Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 75

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Chapter 75


Bai Jingchen walked towards the location in the dream. The time he picked up the Treasure Hunting Mouse happened to be these few days, and the location was close to where Su Wenliang was now.

He came near to several sides and waited. The scene in the dream was hazy, and then directly crossed the Treasure Hunting Mouse and turned to a dilapidated Lord Palace...

Wait a minute! Su Wenliang just said that the secret realm in Rook Pin Secret Realm was the Almighty Lord Palace...wasn’t that the palace in his dream?

Bai Jingchen suddenly frowned. This kind of dream and reality had happened before, and it had happened many times. As long as Su Wenliang set some training plan, he would see the corresponding memory in the dream at the previous Double Cultivation.

But in the dream, the person who led his actions was obviously that female master Sikong Shang, not the current Su Wenliang.

So why did the development of things strangely fit together again?

Could it be that the predestined trajectory couldn’t be altered? But wasn’t his master changed?

Or, Su Wenliang, who led these all... the crux of the issue was in him?

Bai Jingchen suddenly stood up straight. He suddenly realized this point. Why did Su Wenliang choose the same place as in the dream to train? Even the time was exceptionally consistent. There must be something wrong with this.

He didn’t doubt Su Wenliang, but Su Wenliang concealed a lot of things when he was with him, whether it was Double Cultivation, Love Snake Parasite, and even Little Liangchen’s matter, was concealed by him. If it was not for his keen thinking or luckily found the information, it would be impossible to discover the secret.

So...was this time affair another Su Wenliang’s arrangement?

If it was really Su Wenliang who was arranging his training plan according to the progress in the dream, would Su Wenliang dream after the Double Cultivation like him?

Bai Jingchen tightly pursed his lips and intently stared at his palm. He used to be specious about the dream, not to mention that he had no resistance in his heart at all, and even most of the time, he completely believed in the dream's progress.

However, was this really a dream?

He had never heard of such a thing, only vaguely heard of seizing another body and going back in time.

As for his situation, it was definitely not seizing another body, because the person in the dream was also himself.

Then, this kind of dream about what his future self did, a kind of prophetic dream. Assuming it ever happened, and then his future self used some way to go back in time and put the memory back into his current self’s mind...

Bai Jingchen was confused. This kind of situation was unheard of, and he himself couldn’t explain the issue clearly, so he dropped this topic. But he was concerned about this matter in his heart, leaving deep doubts in his heart.

He squatted on the ground, picked a spiritual plant, and put it in his mouth. This was a sweet spiritual fruit with a very low grade, which was used for tasting. Most cultivators didn’t like to eat this kind of spiritual fruit, but this was the favorite of the low level small demonic beasts.

He chewed a few of them and crushed a lot with his hands. After a light fruit scent permeated the air, he patiently waited.

After half a quarter of an hour, he finally heard a sound coming from the grass not far away.

Bai Jingchen narrowed his eyes and looked over. He saw an exceptionally familiar Treasure Hunting Mouse popping out.

Treasure Hunting Mouses were low-level demonic beasts, but their ability was not small, because as the name implies, they were very sensitive to the aura of heaven materials and earth treasures. So, most of them were kept by cultivators to find heaven materials and earth treasures in secret realms.

When the Treasure Hunting Mouse in front of him stood up, it revealed its white belly with a bundle of crimson mixed furs on it, which looked unique. It was the one that Bai Jingchen got in his dream.

In the dream, this Treasure Hunting Mouse helped him find a lot of heaven materials and earth treasures in a short time. But it led him into a trap in the end, making him lose the strength to resist, and let another disciple of the sect that was both righteous and devil took away heaven materials and earth treasures on his body and threw him under a valley.

The dream was cut off here, but these were enough for him to remember deeply.

Since he had nothing to do at the moment, he planned to retaliate. In the dream, that person took advantage of him, so this time he would pay him back all at once.

Thinking so, he changed his appearance with the magic treasure that Su Wenliang gave him, and then that Treasure Hunting Mouse really came to him like in the dream.

Bai Jingchen sneered in his heart, but his face remained calm. Not only that, he also fed it with the spiritual fruit in his hand, making the Treasure Hunting Mouse squeak and eat the small fruit. It looked cute, but in fact it was a demonic beast kept by its owner. During this trip to the secret realm, or before Rook Pin Secret Realm, he estimated that the person behind it often used the Treasure Hunting Mouse to deceive people.

