Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 72

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Chapter 72


Translator: Mimi

In the plot, Bai Jingchen was framed by someone, ended up accidentally breaking into Lord Palace in the secret realm, and only came out of the secret realm three years later.

Su Wenliang knew the plot from the beginning, so he naturally knew that after Bai Jingchen left this time, he wouldn’t come back until three years later. When he decided, he felt it was nothing at all.

But wasn’t three years a long time?

He used to think that three years was just in a flash, but he didn’t expect that after Bai Jingchen really left, the days suddenly become especially long.

Seeing that Su Wenliang didn’t answer, the little dragon asked again in a childish voice, and Su Wenliang said boringly, “Do you miss your father?”

Little Liangchen naturally said yes.

Hearing this, Su Wenliang raised his eyebrows, directly stood up from the white jade lotus seat, and walked out, saying, “How about I take you to find your father?”

Little Liangchen immediately cheered and said, “Okay, let’s go find Father! Papa is so kind!”

Su Wenliang lightly smiled, as he came outside the White Horse City in a blink of an eye. It would take some time before the secret realm opened, but the disciples of Heaven Spread Sect left early every time, so now Bai Jingchen should be outside the secret realm.

The opening place of Rook Pin Secret Realm was located in the south territory, close to Wild Beast Forest. In the plot, after Bai Jingchen came out of the secret realm, the next important plot, the beast horde’s arrival, immediately ushered in.

It took Su Wenliang over ten days to reach the south territory. He knew that the location where the secret realm opened was near River Ford City, the largest city in the south territory, so he went directly outside River Ford City.

River Ford City was a city with magnificent buildings. Because it was close to Wild Beast Forest, the environment here was extremely dangerous. Last year, Su Wenliang brought Bai Jingchen here to train, let him condense the blood and energy on his body. At the same time, he made preparations for the next plot, prevent Bai Jingchen from being flustered in the upcoming beast horde.

Su Wenliang looked at this familiar city. The walls here were all dark red. It was covered with the blood of cultivators and demonic beasts, and after years of accumulation, it became the current city wall.

Su Wenliang entered the city and went directly to stay in the mansion he bought.

He sent a communication talisman to Jiang Yanbei, and then, not long after, Jiang Yanbei ran over, sweating profusely.

As soon as Jiang Yanbei saw Su Wenliang, he immediately clasped his fists in salute and said, “What’s important matter Senior calls this junior over?”

Su Wenliang was sitting there with his eyes closed. When he heard Jiang Yanbei’s words, he asked, “How is Bai Jingchen’s performance in the Sect Grand Competition?”

He deliberately didn’t pay attention to Bai Jingchen’s movements before, so he didn’t know how his performance in this time Sect Grand Competition was.

Jiang Yanbei had guessed that every time Su Wenliang summoned him, it was for Bai Jingchen’s affairs, so he didn’t feel abrupt. He seriously said, “Bai Jingchen won the first place in the Sect Grand Competition. His strength has increased a lot, even a few points better than me, so among the Foundation Building disciples, he is the number one. In my opinion, his strength is not less than the Core Formation elders.”

Su Wenliang finally opened his eyes when he heard this, but his sight fell outside the door, thinking, ‘It seems that the past few years of training are not fruitless. Bai Jingchen learned quickly, and although his cultivation base only increases from the middle-stage to late-stage of Foundation Building, there has been obvious progress in other aspects, such as pill concocting, talisman making, and the field of real combat.’

Su Wenliang thought for a while, and then continued to ask, “What has he been doing these days in River Ford City?”

After interacting for three years with Bai Jingchen, it had become an instinct to monitor Bai Jingchen all the time, so at this moment, Jiang Yanbei said fluently, “Bai Jingchen doesn’t make big moves these days when he is in River Ford City. Most of the time, he would get along with the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples. In just over ten days, he has become acquainted with the disciples who came out this time. I think he should make preparations, because he is about to lead the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples with me into Rook Pin Secret Realm and act together.”

Su Wenliang said ‘oh’, but there was no follow-up. The reason he asked this was just to know what comments he would get about Bai Jingchen from other people. After hearing this, he responded lightly.

He said, “Your mission is to protect Bai Jingchen on this trip to the secret place. As long as he doesn’t die, everything else doesn’t matter. Okay, there is nothing else. You can leave.”

Jiang Yanbei glanced at him, feeling that Su Wenliang had become much gentler. He used to tell him to get out, but now he actually said to leave.

He muttered in his heart, and then respectfully retreated to leave.

