Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 86 Part 2

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Chapter 86 Part 2


Su Wenliang got up and walked out. He went directly to the hall and stood beside Sun Nancheng. Sun Nancheng tugged at his sleeve and the two of them walked to the side. Sun Nancheng said, “I saw that Gu Hongxuan stared at you with bad intentions just now, and he went out after you left, so he probably went to find you.”

Su Wenliang nodded and said, “The sect decided to cooperate with Yan Yuan Devil Palace. Won’t the three-sect formation be too dangerous? If devil cultivators change sides during the battle, then our disciples...”

“Ah, Junior-martial Brother finally grows up, and he will think about the sect.” Sun Nancheng suddenly said in surprise. Hearing his teasing, the corner of Su Wenliang’s mouth twitched, and he turned around angrily and was about to leave.

But Sun Nancheng put an arm around his shoulders, smiled gratifyingly, and said in Su Wenliang’s ear, “I’m happy that Junior-martial Brother learns another thing besides cultivation, don’t have to worry. Treasure Esteem Sect and Treasure Esteem Sect have been alliances for many years. Their core method and our sect’s core method complement each other. The power of the two combined can completely surpass devil cultivators, so the sect master can agree to the dispersion of this formation. Don’t worry too much. After all, compared with the vicious devil race, no matter how secretive and dark the devil cultivators are, they are still human beings. Some have a conscience and won’t rebel, while others have brains and won’t act rashly. In fact, this is a two-to-one check and balance, and devil cultivators will suffer losses instead.”

After hearing this, Su Wenliang let out a sigh and then snorted.

Sun Nancheng felt that his little junior-martial brother was particularly cute when he looked arrogant, so he laughed again.

Su Wenliang sweated profusely in his heart, and then he saw Sikong Shang smiling faintly at him. Many people saw that smile, and everyone started booing at the moment.

Xie Shuyan saw Su Wenliang, so he walked over and said warmly, “Junior-martial Brother Yang, Elder Yang, and Great Elder Yang miss you very much, so you should write back to them in the next few days.”

Su Wenliang was startled and thought of Yang Aohan’s family. The reason he reconstructed Yang Aohan’s body with better aptitude was because of his family.

Xie Shuyan then said, “Junior-martial Brother, how well have you cultivated in the past few years?”

“Not bad.”

“Did you encounter any difficult problems during cultivating?”

“Not really.”

“Cultivating is not only the improvement of cultivation base but also the improvement of mental state...”


After Xie Shuyan finished speaking, he patted Su Wenliang’s shoulder and said, “Junior-martial Brother, your aptitude is very good, but don’t worry about this meager difference.”

Su Wenliang replied “arrogantly”, “I can handle my own affairs, so I won’t ask Eldest Senior-martial Brother to give me any advice.”

Sikong Shang chuckled on the side and said, “Senior-martial Brother Yang is still as spirited as before.”

Her gaze steadily fell on Su Wenliang’s body. Her eyes slightly narrowed, as a calculation flashed in her eyes.

Su Wenliang had his own plans, and he was a little impatient in pretending to be Yang Aohan, so he couldn’t help asking, “Has the beast horde arrived outside River Ford City now?”

Sun Nancheng looked at the map and said, “There are still a few days left, and within this period of time, we will leave River Ford City to go to the inner region of Wild Beast Forest, where the wild beasts are stronger. We, Core Formation cultivators, will deal with it. As for the beast horde that rushed over at the front, they were all low-level wild beasts. Even Qi Refining disciples can handle one or two with cooperation. Junior-martial Brother, how about we in a group?”

“You can’t. According to the sect master’s order, we should cooperate with the disciples of Treasure Esteem Sect and Yan Yuan Devil Palace. The two of you must not violate the sect master’s order.” The person who spoke was a man with a serious face. Su Wenliang found this person’s introduction in Yang Aohan’s memory.

