Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 74

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Chapter 74


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang was walking forward, seemingly aimless, but in fact he walked more and more remote, until he came to a dark corner, he spoke up, “Since you are here, and there is no one else here except me, just come out.”

After he finished speaking, he waited patiently. A man finally appeared after half an hour of stalemate.

He said, “You have become sharper, Zhou Youqing.”

Hearing this, Su Wenliang turned his head to look at him. It was a black-clothed mask man with a fierce aura on his body. Because of the mask, he couldn’t see his face clearly, but this voice was familiar.

This man was Li Ting, who belonged to a small cultivation sect and was Zhou Youqing’s fellow senior-martial brother before. But this was a long time ago.

Because Zhou Youqing was expelled by his master when he betrayed the sect decades ago, the status as a master and disciple had been exhausted, let alone the affection of fellow disciples.

Even so, Su Wenliang saw that Zhou Youqing originally had a hidden trouble hard to mention, so even after leaving the sect, he still inquired about the news in the sect from time to time. Therefore, he knew the reason Li Ting masked his face.

A few years ago, during a training, Li Ting was scratched by an enraged demonic beast in order to save the sect master’s daughter, which was their little junior-martial sister Yan Yurong, and his entire face was destroyed. Then, for some reason, he didn’t spend spirit stones on treating it, so he just masked his face like this.

Su Wenliang quickly recalled this man’s origin, and said lightly, “Li Ting, you followed me here not just to say this sentence, right?”

Li Ting really had nothing else to say. He was an honest and dull man, so he basically talked little when he was in the sect. He had nothing to say when facing this junior-martial brother who had driven out of the sect.

The reason he followed him was only because of their previous relationship as fellow disciples. He was worried that his action just now would provoke a sneak attack from others.

So, after hearing Su Wenliang’s question, he said, “I have nothing to say, careful with the little junior-martial sister and the fourth junior-martial brother. They held the double cultivation ceremony half a month ago, and now they have become a faction.”

Su Wenliang raised his eyebrows, and said while imitating Zhou Youqing’s tone, “I understand, thank you for First Senior-martial Brother’s trouble.”

Hearing this, Li Ting nodded, glanced at Su Wenliang, and quickly disappeared around here.

Su Wenliang was not interested in what he just said. The reason he listened to him patiently was because he had seen Zhao Youqing’s memories and had a good impression of this first senior-martial brother.

Li Ting was a good person and not pedantic. Although he was not strong, he had a firm mind. He was a bit similar to Bai Jingchen, but his luck was obviously not so good.

In the future, Li Ting would also become the person flying from Rook Islet World to the higher realm. It was a pity to kill such a person. Su Wenliang didn’t think it was a waste of time to spend some time socializing with him.

He looked at the surrounding environment. He consciously walked to a remote place just now, as only in this way could the people behind him appear. Since there was nothing else going on, he wanted to contact Bai Jingchen first.

He took out a flying magic tool from his mustard space, flew to midair overlooking the secret realm, and determined his location at a glance.

He took out a communication talisman and sent it to Bai Jingchen. Then he lazily set up the barrier while standing on the flying magic tool, before directly sitting on the flying magic tool.

The communication talisman flew towards the place where Bai Jingchen was. Bai Jingchen was leading a team of Heaven Spread Sect’s cultivators to kill the demonic beast and seize the rare spiritual plant in the cave.

He arranged them well to ensure that everyone could perform their duties, and the task this time was not too difficult. These were all attempts and experiments, so he put in his energy to do it seriously. Now the initial result had achieved, at least the cultivators in their team were the most united and listened to his words.

Bai Jingchen leaned to the side as he watched. He basically only played the role of surveillance. When a communication talisman flew over, he had a premonition that it was sent by Su Wenliang.

He walked to a remote corner to open the communication talisman. This time it was not a voice, but a direct written word, which stated Su Wenliang’s current location and told him to arrange the affairs of the sect in twenty-five days. He could go to Su Wenliang at that time, and Su Wenliang had his own arrangements.

Su Wenliang’s writing was concise and clear. Bai Jingchen smiled after reading it and kept the communication talisman. Thinking of the twenty-five days appointment, he pursed his lips. Although he felt the time was a little long, but fortunately Su Wenliang came along this time. He should be content.

Thinking so, Bai Jingchen returned to the cave again. Seeing that they couldn’t hold on, he subdued the demonic beast with one move and picked the spiritual plant in the cave.

They completed this task quickly. Bai Jingchen ordered everyone to fly to a safe place to rest for a while, and then continue to the next place.

