Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 91 Part 2

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Chapter 91 Part 2


Of course, the heaven material and earth treasure were useful to him, but there was definitely a lot of the heaven material and earth treasure stored in his own mustard space, at least enough for him to use for advanced.

After he advanced, these heaven materials and earth treasures in Rook Islet World would no longer have a greater effect on his cultivation.

However, although these heaven materials and earth treasures were of no use to him, they were of some use to Bai Jingchen and even to Heaven Spread Sect.

He didn’t have too deep feelings for Heaven Spread Sect, but since he had occupied Yang Aohan’s identity for a period of time, he needed to bear part of the karma.

Anyway, it was the heaven material and earth treasure, so for Heaven Spread Sect, it was the essential factor to their survival in this critical moment.

Su Wenliang thought so, and said, “Thank you, Demon King.” He would remember this karma, and repay back this gift from her to her descendant.

When the demon king heard this, she smiled with satisfaction. The crisis and difficulty that had plagued her for many days were finally partially resolved today, which made her feel relaxed.

She said, “In this case, Your Highness, time is limited now, so please come with me. I will summon the crazy wild beast to a specific open place, and Your Highness only needs to cultivate there. For everything else, just leave it to me.”

The demon king finally said the issue that Su Wenliang was most concerned about. Su Wenliang immediately nodded. He naturally realized that time was running out. On the one aspect, there was the threatening devil race, and on the other aspect, there was the white-clothed mask man lurking in secret. The only thing he could do was to give birth to Liangchen and end his worries of trouble in the rear. After that, he could improve his cultivation base and unseal the Earth Demon Python’s bloodline.

Su Wenliang picked up Bai Jingchen and followed the demon king across the most central area, walking through the powerful demonic beast living area surrounded by tall trees, after that, it was the area where crazy wild beasts gathered.

After Su Wenliang was led here, he saw an empty field at a glance, and this was the location he was looking for.

He walked to the center of the open space with Bai Jingchen in his arms and then placed Bai Jingchen at the selected spot, before standing up and setting up a formation in the huge open space around him.

It was still an extremely complicated formation. He set it up with the help of Sun Nancheng before, when in the midst of chaos, so the formation was not very good. But this time, he patiently set up the formation, as he waved the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip around him, which looked like a crimson fire ribbon from a distance.

He placed spirit stones, talisman seals, and some auxiliary nature of heaven materials and earth treasures in the completed formation. Then, he walked back to Bai Jingchen’s side and helped him sit up properly. He nodded at the demon king and simultaneously injected his spiritual energy into several important nodes of the formation. In the next moment, he heard an ear-piercing sharp sound, followed by the crazy wild beast’s group roar.

Wild beasts came, and under the control of the demon king, they ran towards the formation one by one.

A scarlet light flickered on the formation as it operated. Su Wenliang closed his eyes. He and Bai Jingchen, who were at the formation’s core, were in a relaxed state. When the first wild beast hit the formation, the blood dissipated in an instant, left behind a bright beast core, and then the next one followed. The formation was surrounded by voluntarily suicide wild beasts. After colliding with the formation, only the beast core remained.

The beast core automatically replenished into the formation, and Su Wenliang guided the spiritual energy into his dantian, as the rich spiritual energy glowed scarlet.

An hour...

A day…

A month...

The wild beasts were tireless, and there were a lot of them. The demon king guarded the formation, and no one dared to approach this place.

On the other side, neither the devil race nor the white-clothed mask man jumped out to stop them. They were actually looking forward to the birth of the second Rouge Dragon in this world, as their cooperation relationship was based on each taking what they needed.

The goal of the devil race was the Rouge Dragon’s descendant, Liangchen. The white-clothed mask man always had a very clear purpose, which was to get Su Wenliang.

The formation was shining with red light, as Su Wenliang immersed himself in absorbing spiritual energy. He hadn’t cultivated like this for a long time, because he had to take care of Bai Jingchen all the time, so he couldn’t really immerse himself into cultivating. Even if he was meditating, it was only half a month or so. Right now, it was an excellent opportunity.

The cultivation base of the unconscious Bai Jingchen was improving rapidly. On the one respect, the injuries he suffered outside River Ford City last time were automatically repaired, and on the other respect, he was absorbing spiritual energy, so his cultivation base was growing extremely fast.