This person was the fifth senior-martial brother Wang Muchi, with a dull personality. But although he was an inflexible person, he was extremely talented at cultivation. After all, his thinking was simple, so it was difficult to generate the heart devil on the cultivation path.

Seeing that Sun Nancheng and Su Wenliang were still unmoved and seemed to have decided, this honest man became anxious, so he repeated the previous words in a panic. After saying it several times, another disciple interrupted him.

That person was the second senior-martial brother Chen Qiheng. He had a handsome but a bit gloomy face. Su Wenliang had met him a few times back then, but he didn’t have a deep impression of him. However, he knew that this man was indeed as he appeared on the outside, very gloomy, with a big temper and a small mind, and would explode at the slightest discomfort.

Chen Qiheng said, “Muchi, don’t pay attention to these two. One of them is the sect master’s favorite, and the other is the sole heir of the Yang clan. Naturally, they disdain to be with us.”

Sun Nancheng smiled when he heard this and said with a grin, “Senior-martial Brother Chen really understands me. I’m really touched, and can’t help wanting to burst into tears.”

As he spoke, he sobbed exaggeratedly.

Both Chen Qiheng and Wang Muchi loathed his rogue actions. After glaring at Sun Nancheng, they turned to leave disdainfully.

Su Wenliang smiled and glanced at the map on the table a few times. After memorizing all the details on the map, he walked to Bai Jingchen’s side.

As soon as Su Wenliang appeared here, the low-level disciples around Bai Jingchen hurriedly walked away. After all, the legend of Yang Aohan had been circulating in the sect. Although he was in the Closed Door Training for many years, those legends hadn’t disappeared, but it became even more outrageous, so it made the low-level disciples who later entered the sect even more afraid of him.

Bai Jingchen saw that Su Wenliang was standing beside him. Although there were no others present, many people were watching the situation here, so he led Su Wenliang outside. After reaching a corner where no one was around, he asked with a smile, “Master, what else do you want to tell me?”

Bai Jingchen originally just asked to probe, but he didn’t expect Su Wenliang to actually nod his head after hearing this. Su Wenliang handed over a jade pendant and said, “You take this jade pendant, don’t use it for the time being, wait until the right time...” He paused, then simply changed his words, and said bluntly, “This is a storage jade pendant. Don’t use it for the time being. Take it with you, and wait until your cultivation base is improved again, before dripping blood on it and injecting your divine sense mark into it, and then it can be used.”

Seeing that Bai Jingchen put away the jade pendant, Su Wenliang continued, “There is a defensive formation on the jade pendant, which will keep you safe in times of crisis. Just remember, since I have been your master for over ten years, my only requirement for you is to work hard to become stronger.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen’s heart suddenly tightened. He had a bad thought in an instant and then saw that Su Wenliang was still the same as before, even the expression on his face was as indifferent as ever, so he thought that what he felt just now must be an illusion, or it may be caused by worrying about the wild beast horde in recent days.

He nodded and said, “Master, I will definitely obey your instruction and never forget.”

Su Wenliang looked at his gorgeous face, his hands tightened, but he turned around directly, and said, “I’ve said everything I want to say, everything depends on you.”

Bai Jingchen was not a weak man, he was the male protagonist and had a tenacious personality. Even if he left, he had taught him and prepared the way out. Then next, Bai Jingchen just needed to follow the set route.

He sensed the dragon egg in his abdomen. The little life there was still absorbing the spiritual energy in his body for a period of one year. Even the white-clothed mask man, must have a lot of things at hand.

Let’s not talk about the devil race’s invasion, just say about the ability to shatter the void. It was definitely not as easy as he showed, and he couldn’t do it at will. Between the two worlds of the cultivation realm, there was a void storm. If you were not careful, the storm would tear or crush you. If that person wanted to come to Rook Islet World again, and when the devil energy had entered Rook Islet World, then the preparation he had to make would take a year, just as Gu Hongxuan said.

Su Wenliang paused and looked up at the sky above Wild Beast Forest in the distance, where the blue sky and white clouds were gradually stained with blood-red shade, and then those red clouds came overwhelmingly with astonishing momentum.

