Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 79 Part 1

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Chapter 79 Part 1


Bai Jingchen got out of the illusion very early, because he was mentally prepared in advance, so he invisibly accelerated the speed of the duel he facing in the Sect Grand Competition. As his speed was fast, passaging time in the illusion also accelerated. So that when he broke the illusion and left, it was the earliest.

At that time, both Su Wenliang and Hong Yan were immersed in the illusion. He was anxious, but he knew that the illusion could only be broken by one’s own strength. So after pacing around in place a few times, he began to wander around Lord Palace.

He finished visiting several nearby halls of Lord Palace and went through several trials. It took about half a year for Su Wenliang to wake up.

Bai Jingchen’s gaze fell on Su Wenliang. Seeing that Su Wenliang was looking at him faintly, he walked over uncontrollably, came to Su Wenliang, and said with a smile, “Master, you came out!”

Su Wenliang paused for a while before nodding his head. He passed Bai Jingchen, glanced at the hall, and saw Hong Yan was still in the illusion. He said, “Don’t pay attention to him. We will solve the next training first.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen glanced at the sweaty Hong Yan, and then said yes. He crossed the long corridor with Su Wenliang and walked towards the end.

In the blink of an eye, they came into a bright environment. This place was resplendent and magnificent. This was the context in line with the Lord Palace’s environment. Bai Jingchen turned his head to look and saw the golden demonic beast stone statue not far away. This was the next hurdle, the training of killing these demonic beasts.

Su Wenliang looked up at these demonic beasts and said, “Deal with three demonic beasts on the left side. As long as you kill three of them, you can pass this hurdle and enter the final hall. Then you can choose a magic treasure, get out of this secret place, and go to Rook Islet World. I will find you later.”

Bai Jingchen thought for a while and then nodded his head.

His current strength was not good enough, so staying by Su Wenliang’s side would only cause him trouble. In this case, it was better to be obedient.

Thinking so, he took the first step when Su Wenliang nodded to him. Then, those golden stone statues came to life again, but this time, it differed completely from the last time. They were no longer real stone statues, but genuine demonic beasts standing there. After the golden membrane peeled off, it was the time when the demonic beast revived.

Bai Jingchen saw the easy-going smile on Su Wenliang’s face, so he knew he didn’t need to worry about Su Wenliang’s safety. He drew out his sword and then fought with the demonic beast as a flame covered his sword.

Su Wenliang differed from him as he made so many talisman seals just to wait for this moment.

He moved forward step by step, unlike Bai Jingchen, who was trapped in place by the demonic beast. He took a step and threw a few talisman seals. Under Su Wenliang’s talisman seal attacked, it was as fragile as a newborn child, clumsily dodging.

Su Wenliang didn’t care with the booming sound in his ears mixed with the heat of the flames and the freezing temperature. The interlacing of fire and ice made the revived demonic beasts around him only have time to roar a few times before dying, a real death.

His speed was quick. By the time Bai Jingchen had dealt with three demonic beasts and entered a life door, he had already dealt with most of the demonic beasts in this palace. At this moment, the door in front of him opened wide, so he walked in.

There was a dark path inside, which was the final trial. It was a bit difficult for Bai Jingchen, but for Su Wenliang, it was just practice a skill.

He stepped into it, and the time and space here seemed to be distorted. He looked at the most powerful demonic beast in front of him, and with only a pile of talisman seals, this demonic beast howled and lost its life.

Then, an illusory figure appeared in the midair. He was over fifty years old, with a beard covered his face, and a little slovenly. He said, dissatisfied, “Young Junior, why do you want to destroy my palace?”

Su Wenliang felt this person was really ridiculous, and said with a light smile, “Naturally, I want to take your palace.”

The fifty-year-old elder opened his mouth and said, “This is the reconstructed palace of the dilapidated Lord Palace that I collected. It’s not so easy to deal with, you...”

Su Wenliang was startled, and then said, “No problem, I want to get it, anyway.”

The elder sighed. He was just a wisp of remnant thoughts as he had turned into dust, so his restraint on this Lord Palace was naturally small. This Lord Palace was indeed obtained by chance by him in another ancient secret realm. After that, he slightly modified it to become the current Lord Palace.

When he ascended to the higher realm, he wanted to take this palace away, but perhaps because he was not a destined person, so he couldn’t take it away at all. He could only put it in a place where no one can reach, which was Rook Pin Secret Realm. He originally thought that the cultivators who entered Rook Pin Secret Realm were all low level, so even if they entered this secret realm, they couldn’t pass the trial to take the palace away. He didn’t expect that there was actually an almighty Nascent Soul cultivator entered Rook Pin Secret Realm.

However, perhaps this was the person who Lord Palace was waiting for.

