Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 81

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Chapter 81


On the next day, Bai Jingchen went to Lane Market in River Ford City after his routine meditation.

He hadn’t visited Lane Market for many days, but a few years ago, under Su Wenliang’s lead, he came to River Ford City to train for some time, so he was familiar with River Ford City.

After he stepped into Lane Market, he first went to Green Wood Shop to buy a few Core Formation stage pill formulas. He didn’t buy expensive and rare pill formulas. He just bought a few commonly used pill formulas in the Core Formation stage. He planned to return to the residence, concocted it once first, and then practiced his skill.

Next, he went to Treasure Pavilion to look at the types of weapons.

In the cultivation world, anything could be used as an offensive weapon, such as brushes, fans, even leaves, which could be used as magic tools and magic weapons, and the same was true of the origin life magic weapon.

Bai Jingchen looked at the types of weapons. He didn’t want to choose swords, but brushes and fans were not his specialty, so he only memorized the various magic weapons during this trip, and then went back to the residence.

He first went to Su Wenliang’s place and told Su Wenliang about his actions today.

After Su Wenliang heard this, he nodded and looked up at him, saying, “I forgot that you have formed the Gold Core, and it’s time to make a new cultivation plan for you...”

As he said that, he began to think. While thinking, from time to time, he took out some magic tools, bamboo slips, medicinal pills, and talisman seals from his mustard space. These were suitable for Bai Jingchen’s current cultivation base, which were things used in the Core Formation stage.

He threw all these things into a brand new storage bag, handed it to Bai Jingchen, and said, “This is something that can be used in the Core Formation stage. You take it back to practice it, and use it flexibly as soon as possible. Soon, there will be the beast horde in Wild Beast Forest. I let you stay here for the sake of training, and to let you gain a certain degree of attention. You can think about it yourself. If there is nothing else, you can retreat.”

Bai Jingchen took the storage bag, nodded, and then turned to go back to his room.

He naturally knew that in the cultivation world, it was not enough to just care about his cultivation. Just like what Su Wenliang said, he needed some attention to make everyone have an impression of him. The reputation also had certain benefits in the cultivation world.

Bai Jingchen thought so, while his hands had practiced the new weapon that Su Wenliang gave him.

Bai Jingchen spent the past few days in cultivation and learning. On the full moon’s night that month, after the hearty Double Cultivation, Bai Jingchen originally wanted to stay for a while, but a strange pain suddenly came in his mind. His complexion was pale from the pain, and he hurriedly kept his face calm. After leaving Su Wenliang’s sight, he staggered back to his room. He lied on the bed, as a lot of memories flooded in.

This time, he dreamed of the wild beast horde...

It was also in the third year of the Rook Pin Secret Realm’s opening. He struggled to escape from the Lord Palace secret realm. After leaving, it was time for the wild beast horde to approach in Rook Islet World.

When he arrived at the teleportation array, the wild beast that was running over with a fierce aura almost killed him. It took him a lot of effort to return to River Ford City from the pile of wild beasts, and he was in a sorry figure.

As soon as he returned to River Ford City, he saw that woman, the woman who was his master in the dream. Then, after more than a year of battle against the wild beast horde, batches of wild beasts swept in. While he was recuperating, he stood on the city wall, watching the limitless wild beasts like sea waves, and the fighting sparks flickering fiercely in the sky and on the ground.

This scene was really shocking. His cultivation base hadn’t yet reached the Core Formation stage, but even so, he showed his ability in this beast horde, which impressed the sect’s people.

This time, most of the Rook Islet World’s cultivators came, and similarly, many cultivators from Heaven Spread Sect also came.

He saw Xie Shuyan, the so-called genius cultivator of Heaven Spread Sect and the eldest direct disciple of the sect master, as well as his several junior-martial brothers and sisters. His master was the eighth direct disciple of the sect master. Their strength was strong, and the new generation of the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples, headed by them, was famous in River Ford City.

And he himself, although he had killed a lot of wild beasts, but his strength was not enough. At most, he could be regarded as the middle level among them.

For more than a year...

Except for an obvious memory gap, the rest were scenes of him fighting wild beasts.

Bai Jingchen opened his eyes as the sharp pain in his brain gradually subsided. He leaned against the bedside, recalling that memory gap.

Many of the dreams he had dreamed of had memory gaps, so he was not surprised at the moment.

The only thing he felt puzzled was the sudden sharp pain in his mind.

Why does it hurt so much?

Bai Jingchen was puzzled. The disappearing memory happened in the ninth month of the wild beast horde. At that time, he entered Wild Beast Forest and was fighting with some wild beasts. There was no human cultivator around, and powerful wild beasts surrounded him.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t figure it out and sighed in his heart. Maybe it hadn’t yet the time, as there were still many months before it. Maybe he could recall more content after the next full moon’s night.

