Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 62

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Chapter 62


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen gritted his teeth in his heart, and his expression became particularly pure and innocent, looking like a good person, but Su Wenliang knew him well, seeing his expression, he knew that this guy was holding back in his heart.

Su Wenliang thought that the male protagonist was going astray all the time, never turning back. Obviously, for the sake of his character, he arranged a good teammate to guide him, but he immediately got involved with a mentally disordered person, and the tasks in the past few years were all killing, and didn’t use the brain tasks. So what if the male protagonist tries hard to hold back and bursts out all at once?

Thinking of this, Su Wenliang said unhappily, “What are you thinking?”

Bai Jingchen looked at him when he heard this, and said, “I’m thinking about how Master should sever the double cultivation relationship with this woman named Sikong Shang.”

The corner of Su Wenliang’s lips twitched. ‘The female protagonist is your official CP, what’s the matter with your shunning tone now? Even if you still don’t love her to death.

Su Wenliang said, “This is my business, you don’t need to pay too much attention to it. What you need to pay attention to is your task this time. I also told you about this task on the way to the valley. What do you find?”

As soon as Bai Jingchen heard this, he straightened his look, and analyzed seriously, “This place is very strange, with flourishing Yin and declining Yang. In the north territory, this kind of thing is normal, because women have a more noble status than men, and women play the role of men in other places at home, while men are responsible for staying at home to raise children. But here is more prominent. Along the way, except for the village chief who is a man, everyone else is a woman.”

With a look of recalling on his face, he thought for a while and continued, “The strangest thing is that there seems to be no trace of a man’s life here, which is very abnormal. But, I think, the most abnormal thing is…”

He looked at Su Wenliang with inexplicable eyes, and Su Wenliang somehow felt a timid in his heart.

He heard Bai Jingchen say in an unfathomable tone, “They seem to have regarded Master as their own man. Their gazes are full of invasion and lewdness. Master, you have to be careful, and remember to take me with you wherever you go.”

Su Wenliang, “......”

“So...” Su Wenliang gritted his teeth and said fiercely, “Is this all you have observed?”

Seeing that Su Wenliang was angry, Bai Jingchen immediately coughed, and looked around for a while, before saying, “Everyone here seems to be sick, as the whole village seems to be filled with an aura of death, but there is also a faint sweet fragrance, like the fragrance of trees, but this place is covered with snow all year round, which is especially abnormal.”

He recalled and continued, “Also, according to Master, Sikong Shang is a disciple of the Treasure Esteem Sect, so why did she appear here? In addition, she looks relaxed, as if she is waiting for something...Master, what do you think?”

Su Wenliang looked at him with pursed lips, and thought, ‘This guy’s observation skill is not bad. He looks like he is idle all the way. I didn’t expect him to have discovered so many suspicious points before I was aware of it. It seems that the training tasks I set for him are not completely useless, at least Bai Jingchen is a bit sharper than in the Heaven Spread Sect.’

Su Wenliang looked away but heard Bai Jingchen suddenly sigh in surprise, so he asked, “Do you find anything else?”

Bai Jingchen looked at Su Wenliang with a troubled face, wanting to say something but then hesitated for a long time, making Su Wenliang roll his eyes, before he finally said, “There are many snowstorms in the north territory. The night of full moon this month, Double Cultivation, Master...” He hesitated to speak, and Su Wenliang was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. ‘You were in entanglement for a long time in the matter of Double Cultivation? What’s wrong with you, the male protagonist? Did the spermatozoon on your brain give up the treatment?

He was impatient to talk to Bai Jingchen, so he directly waved his sleeve and pulled Bai Jingchen out the door to stand, and even isolated his voice.

After the complete silence, Su Wenliang calmed down.

The male protagonist would meet the female protagonist at this time, which he didn’t expect no matter what.

Su Wenliang lowered his eyes, feeling a little fluctuation in his heart.

In the novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, the male protagonist was a rare single-minded man and deeply attached to the female protagonist. This setting was completely different from the popular male novels at that time. Because of this, it lost a large number of readers. But the author, a person named “Thousands of Ways, All Have Destiny”, was very persistent. Even if readers called for raising a harem, he had never paid attention to it.

After reading the first half of the novel, he could see the tacit understanding and affection between the male and female protagonists.

When he read it before, he thought it was pretty good. When he came to this world and taught the male protagonist out of the consideration of the mission, he felt that this point was set up very well. At least the male protagonist was not a womanizer. Once he set his mind on someone, he would never turn back. For example, during this trip, as well as when he was in the Heaven Spread Sect, many female cultivators expressed goodwill to him, but judging by his reckless appearance, he was completely a blockhead who had no love skills.

However, now, when he thought of the male protagonist he had painstakingly educated, almost as soon as the female protagonist appeared, his eyes fell on the other’s body. If the female protagonist smiled at him and hooked her finger, it was estimated that the male protagonist would immediately run to the female protagonist’s side to kneel and lick.

The corresponding image appeared in Su Wenliang’s mind, and he immediately tore down the table from a distance, thinking, ‘If the male protagonist is really like this, then...then I will take Little Liangchen away. As for the mission and so on, it can be carried out long distance. However, no matter what, I won’t let Little Dragon have a father who side with outsiders rather than his people.’

The more Su Wenliang thought about it, the more irritable he became. At this moment, Bai Jingchen also heard the sound of tables and chairs falling apart in the room, so he immediately rushed in worriedly, only to see Su Wenliang’s fierce and disgusted expression. Bai Jingchen expressed that he didn’t do anything, this expression was so heartbreaking.

