Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 82

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A bonus chapter because it's short

Chapter 82


If Sun Nancheng didn’t mention this matter, he would have forgotten that there was Sikong Shang. He had met Sikong Shang in the small village in the north, but later he fell unconscious. After waking up, he saw the so-called Rouge Dragon version of Bai Jingchen, and then focused on this shocking matter, but forgot the whereabouts of Sikong Shang.

Did Sikong Shang run away at that time, or did she simply return to her sect without noticing the strangeness of that village?

Su Wenliang was puzzled, but he was not very interested in Sikong Shang. He felt conflicted about the matter of borrowing Yang Aohan’s identity and forming a double cultivation companion with Sikong Shang.

He thought for a while and knew that he was the final decider of this matter. Even if others feel puzzled, it was better to act ignorant. So he changed the topic and asked, “Why are so many people from the sect coming this time?”

This was also a point that he felt puzzled. In the plot, although this wild beast horde was also taken seriously, but there were not so many disciples coming like this. This was an area that was contrary to the plot. An ominous premonition rose in Su Wenliang’s heart.

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