Thinking so, he continued to learn the Core Formation stage’s bamboo slips.

Three months passed in a flash. Bai Jingchen stood in front of Su Wenliang and heard him say, “Most of the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples will arrive here in a few days. I will leave for a period in advance. You take this opportunity to appear in front of the sect’s people, and don’t stay here. It’s better to go to the inn to find the Heaven Spread Sect’s people and stay with them first. After a while, I will come to River Ford City with the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples.”

Bai Jingchen nodded when he heard this. When the Rook Pin Secret Realm was opened, Yang Aohan, which was Su Wenliang’s disguise, didn’t accompany him to River Ford City, so he should stay in Heaven Spread Sect and appear “according to nature”.

After Su Wenliang finished speaking, he parted ways with Bai Jingchen, and turned to fly with his sword. One day later, he encountered the Heaven Spread Sect’s spirit boat and jumped on it. When others were on guard, he revealed Yang Aohan’s face, which was considered having successfully entered the large force.

After he got on the boat, he saw several fellow direct disciples of Yang Aohan at a glance. Among them, the eldest senior-martial brother Xie Shuyan, was the leader. He had a tall and straight body. The few disciples around him were the second senior-martial brother Chen Qiheng, the third senior-martial brother Bai Jingyao, the fourth senior-martial brother Sun Nancheng, the fifth senior-martial brother Wang Muchi, the sixth senior-martial brother Zhao Yinmo, and the little junior-martial sister, the eighth junior-martial sister Xie Zhenyuan.

These people were the eight direct disciples of the current sect master, the spiritual master Xie Xunxi. They were the Heaven Spread Sect’s younger generation experts.

After glancing at everyone, he let out a cold snort. According to Yang Aohan’s personality, he only nodded slightly to Sun Nancheng and then went directly to the vacant room in the spirit boat. Sun Nancheng shook his head with a chuckle. After bidding farewell to the others, he followed Su Wenliang closely.

Sun Nancheng said, “Where have you been? I went to your Aohan Peak to find you, but I was blocked outside by restrictions, so I sent you a communication talisman, and there was no news at all.”

Su Wenliang sat on the stool and lazily said, “It’s just going out to take a stroll, that’s all. Why are you looking for me?”

Sun Nancheng was choked by his tone. He slapped him angrily and said, “You still have the nerve to go on a scenic tour. You should know about the upcoming wild beast horde, right?”

Su Wenliang nodded, looked at him sideways, and said, “So what?”

Sun Nancheng knew Yang Aohan’s personality, knew that he was a cultivator maniac, and he rarely cared about things other than cultivation. Therefore, he sighed and said, “This wild beast horde is actually an assessment, and your current cultivation is at the late-stage of Core Formation.”

Su Wenliang nodded. Yang Aohan’s cultivation was at the middle-stage of Core Formation, and after so many years, his cultivation had to change a bit. So when he came over this time, he raised his cultivation to the late-stage of Core Formation.

Among the eight disciples of Xie Xunxi, Yang Aohan was the one with the best aptitude. He advanced to Core Formation at a young age, so his aptitude was much better than the eldest disciple Xie Shuyan. However, aptitude sometimes didn’t represent future changes in strength. In the plot, Yang Aohan was just like the many cultivators of the Yang clan for thousands of years. They had excellent aptitude, but always stuck in the Core Formation or Nascent Soul stage. It was difficult for them to make progress in the mental state, so they hindered by the bottleneck and had difficulty to advance.

In the plot, when Bai Jingchen broke through to the Nascent Soul, Yang Aohan’s cultivation base was still stuck in the Core Formation stage, which was the gap and bottleneck.

He heard Sun Nancheng continue to say, “Your cultivation base is the top three among our fellow disciples, and now already at the late-stage of Core Formation. It’s estimated that this wild beast horde will be the time for you to show your skills. This assessment is also for this reason. After each wild beast horde, those who make outstanding contributions and killed the largest number of wild beasts will naturally be able to enjoy higher elder authority in the sect.”

He glanced at Su Wenliang and saw that his face still had a disapproving expression, but there seemed to be a few sparks in his eyes. He said with satisfaction, “This is your chance. Didn’t you always dissatisfy with Spiritual Master Yang before? Now make an achievement to show him, and your wish will naturally be fulfilled.”

When Su Wenliang heard this, his heart moved. He knew that the so-called spiritual master Yang was actually Yang Aohan’s father. What was Yang Aohan’s wish?

He puzzledly said, “Do I have a wish that can’t be fulfilled?”

Sun Nancheng thought he was embarrassed, so he gave him a wicked smile, raised his eyebrows, and said, “Didn’t you always want to marry that female cultivator Sikong as your wife? It was so noisy back then, so everyone in the sect knew about it.”

Su Wenliang, “......”

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