Bai Jingchen’s heart received a blow, but he still had a flattering smile on his face, as he walked up and said, “Master, I know I’m wrong, I hope Master won’t lower himself to my level.”

Su Wenliang couldn’t bear to see his kissing-up appearance, and immediately yelled at him, “Get out! Who let you in? I’m annoyed when I see you, get out!”

Bai Jingchen, “......”

He walked out with a bleak back, closed the door, and turned around to face the vast snow, the vast continent. He helplessly sighed, and thought, ‘Master’s temper is getting bigger and bigger, but he is pregnant, which is understandable.’

After he knew that Su Wenliang was pregnant, he checked a lot of information about it. Naturally, he knew a lot about pregnancy. He would take good care of Su Wenliang’s emotions every time after they did Double Cultivation. Although it seems that every time, Su Wenliang stopped him impatiently.

Sigh, he hoped that the pregnant one was himself, then it would be convenient for Su Wenliang to be responsible for him, but now, sigh...

Bai Jingchen squatted in the corner. The surrounding temperature was not high, but he was a cultivator, so he was not sensitive to the temperature changes outside. Even if the sky was full of snow and the wind was biting cold, as long as he circulated the spiritual energy in his body, he would not feel cold.

His body didn’t feel cold, but his heart felt chilly, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

Now Su Wenliang felt annoyed when he saw him. He felt the more he lived the more he went back. Forget about remelting to remodel, just throwing away the current “sissy” skin.

Bai Jingchen thought about it and finally recalled the dream about this time task that he saw in his dream.

He had been here in his dream. He in the dream was wearing a light blue fur robe, looking gentle and refined. Therefore, when he came here, he was very popular with the people here, and he was completely different from himself in the real world.

Bai Jingchen was silent and uncomfortable. He didn’t like himself in the dream from the bottom of his heart, because ‘he’ was incompetent and benevolent, and his kindness went too far. He always fell into a desperate situation and bruised all over because of his momentary kindness, but he still didn’t repent.

Bai Jingchen felt vexed with people like that the most.

And ‘he’ in the dream was always gentle, with a sincere and warm smile on his face. Bai Jingchen couldn’t do that, even if he made the same expression on his face, there would always be a gloomy feeling, which would scare children to tears.

He was even more upset.

But in the dream, he was very popular, and he came with the master whose appearance couldn’t see clearly, that was the woman he met today, Sikong Shang.

Sikong Shang was not welcomed by the women in the village. The saying that same-sex repel each other was most directly reflected here. Their disgusted expressions and vicious eyes glanced at Sikong Shang from time to time, making their trip even more unspeakable worries.

They were also arranged to stay in this place by the village chief, and even the rooms were the same.

That night, everything was peaceful. They risked themselves to lure the snake out of the hole, but there was no abnormality in the next ten days. But one day, it snowed heavily at night, accompanied by what seemed to be a strange fragrance of tree and the scent of sandalwood.

In the dream, his soul immediately flickered, and he lost all consciousness. When he opened his eyes again, he was tied up and lay in a coffin, placed under a lush old tree with many branches and luxuriant leaves.

When the black gauze in his eyes was uncovered, he saw the female master, who was opening her eyes in confusion, caressing his face with her hand, and then fell into the coffin, pressing hard on him. Then, bright red blood seeped out in the coffin, quickly burying both of them in it.

Bai Jingchen felt short of breath, and there was a burst of Buddhist chanting, which seemed to be: “Bodhi has no tree, bright mirror doesn’t stand, there is nothing fundamentally, where to stir up dust.”

This sentence was very familiar, he had heard it many times, but when he heard it this time, he felt in a trance, countless memories were stripped away, and he seemed to become an empty shell at this moment.

Immediately after, he struggled violently.

But he couldn’t break free from the bondage at all. The blood was thick and almost solidified, and the Buddhist chanting was more like whispering, dark, bloody, illusion, bondage...

His eyes darkened, and the ferocious beast in his heart was completely released at this moment.

His dream self suddenly lost consciousness, but the real Bai Jingchen kept watching. He saw a burst of eye-catching golden light erupting from his body, and the blood-covered female master was bounced off by him and landed on the snow. Immediately after, he, who was stained red with blood, crawled out of the coffin. When his eyes opened, it was no longer human’s pitch-black pupils but turned into strange golden vertical pupils like a snake.

Inorganic eyes, emotionless expression, indifferent, and ethereal.

With a flash of his figure, he landed on the side of the tree trunk. The tree came alive, and the branches transformed into countless humanoid bodies and then pounced over to him.

He didn’t dodge or hide, until he was engulfed by people transformed from the tree, he slightly raised his hand and touched the tree trunk with his palm. The ordinary touch caused the tree trunk to wilt quickly, and within a few breaths, the leaves fell and turned yellow, losing vitality.

He landed on the ground, and looked straight over with his golden vertical pupils, looked at Bai Jingchen face to face, and said, “......”

Bai Jingchen suddenly came back to his senses, his eyes were dazed. The last scene obviously didn’t happen in the dream, because he woke up after devouring the tree.

But what happened this time?

Moreover, what was the last thing he wanted to say? He didn’t hear clearly at all and was interrupted by someone from his memories.

He looked up in displeasure, and saw Sikong Shang with an indifferent face, looking down at him at the moment, and said lightly, “Did you smell a strange scent?”

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