Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 73

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Chapter 73


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen almost thought that he had misheard it. Another father...

He couldn’t help raising his head to glance at Su Wenliang, and saw that he was seriously drawing a talisman seal at the moment. His long black hair was combed with the White Jade Dragon Hairpin, but a few strands of his hair inadvertently hung down between the movements of his hands.

His facial features were exquisite and handsome. When he was seriously drawing the talisman seal, he subconsciously pursed his lips with a serious look on his face.

It was indeed very attractive.

Bai Jingchen asked in his mind, “Liangchen, what did you just say? Say it again!”

Liangchen let out ‘ah’ in confusion and said in a childish voice, “Father, I forgot.”

“......” Bai Jingchen pursed his lips and bluntly asked, “Did you just say another father?”

“Yes, it’s another father. I like him.”

Bai Jingchen felt bad. What the hell was going on?!

He asked, “Where did Liangchen see another father? What does he look like? What is Papa’s attitude towards him?”

Little Liangchen was dizzy by his large number of questions, and only answered from the back, “Papa likes him too, I presume.”

Bai Jingchen, “......” Don’t be so cruel!

Little Liangchen continued, “He looks exactly like Father, except that his eyes are golden. He can fly fast and speak words that Papa can’t understand.”

Bai Jingchen was depressed. What does it mean to look exactly like him and fly fast? The more he listened, the dizzier he became.

He said, “Then...Will Liangchen say the words that Papa can’t understand?”

Liangchen paused and then spoke. But this time his voice didn’t come from Bai Jingchen’s mind, but from Su Wenliang’s abdomen.

Little Liangchen said, “Ji li gu lu, yi yi ya ya...” He spoke the dragon race’s language.

Su Wenliang, “......” Damn it!

Bai Jingchen, “......” Oh no!

Su Wenliang immediately covered his stomach, as his eyes stared fiercely at Bai Jingchen like a hungry wolf. Bai Jingchen broke out in a cold sweat, as he hurriedly said, “Master, your stomach is growling.”

Su Wenliang, “......”

Bai Jingchen, “......” Wasn’t it time to change the subject? What was the stomach growling!

Su Wenliang’s expression became extremely marvelous in an instant. He coldly looked at Bai Jingchen and said, “What did you just hear?”

Looking at his expression, Bai Jingchen knew he must not tell the truth, so he said with an innocent face, “I just heard the sound of rumbling. Could it be that Master upset his stomach?” Yeah, this was a good reason.

Su Wenliang naturally didn’t believe it. Although he knew that Bai Jingchen would never know about his pregnancy, Bai Jingchen’s reason was too excessive.

Su Wenliang impatiently frowned, and threw Bai Jingchen out with a flick of his sleeve, then tightly closed the door.

Bai Jingchen looked at the closed door and smiled helplessly. He said to Su Wenliang, “Master, this disciple asks for leave.” Su Wenliang probably wouldn’t reply to him, so he turned to leave.

Little Liangchen didn’t know what he did, so he asked in Bai Jingchen’s mind, “Father, what happened to you?”

Bai Jingchen was helpless, but after this incident, he realized that Liangchen could talk to the outside world. Not through the conversation of divine sense, but directly to the outside world.

He was puzzled, so he asked to Little Liangchen in his mind, “Why are you suddenly able to make sounds from Papa’s stomach?”

Little Liangchen obediently said, “Another father taught it.”

Bai Jingchen clenched his fists, walked to the corner, and said expressionlessly, “What else did he say?”

Little Liangchen let out ‘oh’ sound, as if recalling, and said vaguely, “Another father let me often talk from Papa’s stomach, saying words that Papa couldn’t understand. He said that it’s good for Papa’s body. I don’t like this, as Papa can’t understand what I’m saying, but I have to be obedient, or I’ll be thrown away. Oh...that’s right. Another father also said that if Papa wants to escape, Father will catch him…uh-huh, roughly so.”

