Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 78

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Chapter 78


Lord Palace Secret Realm was much smaller than Rook Pin Secret Realm. The largest palace, which was a little dilapidated, standing in it, and there were weeds outside. This was the whole picture of this secret realm.

Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen had arrived outside the Lord Palace, where the huge steps paved with cyan bricks extended upward. He looked up and saw a demonic beast stone statue every ten meters on both sides of the steps, which was the first trial before entering Lord Palace.

He leaned against a dilapidated stone pillar, raised his chin to Bai Jingchen beside him, and said, “Break those stone statues to enter the entrance of Lord Palace.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen glanced at him, then nodded and said yes. He drew out his sword indifferently and walked forward.

In order to enter this secret realm, he went through a sword formation just now. His injuries had not yet healed and his clothes were also in tatters. Fortunately, his injuries were not serious.

Before he lifted his feet to step up the steps, he knew he had to smash all the demonic beast stone statues on both sides, so he took a step openly. When his both feet landed on the stone step, the eyes of demonic beast stone statues on both sides flashed brightly, and then he moved a few steps, and its figure moved flexibly.

Bai Jingchen slightly narrowed his eyes and drew his sword to defend.

Su Wenliang stood not far away, watching Bai Jingchen’s duel with the stone statue. The original owner of this Lord Palace was only at the Nascent Soul stage, so these trials were completely insignificant to him. But considering that he had to stay in this Lord Palace Secret Realm for three years, waiting for the next plot to come, he patiently let Bai Jingchen try it himself.

He looked at the flashing sword light not far away. He heard the clear sound of swords clashing in the air and a somewhat familiar heartbeat.

He hooked his finger, and then the third person in Lord Palace Secret Realm, Hong Yan, who was kicked down by him, uncontrollably came to him. The red-clothed young man, with a stubborn expression, unconsciously stunned for a moment.

This Hong Yan was rarely described in the plot, but his life trajectory, seen in Zhou Youqing’s memory, was a little familiar.

Su Wenliang tilted his head, recalling the character in the plot with a very similar background to Hong Yan. This person also liked to wear red and had a close relationship with Gu Hongxuan. He fell into the devil path and became Gu Hongxuan’s trusted assistant. Such a character was originally good or bad, with no middle ground. But he was always unexpectedly softhearted, so he was killed by Gu Hongxuan in the end.

A small character no matter from the plot or memory, which was the man who looked very young in front of him, but in fact he was much older than Bai Jingchen.

As Su Wenliang was thinking about how to deal with him, the killing intent in his eyes couldn’t be ignored. Hong Yan had been around the dead since he was a child, so he could see his plan clearly. His heart trembled. No one wanted to die, let alone he still had a big enmity unavenged.

Hong Yan rolled his eyes and suddenly lowered his head. He knelt on the ground and said loudly, “I, Hong Yan, willing to sign a master-servant contract with Senior, to become Senior’s loyal servant and wait for Senior’s orders.”

Su Wenliang raised his eyebrows when he heard this and gave his agreement meaningfully. Hong Yan’s figure immediately trembled as he hurriedly forced out a mouthful of heart blood and handed it over respectfully. Su Wenliang glanced at the heart blood floating in the air, thinking that although this person was not very useful, but he could be used to add trouble to Gu Hongxuan. He coldly put Hong Yan’s heart blood into his palm and integrated it into his soul. After this matter, there were two servants he controlled.

He glanced at Hong Yan. This person was currently at the late-stage of Foundation Building. He had been trapped in the late-stage of Foundation Building for many years. His strength was no worse than Bai Jingchen, and even he was more sinister and cunning than Bai Jingchen. Such a person was indeed his favorite.

He took out the medicinal pill from his mustard space, and threw it to him, saying, “This is the medicinal pill needed to advance to the Core Formation. You can take it as you see fit and form a Gold Core as soon as possible to do things for me.”

Hong Yan was startled, as he held the porcelain bottle with confusion. He carefully sized up Su Wenliang several times, hesitated to speak, and finally said, “I don’t know Senior... Zhou Youqing, how is he now?”

Su Wenliang paused. This person was indeed as described in the plot. He was ruthless, but with a little benevolence. After all, he worked hard to cultivate the Dao from mortals, and had records when he was in the mortal world, so that his personality had a mix of good and evil.

Su Wenliang only wanted him to make things difficult for Gu Hongxuan, so he didn’t care much about his personality. He waved his hand, directly putting Hong Yan a few feet away. He glanced at Bai Jingchen, who was still fighting, and closed his eyes, relaxing with his eyes closed.

The steps of Lord Palace were not too high. Of course, the comparison of this not too high was compared with general cultivation steps, but compared with the mortal palace steps, it was much higher.

Bai Jingchen’s strength had indeed improved a lot, but he still suffered a lot of injuries when facing such a place where there were two demonic beast stone statues in a few steps. His clothes had long been gray and torn, only sparsely falling on his body. He didn’t know how long this duel lasted. When he focused on killing, all the extra thoughts in his mind disappeared, only constantly chopping and piercing...

Day after day, until he finally arrived at the Lord Palace’s entrance. He suddenly startled and looked at himself. At the moment, he was battered and exhausted. When he looked back, he saw Su Wenliang standing in front of a table floating in midair, leisurely drawing talisman seals. Bai Jingchen was in a trance for a moment, and then said with a smile to Su Wenliang, “Master, this disciple has passed this assessment.”

