Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 89

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Chapter 89


After Su Wenliang realized this, he immediately turned his head to look forward, and he naturally ignored the arm around his waist.

The body behind him carried a strong smell of blood, which belonged to Bai Jingchen’s blood. Su Wenliang saw that Bai Jingchen suffered a lot of injuries from the glance just now, and his whole body was almost stained red with blood, as if he had been fished out of the blood water.

Su Wenliang’s heart tightened, and then he returned to normal in the next moment.

He thought of the Rouge Dragon’s strength. Although Bai Jingchen hadn’t fully awakened his bloodline, the Rouge Dragon controlled his body, so these devils present today, and even wild beasts, were all vulnerable in front of the Rouge Dragon.

Su Wenliang breathed a sigh of relief.

As he pondered this, the Rouge Dragon didn’t idle, but indifferently looked at the devil race not far away. These devils differed from cultivators in the human world, but they also had strengths and weaknesses.

The devil race in front of them was not weak, as their cultivation base was equivalent to the Nascent Soul level or higher. Su Wenliang just fought with these devils, and now he was not yet at a disadvantage, but he had no obvious upper hand, which showed that these people were not so easy to deal with, at least more difficult to handle than wild beasts.

The Rouge Dragon’s golden vertical pupils narrowed slightly. Although these devils were strong, they were still too weak for him.

The Rouge Dragon began to recite dragon chant again. The sound wave surged from his body and spread out along the air. After a while, the wild beasts who lost their reasons on the scene actually gradually recovered their sanity.

Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes to watch the Rouge Dragon’s movement. At this time, because of the Rouge Dragon’s sudden breakout, the scene changed drastically in the instant.

The wild beast regained its sanity, its eyes glistened with a clear light, and the smell of the devil race that both cultivators and demonic beasts dislike emitted from the surroundings.

This made the wild beast that regained its sanity instantly become agitated.

Just as cultivators and devils were natural enemies, demonic beasts that grow and cultivate in the human world naturally hated the scent of the devil race.

They stopped fighting with the human cultivators, and the beast horde that had never been interrupted for thousands of years in Rook Islet World stopped temporarily at this moment.

Demonic beasts also had likes and dislikes, and the devil race’s scent surging in the air made them particularly disliked. Compared with most cultivators of the human race, the demonic beast’s sense was more direct and keen. The moment they sensed the devil race’s scent, they instantly turned to the cultivators of the devil race under the gate of River Ford City.

The situation reversed, and the other human cultivators were stunned when they saw demonic beasts attacking the demon race.

Sun Nancheng and Xie Shuyan still had their backs to each other, facing devil cultivators of Yan Yuan Devil Palace in front of them. Since devil cultivators and Dao cultivators had already torn their pretense, there was only a fight to one’s last breath ending between them.

They were still fighting, and after the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples came to their senses, they also set their eyes on the “traitor”. Because they were entangled with wild beasts before, they had no time to deal with devil cultivators for the time being, but now that wild beasts had regained their sanity, the opponent they had to face was the Rook Islet World’s devil cultivators.

The battle started again, but this time, it was more thrilling than before.

Devil cultivators were already ruthless, but after wantonly absorbing devil energy on the battlefield, their strength improved by leaps and bounds. It was even more difficult to deal with these devil cultivators than in the past.

Fortunately, on the Dao cultivator’s side, it was basically a two-on-one situation. The previous balance of three people as one team had become an excellent check and balance. With one-on-one, most Dao cultivators would fall into the disadvantage, but if it was two-on-one, the battle situation became more unpredictable.

The aloof devil race emitted strong devil energy, which they covered up before, but now that their identities had been exposed, they directly leaked their devil energy, waiting for a hearty battle.

The devil race was born good to fight and kill. They had been forced to be trapped in the devil world for thousands of years. The fighting between devils had never stopped, but because of some internal regulations of the devil world, sometimes they couldn’t kill too much, which made the devil race’s nature somewhat repressive. But after entering the human world, these humans were their enemies, so there was no need to think twice about it.

A sharp scream came out of the devil race’s mouths. That strange sound wave was only heard by some high-level cultivators, while other cultivators could only feel a stab of pain in their eardrums.

Su Wenliang looked at the several devils standing in the sky. The sound wave was like an infrasonic wave, sharp and ear-piercing, but it was obviously a unique way of communication between devils.

