Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 76

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Chapter 76


Bai Jingchen fell into a wonderful place through the crack. This place was actually an environment with a blue sky and white sun, instead of a gloom and dark underground. He steadily landed on the ground, looking at the peach blossom forest here, where spiritual plants growing casually. He felt familiar, like never before.

He looked around, wondering whether he was teleported to another place, or had an illusion, so everything in front of him was false.

He was not in a hurry to inquire about this place. But based on his initial impression, thinking that this place was extremely familiar, then this could only be an illusion, as only an illusion would have such an effect, because he knew very well that he was training in Rook Pin Secret Realm.

After Bai Jingchen figured it out, he knew that in order to break the illusion, he had to find the creator of the illusion. Generally speaking, illusions were mostly generated by formations, but there were also some heaven materials and earth treasures that could make cultivators have illusions.

He probably knew how to break the illusion, because although the illusion didn’t look any different from the real place, there were still subtle differences. These differences were the key to break the illusion.

He took a few steps and observed seriously.

This place’s temperature was moderate, and the peach blossoms were blooming, as the fragrance of flowers was floating in the air. Bai Jingchen looked at it as he walked along the path of the peach blossom forest to the place where it extended. He saw nothing unusual along the way. Then, he suddenly discovered that he seemed to have been in the environment in front of him a moment ago.

Could it be a loop illusion, always circling around a place, but can’t leave this nearby place.

Thinking so, Bai Jingchen pulled out his sword and left a mark on the nearby peach blossom tree. Then, he walked on the path again. After a short while, he returned to the peach blossom tree he marked just now.

Bai Jingchen had already been certain in his heart. At the same time, he was relieved. This kind of illusion was easy to solve, because it was not very real, and only had some impact on people who didn’t have firm minds. But once one saw through this kind of illusion and was vigilance in the heart, the illusion was not enough.

Bai Jingchen walked even slower this time and almost moved step by step.

The constituent elements of this illusion were simple, just a few things; peach blossoms, paths, and spiritual plants...Wait a minute! Bai Jingchen walked around and found no abnormality, so he sat on the ground and thought again.

He felt that this illusion was familiar before, but now he had no such feeling at all, which meant that his consciousness had affected by the illusion. At this moment, he had forgotten some things, only knowing that this was false, but forgetting the analysis process of why it was false.

Bai Jingchen knew it would be bad to go on like this, so he stopped walking, lest he forget more.

Memories flashed through his mind, one after another. The school when he was young, he went to Heaven Spread Sect to test the spiritual root, became an outer sect attendant, and the Sect Grand Competition...

On the other side, Hong Yan was in a sea of blood. He kept killing, killing, killing all the people in front of him. These were the enemies who slaughtered his village. When he returned from his studies, the first thing he did was to kill all the generals who took part in the village's massacre.

But at this moment, these people came back to life again, and committed atrocities in front of him. Hong Yan was furious. Although he knew that everything in front of him was false, he couldn’t convince himself to stop at all, instead he kept killing!

He wanted to kill everyone here, and everyone in the world!

Su Wenliang, who was not far away from him, looked at his modern self coldly, picked up the medicine box, and still continued in his own way into the car of the ability user team under his brother’s obstruction.

This was the third year of the Apocalypse, the time he went out of the base to do a task before he died.

He inexplicably died. The scene of his death was unprecedentedly clear, and each time was different. The first time he died by an explosion, the second time he died by poisoning, and the third time was a zombie attack...

After each death, he would return to the scene when he left the house.

Su Wenliang knew that this was an illusion, and even knew that it would be bad for him if it went on like this, but he still watched it seven times.

Because he missed his family a bit, and the past years were always made people reminisced, not to mention that his previous life differed greatly from his current one.

He had lived in this cultivation world for over ten years and wanted to forget that he was not a person of this world but crossed over to do missions.

After the seventh time, he snapped his fingers to break the surrounding illusion.

The mighty pressure of the Nascent Soul stage was naturally extraordinary. After such a move, even the other two people left the illusion. But the moment they saw each other, they were on the verge of fighting again.

When Bai Jingchen saw Su Wenliang behind the young man, he passed him and walked straight in front of Su Wenliang, asking, “Master, why did you enter this place?”

Su Wenliang glanced at Hong Yan, whose expression changed drastically, and said to Bai Jingchen lightly, “This is the secret realm within the secret realm. We are in the first barrier of Almighty Lord Palace.”