Su Wenliang sat for a while, before going to the bathroom to take a bath and change clothes, and then sent a communication talisman to Bai Jingchen, and hurried over without waiting for Bai Jingchen.

The moment Bai Jingchen saw Su Wenliang, a look of astonishment and surprise appeared on his face. Su Wenliang looked at his expression and asked, “Why, surprised?”

Bai Jingchen scratched his head with a smirk, and said, “Yes, I was a little surprised, but why is Master here?”

Su Wenliang said lazily, “Do I need to report to you about where I want to go?”

Bai Jingchen quickly shook his head, but the smile on his face deepened, as he said, “Will Master enter Rook Pin Secret Realm with me later?”

Su Wenliang tapped on the table and said, “Yeah, I’m going in. Have you got the topographic map of Rook Pin Secret Realm?”

Bai Jingchen nodded. He defeated many opponents in this time Sect Grand Competition and won the first place. Therefore, he was the leader of Heaven Spread Sect this time. In order for him to better lead the actions of Heaven Spread Sect’s people, he received the Rook Pin Secret Realm’s topographic map when he came to River Ford City, and was instructed to study it carefully.

After he took out the map and handed it over, Su Wenliang unceremoniously took it and looked at it.

The Rook Pin Secret Realm’s area was not small, but it was not too big. It was estimated to be about the same area as the entire Heaven Spread Sect, but the terrain inside formed a complete system, with mountains, rivers, and lakes, all available.

Su Wenliang completely memorized the map in his mind after a few glances. He returned the map to Bai Jingchen and said, “I won’t accompany you on this trip to Rook Pin Secret Realm. At most, I will occasionally appear in front of you. During this period, you still follow the instructions of the sect, leading the other disciples to train in the secret realm.”

Bai Jingchen nodded. This arrangement was very good, as he also had this plan.

He knew his weakness, which was he didn’t get along with too many people. He was not as good at interacting as Jiang Yanbei, and didn’t have leadership skills, so he planned to take this opportunity to hone his skills in this aspect.

One couldn’t accomplish much on one’s own. He didn’t want to end up alone, and throughout the ages, no matter how powerful an individual was, one couldn’t withstand thousands of troops. He had a sense of crisis in his heart, so he would naturally take advantage of his youth and the moment he realized this, to prepare.

Su Wenliang didn’t know his plan, but seeing Bai Jingchen so obedient, he felt a little relieved.

He didn’t know why, as soon as he saw Bai Jingchen, the fluttering feeling in his heart disappeared without a trace, as if his whole person became steadfast.

Su Wenliang said, “What are your next plans?”

“First study the Rook Pin Secret Realm’s topographic map, and then arranged in advance according to the strengths and weaknesses of the disciples I lead, set the route for this time travel, and take advantage of this period to arrange these disciples to practice formation.”

Su Wenliang uninterestingly waved his hands when he heard this, and said, “Forget it, you can arrange it yourself. Did the sect elder say that the secret realm will be open in a few days?”

“Yeah, Elder said it was about over ten days.”

Over ten days...

Su Wenliang thought of the plot. It seemed to be at this point in time. It only said that when Rook Pin Secret Realm opened, it was at dusk. Multicolored sunlight filled the sky as the teleportation array leading to Rook Pin Secret Realm officially opened.

Su Wenliang said, “I got it! I don’t have another matter to ask you, so you can arrange your own affairs.”

Bai Jingchen nodded, but he didn’t leave right away. Anyway, what he had to do now was to prepare and plan for the opening of the secret realm. It was the same to do it in Su Wenliang’s place or going back to the inn that the sect rented.

Thinking so, he sat down and began to draw up a route on the map.

At this moment, Little Liangchen’s voice sounded in his mind, asking softly, “Father, what are you doing?”

“I’m making a route for Rook Pin Secret Realm.”

“Oh...” Little Liangchen didn’t quite understand, so he stopped asking and said instead, “Father is very busy.”

“It’s tolerable.” Bai Jingchen answered him. He casually raised his eyes to look at Su Wenliang, and then continued, “You haven’t come to find me for a long time. Has Papa arranged any teaching tasks for you recently?”

Generally speaking, as long as Little Liangchen didn’t come to him, Su Wenliang must have arranged study tasks for him, and that was why Bai Jingchen would ask this question. But Little Liangchen denied it this time.

He said, “It was another father who asked me to say, say words that Papa couldn’t understand.”

Bai Jingchen, “......” He felt a bolt from the blue! What was another father?!

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