It didn’t take long for Su Wenliang to see the devil race in action. They were no longer just watching, but personally joining the battle.

Blood splattered and limbs flew everywhere on the battlefield, looking like a scene of hell.

Su Wenliang took a step back and met the Rouge Dragon who was reciting softly behind him.

Without waiting for the two of them to react, several powerful devils behind the devil race leader attack Su Wenliang.

After the previous fight, Su Wenliang hadn’t yet recovered his physical strength, so he was a little struggling to deal with the devil race’s aggressive attack.

The Rouge Dragon pushed him away, took the initiative to take a few steps forward, and used the dragon race’s unique attack technique, which was reciting dragon chant, to deal with these powerful devils.

The Rouge Dragon was an ancient divine dragon, and its strength was not weak, but Bai Jingchen’s body was too weak, so he couldn’t use more powerful power to deal with these devils. He could only use the dragon race’s special ability to deal with it. Fortunately, after the official duel, he still didn’t fall into the disadvantage.

The devil race’s strength had never been weak, and the devil race that could enter Rook Islet World, its strength couldn’t be underestimated. The battle between them and the Rouge Dragon was a great danger every second.

Su Wenliang was pushed aside by the Rouge Dragon, and the surrounding area was protected by layers of powerful demonic beasts, so his place became the safest place.

He looked at the confrontation between the Rouge Dragon and the devil race. There was a lot of movement on their side, which naturally attracted the attention of many cultivators from Rook Islet World. The strangeness of ‘Bai Jingchen’ naturally attracted the suspicion of many people.

Su Wenliang sighed. This was another unforeseen event. Although everyone didn’t know Bai Jingchen’s real identity, his abrupt performance today was eye-catching enough. At this moment, he had aroused the suspicion of countless people. He was clearly a Core Formation cultivator, but he could compete with the devil race. Even if he concealed his cultivation base, it was already making people conflicted. Because of people’s inferior true nature, more people would choose to believe that Bai Jingchen had the heaven material and earth treasure on his body, and he relied on this to be as strong as he was today.

In the cultivation world, killing people to seize treasures was never rare. It could be said that it was a daily behavior that happened every day in the cultivation world, and it had never been spurned. How well Bai Jingchen performed today, was how much risk Bai Jingchen would face after the cultivation world was stable.

Thinking of this, Su Wenliang couldn’t help frowning fiercely. Before the Rouge Dragon occupied Bai Jingchen’s body, he also wanted to save him, so he didn’t blame the Rouge Dragon for his performance. Since the matter had happened, what he had to do was not to blame, but to think about how to handle this matter.

Su Wenliang sighed as the current situation was not good. Once today’s matter was over, and there were survivors on the battlefield, Bai Jingchen’s future end could be predicted to be bad.

He frowned and pondered. His original plan to leave after giving birth to Liangchen would be canceled now. His original mission was to protect and teach the male protagonist Bai Jingchen, but in case he left, with Bai Jingchen’s cultivation base at the Core Formation stage, facing these unthinking cultivators, his ending would definitely be hunted down by cultivators.

Then, he absolutely couldn’t choose to leave.

When Su Wenliang reached this conclusion, for some reason, his heart suddenly felt relieved. He originally planned to leave at the very beginning. At that time, he used this splendid future to keep himself going. But as early as a few days ago, after having deeper contact with Bai Jingchen, he became a little resistant to this choice. Maybe he didn’t realize it, but every time he thought of leaving, what flashed in his mind was not happiness, but worry.

Su Wenliang looked at Bai Jingchen’s figure. He didn’t want to leave...

Whether it was for Liangchen or Bai Jingchen...

He chose to stay!

Su Wenliang looked at Bai Jingchen with a slightly warm gaze. Seeing that he could still fight with several devils with ease, he felt a little relieved.

Then a cold gaze fell on his body, made him feel chilly, and that unfriendly gaze firmly locked to his abdomen, where Little Liangchen was. The powerful devil race who had been staring at him was standing firmly in midair at this moment. He didn’t enter the battlefield, but just stood there, as the aura and pressure on his body made people and demonic beasts dare not approach.

He was the devil race leader and his target was the little Rouge Dragon in his belly.

Su Wenliang looked at him. He had a pair of blood-red eyes with a cold light, like a peerless cold soldier who had been killing for many years, whose sharpness made people dare not look directly at them.

Su Wenliang was instantly caught by the blunt killing intent in his eyes. Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes, stepped back, and made a posture to attack.