He looked around. At this moment, it was really dark here. He continued, “This palace is buried underground. Because of the guardian beasts, it’s very intact. If we want to enter Lord Palace, we must start from the weakest place. This is the case in the valley just now, where the barrier is the thinnest. After the ground shakes and we fall down from there, it will be the outer boundary of Lord Palace.”

Bai Jingchen nodded his head. He naturally trusted Su Wenliang before, but he was puzzled in his heart. Now that he heard Su Wenliang’s explanation, he naturally knew the secret.

He looked around here. What he saw just now was an illusion. Although he walked a long way in the illusion, he was actually just circling around in place, and he could see a series of footprints where he just walked.

Su Wenliang asked, “What did you see?”

Thinking of the peach blossom forest, Bai Jingchen suddenly remembered why the environment seemed familiar to him.

He had seen it just a few years ago. After training in White Horse Mountain, they went to a small city to train.

When he went up the mountain, he met an old man whose face he couldn’t see clearly. The old man said something. He couldn’t remember exactly what it was, but he vaguely remembered he said that Su Wenliang was not a human race, but an Earth Demon Python.

His realization only flashed in his mind, and the next second, after Su Wenliang’s question, he said truthfully, “This disciple saw a peach blossom forest.”

Hearing this, Su Wenliang looked at Bai Jingchen in surprise. It was clearly written in the plot that what Bai Jingchen saw was the mountain peak of his female master Sikong Shang, and he vaguely understood his feelings for Sikong Shang there. But now, what was this peach blossom forest about? Could it be that Bai Jingchen had someone else in mind?

This illusion was actually to find out the most secret scenes and thoughts in the heart of the person who entered the formation. What he saw just now was his life in modern times. Although he had adapted well to this new identity in the cultivation world, but in fact, deep in his heart, he was still a little troubled about his sudden death.

But Bai Jingchen’s illusion was the peach blossom forest?

Su Wenliang asked, “Do you think there is anything suspicious about that peach blossom forest?”

After thinking, Bai Jingchen didn’t tell Su Wenliang about the previous incident. Wouldn’t it be exposed if he said it now? Thus, he said, “It’s very similar to the peach blossom forest on the mountainside of Aohan Peak, because the spirit plant is very familiar.”

Su Wenliang was startled when he heard this. ‘Aohan Peak, the place where Bai Jingchen put his deepest thoughts is actually Aohan Peak?

Su Wenliang turned his body, pursed his lips, and looked at the dark underground. His earlobes were a little hot, and he tried his best to forget about it. In order to do so, he changed the subject, saying, “Has Hong Yan left?”

Bai Jingchen answered yeah. He felt Hong Yan left just now, almost at the moment when he and Su Wenliang acknowledged each other. He probably realized something was wrong, so he would act like this. But if it was him, he would never choose to walk away at this time, because this place was strange, so leaving alone was just asking for a dead end. It was better to choose to cooperate with other people, as he could find a glimmer of life. Even when he was facing death, he could pull someone to share his fate.

Thinking so, Bai Jingchen’s hate for Hong Yan faded a bit. Hong Yan was just a stranger, and although he could heal the sword wound he slashed before, but he felt the deep pain, so he just let it go. Su Wenliang was also the person behind the scenes who designed all of this, so Bai Jingchen naturally chose to accept it.

The light in the underground was very dim, so it was almost impossible to see the people’s appearance. Only with the help of the crystal stones and spirit stones on the rock walls on both sides, one could vaguely see the people’s silhouette.

Bai Jingchen saw Su Wenliang was observing the environment here with the help of the lights of different colors, so he followed suit to explore.

This place was very desolate. Rook Pin Secret Realm’s existence history was not very old, but it was ancient enough, at least it had existed for nearly ten thousand years.

In Rook Islet World, Rook Pin Secret Realm was opened every seventy years, but there had never been a rumor about Lord Palace in it. Presumably few people know where Lord Palace was, and the reason Su Wenliang knew about it was maybe that when he was the Devil Palace Lord, he learned a lot of secrets in Rook Islet World, so he learned about it.

Bai Jingchen thought so, but he saw Su Wenliang suddenly walking forward and said, “Follow me.”

Bai Jingchen knew that Su Wenliang must have found something, so he quickly followed behind him, walking in a direction where he couldn’t see the way ahead.

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