Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 70

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Chapter 70


Translator: Mimi

They arranged Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen in a side room on the second floor. Su Wenliang stepped into the room and scanned the entire auction venue.

Su Wenliang was no stranger to auction venues, because the original owner had taken part in such large-scale auctions several times.

It was Bai Jingchen’s first time coming to the auction, so he was a little curious, but that was all. After looking at the layout here, he lowered his eyes and sat on the chair beside Su Wenliang.

The entire auction venue was very large. According to Su Wenliang’s estimation, it was about the size of National Opera House, and it was also a two-story building. Standing on the high stage in the front was the auction host, who managed the auction and the auction exhibits.

Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen waited for a while, and some servants from the auction brought refreshments. The tea was spiritual tea, and the pastries were also full of spiritual energy, which showed that the White Horse City Lord clan who managed the auction was generous, at least in the way of hospitality well done.

After they sat and waited for a while, the auction officially started when the great majority of people arrived.

Su Wenliang held the pictures of exhibits sent down by the auction, which were almost exactly the same as Bai Jingchen’s drawings. He said little during the whole process, because Bai Jingchen would open his mouth to bid.

There were a total of seven auction items they selected, and in the end, Bai Jingchen won these seven items. This alone was enough to attract attention, because these auction items were all expensive, and Su Wenliang could buy so much, which was eye-opening. The people present couldn’t help but speculate about the origin of this person.

The auction process was quick. The people who could enter the venue were all big shots in Rook Islet World, or at least wealthy, so they wouldn’t be too restrained in doing things. As long as they fancy it, they would bid, and if the price was too high, they would immediately give up, decisively.

By the time of the last three exhibits, the price was already sky high. The broken sword was just as described in the plot. The price was outrageously expensive.

However, the number of people taking part in the competition this time was much less. Probably because this was not the final auction item, and everyone wanted to see this last auction item, so they deliberately left a bottom line.

After the broken sword was auctioned at an extremely high price, it was the turn of this unknown last auction item.

Su Wenliang was a little curious about this auction item. He had arranged for Bai Jingchen to ask Shangguan Jin, but Shangguan Jin only said that the big shot above arranged it, and even he didn’t know more.

Su Wenliang didn’t solve the doubts in his heart, so he became more interested in this item. Now that it was finally the turn of this auction item, he had the urge to stand up and leave immediately.

Su Wenliang really stood up, but at this moment, the auction host put her hand on the box and said in a low seductive voice, “This is a ninth-grade spiritual fruit from the higher realm.”

Just this sentence was enough. Not to mention, from the higher realm, it was a ninth-grade spiritual fruit, which was enough to make people coveted it.

In this cultivation world, because of the increasingly thin spiritual energy, many spiritual fruits were extinct. There were twelve grades of spiritual plants and twelve grades of immortal plants during the Great Wilderness period. But now, most of the immortal plants were extinct. They were even more legendary in Rook Islet World. And spiritual plants, the highest was only at the sixth-grade.

However, the spiritual plant that appeared at this time auction was actually a ninth-grade spiritual fruit. This...everyone present determined to win this spiritual fruit.

Seeing Su Wenliang stand up, Bai Jingchen couldn’t care about his surprise at this ninth-grade spiritual fruit, and hurriedly asked, “Master, are we leaving?”

Before Su Wenliang could answer Bai Jingchen, the auction host had already opened the box, and a dazzling white light rose, followed by a vast spiritual energy gushing out, and the rich aroma of spiritual fruit was refreshing the mind, making people salivate.

The spiritual fruit that only existed in legend actually appeared on this auction?!

When almost everyone stood up excitedly, Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen sat on their chairs.

Bai Jingchen felt a rush of heat all over his body. He looked at the spiritual fruit with red eyes, as his heart shouted frantically, “Get it, get it!”

Su Wenliang was not much better than Bai Jingchen. He closed his eyes tightly, busy calling the system in his mind. He said, “System, there is trouble.”

The electronic, mechanical voice answered, [This is the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit. It’s the most irresistible for the high-level snake race. It’s normal for your body to feel abnormal because of this.]

Su Wenliang said with a sneer, “So, this thing is specially prepared for me?”

[Maybe not, you look at Bai Jingchen, he is a Rouge Dragon, belonging to the dragon race, this Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit will also influence him, but his cultivation base is lower than yours, so he is probably going crazy now.]

When Su Wenliang heard this, he quickly turned his head to look at Bai Jingchen, and saw that his face was flushed with bloodshot his eyes.

Su Wenliang knocked him out with a palm without a second thought. He looked at the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit in the auction host’s hand. Although he wanted to snatch it over and eat it, but if he couldn’t see such an obvious trap, then he just wasted his life.

This was a trap aimed at them, and he will never let the people behind it get proud.

Su Wenliang originally wanted to leave, but at this moment, he sealed his five senses and patiently waited for the auction to end.

He couldn’t see or hear, but his body could still feel it. In order to divert his attention, he couldn’t help guessing, who was the person who would make such a big deal?

Almost at the same time as he was wondering, a white-clothed mask man appeared in his mind.