Bai Jingchen tried hard to piece together the truth of the matter in his mind, but now his brain was dizzy. Just the address of another father made Bai Jingchen dizzy, and then the mess words after that.

The words that Su Wenliang couldn’t understand were probably the words just said. After he listened to a few words, he didn’t understand what Little Liangchen was saying. So...this kind of words would benefit Su Wenliang’s body?

Bai Jingchen couldn’t figure it out, so he asked, “What do you mean by what you just said?”

Little Liangchen said in surprise, “Father doesn’t understand?”

Bai Jingchen didn’t want to admit that he was inferior to “another father”, but it was a fact. Bai Jingchen smiled dryly and said, “Oh, what does it mean?”

“Oh...” Little Liangchen responded with a sense of loss in his voice. Bai Jingchen almost vomited blood again.

But Little Liangchen translated it, “I just said that Liangchen likes Papa, and Liangchen is obedient.”

Bai Jingchen was startled.

Little Liangchen continued, “Father, is Papa going to leave? Many people say he is going to leave. Does it mean that Papa doesn’t like me and that’s why he wants to leave? Then I...then I’ll be well-behaved, and Father should be well-behaved too.”

The child’s soft words carried the deepest feelings. Bai Jingchen had long known about Su Wenliang’s plan to leave, but so many people, unexpectedly so many people also knew about it.

Bai Jingchen’s eyes unconsciously turned red. He knew...

At the same time, he couldn’t guarantee that...

He could only pretend that nothing happened and said to Liangchen, “Liangchen is very well-behaved, I like you, and I will be well-behaved.”

After Little Liangchen got the guarantee, he said goodbye with satisfaction and left.

Bai Jingchen rubbed his face and went back to the room rented by Heaven Spread Sect. He couldn’t do anything now. Instead of thinking, it was better to improve his strength as soon as possible. As long as he stood on the same level as Su Wenliang...maybe he could get him back.

After Little Liangchen said goodbye to Bai Jingchen, he immediately heard Su Wenliang’s gloomy voice, saying, “What did you just say to your father? Have you forgotten what I told you before?”

Little Liangchen giggled, pretending not to understand, and said softly and sweetly, “No, I didn’t talk to Father just now. Papa, I miss you. Do you miss me?”

Su Wenliang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. After being speechless, he continued to draw talisman seals. He said unhappily, “Don’t tell your father about my pregnancy. This is the only request I have from you.”

Little Liangchen secretly thought, ‘Father has long known about it, and even told me not to tell Papa. The world of adults is really complicated.’

However, in order to hug Su Wenliang’s thick thighs, Little Liangchen still said in an innocent tone, “Papa, I know. My memory is very good and I’m very obedient. I will never tell Father about it.” ‘Because Father knew it himself, I said nothing about it.’

Su Wenliang was skeptical. There was something wrong with Bai Jingchen’s reaction just now, but he couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong.

He recalled Bai Jingchen’s reaction and found nothing abnormal, so he put this matter behind his mind and never cared anymore.

He planned to take advantage of this period to make more talisman seals. Since he was going to enter Rook Pin Secret Realm, he might as well take back that almighty Lord Palace.

Su Wenliang was fine if he didn’t do it, and he had to do the best when he did it.

He had no interest in that Lord Palace at first, because he didn’t plan to enter Rook Pin Secret Realm, and the owner of this Lord Palace was a weapon refining master, who set a lot of traps in this Lord Palace. Thinking of those densely packed traps made him felt troublesome.

Most importantly, there were a few old monsters inside. If one wanted to get Lord Palace, one needed to get their approval.

Now that Su Wenliang planned to enter Rook Pin Secret Realm, he regarded this Secret Realm Lord Palace in the secret realm as his possession. Although the buildings inside were dilapidated, the growth time of a random spiritual plant inside wouldn’t be less than a thousand years. It didn’t have a big function, but it was better than nothing.

Even if he didn’t use it himself, he could give it to Bai Jingchen. He had given him many things before, but none of them could compare to the benefits of giving Lord Palace. Yeah, that was it.

