Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 84

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Chapter 84


Su Wenliang lost interest in talking. He knew in his heart that even if he asked the system, the system wouldn’t say anything more, so he didn’t ask again.

Considering that there was still a year’s time, and the next would come across the Rook Islet World’s turmoil period, he should make plans and preparations for the future in order to guard against the unexpected.

Su Wenliang glanced down at his flat abdomen, sighed, then sank his divine sense into his mustard space to search for things suitable for Bai Jingchen in the future, and prepared the heaven material and earth treasure for Little Liangchen to use.

He made a lot of preparations and spent most of his time on the flying boat treasure. Although he knew little about what was going to happen in the future, he still took precautions.

A few days later, they finally arrived outside River Ford City. This group of people drove their swords to land and walked towards the city.

Heaven Spread Sect had a stationary point in River Ford City. After all, the wild beast horde had existed since ancient times, and it was not a surprise attack. Every once in a period of time, the number of demonic beasts in Wild Beast Forest reached saturation, and the forest center began to turmoil, which would trigger the beast horde.

The Rook Islet World’s cultivators had experienced it, and large sects like Heaven Spread Sect had prepared a fixed station, so whenever there was a wild beast horde in Rook Islet World, they would send corresponding sect disciples to River Ford City to prepare in advance.

The last time when Rook Pin Secret Realm was opened, there were few people from Heaven Spread Sect who came here, so they just settled in the inn. But this time there were many people and stayed longer, so they would stay in a prepared area of River Ford City.

After Su Wenliang landed, considering Yang Aohan’s aloof character, he only said a few words with the accompanying elders of Heaven Spread Sect, and then left the Heaven Spread Sect’s team in a confident and neat manner. Everyone in Heaven Spread Sect probably understood Yang Aohan’s identity and personality, so they just watched him leave the main force.

Su Wenliang bid farewell to Sun Nancheng and returned to his residence. At this time, Bai Jingchen was still staying in the residence. Seeing Su Wenliang walking in, he immediately got up and greeted him, “Master.”

Su Wenliang lightly nodded, walked past him into the room, and said to him, “The disciples and elders of Heaven Spread Sect have arrived in River Ford City, and the wild beast horde will come in a few days. I prepared a storage bag for you.” He handed the storage bag to Bai Jingchen, and after seeing him take it, he continued, “This time, I will accompany the Heaven Spread Sect’s people. Just remember, don’t die.”

He paused and was silent for a good while before continuing, “I have prepared an extra storage bag in the residence. You remember to come back to take this storage bag after the contents of your current storage bag used up.”

Bai Jingchen nodded his head. He knew that Su Wenliang had always been well-prepared, and the action of the backup storage bag was not sudden at all, but he didn’t know that this was the storage bag that Su Wenliang left for Little Liangchen.

After hearing what the system said, Su Wenliang always had a bad premonition about the future. In order to make himself feel at ease and not appear to be flustered, he had to take care of everything in advance.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the respectful Bai Jingchen, and said calmly, “If there is nothing else, you can go to the Heaven Spread Sect’s station in River Ford City. I will go there in a few days.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen nodded and then turned to leave.

Su Wenliang tapped his index finger on the table, as in his mind flashed through the white-clothed mask man he met at White Horse Mountain that day, as well as Nangong Zaiye who had been conspiring against Bai Jingchen, and Yang Aohan whose soul was imprisoned by him...

He tapped his fingers on the table, thinking of the Yang clan’s members, and took out Yang Aohan’s soul.

He knew how to reconstruct a physical body. The reason he destroyed Yang Aohan’s body at the beginning was because he considered the bloodline’s guidance, worrying that the Yang clan’s members would see through his disguise, so he simply destroyed his body in order to prevent future troubles.

But now, there was still a year’s time more...

Sun Nancheng and Yang Aohan had a good relationship. Everyone in the Yang clan treated him pretty well, even though they regard him as the honored one. Yang Aohan’s luck was endless, as he could be regarded as a relatively important character in the plot, and there was a time when he appeared in the later plot...

So, it was time to let Yang Aohan “resurrect”. As for the things after “resurrect”, he would settle it down one by one.

Thinking so, he took out the Body Shaping Locust Wood, the top-quality heavenly water, the Golden Collar Crystal, the Barrier Karmic Fire, and the pure clay from his storage bag. The combination of the five high grade heavenly materials and earth treasures, the five natural elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. With a special formation, he could reshape a physical body.

The human body alchemy that existed in legend in modern times, at this moment, Su Wenliang could make it himself.

He had learned a lot in the past few years. He looked at the six items on the table and recalled the specific construction method in his mind. After rehearsing once, he officially made it.

Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five elements of heavenly materials and earth treasures, were burned one by one by Su Wenliang’s Nascent Soul Fire.

According to the principle of five elements, superimposed step by step, water suppressed metal, wood suppressed water, fire suppressed wood, earth suppressed fire, and metal suppressed earth.

In this way, a few days passed.

Sweat oozed from Su Wenliang’s forehead. His expression remained calm, as he stuffed Yang Aohan’s soul into this mass of liquid, and then inserted the White Jade Dragon Hairpin on his head into the liquid.

His Nascent Soul Fire was still burning and forging. This process originally took many years, but fortunately Su Wenliang was a formation master. Before making it, he drew an accelerated formation, which shortened the forging time a lot.

After all the things were ready, he set up a prison restriction, imprisoning Yang Aohan’s actions and sealing his five senses, so that he couldn’t leave within the set time.

Make sure that only Nascent Soul cultivators could open it, or it could be opened after three years.

He had a premonition that a major event would happen within a year. Although it was not clear what would happen, he would settle everything. This formation was constantly operating, and it only took three years for Yang Aohan to be “resurrect”.

He looked at the two eyes in the liquid substance. There was hostility and anger in those eyes. He smiled coldly. Yang Aohan had seen him before, but so what...

Bai Jingchen, Yang Aohan...

He glanced at Yang Aohan again. Although he was not afraid of this person, but considering this person’s sinister and his bad treatment to Bai Jingchen, he still set a curse on Yang Aohan’s soul before leaving.

Bai Jingchen was his disciple and Liangchen’s father. Although he didn’t like him very much, he wouldn’t let anyone come out to kill him.

When Yang Aohan returned to the sect, with his curse, he wouldn’t tell, nor could he say what happened in these years, so that everything could be on the right track.

For nearly ten years, he had taught Bai Jingchen a lot of things. Even if he left suddenly, he believed that Bai Jingchen could handle everything well. It was originally a transaction, but now that the transaction was completed ahead of schedule, leaving was inevitable.

Su Wenliang smiled sarcastically and then turned to stride away. With a wave of his sleeve, he placed heavy restrictions on the residence.

He returned to the Heaven Spread Sect’s station. The wild beast horde had begun to appear at this time. The sect elders and several powerful senior-martial brothers showed serious expressions on their faces. Su Wenliang’s arrival didn’t attract too much attention from others, but also set off waves.

When he was standing on a side, he saw Sun Nancheng walking up to him. Sun Nancheng nudged him with an elbow and said with a wink, “Junior-martial Brother, I thought you weren’t coming, but...tsk tsk, you’re still here. You’re very well-informed.”

Su Wenliang didn’t know what he was talking about, so he just glanced at him with a hint of arrogance.

Seeing that he looked completely unaware, Sun Nancheng glanced at Sikong Shang, who was standing beside Xie Shuyan, and said, “Where did you go before?”

Su Wenliang also saw Sikong Shang and saw that she was intact and had a happy conversation with Xie Shuyan and Chen Qiheng. His only feeling was that Sikong Shang returned alive in the village.

However, this was normal. After all, she was the female protagonist in this novel, so she didn’t die so easily.

Sun Nancheng saw his indifferent attitude. When he heard that Su Wenliang had lost interest in Sikong Shang before, he only thought it was because of his shyness. But seeing was believing. He didn’t expect that he really didn’t care.

He rubbed his nose uninteresting and turned to the proper matter. He said, “Several large sects of Rook Islet World have come here. The wild beast horde is still in its primary stage, but those wild beast’s eyes are red and their size has increased many times, which is exactly the same as the predictions of the great elder and sect master. It seems that the news is correct.”

Su Wenliang was startled. He thought it was strange before. He only changed the progress of Bai Jingchen and Sikong Shang, and although his shell belonged to Liang Wensu, it shouldn’t change the development of the entire Rook Islet World. Even if there was no detailed description of the devil race in the plot, but from minor details, it could be seen that the devil race suddenly mobilized rather than nibbling step by step.

So, now the sect master of Heaven Spread Sect discovered the devil race’s invasion so many years in advance. What happened?

What Sun Nancheng said just now shocked Su Wenliang, so he hurriedly said, “Who revealed the news about the devil race?”

Sun Nancheng spread his hands and said, “I don’t know the details, as Master and Spiritual Master Xuan Daozi said nothing. But during the time when Rook Pin Secret Realm was open, Devil Palace Lord Gu Hongxuan came to the sect, so I think it should be him. Although he is a devil cultivator, a devil cultivator is also a human being, after all, different from the devil race. I think he is quite decent, much better than the previous lord Liang Wensu.”

Su Wenliang frowned, chewing Gu Hongxuan’s name in his heart.

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