Bai Jingchen only used a few spiritual fruits to “subdue” the Treasure Hunting Mouse. When he stood up, the Treasure Hunting Mouse tilted its head. After watching him walk away, it was originally unwilling to catch up, because the aura on his body made it uncomfortable, but thinking of its master’s means, it had no choice but to catch up.

It grabbed Bai Jingchen’s robe and climbed onto his shoulder, chirping and scratching at Bai Jingchen’s ear, making him turn around to walk towards the place where the heaven material and earth treasure was.

Bai Jingchen complied. Heaven materials and earth treasures that the Treasure Hunting Mouse found for him were not ordinary things, and what corresponded to them was naturally the danger behind these.

During these five days, Bai Jingchen searched many places, so heaven materials and earth treasures he got were more than what he collected for twenty-five days in the secret realm, and the grade was much higher.

Bai Jingchen was satisfied in his heart, thinking that if these heaven materials and earth treasures were sold, he would get a lot of spirit stones. At that time, he could use it to buy some children’s toys in the cultivation world for Little Liangchen. He could also buy something for Su Wenliang. Su Wenliang may not need it, but it was his own wish after all.

He planned well. When Rook Pin Secret Realm was about to open again, he followed the trail of the Treasure Hunting Mouse to the place where the trap was.

Everything happened according to what happened in the dream, but this time he prepared in advance and swallowed the medicinal pill, so when he stepped into the trap, he still kept his rationality. Although his body had many injuries, it didn’t hurt his veins.

It was time for the Treasure Hunting Mouse’s owner to close the net. When that person jumped down to the trap, Bai Jingchen slightly opened his eyes and saw a feminine young man in red.

He sneered and jumped up to subdue him when the young man reached out to grab his storage bag.

He took advantage of the sunlight to see this person’s face of clearly.

He was a young man who looked about twenty-three or twenty-four years old. But the cultivator’s outward appearance was completely unbelievable, as some people would deliberately maintain their young appearance. This young man’s cultivation was already in the late-stage of Foundation Building. When Bai Jingchen fought him just now, he spent some effort, so he knew that this person’s strength was not low.

After the young man was restrained, he didn’t say a word, and was very calm.

Bai Jingchen originally wanted to kill him with a sword, but he didn’t expect this person to say strangely with a smile, “Are you sure you want to kill me at this time?”

Bai Jingchen was too lazy to listen to his nonsense. His sword stabbed down mercilessly, and when half of the young man’s neck was about to be cut off by him, the ground suddenly collapsed.

Bai Jingchen glanced at the young man, but saw that the young man covered his throat with his hand, and with a little rubbing, the wound on his throat was completely healed. He said with a beautiful smile on his lips, “This is the real trap.”

Bai Jingchen’s body tilted, and he fell from this place. He originally fell into a valley, but now he fell into a place similar to the depths underground.

He was a little startled. He could have escaped, but just now he was in a trance, because he saw the figure of the disguised Su Wenliang behind that young man.

Above the valley, the red-clothed young man said to the person who came out of the shadows, “Zhou Youqing, you are a little smarter this time, but you still let this person escape without getting anything.”

Zhou Youqing, which was Su Wenliang, thought of the progress in the plot a few days ago, so he chased Bai Jingchen’s figure uneasily. But he didn’t expect that Bai Jingchen would actually obey this Treasure Hunting Mouse’s instructions to go to various dangerous places to find heaven materials and earth treasures.

When he was watching in the dark, he wished he could walk up to Bai Jingchen and beat him up. He originally thought that this guy could be alone, but he still couldn’t get rid of his softhearted shortcomings. Such an obvious trap, and he still jumped down.

But, he found another person appeared next to him, who was also following Bai Jingchen. He knew that this was the mysterious person not mentioned in the plot. He was the Treasure Hunting Mouse’s real owner and just a passerby in the plot.

He was a little interested in this person, so he followed him, only to find that this person was actually someone he knew. He was a male cultivator named Hong Yan who had a good relationship with Zhou Youqing.

Thus, of course, he designed a complete set of traps to push Bai Jingchen down directly. The ground vibration just now was made by him, in order to teach Bai Jingchen a lesson, so that he didn’t trust anyone so easily next time.

Su Wenliang indifferently looked at the abyss in front of him, and said with a smile to the arrogant young man beside him, “Hong Yan, do you want to go down to look?”

The young man named Hong Yan, which was one of the Qing Hong Fiends, said, “Are you crazy?”

Su Wenliang snorted coldly and kicked him down.

He looked at the falling Hong Yan, grabbed the Treasure Hunting Mouse that wanted to escape, and jumped down too.

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