He could exist for a short time, and this palace had been with him for a long time, so he was unwilling to watch this palace being destroyed by this person. He said, “I will take you to the secret room at the Lord Palace’s core. As long as you can refine this palace into your own, then you can take it away.”

Su Wenliang was looking at the secret room, knowing that this was where he was talking about, and said, “Alright, I don’t want this palace to end up in ruins.”

Originally, magic treasures such as this palace need to be refined to eliminate the mark that didn’t belong to this place, and fuse his own aura with this palace, so that he could completely become the Lord Palace’s owner.

He lifted his feet and walked into the secret room. The elder glanced at Su Wenliang and then disappeared completely.

Su Wenliang didn’t care about this. He just walked to the most central place, sat here, and linked to the mark of this palace.

Time passed. When Bai Jingchen got a gourd magic tool, Lord Palace swept him out, and in a blink of an eye, he came to the outside of Demonic Beast Forest, which was the location of the teleportation array. As he didn’t know when Su Wenliang would come out, he waited here for three days and still didn’t see Su Wenliang coming out, so he didn’t wait any longer, but first sent a communication talisman to the elders of Heaven Spread Sect, and then went to the city here, patiently waiting for Su Wenliang to come out.

He had gained a lot this time. He could feel his cultivation touched the next level, and he estimated he could form a Gold Core within the next few days. Fortunately, Su Wenliang prepared a lot of medicinal pills for him. He found a secluded Immortal’s Cave to rent and then prepared to form a Gold Core.

He had advanced to the middle-stage of Foundation Building a few years ago, and after that he was stabilizing his cultivation base, before once again working hard to improve his cultivation, and honing his combat ability. So that today, he felt the touch of spiritual energy.

He sat in the spiritual gathering formation as the world's spiritual energy poured into his dantian. The spiritual energy gathered together like a river, and more and more spiritual energy was poured in. He took medicinal pills, one after another, as the spiritual energy surged in his dantian and spontaneously circulated into his veins. He actually suffered a lot of wounds in the secret realm, but fortunately, it was not serious, and under the surge of spiritual energy, these wounds were completely healed.

Bai Jingchen tightly closed his eyes as beads of sweat oozed from his forehead. When all the internal injuries on his body recovered, he opened his eyes and took a bottle of medicinal pill.

The spiritual energy in his dantian formed a vortex, as more and more fresh spiritual energy poured into it. Some were the spiritual energy brought by the medicinal pill, some came from the guidance of the spiritual gathering formation, and countless spiritual energy gathered from the outside of the Immortal’s Cave. Many people knew that there was someone here who was preparing to form a Gold Core. Some people had got restless, but when they sensed the cold spiritual energy inside, they shrank back.

This was the talisman seal that Bai Jingchen prepared in advance, which Su Wenliang had given to him and hadn’t used up. It came in handy at this moment. He had been eager to improve his strength, but he remained calm, knowing that there was no benefit in being in a hurry, so he told himself not to care too much and concentrate on accumulation.

He was grateful for this point, which made his strength more profound, and the accumulated spiritual energy in his body was immeasurable, far better than other cultivators in the late-stage of Foundation Building, and he could even fight with cultivators in the early-stage of Core Formation. These were difference in quality.

Bai Jingchen’s face was expressionless, as he focused on the movement of the spiritual energy in his dantian, and countless spiritual energy poured into it.

Those spiritual energies rushed to his limbs, bones, and eight extraordinary meridians, transforming the inside of his body.

When the river of spiritual energy formed in his dantian became thicker and finally reached the point where almost couldn’t occupy more. He knew that the time was almost up, so he took another bottle of medicinal pill. When the pill fragrant was surging, these spiritual energy were revolving crazily in his dantian. The river of spiritual energy convergence swirled, driving the spiritual energy into his body. He felt tearing pains from the veins on his body, so he gritted his teeth to hold on.

Breaking and then building, any progress couldn’t be achieved overnight, let alone forming a Gold Core.

He was working hard.

The spiritual energy was extremely abundant, almost viscous at the moment, but there were still countless spiritual energy pouring into it.

A little spiritual energy poured in.



The spiritual energy finally condensed into a dimly colored sphere, which was the so-called Gold Core.

Bai Jingchen knew he had a weak spiritual root, and no matter how much he cultivated his spiritual energy, it had such a dim color, to the extent that when he looked at his Gold Core now, it was actually also glowing with a dim color.

But, fortunately...

He finally formed a Gold Core.

It was not easy, and he was not yet forty years old. When he was twenty years old, he never imagined that he could achieve the level that he could only get at fifty years old. These were things he had never imagined, but today it was truly successful.

He had formed a Gold Core, and the vision outside was still churning, but it may be related to his weak spiritual root, so that this vision seemed inconspicuous, and it only appeared for a moment, and then disappeared.

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