Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 86 Part 3

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Chapter 86 Part 3


Hearing this, Liangchen agreed and jumped uncomfortably. Su Wenliang almost thought Litle Liangchen in the womb was moving.

This was the first time Su Wenliang felt Little Liangchen’s bouncing. He couldn’t help looking at his abdomen, which was still flat, and even his body’s abs hadn’t decreased at all, but the bouncing just now was real.

Su Wenliang suddenly felt a little emotional. Liangchen had been with him for nearly twenty years. The first sentence he said and the first word he recognized were all taught by himself.

If it was in the past, he would never have imagined that he would conceive a child. But now, the child would be born soon, come into this world, and grow up step by step.

This was his son.

It was also the only child he wanted to conceive.

He was no longer willing to give birth to anyone’s descendants, even if that person was stronger than him. The reason he had such entanglements with Bai Jingchen was that affairs of life were changeable and he had to deal with the system’s arrangements, and he was more willing to live than die.

But now, no matter how strong those people were, they wouldn’t kill him, so this was an opportunity he could seize.

A cold light flashed in Su Wenliang’s eyes. He wanted to seize this opportunity to escape.

A few days passed in a flash.

Su Wenliang stayed with the Core Formation disciples of Heaven Spread Sect, Treasure Esteem Sect, and Yan Yuan Devil Palace. At this time, the wild beast horde had arrived, and the scene outside River Ford City was already turned upside down. The low-level disciples of the three large sects formed the alliance formation, relying on the three kinds of core methods to operate each other. The power exerted by the formation could maintain a day’s rotation in the beast horde. In the place within the rotation area, the wild beast died without an intact corpse.

The disciples of other sects were jealous when they saw such a powerful formation. But the elder who designed the formation took the three large sects as examples, and it was developed with unconstrained imagination and a little luck, so that the disciples of the three large sects swept everything before them.

Su Wenliang and the other Core Formation disciples stood on the city wall, looking at the almost endless wild beasts in the distance, and they were shocked in their hearts.

This beast horde seemed to be more numerous than before. Not only that, but the wild beast’s strength also increased greatly. If it was not for the power of the sect formation, then their sect disciples' final fate would be like other weak sects, would be crushed to death by wild beasts in less than three to five moments.

Su Wenliang looked at this scene and frowned. The flesh and blood of these wild beasts and human cultivators were mixed up. During the fight, piles of blood accumulated, as long as...

As long as he could draw the formation, he could make a blood sacrifice and fuse these spiritual powers, and then leave this place to escape those people’s surveillance.

He had long known that there was such a way to get spiritual energy quickly, and this was what the original owner did when he first cultivated the devil cultivation method.

The reason the devil cultivator advanced quickly at the beginning was because of this method, and now, the disciples of Yan Yuan Devil Palace would choose to ally with the righteous path disciples, they probably kept an eye on this cultivation method.

In the original owner’s memory, he had seen the other party massacre the city and destroy the country, and in a year, he could enter the Foundation Building. Now, these devil palace disciples, relying on the blood and energy scattered around, probably, it wouldn’t be long before the cultivation base of the devil palace disciples would increase greatly.

It seemed that this was Gu Hongxuan’s real purpose.

He had never been a nice guy, hypocrisy was who he really was.

Right now, the devil palace disciples could quickly advance through this wild beast horde, while the righteous path disciples, such as the disciples of Heaven Spread Sect and Treasure Esteem Sect, although they were still doing it easily, they have fallen into a disadvantageous position.

Su Wenliang looked at several formations and saw a similar situation, which was the devil cultivators were calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, while the female cultivators of Treasure Esteem Sect were pale, and the Heaven Spread Sect disciples’ look began to turn dark.

This was a sign of devil energy entering the body!

This was a series of schemes. The purpose of Gu Hongxuan making public the news of the devil race’s invasion was not to let the righteous path people take precautions early, but to wait for today’s moment.

He had been acting for over twenty years, wearing a gentle mask. Everyone thought this person had such a loyal and courageous character, but discovered that it was just his hypocritical appearance, and at this moment, it was the right way to overturn the entire Rook Islet World.

Su Wenliang had been a righteous path cultivator for too long and overestimated human nature. Most of the devil cultivators revered the devil race. With such an opportunity to be loyal to the devil race, they wouldn’t let it go in vain.

Su Wenliang saw through the truth behind the scenes and went to let Sun Nancheng know his analysis.

At this time, they were closely monitored by the Nascent Soul cultivators from Age River World, and their every move was restricted. Su Wenliang walked to Sun Nancheng’s side, mentioned a few important points vaguely, and then passed sideways and continued to return to his room to meditate.

Although Sun Nancheng usually had a playful smile on his face, he had his calculations. Not long after, he went to the city gate and recorded everything that happened in front of him, and saw that things were exactly as Su Wenliang said. The devil palace cultivators were not only unharmed but also greatly increased in cultivation, while the disciples of Treasure Esteem Sect and Heaven Spread Sect looked sluggish, and the faces of the Treasure Esteem Sect female cultivators were as pale as paper, not to mention the few low-level disciples of Heaven Spread Sect, whose complexions were purple, the appearance of turning into devils.

Sun Nancheng was shocked in his heart.

They shouldn’t be the only ones who saw this matter. There were so many Core Formation disciples of the other sects above the city gate every day, but they had never found any abnormalities. What does this mean?

Sun Nancheng didn’t understand, but Su Wenliang knew that the reason he could see the abnormality was because he and Bai Jingchen had the Double Cultivation for a long time, and he was pregnant with the Rouge Dragon’s descendant, so he was immune to the devil energy of Rook Islet World. Sun Nancheng himself was a descendant of the deity race, so he was naturally not affected by the devil energy.

