Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 68 Part 2 (M)

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Chapter 68 Part 2 (M)


Translator: Mimi

Nangong Zaiye was in a mess. When Bai Jingchen hurriedly passed by him, it was eye-opening. Bai Jingchen inspected this person and inadvertently remembered his appearance in his mind.

Since then, in the countless years that followed, in Bai Jingchen’s eyes, Nangong Zaiye was a pervert who liked to run around naked, and his hobby was outrageously weird.

Under Bai Jingchen’s meaningful gaze, Nangong Zaiye wanted to cry but had no tears, and even regretted it for the rest of his life because of this incident.

Bai Jingchen went up the mountain by himself this time. A few years ago, when he left White Horse Mountain independently for the first time, he suffered injuries all over and walked for several days before leaving.

But now, he was already familiar with the way, and it only took him half an hour to reach the top of the mountain.

It was dusk now, and he set up an isolation formation on the top of the mountain. His technique was good, and there had been multiple formations nested here before, and they didn’t lose their effectiveness because of the wind and rain.

Therefore, after setting up the formation, he took out a lot of spirit stones and placed them on the old formation’s cores, and everything was ready.

Su Wenliang came up the mountain now, and he saw Bai Jingchen from a distance. Bai Jingchen was looking at the full moon rising in the sky boringly, his eyes were a little hot, and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

He knew that Bai Jingchen was a person who blushed easily. Sometimes he was not really shy, but because his cheeks were naturally thin, and the tender skin that could almost squeeze out water. When there was a slight emotional fluctuation, his cheeks would be flushed with a nice and attractive red.

Su Wenliang lowered his gaze, and injected spiritual energy into the palm of his left hand after he stepped into the formation, and then the sweet fragrance became more and more intense with passaging time.

It wasn’t until the sun had set and the full moon completely took over the sky that Su Wenliang walked to Bai Jingchen’s side, and directly pushed him to the ground. His dark and narrow eyes looked at the golden vertical pupils of the person below him. After being stunned for a moment, he lowered his head.

Su Wenliang never took the initiative to kiss Bai Jingchen before, because he had no feelings for him, but this time, he convinced himself that it was because his mind was controlled by the Love Snake Parasite, and it was because Bai Jingchen looked desolate and very beautiful today, so he had the urge to kiss him, that was why he obeyed his heart to lower his head.

Their lips touched slowly, just like the slow motion in the movie. The slightly plump upper lips touched each other, and then the four lips kissed together.

Bai Jingchen was so startled by his action that he forgot to react. He just opened his eyes blankly, looking into the other party’s dark eyes, which were like the late night, unable to see through, but with a kind of pre-dawn grayness. In a moment, there would be a seed to break out of it.

As Su Wenliang kissed Bai Jingchen, he felt the change in his heart. He raised his head, and rolled off Bai Jingchen to lie down beside him, leaning against him side by side.

He could feel the slight coolness and softness on Bai Jingchen’s lips, and his heart seemed to beat faster, “thump” “thump”, but he didn’t have the feeling of almost jumping out that he knew.

But these were enough.

He knew the answer. He may have already fallen in love with Bai Jingchen, but because his feelings were not deep, he wouldn’t sink and was always rational.

He said this to himself, but he overlooked the fact that there were many kinds of love in the world, but his love was a steady stream, a passion that would never end.

Bai Jingchen reacted after a while. He was so excited in his heart, but he had to hold it from showing on his face.

He originally prepared something different, but at this moment, he wanted to slow down the pace and take his time.

So, he rolled over and pressed on Su Wenliang’s body. He avoided Su Wenliang’s eyes, for fear that he would see through his disguise, and then kissed him. His lips changed angles to kiss, more like pecking kisses, again and again.

Then, the tip of his tongue stuck in, no more sweeping, no more kissing deeply, just holding on to the other party’s tongue, teasing it from time to time, then letting it go, teasing it again, and letting it go again.

His hand took off the clothes on Su Wenliang’s body, and then gently caressing his body, from the sensitive place behind his earlobe to his collarbone. He touched it a few times, and then came to the nipple on Su Wenliang’s chest.

They had done it many times, so Bai Jingchen knew his body better than Su Wenliang.

He knew that the small nipple here was Su Wenliang’s sensitive point, so he kneaded it with his thumb as his lips left the other party’s lips. Hearing his uncontrollable panting, he also detected Su Wenliang’s emotions today in his heart, and was even more reluctant to let go.

He kissed the tip of Su Wenliang’s nipple and put it in his mouth smoothly. The tip of his tongue twirled in a circle. Su Wenliang seemed to be especially sensitive today. He could still be expressionless usually, but today he frowned frequently.

He raised his hand to bite. As his teeth biting the flesh, and felt the pain in the back of his hand, he felt a cold whizz under him.

He looked up and saw that Bai Jingchen had changed his steps this time. He used to do it from top to bottom, and he had mastered some styles.