During the preparations of Bai Jingchen and Su Wenliang, over ten days passed in a flash. At dusk one day, when the sky was covered with burning clouds, there was a huge movement from the Rook Pin Secret Realm’s teleportation array.

Bai Jingchen followed the sect elders to the outside of the teleportation array, and just happened to see the disciples of other large sects, as well as some relatively strong rogue cultivators.

There was a strict limit on the number of people entering Rook Pin Secret Realm, and this restriction was specifically reflected in the entry tokens. If one wanted to enter Rook Pin Secret Realm, one must carry an entry token.

Heaven Spread Sect had a hundred such tokens, and the other sects had relatively less, while the rogue cultivators were a large group, they only held ninety tokens.

Bai Jingchen came to the teleportation array with the nine disciples assigned to him, whose strength was lower than his own. With the token and the supply of spirit stones, they entered Rook Pin Secret Realm.

Before leaving, he looked around on the people present, but didn’t see Su Wenliang and the person suspected to be Su Wenliang, so he gave up, thinking that since he entered the same place, although the specific place he was teleported to was different, then one day they would meet. As long as Su Wenliang wanted to contact him, then everything wouldn’t be a problem.

Thinking so, he withdrew his gaze. He landed on the ground after feeling dizzy for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, he arrived in a new world with a bright sky, which was inside Rook Pin Secret Realm.

At this moment, Su Wenliang disguised himself as a rogue cultivator. On the way here today, he watched this rogue cultivator who acting alone closely, dragged him to a corner to knock him unconscious, and recorded the memory and appearance of this person with the White Jade Dragon Hairpin. Then he took off the token on his waist, changed into his appearance, and came outside the teleportation array.

He watched as Bai Jingchen led people away. After the other sects left one after another, it was the turn of rogue cultivators to enter.

The teleportation array could transport ten people at a time. He stepped into the teleportation array with the other nine people. Some of them were together, and the others were alone like him.

After the spirit stones placed on the ground of the formation, he felt dizzy for a moment and landed to the ground. Then many swords pointed to his neck.

Su Wenliang lightly asked, “What are you doing, Sir?”

A young male cultivator beside him said, “Murder for profit and revenge! Zhou Youqing, why are you pretending to be foolish?”

While waiting for his turn in the teleportation array, Su Wenliang looked at the memories of the rogue cultivator he had knocked out, so he naturally knew that this identity’s name was Zhou Youqing.

This rogue cultivator’s strength was not high, but he was a ruthless character. He and another male cultivator, Hong Yan, became the devil cultivator, the Qing Hong Fiends.

Su Wenliang felt that this Qing Hong Fiends’ reputation was bloody and ugly, but since he used this person’s identity, so be it.

He raised his hand, and before the six people around him realizing it, he snatched the sword over and threw it to the tree trunk behind the young male cultivator.

The sword passed the young male cultivator’s side. Although nothing special to look at this move, everyone present knew that this move was remarkable.

The man who pointed the sword to his neck before was the late-stage Foundation Building cultivator. Although the young male cultivator looked young, he was a middle-stage Foundation Building cultivator.

Su Wenliang actually suppressed these people with a casual move in the presence of so many people around. With an astonishing momentum and swift skill, he had turned the situation around before everyone realizing it.

The nine people gathered around silently moved away from Su Wenliang.

Su Wenliang looked at the terrain. He didn’t know which corner of Rook Pin Secret Realm he was teleported to. He planned to find Bai Jingchen first. Although he didn’t plan to appear in front of him in advance, always grasping Bai Jingchen’s movements had become his habit.

Thinking so, he looked at the people around him, before turning to leave without care.

He didn’t show his Nascent Soul’s aura deliberately, but cultivator’s sense was sharp. Even if he still had Zhao Youqing’s appearance, his lofty momentum had made these Foundation Building cultivators didn’t dare to look straight at him.

As a result, everyone could only watch him leave, speechless in anger, but no one came out to stop him.

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