Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 63

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Chapter 63


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen was startled when he heard this. He sniffed, and a familiar scent assaulted his nostrils.

His heart tightened. He quickly stood up, passed Sikong Shang, and opened the door to walk in. He saw Su Wenliang’s eyes were tightly closed at the moment. He was not meditating as usual but lost consciousness just like in his dream.

He suddenly understood something. His dream self came here with the female master. Because the female master was a real woman, people in the village were hostile to her.

When he came here with Su Wenliang this time, Su Wenliang looked more masculine than him, so he was regarded as a man by the women in the village, and he, a handsome man with some feminine appearance, was mistaken by them for the woman’s side.

Bai Jingchen stepped forward and carefully pushed Su Wenliang. But saw that he didn’t react, neither looked at him impatiently nor yelled at him with piercing words.

He squatted beside Su Wenliang and tried to call him. He said in a low and soft voice, “Master, wake up, wake up.”

Su Wenliang still didn’t respond.

Bai Jingchen’s eyes were full of anger and fierceness. He hugged Su Wenliang. He still remembered the description in the dream, so he planned to capture the people in the village and force them to take him to that old tree.

He stood up, passed Sikong Shang, and walked outside.

At this time, Sikong Shang said, “As far as I know, this is a special ceremony in the village to get the man’s energy. If you walk out with him like this, you won’t get any answers. Why don’t you beat them at their own game and act according to their arrangements? Then you can learn the inside story and save your master Yang Aohan without much effort.”

Bai Jingchen ignored her. He was a little dazed when he saw her for the first time. But now, after learning that she and Su Wenliang might hold a double cultivation ceremony, he completely lost his favorable impression of this woman.

He covered their bodies with a thick layer of spiritual energy to block the snowstorm outside and then walked towards the village.

Of course, he knew to beat them at their own game. This was a very simple choice. If the person who fell at this moment was himself, he would definitely let these people take him back, and then he would destroy the tree, just like himself in the dream. Since ‘he’ could do it, so could he.

But it was different now. Su Wenliang, who fainted now, was pregnant. Although no one could tell, seeing Su Wenliang’s vigorous and lively appearance every day. Except for the peculiar big temper occasionally, he couldn’t see any signs of pregnancy.

However, Bai Jingchen was unwilling to let Su Wenliang suffer even a little of danger, even if it was just to put on a play. He didn’t care what the force behind the scenes was, and he didn’t care how much opportunity this task could bring him, as these were not even a single hair compared to Su Wenliang.

Bai Jingchen’s expression was like ice dipped into poison, a casual look could make people shudder, and he had gone through more than a year of killing and bloody life, so the fierce and bloody aura lingered on his body was impossible to get rid of.

He walked to the village, which was silent and without even the slightest candlelight.

He walked to the window of one of the village houses. Because it was a snowstorm, the brightness brought by the refracted light was enough for him to see the environment inside.

He saw clearly that the inside was dilapidated as if no one had lived inside for a long time.

He frowned and kicked open the door. The huge noise finally woke up the sleeping people in the house. He walked over, kicked off the bed sheet with his feet, and saw a person on the bed leaping towards him with threatening gestures.

He froze for a moment and dodged nimbly. Now he could see this “person” more clearly.

This was a skeleton with only a set of rags around its body, and the flesh on its body had completely dissipated.

Immediately after it stood up, it rushed towards Bai Jingchen again and was kicked away by the impatient Bai Jingchen, as its body was broken into several pieces and it could no longer get up. Looking at its still-moving finger knuckles, Bai Jingchen felt disgusted in his heart.

Could this be the true face of the residents in the village? In fact, they were already dead, but they were still strangely “alive” during the day. So, who was controlling all this? Was it the tree in the dream?

Bai Jingchen landed in a desperate situation, and he couldn’t talk to these skeletons, so he walked out of the house, intending to see the movement here.

At this time, he suddenly heard a familiar sound. Someone was chanting Buddhist texts.

It was the same sound as in his dream.

“Bodhi has no tree, bright mirror doesn’t stand, there is nothing fundamentally, where to stir up dust.”

“Bodhi has no tree...”


It repeated over and over again. Bai Jingchen noticed that the village came alive again amidst this sound. Skeletons came out of the houses in the village, walking firmly in a direction.

Bai Jingchen hesitated for a moment and looked at Su Wenliang who was sleeping in his arms. He struggled for a while and finally chose to follow. He was afraid that Su Wenliang would disappear when he went, but following him, at least he would try his best to protect him. Although he was only in the late-stage of Foundation Building, he had learned a lot of life-saving and escape skills, and he would be able to protect Su Wenliang safe and sound.