The devil race leader was covered in black smoke-like dark energy. The rich devil energy was unknown and powerful. He only showed a pair of blood-red eyes, but the moment Su Wenliang looked at him, he immediately narrowed his eyes and rushed over fiercely.

He was aggressive, but Su Wenliang was not afraid of him at all. Su Wenliang took a few steps back and turned sideways to avoid his attack. Su Wenliang looked at him. At this time, the strong devil energy on his body was like a surging black cloud, and this scorching black mist, which was pure devil energy, made Su Wenliang feel a burning intensity the moment it touched his body.

It was as if a ball of flame had attacked him, which had a great impact on his spiritual energy.

Su Wenliang knew he was difficult to deal with, because he was the devil race leader who gave orders, and judging from his aura, his cultivation base was at least the Nascent Soul stage or higher.

His purpose was Little Liangchen in his womb, and now Little Liangchen was still nurturing inside, so, no matter what, he should refrain from attacking him who gave birth to the Rouge Dragon’s heir.

Su Wenliang thought of this and stood still. He knew the opponent was stronger than him, but he didn’t dare to use a killing move against him, so he had a chance to fight back.

Su Wenliang kept this advantage in mind, as he took off the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip from his waist and swung it down mercilessly. The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip left his hand along with the wind. His speed was extremely fast, but it didn’t hurt this black-clothed devil race in the slightest.

Seeing this, Su Wenliang’s heart sank. He knew this devil was not easy, but fortunately, he was prepared. Taking advantage of the moment when the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip held the devil race leader’s hand, he ordered the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip to entangle him, and he himself took out the talisman seal from his storage bag.

In recent years, he had never stopped drawing talisman seals. Because of his pregnancy, he couldn’t use many of the original owner’s methods. To be precise, he didn’t intend to use them. Firstly, the original owner’s techniques were too bloody and most of them required blood sacrifices. He didn’t intend to really become a devil cultivator. Whether it was out of his own thoughts or the path of cultivation, the killings he committed now would be retribution on him sooner or later, so the gains outweigh the losses.

Secondly, his technique of drawing talisman seals was extremely superior now, his success rate was extremely high, and the quality of the talisman seals drawn was not low. The talisman seal was the most labor-saving attack method, and he had long anticipated in his heart that there would be such a day, so he had been drawing talisman seals continuously, just to have the means to save his life at a time like today.

When his origin life magic weapon, the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip, mercilessly surrounded the devil race, he threw the talisman seal in his storage bag into the air and placed the biggest talisman seal in his palm. He bit his finger and drew a formation diagram on this talisman seal. Immediately afterwards, the talisman seal in the air formed into a real trapping array, according to the formation diagram on the talisman seal in his hand.

After the formation was formed, Su Wenliang injected spiritual energy into the talisman seal in his hand. Immediately afterwards, an extremely complicated talisman seal formation completely wrapped the devil race in it.

The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip returned after it succeeded.

Su Wenliang took back the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip coldly, stepped back a few steps, and retreated from the formation range. He quickly left and the blue flames behind him exploded. Most of the Wild Beast Forest area here was affected by this explosion.

Su Wenliang stood still, knowing that he was only delaying the devil race temporarily. He could feel the devil race’s aura getting stronger and stronger, and knew that his actions had completely annoyed the devil race, but he didn’t worry. He said, “Liangchen, ask your father to come over to me.”

Since he couldn’t beat him, let’s run first. In the Thirty-Six Stratagems, escape was the most important thing. Su Wenliang would never entangle too much with the vigorous style.

His gaze fell on the battlefield. He noticed the wild beast’s actions suddenly becoming rational, and knew that this was the Rouge Dragon’s work, as it was the dragon chant that brought back the wild beast’s thoughts.

Su Wenliang lowered his eyes and pondered. He planned to take Bai Jingchen away, as leaving Bai Jingchen here would only let other cultivators attack him.

But once the Rouge Dragon left, it wouldn’t be long before the wild beast would lose its mind again. This was a specific historical regular pattern, the wild beast always had such a period of time, and the effect of the Rouge Dragon chant was only temporary.

Therefore, the current situation of cooperation between human cultivators and demonic beasts was only temporary.