He obviously just advanced to the Core Formation not long ago and was preparing to refine the origin life magic weapon. But this time, after absorbing spiritual energy crazily, his cultivation base had reached the middle Core Formation stage after one month, and three months later, he advanced to the late Core Formation stage.

He was not yet fifty years old, but he was already at the late Core Formation stage, and his foundation was firmer than others.

He absorbed more spiritual energy than others, so the spiritual energy contained in his body at the late Core Formation stage was several-fold that of other ordinary Core Formation experts.

His cultivation base had improved rapidly. If it was other people, it was certainly bad and would damage the body. But his cultivation style had always been like this, so there was no such thing as standard.

After another three months passed, the wild beast horde finally came to an end. Originally, the wild beast horde in Rook Islet World lasted for nearly a year. During this period of time, it was a life-and-death battle between human cultivators of Rook Islet World and wild beasts. But this time, only relying on Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen to use the formation, the wild beast horde was resolved.

This could be regarded as another way of doing good things for the Rook Islet World.

It was because of the movement on Su Wenliang’s side that the human cultivators didn’t have to worry about wild beasts, so it gave them more time to solve the problem of the devil race invasion.

In the novel’s plot, one of the reasons why devils were so rampant and made the Rook Islet World’s cultivators couldn’t beat them was the duel between the wild beast and human race, which caused heavy losses to both sides, and thus let the devil race take advantage.

However, this time, human cultivators had more preparations and concentrated on dealing with the devil race. This cause and effect brought great benefits, whether it was for Su Wenliang or the people in Rook Islet World.

When the formation dissipated, which was at the beginning of the eighth month of Su Wenliang’s meditation cultivating, Bai Jingchen’s cultivation base had entered the peak of the late Core Formation stage. Although Su Wenliang’s cultivation base was still at the late Nascent Soul stage, his goal had been successfully achieved.

The scarlet light on the formation finally dissipated, as thick clouds suddenly appeared in the originally cloudless sky.

The gray clouds and mist came to the city, dispelling the brilliance of the day in the blink of an eye, and people could hardly see their five fingers in the dark sky.

Su Wenliang opened his eyes. There was a black red and faint golden light streamer in his obsidian-like pupils.

The moment he opened his eyes, a thunder suddenly sounded in the sky. The huge noise seemed to tear the sky apart. Lightning flashes and thunder rolls came one after another, as a strong wind blew in Wild Beast Forest. The trees were about to be blown over, but Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen firmly sat in the center of the formation. Their two small figures, in such an environment, were sitting motionlessly and waiting quietly, even looking forward to the arrival of heavenly tribulation.

In the antiquity period, every time an ancient divine beast was born, it would cause extremely cruel heavenly tribulation. It was said that these heavenly tribulations were extremely severe. Cultivators who commit all kinds of evil would encounter the Ninety-nine Heavenly Lightning when they ascend. The purple heavenly lightning could strike the cultivator into powder. This kind of heavenly lightning was not only one but eighty-one of the Ninety-nine Heavenly Lightning. Such a powerful heavenly lightning was the biggest calamity encountered when ascended in the cultivation world. Many almighty cultivators ultimately died on this final hurdle.

When the ancient divine beast was born, the heavenly tribulation they had to face was this greatest calamity, the tribulation of Ninety-nine Heavenly Lightning.

During the ancient divine beast’s birth, it was often the time when the old divine beast died. Only in this way could the heavenly tribulation be weakened and a new life could be born.

The dragon race’s birth, in the antiquity period when the spiritual energy was vast, the heavenly tribulation was so severe, so for the current cultivation world where the spiritual energy was thin, it was even crueler.

Su Wenliang had expected this earlier, but fortunately, he had a helper, the Ten Thousand Demon King by his side. She was the guardian of the entire Wild Beast Forest. Moreover, the devil race’s people wouldn’t watch Liangchen be unborn, they would definitely resist the heavenly tribulation. The purpose of the white-clothed mask man was himself, so he wouldn’t stand idly by and watch himself being struck to death by heavenly lightning. Finally, the most important point was this Rook Islet World just a lower realm. Even if the heavenly tribulation was severe, because of the restriction of the heavenly Dao, no matter how powerful the heavenly lightning was, it wouldn’t strike close to this lower realm.

Adding all these things up, Su Wenliang smiled in the midst of lightning, thunder, wind, and rain.

Everything is ready! Liangchen, you can come and see personally, this world you are looking forward to!

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