, an earth-shattering sound of a knife rang out. Di Qing turned back to take a look and couldn't help but stare blankly. In the sky, the five tiny figures burst forth with incomparably dazzling light!

It was a knife light that burst forth from the depths of the void. It was extremely dazzling and resonated with the Heavenly Dao of Xuandu. A knife light slashed towards Celestial Venerable Hong's huge hand!

He saw the knife light that was unknown in length, and a black line was left behind in his eyes. He couldn't see the knife light anymore because the knife light had left a deep wound in the space of Xuandu. The wound had severed space and layers of void.

The path of the knife rumbled and vibrated as it sliced through Celestial Venerable Hong's wrist.

Heavenly Execution of Heaven!

Di Qing shook her eyes, but she still couldn't see the knife light. However, she saw Celestial Venerable Hong's huge palm struggling to break free from his wrist. Celestial Venerable Hong's face that covered half of the sky revealed astonishment and anger.

The land rushed towards the only gap in the army of the celestial heavens. The troops of the celestial heavens immediately moved out and gathered at the gap. Thousands of gods and devils swarmed towards the broken land.

On land, the ruins of the Outlander Divine City were still collapsing.

Di Qing hurriedly turned his head back. With a quick glance, he saw that even though the five figures had severed Celestial Venerable Hong's huge hand, their bodies were scattered from the tremors. Their corporeal bodies exploded and turned into blood mist.

The five figures crisscrossed under Great Celestial Venerable Hong's hand and flew away. They quickly recovered to their peak state and whizzed away while sticking to the palm of Celestial Venerable Hong.

Celestial Venerable Hong's huge palm was still descending. Below it was the Outlander Divine City.

Their target was the Heavenly Dao Dao weapon that was pressed under their palms. However, Celestial Venerable Hong's palm still contained immense power. It suppressed the Heavenly Dao Dao weapon and smashed into the dilapidated Tian Fang City. It was about to bury them in the city and destroy them along with the god city!

"Cult Master!"

Zhe Huali looked at the ground of the god city that was getting closer, and he shouted sternly, "If you don't leave, it will be too late!"

Qin Mu brought them close to Celestial Venerable Hong's palm as they flew. Suddenly, the divine treasure realm reversed, and the five of them felt that the space around them was displaced. They immediately turned from their heads to their feet, stepping on the palm markings of Celestial Venerable Hong as they sprinted forward!

In front of them were numerous Heaven Dao weapons that were filled with astonishing heavenly might!

Butcher, Luo Wushuang, Tian Shu, and Qin Mu all stretched their hands out to grab at the Dao weapons of the Heavenly Dao. Zhe Huali gritted his teeth and ignored the fact that he was about to smash into the city. He also stretched his hand out to grab one of the Dao weapons of the Heavenly Dao!

Celestial Venerable Hong's palm collided with Tianfang City, and the entire city instantly turned into fine powder. It then shattered into chaos, and countless gods and commoners evaporated in an instant. Their corporeal bodies and souls vanished without a trace!

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