In this way, there were only three sober people in this wild beast horde outside River Ford City, and the other one was Bai Jingchen.

Su Wenliang rarely looked for him these days, and Bai Jingchen naturally entered the beast horde alone to train, just like a few years ago, smearing with killing intent.

Bai Jingchen’s cultivation base grew rapidly, and he was rarely injured, so he didn’t even have the chance to talk to Su Wenliang because of his illness.

Su Wenliang was deliberately alienating him, Bai Jingchen vaguely noticed it, but every time he wanted to improve the relationship, he was stared at coldly by Su Wenliang, and couldn’t speak again. The depression in his heart turned into anger, and at the same time, his sword Dao, and cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds.

They were in a predicament. Even the Heaven Spread Sect’s eldest disciple Xie Shuyan was in a stalemate. The beast horde was somewhat uncontrollable. The cultivators on the human side fought and retreated, the low-level disciples died innumerable, and it was when the middle-level disciples went to kill on the beast horde battlefield.

Su Wenliang and Sun Nancheng naturally formed a team. Bai Jingchen originally wanted to follow, but his cultivation base at the early Core Formation stage was not as good as the late Core Formation stage Sun Nancheng and the disguise Su Wenliang, so he could only team up with other disciples.

Sun Nancheng looked at the wild beast’s red eyes and said to Su Wenliang, “Look at those wild beasts, aren’t they more fierce and irrational than those explained by the sect master?”

Su Wenliang nodded without looking at it and said, “The leakage of the devil energy has long been known by the Rook Islet World’s people, but...” Su Wenliang said with a smile, “It’s just that no one would have expected that the devil energy would invade so quickly. It’s only in the initial stage now. The unexpected crisis is still to come. If these cultivators in front of us are like these demonic beasts, controlled by the devil energy and turned into madmen, then Rook Islet World and Heaven Spread Sect are in danger.”

Su Wenliang said these words, but his tone didn’t change at all, which made him appear unfeeling and cold-blooded.

Sun Nancheng glanced at Su Wenliang in surprise. Seeing that he had returned to his usual arrogance, he sighed and said, “Fortunately, Junior-martial Brother is still normal, otherwise you will stab me in the back when I kill the enemy, then I will die with regret.” He made an exaggerated gesture of helplessness.

Su Wenliang was speechless. This guy was really so “calm and composed” no matter when!

Su Wenliang took out a long black whip, which was actually his origin life magic weapon, the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip. The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip was so famous that it was no exaggeration to make people terror-stricken at the news, so he could only add a layer of camouflage to it. The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip was originally fed with blood. In the past twenty years of training, it was nourished with the spiritual energy in his dantian, and then nourished by the dragon breath, so even without blood feeding, the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip was still powerful.

When Su Wenliang lashed it down, the splashed blood landed on the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip. It was disguised as a black whip, but inside it was like a flowing artery, swallowing all of those bloods without a trace.

Su Wenliang didn’t deliberately use the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip, he almost only contributed one hand to fix this end, and the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip was like a person who just came out of the desert with a crazy obsession for water, as it was crazily swallowing and drinking until practically nothing left.

Only Su Wenliang and the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip knew about all this. Even if Sun Nancheng came over occasionally, he was just amazed that his little junior-martial brother’s strength had increased a lot.

Sun Nancheng followed the strategy of winning with magic weapons.

His luck was very good. The heavenly materials and earth treasures collected over the years could be supplied to a small sect, and these accumulated magic weapons, whether important or unimportant, he didn’t think much of them. When he dueled with others, most of them relied on magic weapons and he seldom did it himself.

At this moment, he was throwing magic weapons casually at the swarming wild beasts, and the magic weapons and talismans exploded around him one by one, spreading across the area. Compared with Su Wenliang’s lethality, his lethality was even stronger to the point of extraordinary, but he didn’t spend a bit of strength. Those good magic weapons would automatically operate after being thrown out, while the inferior magic weapons would fall to the ground and explode completely to damage an area.

The two of them were like killing gods. They were still at ease in the spectacular beast horde with thousands of troops.

The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip sucked enough blood, so the inside had become as scarlet as blood. Even if it was disguised outside, it was black and shiny, and the red light flashed when the whip was swung out. Wherever it went, there was a piece of broken limbs and arms.

There was no trace of other human cultivators around them. Sun Nancheng didn’t spend the slightest bit of spiritual energy, and his feet seemed to be stamped in a mess, but in fact, it was orderly, as if he was drawing a formation with his feet. This was his covering for Su Wenliang.

As for Su Wenliang, one hand was controlling the whip, and the other hand was crushing the demon cores taken from the wild beasts. The wild beasts themselves were demonic beasts, and their demon cores contained abundant spiritual energy. It could be said that the demon core was equivalent to the Gold Core of the Core Formation cultivator, and the spiritual energy inside was all the spiritual energy gathered by the demonic beast for many years of cultivation.

These spiritual energies were strong enough, and there were a lot of wild beasts in front of them to kill.

Su Wenliang was quickly absorbing the demon cores, as the Nascent Soul and the dragon egg in his body were spinning crazily. This scene seemed familiar, just like Bai Jingchen absorbed all the spiritual energy that appeared in front of him when he trained in the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain, quickly upgrading in a short time.

One, two...five, ten...a hundred...a thousand...

Astonishing change. Astonishing spiritual energy swept from Su Wenliang’s body to the surrounding area, and even Sun Nancheng was expelled by the spiritual energy around him.

Misfortune often happens only in an instant!

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