Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1430 - Bright Moon Over River

On the celestial river, Qin Mu, Butcher, Tian Shu, and the rest sat on a fast ship, and the cabin was filled with fine wine. Heavenly King Tian Shu scratched his ears and cheeks in anxiety. He wanted to open a jar and drink to his heart's content from time to time, butcher used the knife to smack his hand away.

"Drink sparingly."

Luo Wushuang said coldly, "You are as timid as a mouse. You only have this ship of wine, and you still have to wait until you meet Celestial Venerable to boost your courage. If you drink all of it on the way, you will only be scared witless when you face Celestial Venerable."

Heavenly King Tian Shu sneered and said, "Would I be scared out of my wits? That's right, I would be scared out of my wits! Luo Wushuang, when facing a Celestial Venerable, can you not be scared?"

Luo Wushuang looked at his divine knife and said indifferently, "No. Ever since I broke the god in my heart, no matter who stands in front of me, they can't stop me from striking."

Tian Shu grunted and said, "After drinking, I'm the same."

Zhe Huali sat on the side of the ship and looked at Qin Mu. He suddenly smiled and said, "Cult Master Qin, what realm are you in now? I realized that after you went to the celestial heavens, you didn't achieve anything. However, your cultivation has become much more profound."

"Nine Hells Stage."

Qin Mu thought about it and said, "It's roughly equivalent to your Jade Capital Realm. However, I have five more realms than you guys."

Everyone couldn't help becoming curious and went forward to ask. Qin Mu explained, "From the beginning to the end, I only had one realm, and that was the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure Realm. My Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure Realm is divided into two realms. One is the Dao Realm, which is the system of the thirty-six layers of Heavenly Dao Realm. The other is the Great Ancestral Hall Realm. The Dao Realm and the Great Ancestral Hall Realm are actually intertwined. As the realm of cultivation increases, the Dao Realm also increases."

"The Great Ancestral Court Realm is divided into the Celestial Heavens Realm and the Five Great Realms. Among them, the Celestial Heavens Realm is the system of the celestial heavens that you guys cultivate. It's just that my Celestial Heavens Realm is different. I've developed the Nine Hells Stage Realm, which is one realm higher than yours."

"However, I still haven't figured out how the Jade Capital Realm in the ancestral court is divided. I have yet to see the Jade Capital Realm of the ancestral court. Whether the Jade Capital Realm contains Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne is also unknown."

"As for the five great realms, I'm still trying to figure it out. I have already cultivated the initial four great realms and comprehended a few divine arts. I have also comprehended how many heavens of the Dao Realm there are, but I'm not sure if I can form five different realms."

Qin Mu muttered to himself for a moment and said, "That's about it."

The other four people were already dumbfounded and couldn't say anything for a long time. Zhe Huali stuttered, "You comprehended this in the ancestral court?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "If you guys go to the ancestral court, you will have to go to the four great heavenly gates of the ancestral court, the Jade Pool Stage, and the Nine Hells Stage. If the five of us work together, we can reach the thirty heavens of the Dao Realm. However, when we split up, everyone's Dao Realm isn't high. The highest is still me, the twenty-six heavens of the Dao Realm. If you guys can walk through these places, you will probably be able to catch up to me."

He paused for a moment and added, "It will still be slightly inferior, but not by much."

Zhe Huali rubbed his hands in excitement and said, "If I can come back from Xuandu alive, I will definitely go!"

"Bah, great luck!"

Tian Shu spat out a few mouthfuls of saliva and said, "Children's words carry no harm, stop these inauspicious words."

Qin Mu revealed a confident smile and said, "This time, in order to protect ourselves, the Heavenly Dao only disappeared into Xuandu. The Heavenly Dao can feel our Dao hearts, and with the support of the Heavenly Dao, our abilities will rise another step. It's not impossible for us to survive! With the help of Founding Emperor, Lang Lang, Celestial Venerable Yue, and Celestial Venerable You, the danger will definitely be reduced to…"

Before he could say another word, Qin Mu looked forward with a blank gaze.

