Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 90

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Chapter 90


On the other side, Su Wenliang followed the group of demonic beasts in human form who suddenly appeared in front of them, and entered the inner part of Wild Beast Forest together.

Just as Su Wenliang thought, along the way, they saw many demonic beasts that lost their minds. The one closer to the battlefield still regained their consciousness, because of the influence of Bai Jingchen’s dragon chant. After a certain journey, the eyes of the demonic beast they met were all bloodshot with crimson color, and it could be seen that their behavior was very irritable. These demonic beasts were wild beasts without even a trace of reason. Moreover, these wild beasts ran towards River Ford City, where human cultivators gathered.

After passing through a large area where human cultivators had set foot, and then entering a deeper place, they could see towering plants and trees. This place was the center zone of Wild Beast Forest, which was the area where powerful demonic beasts lived.

When approaching this place, Su Wenliang observed all the way and found that the number of demonic beasts here was much less than that in the previous area.

Moreover, these demonic beasts were no longer scattered in groups, but scattered one by one in a messy manner, like living alone and living in a household in their own areas, and the living area of each demonic beast was not small.

When Su Wenliang landed and walked past these demonic beasts, he found that whenever he followed the group of demonic beasts in human form and passed the demonic beast on the roadside, no matter what these demonic beasts were doing before, they would stand up and salute to the demonic beast leader. Their etiquette was just like the real human cultivator, showing their submission to the respected strong demonic beast.

It could be seen from this that among powerful demonic beasts, there was also a set of survival rules that belonged to them. Since the demonic beast leader leading the way ahead could be respected by so many powerful demonic beasts, then his status in Wild Beast Forest must not be low. Although Su Wenliang still couldn’t see through his cultivation base, his cultivation base must be high.

This time Su Wenliang knew he was going to meet the Ten Thousand Demon King in Wild Beast Forest.

And this demon king shouldn't be underestimated.

Su Wenliang raised his spirits in his heart. The Ten Thousand Demon King who could manage the chaotic demonic beasts in an orderly manner must be the target he needed to treat carefully.

The reason he followed this group of demonic beasts in human form into the inner part of Wild Beast Forest was because he had his own plan.

The wild beast horde that happened outside River Ford City earlier encountered many accidents on the way, both the devil cultivator and the devil race, which made him tired of dealing with it. But before that, when facing the wild beast, he used a special method to absorb the beast core of the wild beast. The enormous spiritual energy poured into his body, which not only improved his cultivation but also allowed Little Liangchen in his abdomen to absorb a lot of spiritual energy.

According to the speed at that time, it wouldn’t take too long, maybe a few months, for Little Liangchen to be born in this world.

Part of his purpose this time was to meet the demon king of Wild Beast Forest and make this deal with it.

Su Wenliang planned to use the wild beast that lost its mind to absorb spiritual energy. While giving birth to Little Liangchen, the big Rouge Dragon beside him, which was Bai Jingchen, also needed to use this method to improve his cultivation base quickly.

The demon king might resist his proposal at normal times.

But during the wild beast horde, the wild beasts he killed belonged to the number that the entire Wild Beast Forest needed to expel, just like the modern animal community controls the number of community through killing.

His proposal, no matter what, still needed the demon king’s support, so he kept his posture low to ensure his sincerity.

After Su Wenliang passed the towering forest area, a large area of white light appeared in front of his eyes. After Su Wenliang really crossed the forest, he discovered that these so-called white lights were not actually something shining, but an extremely wide open space in the central area surrounded by huge trees. There were no demonic beasts here, and there were no flowers and trees of different types. The only thing that could be seen here was countless green vines on the ground stretched out from the edge of huge trees.

The huge area that was equivalent to several practice grounds of Heaven Spread Sect was firmly occupied by vines. These vines belong to the same variety, dark green and even faintly reddish. Su Wenliang roughly understood in his heart. ‘This is the so-called demon king. The demon king is a vine demon.’

Although Su Wenliang couldn’t tell what kind of the vine demonic beast it was, it didn’t prevent him from making a judgment in his heart.

