Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 87

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Chapter 87


Su Wenliang suddenly opened his eyes, as a chill that invaded the bone marrow forced him awake.

He raised his eyes to look at Sun Nancheng and saw that the other party was also stunned at this time.

Su Wenliang looked around and saw more than a dozen huge figures with extremely strange and dark auras suddenly appear above the battlefield between demonic beasts and human cultivators.

Those figures were faintly discernible and loomed under the red sky, with an extremely ominous energy lingering around them.

Su Wenliang took a breath, released the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip, and let it fly by his side, protecting his whole body and not allowing any creature to get close.

He looked at the movement above. Although he couldn’t see clearly what those huge black figures were, he had instinctively taken precautions and even accelerated the speed of absorbing the demon core.

But...still not enough...

Su Wenliang frowned and keenly saw that the black shadow’s eyes fell on him and then precisely landed on his abdomen.

Su Wenliang subconsciously wrapped his abdomen with spiritual energy, and the black shadows saw through his movements, as their gazes paused and then fell on his face again.

It was an indescribable feeling, dark and clingy, extremely uncomfortable, and it was just their gaze. Su Wenliang felt uneasy. These people were very strong! If he hadn’t miscalculated, these people should be the devil race of the devil world.

Su Wenliang had never seen the devil race before, but there were records of such creatures in some books in the cultivation world. All devils of the devil world were mostly dark energy-shaped things in the human world, and these were low-level devils. The figures in front of him were huge in size, pitch-black, and exuded an uncomfortable aura around them. They were probably middle-level devils.

However, not necessarily.

In the past, there must have been more speculation about these figures, but now was a troubled time, and it happens to be the period when the devil race invaded the cultivation world.

Su Wenliang suddenly felt things far from good. He lowered his eyes and glanced at the battlefield a few times. Originally, he just wanted to search for Bai Jingchen’s figure, but he found that except him, there was no one looking at the black shadow above, but still immersed in the battle. Not only that, but an extremely bad thing had happened on the scene.

Those devil cultivators were covered in black and red aura, and cultivators from Heaven Spread Sect and Treasure Esteem Sect were cooperating hand in hand, but they were still infected by these auras, and their faces showed a fierce expression.

Su Wenliang paused and looked at Sun Nancheng.

Sun Nancheng stood not far away from him and looked in the city gate’s direction, where the city lord and other cultivators were standing. At this moment, there were actually many cultivators who just stood by the city gate and watched without coming down to fight the wild beasts.

Sun Nancheng realized that something was wrong, and the situation was obviously out of their control. The cynical expression on Sun Nancheng disappeared, replaced by solemnity and suspicion.

He threw a top-quality magical tool, blew up the surrounding wild beasts, and came to Xie Shuyan’s side. He gritted his teeth and asked fiercely, “Eldest Senior-martial Brother, what’s going on?”

Xie Shuyan was also in a bit of a sorry figure at the moment. Although his robe was still spotless, his face was pale, his long hair was slightly disheveled, and there was anger and panic in his eyes. It was obvious that the current situation was also unknown to him.

He could clearly see the cultivators at the city gate and see their expressions clearly. He even saw the man who was talking to the city lord with a smile. It was Gu Hongxuan!

Xie Shuyan pursed his lips and took out a golden talisman seal from his sleeve. While burning the talisman seal, he said loudly, “Let’s not panic! The number of cultivators on this side far exceeds that of devil cultivators, so don’t panic no matter what they plan to do. I have just issued an emergency summoning writ to our sect, and I believe that in a short while, there will be almighty elders from our sect coming here to help.”

He was not only explaining to Sun Nancheng but also encouraging the human cultivators present. The cultivators who entered the battlefield this time were not only the people from Heaven Spread Sect and Treasure Esteem Sect, but also other second-level cultivation sects. Those disciples were far inferior from the disciples of Heaven Spread Sect, but there were also some disciples with profound cultivation bases.

Su Wenliang shook his head. The black shadow devil race above hadn’t moved yet. He didn’t know where Bai Jingchen was at the moment. He didn’t care about the humans and wild beasts present, and he didn’t have the energy to care about these people.

The only thing he cared about was the little dragon in his belly and Bai Jingchen.

The gaze of those devils fell on his abdomen at the very beginning. He could roughly guess a thing or two about the devil race’s purpose this time.

Why did the devil race invade early? Why did the white-clothed mask man never take action knowing that he was pregnant and not dead?

Gu Hongxuan represented the position of the white-clothed mask man. He knew very little about the white-clothed mask man, but he knew he was much stronger than the original owner Liang Wensu.

Since he was determined to catch the original owner at that time, such a person wouldn’t give up halfway.

The only explanation was that he had deeper plans.

Su Wenliang didn’t have time to think about it. He was full of anxiety about the current situation. He still didn’t find Bai Jingchen, and even if he was in front of him, with his Core Formation stage cultivation base, he was completely unreliable.

Su Wenliang had no choice but to concentrate on absorbing more demon cores.

He had absorbed a lot before, but it was not enough at all, it was just a drop in the bucket.

If he was given enough time, maybe within half a year, he could absorb enough spiritual energy for the little dragon to be born. But now, no one would give him enough time.

The system must know everything, but it was still upgrading...

Su Wenliang was on guard against everything around him. Even if someone entered his defensive circle, he would mercilessly wave his whip.

The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip circulated around him, absorbing the blood mist as it lashed, and in the blink of an eye, it became radiant.

Su Wenliang was trapped by the anxiety in his heart. Even though he tried his best to calm down, the little dragon in his abdomen had sensed the crisis in the outside world. Even if he was intelligent, he couldn’t resist his instinct, shivering in Su Wenliang’s dantian.

Little Liangchen instinctively felt uneasy under the devil race’s prying eyes, and his voice was trembling. But he was a descendant of Rogue Dragon, so even though his body was shaking, he still maintained his composure, as he called out in a low voice, “Father, Father...”

He called Bai Jingchen in succession, and Bai Jingchen, who was trapped in the corner of the city gate by several Nascent Soul cultivators, naturally heard Liangchen’s uneasy call.

Bai Jingchen wiped the blood in front of his eyes, opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood, and staggered to his feet.

His current situation was bad. His cultivation base was at the Core Formation stage, and the Nascent Soul cultivators in front of him seemed to play with him, as they could kill him with one strike, but they still surrounded him, leaving scars on his body from time to time, but it was never a fatal move.

They were torturing him.

Bai Jingchen narrowed his eyes and sneered. So what! Liangchen, and...Su Wenliang. He closed his eyes tightly and then opened them again. If he was stronger, he could protect them.

Unfortunately, the only thing he had was this undefeated sincerity.

Bai Jingchen would never allow all of this to happen to Su Wenliang, so even though he was powerless, he still stood up and was knocked down again, then stood up again!

Su Wenliang in the distance felt sad. If he could be stronger, if!

There was no if, and those uneasy premonitions came true at this moment, as those black shadows moved...

The target was Su Wenliang, who was standing in an open area.

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