Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 71

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Chapter 71


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang originally planned to leave immediately after the auction, and went back to Heaven Spread Sect to wait for the next important plot to unfold, but the sudden occurrence of the ninth-grade spiritual fruit in the middle strengthened his intention to leave.

He didn’t go back to Shangguan Mansion either, but directly arranged for Bai Jingchen to send a communication talisman to Shangguan Jin, telling him that he was leaving, and immediately took Bai Jingchen out of White Horse City.

It took over ten days to return to the Aohan Peak of Heaven Spread Sect. Su Wenliang sat on the white jade lotus seat in the secret room, and his heart slightly settled down.

Along the way, Su Wenliang learned from passers-by that what happened at the auction had caused a ruckus in Rook Islet World. Originally, He Junqian’s matter should be big news, but it was still not worth mentioning in front of the ninth-grade spiritual fruit.

The Nangong clan’s people appeared outside the auction venue almost immediately after the auction was over. Even so, the Nangong clan, with experts to oversee, couldn’t resist others’ obsession with the ninth-grade spiritual fruit.

They didn’t set off to return to the Nangong clan immediately after getting the spiritual fruit, but stayed in White Horse City. After all, the way back was the real danger, and staying in White Horse City, at least there was the management of the city lord, so these people who coveted the ninth-grade spiritual fruit didn’t dare to act rashly.

Even so, during the days they stayed in White Horse City, they still encountered many sneak attacks and thefts.

In the end, the Nangong clan’s people had no choice but to offer the ninth-grade spiritual fruit to the city lord of White Horse City, Jimo Cang.

This deterred many people, and they turned to leave.

But there were still a lot of people who choose to stay in White Horse City, because the ninth-grade spiritual fruit was hard to find, so they were willing to take risks.

Su Wenliang knew that this spiritual fruit would set off a bloody storm, and it was just the beginning. After all, the number of people who went to the auction was limited, but now the news spread like wildfire, and everyone in Rook Islet World knew it in a short time. A lot of powerful cultivators were really rushing to White Horse City, and there were still many variables in the future.

The people behind the scenes had a good plan and easily caused turmoil in the lower realm.

Su Wenliang didn’t want to let the people behind the scenes happy, so he revealed the fact that the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit only effect on the high-level snake race halfway. As for whether these people believe it, it depended on the progress after that.

Su Wenliang threw this matter behind his mind. After he returned to Aohan Peak, he received communication talismans from the older generation of the Yang clan and several fellow disciples. He answered one by one, but only said that he wanted to have Closed Door Training to consolidate his cultivation, and refused the visitors.

At this time, there was still over a month before the next important plot, which was the opening of the Rook Pin Secret Realm in Rook Islet World.

Rook Pin Secret Realm was the largest secret realm in Rook Islet World. It only opened once in seventy years. There were countless heaven materials and earth treasures inside, but there were strict restrictions on the number of cultivators who could enter it.

For example, in Heaven Spread Sect, only a hundred people could enter, and the cultivation base of these hundred people couldn’t exceed the Foundation Building stage, which meant that only disciples of the Qi Refining and Foundation Building stage could enter it.

In other words, when Rook Pin Secret Realm opened for a period of one to three months, only Bai Jingchen could enter, and Su Wenliang himself couldn’t enter it, at least on the surface.

He could also hide his cultivation base to enter it, but after thinking about it, he gave up.

He had implemented a free-range policy for Bai Jingchen in the past few years. He couldn’t take care of the male protagonist for a lifetime, so this time he planned to stay in Heaven Spread Sect and let Bai Jingchen enter it alone for training.

In the plot, Bai Jingchen suffered a great loss in the secret realm, but he also gained a huge opportunity because of it. This time, Bai Jingchen was much smarter than in the plot, and his cultivation base was much higher, so let him develop it himself.

Thinking so, he called Bai Jingchen over and said to him, “You know what is about to happen in the sect, right?”

Bai Jingchen hesitantly nodded, and said, “Master is talking about the opening of Rook Pin Secret Realm?”

Su Wenliang answered, “Yes, this time training task is Rook Pin Secret Realm, and you should complete it without me.”

Bai Jingchen said, “Yes, Master.” He originally planned to go to the secret realm alone to have a look. After all, the dream is not over, and he wanted to know the progress after that. It may be because he had acted alone in the past few years, and he didn’t want Su Wenliang to follow him everywhere.

After Su Wenliang finished explaining, he said, “There is still over a month before the opening of Rook Pin Secret Realm. During this period, there will be a big competition in the sect to select candidates who can enter it. You can go by yourself and come to me in the full moon’s night.”

Bai Jingchen agreed again. Seeing that Su Wenliang had nothing to explain, he turned to leave.

A month passed in a flash. The opening day of Rook Pin Secret Realm was approaching. Su Wenliang didn’t go to see it, but just threw a storage bag for Bai Jingchen and didn’t care anymore.

What happened at the auction made him vigilant. He knew he was pregnant with the little dragon, and he was thankful that his cultivation base didn’t regress. He had cultivated these days. He couldn’t immediately improve his cultivation base, and the advancement didn’t approach. If he wanted to advance to the Break Space stage, what he needed was not only the improvement of his cultivation, but also the growth of his mental state. He felt he couldn’t calm his heart down to comprehend the Dao at all, because the matter of the male protagonist and little dragon had occupied his mind and energy, so he didn’t waste his effort to do it.

However, considering that the white-clothed mask man would appear at some unknown time, he prepared some auxiliary things.

He was recently making talisman seals. Over ten years ago, he had drawn some, and they were all high level, but compared with his cultivation base in the late-stage of Nascent Soul and the level of the original owner, it was far behind. After all, although the body had memory, the output of spiritual energy must be personally sensed by himself.

He prepared cinnabar and talisman paper. He searched out the original owner’s memory about making talisman seals and then began to control the drawing of the talisman seal.

He could consider this month to have achieved some results, so before Bai Jingchen left, he threw a bunch of high-level talisman seals to him.

After Bai Jingchen left, the days seemed to become longer.

Su Wenliang himself felt puzzled. When he was drawing the talisman seal today, Little Liangchen suddenly said, “Papa, where did Father go?”

“He went to Rook Pin Secret Realm to train.” Su Wenliang truthfully said.

Little Liangchen let out a sigh, feeling a little downcast, and said, “Then, when is Father coming back?”

Su Wenliang was stunned. In Rook Islet World, everyone knew that Rook Pin Secret Realm was generally open for three months. However, there would be unusual circumstances, which was the secret realm within the secret realm, an almighty Lord Palace.

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