Everyone hurriedly looked forward and saw a middle-aged man with a sword on his waist walking towards them along the celestial river. It was Founding Emperor Qin Ye.

Founding Emperor came to the front of the ship and stopped. Butcher and the rest immediately greeted him while Tian Shu hid in the hold of the ship, not daring to show his face.

Qin Mu hurriedly stopped the boat and stretched out half of his body to ask, "Why are you here instead of going to Xuandu?"

Founding Emperor's expression was calm, and he said leisurely, "You asked me to come to the ancestral court to comprehend the Dao Realm and help me break through to the Ultimate Void, so I'm here."

Qin Mu said angrily, "At this time, you should be preparing to go to Xuandu and not the ancestral court! What did you do earlier?"

Tian Shu's face turned ashen when he heard that. In this world, only Qin Mu would dare to speak to Founding Emperor like that. Ever since Founding Emperor created a few Celestial Venerables at the Heaven Alliance Meeting, even the ten Celestial Venerables had to be polite to him.

Founding Emperor didn't mind and said, "The ten Celestial Venerables were all here earlier, so I didn't have a chance. Now that they are rushing to Xuandu, I have a chance to visit the ancestral court."

Qin Mu was about to say something when Founding Emperor continued, "It will take some time to travel from the celestial river to Xuandu. I can go after comprehending the ancestral court, but I can still make it. You guys hold on for now."

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and watched him walk towards the ancestral court.

"Qin Ye, remember to collect my corpse!" he shouted at Founding Emperor's back.

"Alright," Founding Emperor said indifferently.

Qin Mu took off his shoes and threw them at Founding Emperor. Founding Emperor tilted his head, and the shoes missed. They flew back and automatically covered Qin Mu's feet.

"Hold on, go to the ancestral court and do something for me!"

Qin Mu put on his shoes, and his consciousness rippled into Founding Emperor's mind. He told him about the incident, and Founding Emperor stopped in his tracks. He turned his head and said, "It's a little difficult."

Qin Mu asked solemnly, "Can it be half?"

"I can try." He left.

Qin Mu snorted and said solemnly, "Let's go!"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and Tian Shu also popped his head out from the hold of the ship. "How?"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth. "Use your head to block!"

Tian Shu immediately shrunk his head back.

The cheerful atmosphere on the ship vanished without a trace, and everyone was breathing heavily. Butcher took a sip of the celestial river water and sharpened his knife beside the ship. He said with a smile, "Founding Emperor raised his sword path to the extent of thirty-five heavens, yet we could only raise it to the extent of thirty heavens. Could it be that the path of the knife is inferior to the path of the sword? Everyone, it's up to you!"

Even though they said that, they still couldn't feel at ease. At this moment, fine zither notes came from the front, and the rhythm of the zither was beautiful and moving, causing the celestial river to dance along with it.

Qin Mu rose into the sky and looked forward. He saw that the vast and mighty celestial river was like a jumping musical note with hidden killing intent. The waves that leaped up with the melody had strange divine arts that were compatible with the river water. When they encountered a ship, they would kill their way out, causing the surface of the celestial river to hide killing intent.

"It's Celestial Venerable Yue's zither notes!"

Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw the army of gods and devils pushing out divine weapons and four deities to suppress the celestial river, preventing Celestial Venerable Yue's zither notes from unleashing their power.

Among the army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens, a Celestial Venerable suddenly flew up and attacked Celestial Venerable Yue. That Celestial Venerable was tall and sturdy, and his muscles were like rocks. He had a curly beard and was extremely formidable. It was Celestial Venerable Shi Qiluo.

The two Celestial Venerables fought as they flew around the celestial river, slowing down the footsteps of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens.

"I see. Founding Emperor wanted Celestial Venerable Yue to slow down the pace of the celestial heavens, giving him enough time to comprehend the Jade Pool of the Four Heavenly Gates of the ancestral court." Qin Mu suddenly understood.

Only Celestial Venerable Yue could slow down the speed of the celestial heavens. Her space divine art could come and go, so it was extremely difficult to trap her.

Qin Mu was at ease, and the fast ship quickly caught up to the army of gods and devils.

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