In this way, twenty-five days passed in a flash.

The reason Rook Pin Secret Realm was only open to cultivators in the Foundation Building and Qi Refining stage was largely due to the limitations of Rook Pin Secret Realm itself, and the fact that although the treasures inside were precious, they were not much better than those in Rook Islet World, and powerful cultivators look down on the things inside.

Bai Jingchen spent twenty-five days to split the easy training task and arranged it to the fullest. On the final night, he completed the handover task and said that he would act alone, so that they could stay in the vicinity at ease. If they wanted to go training, they had to go together. He had done his best, and the future progress would depend on them.

After Bai Jingchen arranged everything, he went to the address written in Su Wenliang’s communication talisman.

At this time, Su Wenliang was making talisman seals. It was not conducive to attracting spiritual energy in Rook Pin Secret Realm, because the environment here was very unstable and Su Wenliang himself was an almighty Nascent Soul cultivator. He felt that once he attracted the spiritual energy, he would absorb all the spiritual energy in this place.

So, he continued to draw talisman seals. These days, he accumulated a lot of talisman seals.

When entering the secret realm within the secret realm, which was the Almighty Lord Palace, he only need to throw these talisman seals in piles, and those traps and guardian beasts wouldn’t be a problem.

He immediately felt Bai Jingchen's arrival when he came into the restraint he set up. After finishing his last few strokes, he looked at Bai Jingchen. He found that after this month’s training, his grandeur was more peaceful and the fierce aura after the previous training had been dwindled a lot, so he looked gentler. Although he was still good-looking, judging from his current aura, few people would notice his outward appearance, but more people would have a good impression about him as soon as they see him.

As the saying goes, that was the temperament of leadership.

Seeing this, Su Wenliang was very satisfied. He had always known that Bai Jingchen made rapid progress. Almost every time they met again after parting, there would be some changes in him, especially this time.

He said, “How did you deal with the other disciples of Heaven Spread Sect?”

Bai Jingchen glanced at his face. He always felt that this face was a little strange, but he still respectfully said, “This disciple has settled everything. I let them stay in the place where the formation is activated. It’s estimated that Rook Pin Secret Realm will open again in five days, so they can leave with the teleportation array.”

Su Wenliang nodded, expressing that he understood.

He gave the talisman seal he made this time to Bai Jingchen and said, “The reason I entered Rook Pin Secret Realm with you this time is because I learn through some means that there is a deeper secret realm within this secret realm. This place is the Almighty Lord Palace, and I determine to get this Lord Palace. I called you here this time because of this.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen frowned. He thought of the dream he saw during the last Double Cultivation. He saw a Lord Palace and entered it. It was extremely dangerous inside. After thinking, he suddenly said, “Master, it’s been a month...”

Su Wenliang looked at him with a puzzled. ‘What a month?

He said, “There are still a few days left before Rook Pin Secret Realm opens again, so it has not been a month.”

Bai Jingchen blushed and hesitantly said, “It’s...that, Double’s been a month.”

The corner of Su Wenliang’s lips twitched when he heard this, then he said angrily, “Now we are in Rook Pin Secret Realm, so there is no such thing as a full moon.”

Bai Jingchen thought this was better. Every time they did Double Cultivation, it was at night. Even if there was moonlight, they couldn’t see clearly. The taste during the day must be better than the night. But Su Wenliang seemed very unwilling. Yeah, what way to persuade him to agree?

Bai Jingchen coughed and said with an innocent face, “Master’s Love Snake Parasite will be triggered on the full moon’s night. Isn’t it reasonable to say that it happens once a month?” He had selectively forgotten that there was a full moon night without Double Cultivation.

Su Wenliang looked at him and thought with displeasure, ‘Is it because Bai Jingchen was too idle, so he thinks about Double Cultivation all day long?

His expression turned cold as he said, “Are you too idle?”

Bai Jingchen was stunned. It took a while for him to understand the deep meaning of Su Wenliang’s words. Then he said, “It’s a little leisurely.”

Seeing that he responded directly, Su Wenliang looked at him and said, “Then you can go to other places in Rook Pin Secret Realm to train, and then come back here after five days.”

Bai Jingchen had a new idea in his mind, so he naturally wouldn’t refuse. He agreed and turned to leave.

He thought of the Treasure Hunting Mouse in his dream. This time he planned the mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. He planned to catch the person who secretly plotted against him, and what happened after catching the mastermind behind the scenes, depending on the situation.

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