Su Wenliang gritted his teeth. It was because of this man that he was planted with the Love Snake Parasite, and the series of events that followed were caused by this man!

He didn’t know who this man was, as he was not mentioned in the plot, and in the original owner’s memory, he knew nothing about this man.

He had seen all the memories of the original owner, and knew that Liang Wensu was a child who came down from the higher realm. His clansmen sent him to the lower realm to avoid disasters. But he was too young at that time, so his memory was a little unclear.

When the original owner met this white-clothed mask man, it was because he schemed him. His strength was not as good as others, so he was defeated in the fight and tied back by that man, and then he was planted with the Love Snake Parasite and locked up.

That man asked him to conceive a child for him. A man as proud and arrogant as the original owner would rather be broken than destroyed. Naturally, he was unwilling, so he took advantage of the white-clothed mask man to go out, and then went all out to escape. He didn’t expect that when he was in White Horse Mountain, he let that man find him.

That was all the information Su Wenliang knew, and he later knew that the white-clothed mask man was also a high-level snake race, and his level was higher than that of the original owner, otherwise he wouldn’t have captured the original owner to give him a child.

Su Wenliang thought of the man’s original purpose, and then felt the temptation of the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit to him, and immediately calmed down. The white-clothed mask man was extremely remarkable. Although he didn’t show any traces that exposed his identity, it was difficult to guarantee that there would be no magic treasures and talents with remarkable abilities around that person, and he may guess that he was not dead.

However, if it wasn’t him, then the person they wanted to deal with would be the male protagonist, Bai Jingchen.

After all, the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit was still effective for the dragon race, and there was a vague mention in the plot that someone was looking for the dragon race.

Fortunately, Bai Jingchen was lucky, so he narrowly escaped every time without being discovered.

As for why this event differed from what was described in the plot, Su Wenliang felt it might be because of his sudden appearance. He had completely changed the progress of the plot inadvertently. Even if the major plot didn’t change, the subtle changes were already countless.

Su Wenliang thought hard, while saying to the system in his mind, “What is the use of this Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit to the high-level snake race and dragon race?”

The system replied, [The Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit is a ninth-grade spiritual fruit. Naturally, it was not precious in the Antiquity Great Wilderness, but the spiritual energy in the current cultivation world is thin, and this kind of spiritual fruit will naturally only grow in the higher realm. The function is to increase the strength of the high-level snake race. If you eat it, although your cultivation base can’t break through the Nascent Soul, at least your bloodline will be more concentrated and your strength will be much stronger than before.]

Su Wenliang couldn’t help but feel a little moved when he heard this, but thinking that it was a trap, and his current goal was only to improve Bai Jingchen’s strength, he immediately gave up this idea.

He dejectedly sat down in the chair and asked, “Is the auction over?” He sealed his five senses and couldn’t feel the movement outside.

The system described the movement of the auction venue one by one. It said, [Many of them don’t know that this thing is a Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit that is specially aimed at the high-level snake race, and only effective for the high-level snake race, so many people are competing to bid. Now the price has reached 4,000 high-grade spirit stones, and many people have withdrawn, but judging from their appearance, they are planning to snatch the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit later.]

Su Wenliang sneered when he heard this, and said, “What else? How many people are still bidding? Who are they?”

The system was almost omniscient. It said, [There are still nine people bidding, including: the spiritual master Hong Yi who is the almighty Nascent Soul cultivator of Treasure Esteem Sect, Shangguan Jin, the spiritual master Yan Dao of Pill Cauldron Pavilion; two juniors from the Nangong clan...]

Su Wenliang opened his eyes. Although he couldn’t see, he said with a smile, “It’s very lively. The people behind the scenes are indeed remarkable. Does he want to use this to cause chaos in Rook Islet World? This seems to be connected to the plot. The future collapse of Rook Islet World maybe related to this person.”

The system didn’t speak. It actually knew something vaguely, but these were things related to the progress of the plot, and it would never say it until it was completely sure.

Su Wenliang patiently waited for a long time before the auction was finally over. The system told him that the person who finally won the Snake Offspring Bodhi Fruit was a member of the Nangong clan.

Su Wenliang didn't surprise, because the Nangong clan was originally one of the top clans in Rook Islet World, so it was normal for them to be rich and imposing. Moreover, other people would see it for their sake and immediately give up, because robbing them was much faster and better than paying for it themselves.

He restored his five senses and then woke Bai Jingchen up. In order not to attract attention, he needed Bai Jingchen to walk out by himself.

Bai Jingchen was stunned for a while before sobering up, but his eyes were still a little red, as if he had cried, a little wronged and a little pitiful.

Su Wenliang thought of a bruise mark on Bai Jingchen’s nape, left by his strike. He turned his head away under his gaze, secretly coughed, and said, “The auction is over. Let’s go.”

Bai Jingchen was puzzled. He knew that he hadn’t fallen asleep, and his nape hurt a bit. He glanced at Su Wenliang who walked out expressionlessly, and realized something, then smiled and walked out behind him, leaving the auction venue.

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