Su Wenliang originally thought this was the destination, but he found that after observing for a while, the group of demonic beasts who led the way, except for the handsome man who first appeared in front of him, the others turned into their original appearance. In an instant, there were all kinds of demonic beasts in front of him, such as a wolf, tiger, fox, and even a tree demon... These demonic beasts showed their original appearance in front of Su Wenliang wantonly. They bowed deeply to the vine in the open space, nodded to Su Wenliang, and then slowly retreated.

After a while, in this huge open space, there were only the demonic beast leader, Su Wenliang, and the fainted Bai Jingchen.

The ground began to vibrate. Su Wenliang stood firmly on the ground, turning a blind eye to the ground’s vibration. The vine turned over, and a house surrounded by vines suddenly appeared in front of him.

At the same time, an extremely rich spiritual energy overflowed.

The demonic beast leader said respectfully to the vine house, “Your Majesty the demon king.”

Su Wenliang said in his heart, ‘Sure enough, this is the real location of the Ten Thousand Demon King.’

He glanced at the surrounding environment again, and then his gaze fell on Bai Jingchen in his arms. Bai Jingchen was an adult man, and his weight was not at all light, but for Su Wenliang, who was a cultivator, it was easy to hold him for such a long time.

At this moment, the scars on Bai Jingchen’s body had healed. When Su Wenliang came to the center of Wild Beast Forest, he observed the surrounding environment while feeding Bai Jingchen with healing medicinal pills. Su Wenliang always had a lot of miraculous pills at hand. The reason why Bai Jingchen was still conscious was entirely because his physical strength and spiritual energy were overdrawn, and Su Wenliang didn’t take the initiative to wake him up.

Su Wenliang saw that Bai Jingchen was recovering well as the original scars on his body had almost healed now, and this was a safe place, so he put Bai Jingchen on the ground. The vine covered the ground and spontaneously vacated a human-shaped area, allowing Bai Jingchen to lie on it. Not that the vine didn’t want Bai Jingchen to lie on its body, but that it would make Su Wenliang dissatisfied with it, so it chose to step back.

The demon king clearly knew the origin of two cultivators in front of it. There was no need to say more about Bai Jingchen, who was lying on the ground. As the Ten Thousand Demon King in Wild Beast Forest, it naturally knew that this man was actually a divine dragon descendant that only existed in the legend, so the other party was the real Ten Thousand Demon King.

As for the other man, Su Wenliang, his body exuded the aura of a powerful demonic beast, not only that but also the aura of a newborn dragon, so that it could know that this human was not a simple human race, but more or less related to the demonic beast clan.

The demonic beast clan was extremely anti-foreigner. The powerful demonic beast had no intention of killing the human race, but most of them didn’t like it, which was why the demonic beast was not written in the novel, not only that, even native cultivators of Rook Islet World knew little about demonic beasts.

However, for its own race, the demonic beast would put down their guard first, so the Ten Thousand Demon King had shown enough sincerity when facing Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen.

The house was surrounded by vines without gaps, and there was no door and window that a house should have, but the moment the high-level demonic beast finished speaking, the vine slowly spread out to both sides, and then a doorway appeared on the top of the house, and a young woman wearing a cyan dress, with a slim figure, stepped out gracefully.

Using one word to describe this woman was “green”. Her whole body seemed to be filled with green, not only the cyan skirt, her eyes were emerald green, like a lake water, glowing with green light, and her long hair that reached the ground was light green like vines, dragging to the ground.

She was walking in Su Wenliang’s direction, but she was not actually walking, because she didn’t move. Her eyes, feet, hair, and skirt didn’t change a bit, but she really came to Su Wenliang from a distance.

The woman, who was the demon king, came to Su Wenliang and stood a few steps away. Her green eyes were full of vitality and seemed to have experienced thousands of years of vicissitudes. She first looked at Bai Jingchen, who was on the ground, and then looked at Su Wenliang.

There was a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, which was a little stiff, but it made people feel full of vitality when they saw it. A contradictory smile appeared on her face, light and not enchanting, but with its own grace, made people feel a sense of tranquility and peace from the bottom of their hearts, a very infectious smile. She said with a light voice and smile on her face, “Your Highness.”

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