Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 64

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Chapter 64


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang: “......” He couldn’t help wanting to chuckle, but seeing ‘Bai Jingchen’s indifferent face and his inorganic golden vertical pupils, he knew that this person was not to be trifled with.

So he asked, “You said you are the Rouge Dragon. What do you mean?”

‘Bai Jingchen’ still looked at him faintly, but he suddenly took a step forward and came directly to the front of Su Wenliang. He carefully looked at Su Wenliang’s face and said, “Change back to your original appearance.”

Su Wenliang didn’t know why this person was mad again, but he had neither the consciousness of resisting this person nor the consciousness of wanting to escape. It seems that even if this person was the real Rouge Dragon, as long as he had Bai Jingchen’s face, the threat level instantly became zero.

After he heard his words, he raised his hand to remove the White Jade Dragon Hairpin in his long hair, and in the next moment, he returned to the original appearance of his body.

‘Bai Jingchen’ raised his hand to lift Su Wenliang’s chin and looked at his face seriously, “This appearance is quite pretty, so my child won’t be worse than me.”

Su Wenliang: “......” He had the urge to spit his bloody face.

‘Bai Jingchen’ didn’t stand up, but put his hand on Su Wenliang’s abdomen in this squatting position, and said, “The little dragon’s nutrition is not enough, so you will work very hard. You are very good, I’m satisfied.”

Su Wenliang didn’t want to see him anymore, this person’s words really poked people’s hearts. Su Wenliang kept all these in his heart, intending to settle today’s accounts with him one by one after the real Bai Jingchen came back.

The body of ‘Bai Jingchen’ began to emit a bright green light. He concentrated this light in the palm of his hand and sent it into Su Wenliang’s body. Su Wenliang felt a warm and comfortable feeling in his abdomen almost immediately.

He was so comfortable that he was almost fluttering.

Suddenly, he heard ‘Bai Jingchen’ continue to say, “The old tree before is a pseudo-Bodhi tree. Although it looks like a Buddhist sacred tree, it’s a completely different kind of demon tree. In an instant, I sucked away all of its spiritual power, so it turned into flying ash and disappeared.

“This demon tree should have survived in Demon World, but for some reason, it came to Rook Islet World and took root from then on. The place it chose is very good, Treasure Esteem Sect has an endless stream of spiritual vein, and it took root in a top-quality spiritual vein not far down.

“But it’s a pity that it has been here for too long, and it has already absorbed all the spiritual energy in that top-quality spiritual vein, otherwise I can dig out the spiritual vein and give it to you.”

When Su Wenliang heard this, his expression changed and he said, “What are you giving me for?”

‘Bai Jingchen’ said with a face of course, “Since you have nurtured my child, I should give you these things. This is the tradition passed down in the Rouge Dragon’s bloodline. We, the male dragons, will give all the things that are shiny and abundant spiritual energy in this world to our female spouse. As for Bai Jingchen...when his bloodline fully awakens, he will completely merge with me, and then display the characteristics of a Rouge Dragon.”

The corner of Su Wenliang’s lips twitched when he heard this, he felt that he would ask him a question so seriously, it must be he hadn’t hit by him hard enough.

The warm feeling in his abdomen was increasing, and he felt that his body became more and more comfortable. It seemed that his cultivation base, which was stagnant for a long time, had risen a little.

He said, “What about Bai Jingchen?” This was originally the opportunity he arranged for Bai Jingchen, but it ended up on him, which made him a little upset. The sooner the male protagonist improved his strength, the sooner he could get away from here.

‘Bai Jingchen’ looked up at him and said, “I know what you are thinking. It’s the instinct of us males to get back our spouse and children. If you want to escape, you’d better do everything seamlessly, otherwise, he and I will find you one day sooner or later. Want to know how we the dragon race treat our escaped spouse?”

Su Wenliang was stared at by his eyes and didn’t even dare to move his eyes.

This was the coercion of the bloodline. Even if Bai Jingchen’s current cultivation base was much weaker than Su Wenliang’s, the things buried deep in the blood were inherent and unchangeable, otherwise there would be no first time’s mishap, and there would be no little bun in his stomach.

Seeing him like this, ‘Bai Jingchen’ sighed and muttered, “You are much weaker than other dragon races. Therefore, you must think clearly before doing things, otherwise, the gains don’t make up for the losses instead, you’re very smart, right?”

Su Wenliang nodded uncontrollably.

‘Bai Jingchen’ was satisfied, and he said, “I can’t stay long. After all, Bai Jingchen’s cultivation has not yet reached the level of breaking the bloodline restriction. When I suddenly appeared, I just wanted to talk to you. Although I’m him, but it’s also not him, I won’t spoil you like him, so my methods are a bit rough. If you are angry, you can take it out on Bai Jingchen, in the final analysis, we are the same person.”