Su Wenliang looked up at him, and drew the last few strokes without stopping, before putting everything into his mustard space. Within a few steps, he came to Bai Jingchen.

Bai Jingchen cast a cleansing spell on his body and then took out a clean robe to change into. While changing, he said to Su Wenliang, “Master, I don’t know how long it took me to break the formation.”

Su Wenliang looked at the black door of Lord Palace, and said lightly, “It’s over a month, so it’s not bad.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen’s mouth twitched. Another month had passed. It seemed that his strength was still low. He silently put on his clothes. When he looked sideways, he saw Hong Yan approaching from the steps.

Bai Jingchen narrowed his eyes as he looked at him. Su Wenliang was keenly aware of his killing intent, and said, “This is my servant, so don’t worry. Hong Yan, have you formed a Gold Core?”

Hong Yan lowered his eyes and said respectfully, “Master, I have not yet formed a Gold Core. But...I can form a Gold Core in half a year.”

Su Wenliang indifferently nodded when he heard this. Thinking of it took Bai Jingchen a year to cross the steps in the plot, he was very satisfied with his current cultivation base and strength. The result of his teaching was still good, at least better than in the plot.

Without much thought, he walked towards the Lord Palace’s entrance, saying, “The second trial is a more dangerous illusion. The two of you can solve it by yourself. The third trial is the guardian demonic beast trial. After you get rid of demonic beasts guarding the door, you can choose a treasure and leave by yourself. I will leave in a few days later.”

When Bai Jingchen and Hong Yan heard this, they both nodded and followed behind Su Wenliang, stepping into Lord Palace. In the blink of an eye, the three of them separated, and each came to an illusion place.

Su Wenliang looked at the modern scene in front of him. This was his home in the Apocalypse period, or more precisely, it was just a place to live.

He was lying on the bed. Although he clearly knew that what he saw was an illusion, which contained infinite killing and death energy, but he didn’t care about it. At this moment, there were still over two years before the three years scheduled, so he was not in a hurry at all.

The time flow of the illusion was not the same as the reality experience. In the plot, the male protagonist saw an illusion of the Sect Grand Competition. He persisted from the beginning of the Grand Competition to the end of the Grand Competition. After just a few days of the Grand Competition, when he left this secret realm and returned to Rook Islet World, he found that three years had passed.

Su Wenliang looked at his hands, which belonged to his real body. Every detail was familiar to him. But in a trance, he saw another pair of hands with fairer skin and more exquisite skin texture, which belonged to the body of the villain BOSS Liang Wensu.

Su Wenliang was in a daze for a moment, and put one hand to his abdomen, where there was no longer a distinct heartbeat. The so-called illusion was indeed impressive.

He withdrew his hand, realizing that the moment he felt the life in his belly disappeared, he suddenly felt a loss and pain in his heart. He was used to Liangchen’s existence, so now that he couldn’t feel him, it became so.

Su Wenliang sighed and stood up. He took out clothes from the closet and put them on. This was a rare opportunity to return to the Apocalypse. Even if it was an illusion, he wanted to see his family and friends.

After he changed his clothes, he saw a gentle and calm man in the mirror, with a slight coldness on his brows, which differed completely from this sunny and warm face. Fortunately, it was his body. He took a few glances before brushing his teeth and washing his face, and then opened the door to walk outside.

He saw the familiar road and sparse pedestrians. Black clouds and mist were surging in the sky. It was going to rain soon. Fortunately, he brought an umbrella before going out, and his parents’ home was close to the clinic where he stayed. He lifted his foot and walked.

Most of the people who passed by were sloppy and shabby in their clothes. As a well-dressed person who had never been starved in the Apocalypse walked among them, revealing a bit out of place.

Su Wenliang pursed his lips and walked past. Seeing the greedy and guarded eyes of the surrounding people, he felt coldness in his heart, and his eyes were as cold as ice.

When he took another step forward, his aura made the surrounding people didn’t dare to approach. He walked step by step, as if breaking through the ice.

He returned home and saw his mother was cooking in the kitchen. His father and two older brothers had not yet returned home. He changed his shoes and went to the kitchen, leaning against the door to watch his mother busy.

Their family had the principle of the female led the inside and the male dominated the outside. When he was at home, he never did housework, because his mother was a typical housewife.

She looked much older, but her face was very spirited. She was talking about something, and Su Wenliang lowered his eyes and listened patiently.

Soon after, his father and older brothers returned home, and the family gathered for dinner.

Su Wenliang watched his older brothers and father chat happily, with affection and joy in his expression, and the food in his mouth suddenly lost its taste.

It was only been so long, he almost forgot about the modern life. The time in the cultivation world was never counted by minutes and seconds, time was fleeting, and nearly twenty years had passed in the blink of an eye.

He seemed to get a lot older. Thinking of the wish mentioned by the system after the mission was over, perhaps it may not necessarily change the future.

After eating, he returned to his room and sat on the bed. He lay down with his hands on his abdomen as an imposing aura surged out of his body and spread vigorously to the surroundings.

It was time to leave.

His hands felt the heartbeat’s frequency again. Liangchen’s soft voice sounded in his ears, saying, “Papa, Papa...Father, come out...”

Su Wenliang looked up and saw Bai Jingchen standing not far in front of him, looking at the dim Lord Palace interior.

The faces of his family members flashed before his eyes, and then his attention returned at present. A slight smile unconsciously appeared on his lips as his eyes flickered with unknown blaze.

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