Su Wenliang slightly narrowed his eyes. This was the omen at the beginning of the beast horde. He couldn’t move with other people, as he needed to use this beast horde to carry out a dangerous blood sacrifice. As long as the blood sacrifice was successful, the little dragon could be born early, and he would have the opportunity to try to break through his bloodline restriction. His physical body was about four hundred years old, and it was estimated that he would soon reach five hundred years old. But he couldn’t wait now. Liang Wensu, in the late Nascent Soul stage, was vulnerable facing the subordinates of the white-clothed mask man. So for the current him, to deal with the white-clothed mask man and escape right in front of his eyes again...was simply impossible.

This time there was no system to help, so he could only rely on himself!

Su Wenliang pursed his lips. After a pause, he flew towards the depths of Wild Beast Forest.

But before flying out of the Heaven Spread Sect’s station, he was stopped by a person. Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes as he looked at the person who was coming. The other party still smiled naturally as he lightly shook the fan in his hand. He formed a spiritual energy barrier and said, “Your Lordship, it’s still early. Your Lordship is leaving at this moment. Do you want to escape?”

Su Wenliang looked at Gu Hongxuan coldly. In such an instant, several divine senses landed on his body. Only then did he know that besides Gu Hongxuan, there were other cultivators monitoring him, and their cultivation base was at the Nascent Soul stage or higher. Nascent Soul cultivators were extremely rare in Rook Islet World. It was absolutely impossible for so many Nascent Soul cultivators to monitor him. Then, these people should be the same as those who injured him in Age State Secret Realm.

Su Wenliang was silent for a while, then landed on the ground and turned to return to his room.

He tightly closed the door, but Gu Hongxuan’s voice could transmit in. Gu Hongxuan said, “Your Lordship, in order to protect your safety, we will guard you all night. As for Wild Beast Forest, Your Lordship can play as you wish, but now the time hasn’t come. Please be magnanimous enough to tolerate.”

After that, his voice disappeared completely.

Su Wenliang frowned firmly, cursing the white-clothed mask man in his heart.

This body was the Earth Demon Python, which was a high-level snake race. The white-clothed mask man was also a high-level snake race. In the higher realm, the number of high-level snake races was not at all few. It stands to reason that he shouldn’t be picked up. Then...did the high-level snake race also encounter the disaster of extermination or did the white-clothed mask man must have this physical body?

Su Wenliang looked at his abdomen. Little Liangchen had sensed the outside world’s movements before, and his perception was much stronger than Bai Jingchen, who was now disguised as a human, so he naturally felt more eyes around him.

Liangchen asked puzzlingly, “Papa, who are those people outside?”

Su Wenliang sensed that there were about four middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivators, two late-stage Nascent Soul cultivators, and a Break Space cultivator outside. These strong people had hidden their aura and mixed near the Heaven Spread Sect station. Furthermore, they had disguised themselves as low-level disciples of Heaven Spread Sect and were talking with others.

Su Wenliang withdrew his divine sense, knowing that those people had no malice towards him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to see the surrounding situation clearly.

Little Liangchen interrupted his thinking and asked in puzzlement, “Papa?”

“......” Su Wenliang thought for a while and said, “These people came to monitor me. We are in danger now.” He wouldn’t lie to deceive him. Even though Liangchen was still young, he had always put Liangchen in an equal exchange.

Liangchen was satisfied with the current conversation. He thought for a while and asked, “Then...will these people hurt us?”

Su Wenliang replied patiently, “No, but don’t tell your father about this. Don’t do it for the time being. Your father’s current cultivation base is only at the early Core Formation stage, he completely can’t compare with these people, so we have to keep it secret.”

Su Wenliang replied patiently, “No, but don’t tell your father about this. Don’t do it for the time being. Your father’s current cultivation base is only at the early Core Formation stage, he completely can’t compare with these people, so we have to keep it secret.”

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