Since so, Su Wenliang had to find a way to tell this information to other human cultivators. It happened that he sensed powerful cultivators were approaching not far away, and there were several familiar people among them, the Heaven Spread Sect’s strongest cultivator Xuan Daozi, the sect master, and Yang Aohan’s grandfather and father.

Su Wenliang thought for a while, and suddenly noticed the powerful demon energy approaching in the air.

Su Wenliang suddenly came to his senses. This was a very good opportunity. In Wild Beast Forest, all the wild beasts were middle-level and low-level demonic beasts over the years, and the really powerful demonic beasts, in terms of cultivation base, were much stronger than human cultivators. But these demonic beasts were trapped for an unknown reason, and they didn’t interfere with the human race’s actions, rather lived peacefully in the depths of Wild Beast Forest.

They hadn’t appeared in the world for a long time, but now they suddenly appeared on the battlefield, probably because of the dragon chant of the Rouge Dragon. After all, the Rouge Dragon was a divine dragon race, and the exact division was also a demonic beast race, so these powerful demonic beasts couldn’t sit still anymore and came to investigate personally.

Su Wenliang smiled and said to the Rouge Dragon who came over, “Let’s get out of here.”

The Rouge Dragon was a little tired. After showing a weak smile, his figure became unsteady, as his eyes slowly closed. When he was about to fall to the ground, he was hugged by Su Wenliang.

The Rouge Dragon’s golden eyes opened again, and he said, “My bloodline hasn’t yet awakened, and I have reached my limit today, so I won’t appear again for a long time in the future.”

He was stating the facts. Su Wenliang nodded his head and said, “Bai Jingchen is my disciple, and the child in my womb is his flesh and blood. I will take good care of him. Thank you for your trouble today.”

The Rouge Dragon smiled lightly. Su Wenliang didn’t know why he was smiling, but there was an indescribable fatigue in his smile as he said vaguely, “ won’t take long before his...awakening time, will totally come.” Then he completely fainted. This body was only at the Core Formation stage and it sustained the mysterious dragon chant. Even though it was the body of the Rouge dragon, his bloodline was confined, so he could hold on for such a long time had already the limit.

Su Wenliang picked him up skillfully, and let out a smile when he saw the devil race in the formation and the other restless devil race around them.

Then, he sent a communication talisman to Sun Nancheng, saying, “The time of the wild beast regain its sanity is limited. The sect master and other powerful cultivators are rushing in this direction. It won’t be long before this battle can be over. Sun Nancheng, I’m leaving.”

After Su Wenliang sent it, a handsome man suddenly appeared in front of him. Su Wenliang said lightly, “I know you are coming back. Let’s go.”

The man was stunned, and the several handsome men and beautiful women who followed him were also stunned. Then the man smiled knowingly and said, “Our demon king has been waiting for you for a long time. Please come with me!”

Su Wenliang nodded and held Bai Jingchen tighter, saying, “Lead the way.”

The man got used to his indifference within a few breaths. Although several men and women accompanying him were looking at him curiously, the next moment, his feet stopped, and in an instant, the group disappeared on the battlefield.

Not far away, the Rook Islet World’s strong cultivators at the Nascent Soul level or higher came over. The devil race, just as they had come, left without a trace at this moment, turning into green smoke in the blink of an eye, and disappeared.

Gu Hongxuan had long been left the battlefield, so as soon as the devil race left, the devil cultivator became agitated, and the aura of killing in all directions before was gone. At this moment, the powerful devil cultivator took the opportunity to escape, while the weak devil cultivator was killed by the Dao cultivator.

The blood energy was spreading above Wild Beast Forest. Blood flowed like a river filled with blood energy. This was a massacring, a devastating blow to the human race.

Looking at this scene of devastation, Sun Nancheng’s eyes gradually became colder, and then he received a message from Su Wenliang. After he understood it, he got up and flew to the sect master of Heaven Spread Sect, Xie Xunxi, to inform him of this matter. Xie Xunxi looked at the spiritual master Xuan Daozi, and after learning his answer, he led the surviving cultivators to leave this blood-stained battlefield.

Although this battle was over, the next one was what the Rook Islet World’s people needed to worry about and plan.

Thousands of years ago, the Immortal Devil War caused the Immortal world to collapse. This time, the devil race invaded the cultivation world. He didn’t know how much rain of blood it would bring to the entire cultivation world. As human cultivators, seeing that Rook Islet World was about to be invaded by the devil race, they must find a way out and report this matter to the higher realm.

They had a lot of things to do right now!

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