Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 69

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Chapter 69


Translator: Mimi

After the event, Su Wenliang fled. He took out a flying magic tool from his mustard space and sped away in a direction.

Bai Jingchen lay on the ground and looked at Su Wenliang’s leaving back with a wry smile. He looked at himself, and he was in a state of embarrassment at the moment.

But he didn’t want to care. He did it almost the whole night last night, so his body was full of Su Wenliang’s scent, and he was a little tired. Now he just wanted to rest.

He closed his eyes, and the dream came as expected.

This time, the dream finally made some different progress. He saw he was in the middle-stage of Foundation Building. His cultivation base had regressed.

But Bai Jingchen knew that this was a part of his previous dreams that had not been mentioned, and was the future that would happen soon.

His dream self entered the secret realm of Rook Islet World with a group of people and spent three months there.

The dream was a little blurry. He spent most of the time acting alone, during which he encountered other rogue cultivators, or people sent by Yang Aohan chased him down, but he avoided in a wretched look.

He saw ‘he’ had picked a high grade spiritual plant on a mountain, and got the Treasure Hunting Mouse, which helped him find many treasures, but on the last day, it was...

Bai Jingchen opened his eyes. This time, the dream was still unfolding in detail, but some places seemed to be cut off abruptly, making the dream seem a little intermittent.

Especially in the last scene, he actually had a guess in his mind, which was nothing more than that this Treasure Hunting Mouse didn’t really fancy him.

There should be some other ulterior motive, but his dream self didn’t realize this at all, and it was simply stupid.

He stood up, and the scent on his body hadn’t yet dissipated. He hesitated and put on yesterday’s clothes. Although it looked a little wrinkled now, he only wore it for a while, and then he would go back to the stream to bathe and wash all the turbid liquid on his body.

He thought of Su Wenliang, who ran away. He really ran away after eating. It never changed, and it was really depressing.

However, this time, the Double Cultivation tasted much better than the previous ones.

Sure enough, it was a technical problem.

Bai Jingchen coughed, then took away spirit stones in the formation that hadn’t yet exhausted their spiritual energy, and went down the mountain. Maybe he could go to Lane Market again to find some bamboo slips in this aspect. There were some cultivation methods specially used for Double Cultivation, and he would also buy them to have a look.

After Bai Jingchen went down the mountain and washed in the stream's side, he returned to White Horse City and continued to search for treasures in Lane Market.

On the other side, Su Wenliang ran a little farther this time.

Of course he remembered everything, he had remembered it a few years ago, but there was never a time like this time. It was simply obscene to the extreme.

This really broke all his perceptions, and it was especially comfortable, so comfortable that he couldn’t stop.

He tightly pursed his lips. When he realized his own strange reaction, he returned to White Horse City with a black line on his forehead.

He despised his cowardly behavior of running away in his heart, and thought, ‘Isn’t it just a rare experience of physical happiness? There’s nothing to run.’

He angrily returned to Shangguan Mansion, while Bai Jingchen was still wandering outside. He returned to his room, and the dragon breath had automatically circulated in his body.

He could feel that under the dragon breath’s effect for years, his Nascent Soul was dyed a faint golden color, and spiritual energy in his flesh and blood seemed to have really solidified a lot.

Double Cultivation has many benefits.’ Su Wenliang thought.

He stepped into the room and glanced at the scroll on the table.

He suspiciously stepped forward, and saw on the side of the scroll was a note left by Bai Jingchen, which said that this was a picture of auction exhibits he drew.

So, Bai Jingchen completed the task he assigned yesterday morning in the afternoon.

It’s very efficient.’ Su Wenliang thought with raised eyebrows.

He opened the scroll and saw about over a hundred auction items. The drawings were unimaginably realistic and exquisite, almost depicting every detail, which was very rare.

He could see the person who drew it was very skilled.

These were all drawn by Bai Jingchen. Su Wenliang curled his lips. He didn’t expect Bai Jingchen had the potential to be a painter.

In modern times, Su Wenliang did well in his studies, and basically the top students, but he was not good at humanities and art at all, and his drawing level was even worse than that of elementary school students.

Therefore, he rarely drew, and he had a deep admiration for those who could draw.

Now the person who was especially good at drawing was Bai Jingchen. He rolled his eyes, but he had to admit that Bai Jingchen was very talented in this aspect. He hadn’t seen him draw ordinarily, but when he drew, he drew very well.

In the plot, it was written that the later Bai Jingchen is a handsome and graceful man, who was good at the four arts. He was a very elegant man.

He picked up the scroll and carefully looked at each auction item on it.

