Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 85

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Chapter 85


When he recited Gu Hongxuan’s name, the man actually appeared in front of him.

Gu Hongxuan still had a gentle smile on his face, but his gentle eyes slightly narrowed at this moment, and the look in his eyes was a little meaningful.

His voice was low, as he first said to Sun Nancheng, “Nancheng, long time no see! How you have been recently?”

His tone was quite familiar, and it could be seen that the two of them had known each other before.

Sun Nangcheng replied with a smile, “Lord Gu, I have been okay in recent days. I never expected to meet here in the past, but Lord Gu actually take the lead to come to River Ford City. Lord Gu can be an example for cultivators in the world, and I admire.”

Gu Hongxuan said a few polite words with him and then his gaze fell on Su Wenliang, who was standing on the side looking at the map. He hooked the corner of his lips and said in surprise, “Oh, it’s very good. After we met in White Horse City, I didn’t expect you to come here.”

Su Wenliang’s expression was indifferent and then he showed a little respect. After all, the gap in their cultivation base was there on the surface, and there were Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples and several devil palace’s trusted aides brought by Gu Hongxuan. He also had to pretend according to Yang Aohan’s character.

He said, “Lord Gu, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

His tone was proud, but everyone was accustomed to it. Although Gu Hongxuan was the Devil Palace Lord, he differed from Liang Wensu. During his years as the lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, he maintained the relationship with the righteous path sect. Moreover, the devil palace was still in the disadvantageous position, so the righteous path’s people treated him like other righteous path’s cultivators after taking advantage of it many times and seeing Gu Hongxuan’s friendly attitude.

Gu Hongxuan laughed and his eyes narrowed more narrowly. This expression was very familiar. Su Wenliang lowered his eyes. When he was in Yan Yuan Devil Palace, whenever he controlled the original owner’s body, Gu Hongxuan would look at him like this.

After Su Wenliang learned that the news of the devil race’s invasion was revealed by Gu Hongxuan, he faintly thought of his identity exposed. Although he knew little about the current situation, this didn’t prevent him from making his own judgment on it.

Gu Hongxuan only looked at Su Wenliang, showing the elder’s satisfaction of seeing an outstanding younger generation. Although the two of them showed so outwardly, it was enough to pierce the eye.

Sure enough, after a while, the sect master’s eldest disciple Xie Shuyan, the second disciple Chen Qiheng, Sikong Shang, and a cold woman wearing the same clothes as her, approached.

Xie Shuyan said, “I didn’t expect Lord Gu to come so early, it was my negligence.”

Gu Hongxuan smiled lazily, with a little indolent and devil charm. He did it on purpose. He showed a different kind of grace and said, “Shuyan, I haven’t seen you for a period of time, and your cultivation base has increased a lot. It seems that you are still completely wrapped up in cultivating. This truly the so-called the new is constantly replacing the old, yeah, good, good.”

Xie Shuyan smiled lightly and naturally, making people feel comfortable.

He smiled and pointed to Sikong Shang and another female cultivator, saying, “They are the Treasure Esteem Sect’s Core Formation spiritual masters, Yu Qing and Yu Jie.”

Yu Qing was the female protagonist Sikong Shang, and Yu Jie was another cold female cultivator.

Both Sikong Shang and Yu Jie saw that Xie Shuyan introduced them, and knew that the person in front of them was Gu Hongxuan, the lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, the number one devil cultivation sect in Rook Islet World, so they saluted and introduced themselves one by one.

After some time, several people present became familiar with each other.

Su Wenliang’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even in Gu Hongxuan’s meaning gaze, and Sikong Shang’s cold and complicated gaze, he was still unmoved.

He looked at the Wild Beast Forest’s map, while listening distractedly to the explanations of these people. He had a deep understanding of the entire Rook Islet World and understood the meaning of everyone. It was nothing more than human wave attacks. At the beginning and last period of the beast horde, the beast horde fluctuated less. This time was when the young or low cultivation base disciples did training.

At the middle period of the beast horde, the scale of the wild beast horde’s attack reached its peak. At this time, it was the battlefield of these cultivators at the Core Formation or the late-stage of Foundation Building, and occasionally the Nascent Soul cultivator would also come.

