Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 77

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Chapter 77


After passing through a dim and deep underground narrow path, Su Wenliang finally stopped.

He stood on one side and said to Bai Jingchen behind him, “Here is a formation, a sword formation. You come to undo this sword formation.”

Su Wenliang didn’t like to use swords, and this time the purpose was to observe Bai Jingchen, so he naturally wouldn’t make a move.

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen looked over. Although he saw nothing like the formation at all, but he agreed and stood in the center. Then he felt the sword force and sword energy coming from all directions.

He was good at swordsmanship. Although he was not proficient, but he was used to it, so even if he was trapped in the encirclement of the sword formation, he still composed, dissolving the sword energy in the sword formation one by one.

Su Wenliang stood watching on the side. The progress in the plot was like this. After Bai Jingchen fell into this underground secret realm, he encountered the illusion and the sword formation, and then almost died in it. But it was only almost. Fortunately, his cultivation base was not bad, so not only did he save his life but also successfully broke through the barrier of this layer and entered the outside of Lord Palace.

Su Wenliang knew that Bai Jingchen’s current cultivation base was much higher than that in the plot, so he didn’t worry at all. Although he was determined to get Lord Palace, he would still let Bai Jingchen do more to train. When Bai Jingchen couldn’t bear it, he would help.

Bai Jingchen’s speed of breaking the sword formation was not slow, but it wouldn’t be very fast. Su Wenliang waited for half an hour before Bai Jingchen found the way to break the sword formation. After breaking the sword formation in one move, his clothes were torn. Even if he was wearing a magic robe, it couldn’t bear the half an hour of sword energy ravages.

Su Wenliang glanced at him and asked, “Are you seriously injured?”

Bai Jingchen shook his head. He looked in a sorry figure now, but in fact he didn’t hurt his muscles and bones, just suffered a little flesh injury. This small injury was nothing to him.

Su Wenliang nodded with satisfaction. He looked at the dim void, walked to the formation, and threw the token for entering Rook Pin Secret Realm at the center of the broken formation, and then the white light flashed. He and Bai Jingchen had crossed the dim underground and arrived at the real outside of Lord Palace.

This was the secret realm within the secret realm. Except for the first few barriers that were dim, the place where Lord Palace was located actually the same as Rook Pin Secret Realm, which was bright all year round.

He looked at Lord Palace not far away, which was still magnificent despite its dilapidated appearance, and said to Bai Jingchen, “This is where your training task this time is. My goal is to get the entire Lord Palace. Let’s go.”

Bai Jingchen glanced at Lord Palace. The scale of this palace was really not small, but since Su Wenliang said so, most likely he was confident, so Bai Jingchen lowered his eyes and followed Su Wenliang to walk towards Lord Palace.

After they walked away, Hong Yan, who was dressed in red, also entered it. He naturally saw Lord Palace at a glance, so he quietly followed.

Naturally, Bai Jingchen noticed Hong Yan’s movement. He glanced at Su Wenliang, and heard him say, “Don’t pay attention to him, it’s not worth.”

Bai Jingchen agreed, as Hong Yan’s strength in Rook Islet World was not bad, but it was not as good as his own, not to mention Su Wenliang, who was an almighty Nascent Soul cultivator. So he stopped paying attention to this person and just focused on the front.

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