Su Wenliang expressionlessly nodded. The little dragon Liangchen in his belly had already started to speak. He said in the mind of ‘Bai Jingchen’, “Are you also my father?”

The expression of ‘Bai Jingchen’ became extremely gentle. He slightly narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to respond to Little Liangchen’s words in an ancient and mysterious language, which was the language of the dragon race.

Immediately afterward, Little Liangchen made a sound directly from Su Wenliang’s belly. It was different from the past, he could only talk to Su Wenliang and Bai Jingchen in their mind, but this time, Su Wenliang could hear his soft voice in reality.

Su Wenliang was a little surprised, he hurriedly said to Little Liangchen, “Liangchen, why would you...” He paused, and immediately understood that it was the credit of ‘Bai Jingchen’.

‘Bai Jingchen’ continued to answer in the dragon race’s language, so the father and son started a conversation with questions and answers. Su Wenliang couldn’t understand anything, but at this moment he felt strange, hearing such a voice and accent, made his mood to calm down and listen attentively.

Moreover, his cultivation increased a little when he heard this conversation.

Su Wenliang silently listened for a long time. When ‘Bai Jingchen’ and Little Liangchen finally stopped communicating, ‘Bai Jingchen’ explained, “I speak the dragon race’s language, a language that only the dragon race can understand. The dragon race’s language contains the world's good fortune and spiritual energy of all things, listening more will be of great benefit to your body and cultivation. I have already taught Liangchen,so as long as he is awake, he will speak to you in your body.”

Then, he said a few more words to Little Liangchen, and when the bright green light on his body completely disappeared, he closed his eyes, lost consciousness, and fell into Su Wenliang’s arms.

Su Wenliang looked at the familiar face in front of him. He was no longer cold and arrogant, and became as foolish as before.

So many things happened before, and now the sky had begun to brighten up, it seems that the full moon’s night just passed like this.

Su Wenliang held Bai Jingchen and flew towards the distance. Instead of going back to the village, he directly flew to the next training place he had prepared.

At this time, there were only over two months before the next important plot in the novel, and during this time, he planned to go to White Horse City again, because the fifty-yearly auction in Rook Islet World would be held in White Horse City this time.

After several years of squeezing his mustard space, even if he had a mountain of gold and silver, it would be emptied, as he had to support two dragons who must spend a lot of money. It felt heartbreaking to think about it.

Therefore, he planned to go to the auction to buy some heaven materials and earth treasures, and at the same time, auction off all the things in his mustard space that had no use for him.

Bai Jingchen woke up when they were on the road. Su Wenliang chose to use the spirit boat flying treasure out of consideration of time and the big burden Bai Jingchen. It slowly flew towards White Horse City, so it would take about half a month to arrive.

After Bai Jingchen woke up, he found that he was sleeping on the bed. He was confused for a moment, not knowing where he was now and what happened before.

But then, he remembered what happened before he lost consciousness.

The strange village, old tree, Sanskrit sound, coffin, and finally Su Wenliang.

Bai Jingchen immediately jumped up, and was about to run out in a hurry, but heard a familiar voice, saying with displeasure, “Restless as soon as you wake up, if you keep making noise, I will throw you out of here.”

Bai Jingchen looked over in surprise, and saw Su Wenliang behind the layers of curtains, sitting on the bed, meditating to cultivate as usual, with a familiar impatient expression on his face. He felt glad in his heart, as he hurriedly stepped forward, and asked a little urgently, “Master, are you okay?”

“......” Su Wenliang looked at him blankly for a while, and then uttered, “I’m okay!”

There was anger in his voice. Bai Jingchen’s body shook, and he hurriedly said, “It’s good if Master is all right, it’s good if Master is all right.”

As soon as Su Wenliang saw his appearance, he thought of that ‘Bai Jingchen’, and couldn’t help but think, ‘This one is more pleasing to the eye and much more obedient. Fortunately, this is the case, otherwise, I will be a master of that ‘Bai Jingchen’. I must not be angry with him.’

Thinking so, he looked at Bai Jingchen and gently said, “How do you feel now?”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen sensed his own body for a while, and then said, “This disciple is fine.” Not only was he fine, but it seemed that he slept very comfortably. Although his cultivation base hadn’t grown much, his body was light and relax, just like the feeling after Double Cultivation.

His face couldn’t help turning red, as if it was dyed with a layer of rouge.

Su Wenliang was looking at him casually and immediately saw his “shy and timid” appearance. Although he knew that this person was a grown man, he still couldn’t help looking at him for a good while before moving his eyes away.

He secretly coughed twice, and said, “The village’s task is considered to be completed. The missing man and woman are probably killed. Our task of going out to train this time is completely over. Next, there is a grand auction in White Horse City, and I will take you there to participate. You can see if you have anything you want to auction and buy, don’t miss this opportunity.”

Bai Jingchen said yes, and then turned around to return to the place where he had just laid down and began to check the cultivation resources in his storage bag.

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