Gu Hongxuan was a different kind. Most of his expressions were warm and smiling. It was completely impossible to see that he was the lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace. He respect for the wise and makes friends mostly not based on cultivation base. He could communicate peacefully even if with Qi Refining disciples.

Gu Hongxuan was quite talented at communication. He had appeared in the large amount of disciples with low cultivation base many times, so although his cultivation base was the highest among those present, he could talk to the cultivators of Heaven Spread Sect and Treasure Esteem Sect.

He could draw Sun Nancheng and Xie Shuyan to himself, which showed that he was not simple.

Su Wenliang listened to the arrangements, and the thoughts in his mind turned a few circles, then he closed his eyes and opened it again.

He didn’t want to stay in this place any longer. Bai Jingchen was now in the hall where the Foundation Building disciples were. He had no misgivings in his heart, but thinking of the current situation that was still unclear and the fact that he was about to leave, he didn’t want to stay for a long time.

He thought for a while and then patted Sun Nancheng’s shoulder, saying, “I’ll go back to my room to cultivate first. Senior-martial Brother, see you later!”

Sun Nancheng was still thinking about an issue. After Su Wenliang patted him, it took him a long time to react. When Su Wenliang strode away, Sun Nancheng didn’t care much and continued to think.

Su Wenliang returned to his room. This was the Heaven Spread Sect’s station, so the construction was large. The entire residence occupied a big area, but this was still a little small for the coming beast horde. After all, the number of disciples who arrived this time was a lot.

Fortunately, Yang Aohan was a Core Formation cultivator. According to his cultivation base, he could be counted as a figure of the elder rank of Heaven Spread Sect, so he enjoyed a single room.

The room was large. After Su Wenliang strolled around the room, he walked to the bedside and sat down. He was silently contemplative, letting his thoughts float.

But his soul entered his dantian spontaneously.

He looked at his Nascent Soul in his dantian. His Nascent Soul flashed a golden light, and the entire dantian also had a faint yellow shading mark. The dragon egg was sitting between his little Nascent Soul’s legs. At this moment, a beautiful pattern appeared on it.

He approached it. Liangchen’s sense was very keen, so he immediately knew that it was his papa. He spoke, “Papa, Papa...”

There was a hint of grievance and caution in his tone. Su Wenliang froze for a moment before he thought he hadn’t talked to Liangchen for a period of time.

Liangchen was very well-behaved, and no mortal could compare to his IQ.

Su Wenliang didn’t have the experience of being a father before, and Liangchen was smart and not troublesome. Therefore, he didn’t feel much about pregnancy. Although he had an egg in his stomach, he was cultivating and training like anyone.

He suddenly felt guilty, for Liangchen, and for Bai Jingchen.

He didn’t take much care of Liangchen, and often frowned and treated Bai Jingchen with indifference.

He was about to leave. At that time, Liangchen would still stay with Bai Jingchen. After all, Bai Jingchen was the real Rouge Dragon. Liangchen would feel closer with the same Rouge Dragon.

He thought so and suddenly felt a little reluctant.

Liangchen chattered continuously. He always had endless words and endless topics. He wouldn’t be tired even if talking all day. Su Wenliang didn’t know from whom he inherited it, at least he was not a person who talked a lot, and Bai Jingchen was also not a person with much word.

He thought so with a faint smile on the corner of his lips. After he talked with Liangchen for unknowing time, Bai Jingchen pushed the door and walked in. Bai Jingchen first walked to the table to pour a cup of water and handed it to Su Wenliang. After Su Wenliang drank it, Bai Jingchen said, “Master, that woman Sikong Shang once set me up when we were in the village, and then she was entangled by the Bodhi Demonic Tree. After I fainted, I didn’t think much about this woman, but I didn’t expect that she also survived. This time she entered the inside of Heaven Spread Sect...Master...”

He hesitated for a moment and then said, “I always feel that she harbors malicious intentions towards Master.”

Su Wenliang narrowed his eyed and looked at him, “......” ‘Why do you have such a strange idea? Did the male protagonist take the wrong medicine?

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