But now, he saw Bai Jingchen grabbing his meat stick and playing with it, and waves of pleasure surged from the sensitive part of his body. Then he saw Bai Jingchen, raised his eyes and charmingly smiled at him. That smile made Su Wenliang had the urge to ejaculate.

But the next moment, he was shocked. Because he saw Bai Jingchen lowered his head and took his meat stick in his mouth. Bai Jingchen’s tongue was licking and kissing in circles, and his teeth were wrapped well, which wouldn’t hurt him at all. Su Wenliang had never enjoyed such treatment before.

Moreover, no matter in modern times or ancient times, he was a pure virgin. Afterwards, he had a relationship with Bai Jingchen, but Bai Jingchen was always the one who entered. Although Bai Jingchen took good care of him, as he would help him rub the meat stick, but this feeling differed completely from the feeling of actually entering.

He could feel the hot and moist mouth, the flexible tongue, and the narrow throat.

His meat stick was squeezed, licked, and kissed. The most sensitive part of his body was caressed carefully by Bai Jingchen, and his pouch was also grabbed and kneaded. Su Wenliang couldn’t restrain his moaning and panting at all. At this moment, it seemed that Bai Jingchen controlled all his weaknesses, and he could do whatever he wanted to do to him.

Then a finger entered the small hole in his lower body. He immediately shrunk his body, and then lay back on the ground, panting with his head on the side, not looking. But his body had told him what Bai Jingchen was doing.

It had been entered by fingers before, or every time except the first time. But the fingers only play the role of expanding the tunnel, so it hurts a bit.

But Bai Jingchen went to “learn from books” today, so he knew some clearer details, such as the hard bump in the small hole. Pressing it down gave an extremely intense pleasure.

He tried it. He first tried to touch that bump with his fingers and immediately felt the meat stick in his mouth get bigger. Then he pressed down repeatedly, simulating the action of copulation, shallow exit and push in deeply.

He heard Su Wenliang’s moans in his ears, intermittent and very pleasant to hear.

He used his mouth to do it for Su Wenliang, while kept pressing the sensitive part of the small hole with his fingers. When he felt Su Wenliang’s whole body tremble, he immediately put the meat stick in the deepest part of his mouth, and firmly pressed his fingers on the sensitive part. Su Wenliang almost couldn’t suppress his scream, and then he noticed it, and swallowed it back forcibly.

Streams of semen sprayed into Bai Jingchen’s mouth. He hesitated at first, but seeing Su Wenliang’s absent-minded look, he picked him up and swallowed everything he shot out in front of him.

Su Wenliang’s face burned hot. He really didn’t expect Bai Jingchen to swallow it.

The white liquid slid down Bai Jingchen’s bright red lips, looking obscene and sexy.

Then, Su Wenliang felt a hard object touch his lower body. He lowered his head and saw Bai Jingchen’s meat stick, pushing in inch by inch along the well-lubricated small hole.

This scene was indeed exciting enough, and Su Wenliang’s heart beat violently. He whispered to himself not to look at it, but his eyes didn’t listen, staring at the intersection of the two bodies without blinking.

The meat stick went in and out of the tunnel, pumping repeatedly. It used to be gentle, even slow, but this time it was rough.

Pulling out shallowly, then pushing in deeply, nine shallow and one deep, with a technique.

This time, Bai Jingchen specifically rubbed against the sensitive point in the small hole, thrusting and bumping. Su Wenliang’s meat stick was sandwiched in their abdomens and was rubbed by it. Bai Jingchen really wanted to kiss him, but he was afraid that he would dislike it, so he pursed his lips and thrusted hard into the small hole.

He held Su Wenliang and raised his body, then took Su Wenliang’s nipple to suck in big mouthfuls, as if he could suck milk from his flat chest.

The scene was obscene. Gasps and moans were heard endlessly, as ‘poof, poof’ sounds intertwined with the rapid slapping of the flesh.

The intense pleasure strike wave after wave, and Su Wenliang couldn’t stand it at all. He always felt that Bai Jingchen had gone to further study, but he should have lost awareness. In the end, Su Wenliang vaguely thought, ‘Maybe the Rouge Dragon taught Bai Jingchen, corrupting him.’

The obscene liquid slid down the white legs and dripped on the ground. Su Wenliang tilted his head back as his fragile neck drew a graceful arc. Bai Jingchen stuck his face on it like a hungry wolf, sniffing at the scent of his body. He licked, kissed, and sucked it from time to time, planting hickey marks one by one on it.

Su Wenliang felt that Bai Jingchen’s hands were kneading his buttocks vigorously, like kneading dough.

After Bai Jingchen’s last deep thrust, Su Wenliang couldn’t help ejaculating again. He was a bit tired, and a little passed into oblivion. Without waiting for him to sober over, he was pulled into another abyss of lust.

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