The original owner was an experienced and knowledgeable man. Su Wenliang had done nothing these years. He didn’t cultivate and improve his cultivation base. So he spent most of his time learning miscellaneous arts, such as pill concocting and weapon refining, and reading cultivation books.

Therefore, he had a good understanding of this cultivation world, and knew a thing or two about most of the auction items on it.

He estimated it, and had an estimate of the price of each auction item in his mind, and finally marked all the auction items he fancy.

He looked from the top, and when he looked at the second last auction item, he saw a simple broken sword. This was the broken sword from the higher realm, which looked tattered. But its real ability couldn’t be underestimated.

However, he didn’t plan to win this broken sword because there would be too many cultivators vying for this auction item. Not to mention the high price, it would be useless at the beginning, and would attract a lot of disasters. He naturally didn’t want it.

He didn’t know why there was an extra auction item this time.

He looked at the black box on the picture doubtfully. He was surprised in his heart. This auction item was not mentioned in the plot. Why was it a box? This was totally against the auction rules.

Su Wenliang couldn’t figure it out, but a terrible premonition arose in his heart.

However, he couldn’t guess it. Anyway, the auction would officially start in a few days, and everything would be clear by then.

Bai Jingchen came back when the sun was setting. The two of them tacitly didn’t mention the matter of Double Cultivation, but Su Wenliang’s expression was a little stiff, while Bai Jingchen was a little shy.

Bai Jingchen looked at the auction items marked by Su Wenliang, and said, “Master, are these the auction items you plan to bid?”

Su Wenliang returned stiffly, “Speak seriously!”

Bai Jingchen smiled sarcastically, thinking that it was already good that he could still talk to himself. He was a bit unrestrained yesterday, and Su Wenliang must be shy, er, well, probably shy.

Bai Jingchen said thoughtfully, “Master ordered me last time to trade the unneeded cultivation resources in the storage bag. Today, this disciple brought back some of the spirit stones got from the exchange.”

He handed a brand new storage bag to Su Wenliang, who threw it directly into his mustard space without even looking at it.

There was an awkward silence between them again.

Bai Jingchen didn’t know what to say now, so he simply said, “Master, this disciple asks for leave.”

Su Wenliang agreed and closed his eyes.

Time passed quickly. Su Wenliang stayed in the room to meditate, but he put the matter of tripping down He Junqian and Gu Hongxuan on the agenda.

He disguised himself and sent people to find a few beautiful young men, then ordered them to come to the gate of Shangguan Mansion to make a big fuss, publicized their fake relationship with He Junqian, and then vaguely mentioned how close He Junqian was those devil cultivators in Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

Although it was Su Wenliang’s own nonsense, there was no such thing at all, but his publicity means were very good. In modern times, he saw many marketing and publicity methods, so just change the packaging slightly, and this news would be known to everyone.

In addition, He Junqian had indeed changed a lot. After returning to Pill Cauldron Pavilion, he had been silent a lot, and he was immersed in his own world from time to time, becoming less like him.

Even his master was anxious about him, and this news just gave a suitable explanation.

His master wouldn’t think that he was messing around with other people, but would only associate He Junqian and Liang Wensu, and then everyone also guessed this a bit.

The corner of Su Wenliang’s lips twitched. Very good. Things had developed to this point. Although Liang Wensu’s reputation was bad, but he was already dead, and notorious by nature, so naturally no one said much.

But He Junqian became famous in the incident of besieging Liang Wensu over ten years ago.

It was a good reputation for righteous path people. Now there were rumors about He Junqian and Liang Wensu, the previous lord of Devil Palace, so He Junqian immediately became a popular topic.

He couldn’t stay in Shangguan Mansion any longer. Even if those young men proved that someone else framed him later, his bad reputation had spread. He left overnight before the auction starting.

Su Wenliang was quite satisfied with this result. As for Gu Hongxuan, he was much more difficult to deal with than He Junqian, and much more sharp, so he needed more careful planning.

Most importantly, Gu Hongxuan had a very hard life in the plot, but by the end of the book, he was still jumping, and his strength was getting higher and higher. He also confronted Bai Jingchen head-on many times and basically ended in defeat.

He temporary took a break, let the little dragon speak the dragon language every day, and played with him for a while, while patiently waiting for the auction.

On the day when the auction was officially held, Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen went to the auction venue together.

They thought about the auction items to bid. Originally, Bai Jingchen was a little short of money, but Shangguan Jin sent the spirit stones exchanged for the things in the storage bag yesterday, and Bai Jingchen divided them up. He gave most of them to Su Wenliang and kept a small part of them for himself. Just this small part of spirit stones was enough for him.

They arrived outside the auction venue, put on the masks handed over by the organizer to conceal their cultivation base and appearance, and walked in.

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