Thinking so, he followed behind the villagers and walked towards an unknown distance together.

Even though there was a woman who followed him, he didn’t say a word, and just walked forward firmly.

Slowly, he saw that strange old tree. It was surrounded by wind and snow, but the surrounding area of the old tree was spotless, like summertime, with a cool breeze. Such a huge difference made the environment here even stranger.

He personally saw the skeletons of those villagers absorbed into the old tree when they approached it, and he saw a redwood coffin placed under the old tree.

He walked under the old tree while holding Su Wenliang in his arms with one hand. He saw Sikong Shang had walked to the front of the old tree at this moment, and chopped the old tree with her sword, cutting down a branch, and then turned her head to look at Bai Jingchen, and said with a smile, “I’ll leave the rest to you, I’m leaving, goodbye!”

She put the branch into her storage bag, jumped on the sword, and flew away.

Bai Jingchen now wanted to strangle her to death. After being tormented by her like this, the old tree immediately made a noise, it got angry.

Bai Jingchen dodged the branches that were whipped down from all directions and thought through gritted teeth that this woman was really a bad person. He would definitely take revenge the next time he saw her.

He jumped up and down to dodge but found that the old tree dragged back a person in red from a distance. It was obviously Sikong Shang, seemed that she couldn’t escape. Bai Jingchen was happy in his heart, and thought, ‘Venomous woman, retribution!

He originally wanted to settle the old tree as soon as possible, but now seeing Sikong Shang in such a mess, he suddenly didn’t want to touch it.

While the old tree was concentrating on attacking Sikong Shang, he jumped into the coffin with Su Wenliang in his arms and closed it.

He imitated the scene in the dream, put Su Wenliang inside, and lightly pressed up, making sure that it was just a posture and didn’t overwhelm him.

He stretched out a hand and gently caressed Su Wenliang’s cheek, and immediately felt a stream of thick blood seeping out from under the coffin. The speed of blood flowing out was fast, and it had submerged half of Su Wenliang’s body.

He took a deep breath, pinched Su Wenliang’s chin, and poured his breath into his mouth, and then took another breath before kissing his lips.

When the blood completely submerged the two of them, Bai Jingchen’s soul shook, and that sound came again, chanting the familiar Buddhist texts, saying, “Bodhi has no tree, bright mirror doesn’t stand, there is nothing fundamentally, where to stir up dust.”

Su Wenliang gradually regained consciousness, while Bai Jingchen was completely the opposite, and he closed his eyes in a daze.

Before Su Wenliang opened his eyes, he felt the familiar breath in his mouth. Anyone who had Double Cultivated with someone for so many years would remember it clearly.

He immediately thought about whether the plot had taken effect. He pushed Bai Jingchen but didn’t dare to open his eyes, because he knew that what was there was not water, but blood that had been placed for a long time.

After he pushed Bai Jingchen away from his body, he opened the lid of the coffin and released both of them.

It turned out to be a night at this moment, which was different to some extent from the plot description.

Su Wenliang looked up and saw there was a big full moon hanging in the sky, but for an unknown reason, he saw the blood-red light from the white moonlight.

He lowered his head to look at Bai Jingchen, but he didn’t expect that he had opened his eyes and looked at him.

He had no expression on his face, and his eyes were familiar golden vertical pupils, a very familiar face. But it was a little strange, because his eyes were cold and inorganic, like reptile eyes.

In the past, even when Double Cultivation, Bai Jingchen rarely had such eyes, but at this moment, under his eyes, Su Wenliang subconsciously shivered.

He wanted to push away Bai Jingchen who was leaning on his knee, but he saw he lowered his eyes and set his gaze on his abdomen, and then lightly said in an ancient and strange tone, “You are very good, and the child is very good, so I will be very good to you.”

He stood up, walked to the old tree, and directly put his hand on the old tree trunk as he did in the dream. The old tree quickly withered, and finally turned into gray ashes, drifting away with the wind.

The roots of the old tree buried below were much larger than the tree area above, so after the old tree dissipated, the ground shook violently.

He turned his head casually, picked up Su Wenliang who was stunned and petrified, and lightly jumped, quickly disappearing above this scorched earth.

He came to the top of a mountain and split a clean area with his palm. He put Su Wenliang on the ground and said, “Take good care of me.”

If Su Wenliang hadn’t noticed Bai Jingchen’s abnormality, then he would have been with Bai Jingchen for so many years in vain. He looked at the person in front of him warily and asked, “Who are you?”

‘Bai Jingchen’ lightly said, “I’m the real Rouge Dragon.”

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